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Ten Steps To Buying A New Car The Right
                                   Jim Johnson        asked:

                                   Many people think that buying a new car is just one big transaction, but actually there are several smaller steps in
                                   the new car buying process, all of which are essential to getting you the best deal possible. So before you begin
                                   shopping for a new car, take these ten car buying steps into consideration.

                                   1. Do your homework and advance research to select the vehicle that will fit you and your needs best and
                                   eliminate all other vehicles from consideration.

                                   2. Visit Edmunds.com and consult the Consumer Reports Guide to pin down what a fair and reasonable amount
                                   would be to pay for the vehicle that you want. Also establish a fair trade-in value for your present car by visiting
                                   kbb.com amd nadaguides.com.

                                   3. Start your search online to find the exact car you want with the features that you desire. Most car buying search
                                   engines let you search within a defined radius of where you live to list all the models available to you.

                                   4. Email or phone the internet sales staff at that dealership to ask for a quote on the properly equipped vehicle
                                   you want.

                                   5. Arrange your auto loan in advance by using either a local lender that you are familiar with, or use one of the
                                   online auto lenders that specialize in dealing direct with the public.

                                   6. Set up a test drive with the 2-3 dealers that gave you the best online price quotes.

                                   7. Test drive the car thoroughly and make sure that it will live up to your expectations.

                                   8. After negotiating you final sale price for the new car ask about what they will allow you on your current car as a
                                   trade-in. Make sure that they give you a fair price for your trade or simply go on to the next dealer on the list. Be
                                   sure to keep the new car purchase separate from the trade-in negotiations.

                                   9. Get your best deal both for the new car and your trade-in and sign the papers.

                                   10. Be sure to inspect the car that you receive thoroughly. Make sure that all options that you bought are installed
                                   and working and that there are no scratches or blemishes that you had not previously seen.

                                   If you are smart about buying your next new car and take it a step at a time, you can stay in control of the whole
                                   process and wind up with a car that will meet your needs and a car deal that you can be proud of.

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