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									motorcycle & moped            What      Founded in 1971, the Motorcycle & Moped
                                        Industry Council is the national, non-profit,
                                                                                               There are four categories of membership in the MMIC:

                              is the    trade association that represents the responsible
                                                                                               MEMBERS – the manufacturers and distributors of
 industry council            MMIC?      interests of: the major motorcycle distributors; the
                                        manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of
                                                                                               CORPORATE AFFILIATE MEMBERS – the manufacturers and
                                        motorcycle-related products and services;              distributors of motorcycle-related products and services;
                                        and the individual owners and riders of
                                        motorcycles in Canada.                                 DEALER AFFILIATE MEMBERS – the retailers of motorcycles
                                                                                               and motorcycle-related products and services; and
                                        The member companies of the MMIC account for           INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATE MEMBERS – those individuals who
                                        more than 90 percent of all the new motorcycles        own or ride a motorcycle, or have an interest in owning or
                                        sold in Canada. The MMIC is funded entirely            riding a motorcycle.
                                        by its members and affiliate members, and by the
                                        programs and services it offers.

                               Major    Among its many activities, the MMIC:                   • Makes representations to the senior levels of government
                                                                                                 on behalf of MMIC members and affiliate members;
                           Activities   • Serves as a forum to identify and act on issues
                                          of importance to the motorcycle community;
                                                                                               • Acts as a statistical gathering base for the industry; and
                                                                                               • Develops and makes available group programs to serve
                                        • Monitors and responds to changes in legislation
                                                                                                 dealers and motorcyclists.
                                          and regulations affecting the use of on-road
                                          and off-road motorcycles;

                           Aims and     • To promote the safe and responsible use of
                                                                                               • To enhance government relations and public affairs
                                                                                                 through broad co-operative efforts.
                          Objectives    • To develop and expand communication and              • To promote the responsible interests of motorcyclists
                                          cooperation among all levels of the motorcycle         and the motorcycle industry.

                              Public    Safety
                                        The MMIC funds and promotes motorcycle
                                                                                               The MMIC works with government agencies, clubs
                                                                                               and individuals to help develop reasonable and effective
                            Interest    Rider Training and safety research. In particular,     land management policies for users of off-road recreational

                             Issues     the MMIC provides logistical and financial
                                        support for motorcycle Rider Training.
                                                                                               Sound Emissions
                                                                                               The industry is committed to continue reducing sound
                                        Environment                                            emissions. This has been demonstrated by the production
                                        Although motorcycles are a negligible source           of a new generation of quiet motorcycles and after-market
                                        of air pollution, MMIC member companies                exhaust systems.
                                        are committed to reducing motorcycle exhaust
                                                                                               Fuel Efficiency
                                        emissions using the best available technology          Motorcycles are one of the most fuel-efficient forms of
                                        that is economically achievable.                       transportation available. The industry is committed to
  TRY LIFE ON A BIKE                                                                           further increasing fuel efficiency.

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