Movers and Shakers (PowerPoint) by fanzhongqing


									Movers and Shakers
Interest Groups and the Power of
                       “K” Street
In this lesson you will learn…
•   Of three powerful forces in Washington and
    how they shape laws and governance
•   The things that make these forces powerful
•   What these forces actually do
    Force #1: Interest Groups
   Interest Groups—people who share
    common policy interests or goals and
    organize to influence the government

   Types of Interest Groups
     Economic: AFL-CIO

     Single issue: NRA, NAACP, NOW,
     Government: Chattanooga(?!)

     Foreign governments: AI, Jamaica
Force #2: Lobbyists
   Lobbyist—representative of an interest
   Lobbying—making direct contact with
    lawmakers or other government leaders to
    try to influence government policy
   Origin of the term—Hang out in Congress’
Lobbyist To-Do List
   Schmoozing—To converse casually, especially in
    order to gain an advantage or make a social
   Public relations
       Press conferences
       Opinion pieces
       Blogging
   Providing useful information
   Drafting Bills
   Providing election support

Force #3: PACs
       Political Action Committee—an organization
        specifically designed to collect money and provide
        financial support for political candidates
       Purpose: The financial arm of interest groups
       PACs are limited by how much money they can
        give to individual candidates
           $5000 to a candidate
“Follow the Money”
                Organization                       Amount
1. National Rifle Association Political Victory $16,821,436
2. EMILY’s List                               $14,746,258
                                                                 Top Ten PACs:
3. Democratic Republican Independent          $9,000,564         Contributions to
Voter Education                                                Congressional and
4. American Federation of State, County, &    $8,557,040          Presidential
Municipal Employees                                           Candidates During the
5. Electrical Workers Committee on Political $6,236,036        2000 Election Cycle
6. NEA for Children and Public Education      $6,108,964

7. Association of Trial Lawyers of America    $6,082,160

8. Elect Life                                 $4,882,154

9. New Republican Majority Fund               $4,692,690

10. American Medical Association              $4,496,150

  Source: Federal Election Commission, 2001
5 things that make some
interest groups more
powerful than others

   Size
   Unity
   Leadership
   Information and Expertise
   Money

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