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									                               Winter 2011-2012
                              OLA CYO Basketball
                     Registration Deadline: October 10, 2011

CYO Mission
To offer all youth, sports and recreation programs emphasizing friendly competition
through good sportsmanship "modeled" by adult participants. To invite all participants,
Catholic and otherwise, youth and adults, to share in the life of their church and faith

The Catholic Youth Organization we play in is a part of the Archdiocese of San Antonio
( OLA participates within Zone VI which predominantly
consists of Catholic schools and parishes within NW San Antonio (

Practices - may officially start on October 31
Season - December 2 thru February 12
City Playoffs - February 13 thru February 19

Practice schedules will be distributed once teams are formed. Game schedules are
usually available a week prior to the start of the season in late November.

Fee ($90/player)
Registration Fee ($50)
The registration fee of $50 is used to pay for program costs, such as the archdiocese
player and team fees, costs of officials/scorekeepers, gym rentals, the costs of
maintaining gym, equipment needs and other incidentals.

Uniform Fee ($40)
This amount covers the cost of the uniform (jersey and shorts) which will you may keep
after the season is over.

Family Discount
This season, we are offering a family discount for those with multiple siblings. The
registration fees will be reduced for each additional player as shown below. Those
families with three or more players will need to pay the uniform fee for each additional
player. If you have additional student-athletes participating in US/ MS basketball or
Winter Soccer, please contact Coach Moretta for pricing information.

                                  Player 1       Player 2   Player 3   Player 4   Player 5
          Registration Fee            $50            $25         $0         $0         $0
          Uniform Fee                 $40            $40        $40        $40        $40
          Total Fees                  $90            $65        $40        $40        $40

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                               Winter 2011-2012
                              OLA CYO Basketball
                     Registration Deadline: October 10, 2011
We have one gym to support the needs of basketball teams from PK-12. Our MS and
US teams typically practice right after school and their games are on weekdays. We will
do our best to provide reasonable practice times for the CYO teams. However, you
should be aware that your scheduled practice times may be at different days and times
from week to week. Generally, practices will be one to two times per week between
6:30 – 8:30 PM on weekdays depending on gym availability. We may use Saturdays for
additional practice times until the season starts in December. In addition, we may utilize
an NISD gym to supplement our practice times.

Forming Teams
Priority will be given to returning players to form teams. As spots open up, new players
will be placed on teams. We will consider forming additional teams at each level based
on player interest and gym availability. If you are not placed on a team, you will receive
a full refund. The registration deadline is October 10, 2011. We will accept applications
after October 10, but these registrations will automatically be placed on a waiting list
until a spot opens up, if any.

Refund Policy
          Reason for Refund                                        Refund Amount
          Player drops prior to team commitment night (Nov 10)     Full Refund
          Player drops between Commitment night (Nov 10) and       Full Refund less $12
          the start of league play (Dec 2)                         CYO diocese reg. fee
                                                                   and $40 uniform fee
          Player drops after league play begins (Dec 2)            No Refund
          Team does not form                                       Full Refund

Our program relies on your support. We request that all parents volunteer their time in
the concession stand and admissions table. All parents may sign up through the
assigned team parent. We are also in need of gym coordinators to manage the gym as
we host games throughout the season. Most importantly, we need to coaches to lead
each respective team.

Drop Policy (pg16 CYO Coaches Handbook)
Player Participation – Players may be dropped for lack of attendance at practice
sessions and/or games due to injuries and ineligibility at any time.

During scoresheet checks for player participation, if the Zone or CYO Office discovers
that a player has more than three consecutive absences the Zone or CYO Office may;
   i) Question the parish and or parents regarding the situation
   ii) Have player officially dropped if warranted

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                               Winter 2011-2012
                              OLA CYO Basketball
                    Registration Deadline: October 10, 2011
If a player has missed 3 or more consecutive games, it is the responsibility of the Head
Coach to notify the Zone Registrar for review and approval to allow this player to stay
on the team.
a) Failure to do so will risk the team forfeiting every game after the three game
    absences have taken place.

Age Divisions
Players are placed on teams based on their age and not necessarily their grade
according to the schedule shown below:

                                                             CYO AGE DIVISION 2011-2012

                    Ages        Division          Year           Born on or between the
                                                                     following ages
                  *12    11        Mite        2nd Year          September-December, 1999
                                                                     January - August, 2000
                         10                     1st Year        September - December, 2000
                                                                       January-August, 2001
                  *10    9      PeeWee         2nd Year          September-December, 2001
                                                                       January-August, 2002
                         8                      1st Year        September - December, 2002
                                                                       January-August, 2003
                  *8     7         Tiny        2nd Year          September-December, 2003
                                                                     January - August, 2004
                         6                      1st Year        September - December, 2004
                                                                       January-August, 2005
                  *6     5        Tots         2nd Year          September-December, 2005
                                                                     January - August, 2006
                         4                      1st Year         September-December, 2006
                                                                     January - August, 2007
                                                                                (or younger)

                    **May turn this age during current activity year if Birthday is after August 31
                                                              CYO year: September 1 - August 31

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