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					                    Shawanoe Scoop
Mr. ALEJANDRO SCHLAGEL, PRINCIPAL                                                                            11230 W 75th Street
Office (913) 993-5100                                                                                        Shawnee, Ks. 66214
Nurse (913) 993-5102                                                                                         FAX (913-993-5199
JCPR Daycare (913) 962-5023                                                                                  Shawnee Mission School District
Attendance (913) 993-5102                                                                          

                                                                 Mission Statement
  Shawanoe Elementary School is committed to establishing a safe educational environment enabling all students to be productive citizens of the global
 community. Students will have the opportunity and be encouraged to develop skills to enhance their self-worth and academic potential, allowing them to
                                                       become a positive contributor to society.

                                                                  March 2, 2012

Principal’s Pen:

   We are fortunate to have a wonderful school with dedicated teachers, supportive parents and great students. We
   also have a great PTA. They do a lot for our students. The PTA:

        Supports our students with field trip money to reduce costs
        Funds Cultural Arts assemblies
        Supports teachers with hospitality and classroom parties
        Provides free family activities
        Sponsors events such as skating parties, book fairs, and the carnival
        Provides spirit items for sale
   Many times there are very few parents attending the PTA Meetings. However, as we continue the 2011-2012
   school year, we need all of our parents to participate. We know many parents work during the day, and many
   participate by sending items to school for parties and teacher hospitality. We thank you for all you do. Please
   consider supporting the Shawanoe PTA. Thank you for your on-going support to Shawanoe Elementary
Federal guidelines mandate that Title I schools provide parents the right to know. As a parent you
have the right to know:
     The qualifications of your child's classroom teacher, such as:
           o Whether or not the teacher is certified in Kansas
           o Whether the certification is emergency or provisionary
           o The teacher’s college major and if he/she has advance degrees
           o Whether aides or paraprofessionals are providing services to your child and, if so,
              his/her qualifications
     How your child performed on the Kansas reading and math assessments
Building Report Card:

                                               PHONE NUMBERS
All parents and guardians are asked to please contact the school office with any new phone numbers
for home and/or work. If you use a cell phone, please provide that number so we can add it to our
database. Often, cell phones are the best way to find parents. It is vital that these numbers are
available in order to reach a family member in case of an emergency. We would like to reserve end of
day phone calls for emergencies only. Please let your child know how they will be getting home that
day in the morning before school. It is often difficult to reach teachers in classrooms because they
are supervising students in the hallways preparing to go home.

                                       BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION
Please make sure to send your Box Tops labels to your student’s teacher at the end of each
month. We are having a friendly competition between the grade levels. Look for these labels
on the food you buy to see if you can help our school earn extra money.

                                         Box Tops para la Educación
Por favor asegúrese de enviar las tapas de las cajas (Box Tops labels) a la maestro de su estudiante cada mes.
Estamos hacienda una competencia amistosa entre los diferentes grados. Busque las marcas de los productos y
alimentos que usted compra par a ver si puede ayudar a nuestra escuela a ganar un dinero extra.

                                          TABS FOR RONALD McDONALD HOUSE
Student council is continuing their "pop tab" drive this year. The pop tabs that are collected are recycled and the money earned
benefits the Ronald McDonald House. Tab houses will be distributed soon. We will begin our 3 rd annual “Pop Tab Challenge”
between the primary and intermediate wings. There will be a pop tab collector in the primary wing for students grades K-3 to
empty their houses when they are full. There will also be a pop tab collector in the intermediate wing for student 4-6 to empty
their houses when they are full. The wing who fills up their container the most times by the end of the year will earn a special
treat! Our Pop Tab Kickoff Assembly will be on Wednesday, September 14th! Thank you so much for your support and remember
that you can always collect at your place of business and ask family and friends to collect at their homes to help such a great
cause! Be on the lookout for the "Tab Collector" coming to your wing of the school very soon! Happy Collecting!

                                                      STOP AND CHECK IN

                                                       All visitors must check
                                                           in at the office!
                                         Returned Checks
All returned checks are automatically sent to the District’s collection agency. A $30
fee will be assessed by the collection agency for each returned check.

  Yes, please recycle:
  Newspapers, magazines, shopping catalogs, mail, office paper, self-stick
  notes, computer paper, posters & folders, fax paper, envelopes-with and
  without windows. (Staples & paper clips are acceptable).
  Sorry, we can’t accept:
  Laminated paper, food containers and milk cartons, plastics of any kind,
  metal, glass & phone books.

                                STUDENT ABSENCES
  It is very important to contact the school nurse if your student is going to be
  absent. The absent report line is 913-993-5102. If your student is not at school
  and contact was not made by a parent or guardian, the student will be counted as
  unexcused for the day.

                                                        is GREAT!!!
 Eight is a great time to arrive at school! It is the time that students are allowed to go to their classrooms. The bell
 rings at 8:10 AM. Students need to be organized and in their seats ready to learn when the bell rings. Good
 attendance is one of the best predictors of school success. A study at the University of Minnesota found that
 attendance was one of the best predictors of test scores (USA Today, Thursday, June 15, 2000). Supporting
 attendance and punctuality is a powerful tool to boost performance. Encourage your student to be at school at 8
 o’clock ready to learn. Your students should not arrive before 7:50 at the earliest. We do not have supervision for
 them before that time.

                                                 VISITORS POLICY
 We encourage parents to visit Shawanoe and see the many wonderful things that are happening on a daily
 basis. If you plan to visit a classroom, we ask that you please let the teacher know when you would like to
 visit; this is so you won’t visit during a test or when the students are not in the classroom for whatever
 reason. Any school visitation by someone other than a parent must be approved through the principal
 several days in advance. Such visitations may be limited.
School closing information is available from many different
sources. You can watch your local TV stations and look for
Shawnee Mission School District 512; or log on to the
district’s Web site which is You can also call the district’s
24 hour information line at (913)967-8020.


    Kindergarten Round-Up is scheduled for Friday, March 30th from 9:30-11:00 a.m.
    This is a meeting for children who will be 5 years old on or before August 31,
    2012 and their parents. There will be an opportunity for parents to meet the
    Principal, nurse and the school secretary while the children meet with the
    kindergarten teachers. Parents will also fill out enrollment papers at this time.

                        SPRING BREAK!
           No School – March 9th (End of third quarter)

               No School – March 12 -16 (Spring Break)

       No School – March 19th (School Improvement Day)
Shawanoe students in grades 3-6 will be taking the Kanasas State Assessment in Reading and Math during
February and March. 4th grade will also take the Science Assessment and 6th grade will take the Social
Studies Assessment in April. The Kansas State Assessment is a critical component of the federally
mandated No Child Left Behind Act, which requires all schools to make AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) in
Reading and Math.
    Please refer to the schedule below for testing dates
    Please try to avoid making appointments for students on testing days
    Please make it a priority for your student to arrive at school on time
    Please make sure your student gets a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast

3rd Grade Reading Assessments:
February 28th, 29th and March 2nd – 8:30-10:30

3rd Grade Math Basic Skills:
March 7th – 8:30-9:30 and 12:30-1:30

3rd Grade Math Assessments:
April 3rd, 4th, and 6th – 12:30-2:30

4th Grade Reading Assessments:
March 5th, 6th and 8th – 12:30-2:30

4th Grade Math Basic Skills:
March 1st – 8:30-9:30 and 12:30-1:30

4th Grade Math Assessments:
March 26th, 27th and 29th – 12:30-2:30

4th Grade Science Assessments:
April 10th & 11th – 12:30-2:30

5th Grade Reading Assessments:
February 28th, 29th and March 2nd – 12:30-2:30

5th Grade Math Basic Skills:
March 7 – 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00

5th Grade Math Assessments:
April 3rd, 4th and 6th – 9:30-11:30
6th Grade Reading Assessments:
March 5th, 6th and 8th – 9:30-11:30

6th Grade Math Basic Skills:
March 1st – 10:00-11:30

6th Grade Math Assessments:
March 26th, 27th, and 29th – 9:30-11:30

6th Grade Social Studies Assessments:
April 10th and 11th – 9:30-11:30


Shawanoe Mathletics teams participated at the Regional Mathletics competition yesterday at
Broken Arrow. They all did a fabulous job! Thank you so much for representing our school with
pride. The following teams placed in the competition:

4th grade team (5th place)                                6th grade team (4th place)
Saya Ueki, Isaac Freeman & Ethan Dean                     Mikaela Lange, Lindsey Shirley & Lora
                                                          Rose Johnson

5th grade team (5th place)                                Pre-Algebra team (4th place)
Keri Sengpraseuth, Ederia Thompson & Randy Pham           Ivy Mwangi, Mio Ueki & Edgar Tapia

Thanks again to all the participants you all worked so hard together and we are so proud of you.
No more Wednesday practices. All Math Club members will be invited to a Math Club celebration.
Please be on the look out for the invitation.
                                COUNT YOUR KID IN
The Shawnee Mission school district provides free developmental screening for children 2.9-5 years of
age whom you feel may be having difficulty with motor skills (small and large muscle coordination), vision
and hearing, speech and language skills. The purpose of these screenings is to identify children who are
at risk of having substantial developmental delays. This screening is not designed to screen school-aged
children or children for kindergarten readiness. To begin the screening process, please contact your
area elementary school nurse. If there are developmental concerns regarding children younger than 2.9
years, you should contact Shawnee Mission Infant-Toddler services at 993-2600.

                         2011 – 2012 Physical Education Schedule

    Monday and Thursday Mornings- Ms. Hunt, Mrs. Ferlo, Mrs. Frizzell, Mrs.
    Gray, and Ms. Tarantino.
    Tuesday and Friday Mornings – Mr. Mussat, Mrs. Burks, Mrs. De Adder, Mrs.
    Wheeler, and Ms. Byler.
    Tuesday Afternoon – Mrs. Hickman, Mr. Riscovallez, and Mrs. Burch.
    Wednesday Afternoon – Mr. Starkey, Mrs. DuPree, Mrs. Frizzell, and Mrs.
    Thursday Afternoon only – Mrs. Hickman and Mr. Riscovallez
    Friday Afternoon – Mr. Starkey, Mrs. DuPree, Mrs. Burch, and Mrs.

                              COLDER WEATHER
With the weather changing recesses are colder; especially mornings! Please make sure
         your children are dressed warm enough for recess each day. Students will have
         outside recess everyday unless:
                              The temperature is 15 degrees or below
                             The wind chill index is 0 degrees or below
                                       There is falling moisture
         If you would like your child to stay in at recess, a note should be sent to their
         teacher letting them know. If a child is to be kept in for more than three consecutive
days, a note from the child’s doctor is requested. The district health office feels that,
“Generally if a child is too sick to go outside for recess, he is too sick to be in school”.
               March Calendar

    5   PTA Meeting @ 5:30
    9   End of 3rd Quarter – NO SCHOOL
12-16   Spring Break – NO SCHOOL
   19   School Improvement Day – NO SCHOOL
  30    Parent/Teacher Conferences – NO SCHOOL
         Kindergarten Round-Up 9:30-11:00
                                 Parent Resource Center

                     LoLeeta Cordel, Shawnee Mission Social Worker
                             Judy Bennett, Grant Facilitator

         Bullying is a big problem!

             How Does Bullying Make People Feel?

               Who Bullies?

                 What Can You Do?

                  Bullying Survival Tips

                    What if You’re the Bully?

                      Steps to Stop Bullying in School

Dates:       Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time:        6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Location:    Multi-Purpose Room
             Arrowhead Administrative Center
             6601 Santa Fe Drive

Cost:        $10.00 per family

To Enroll:   Call the Shawnee Mission Parent Resource Center at 993-9315

                                          Sponsored by
                                   The Parent Resource Center
                                       6601 Santa Fe Drive
                                 Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202-3925
                                 Parent Resource Center

                                       “Mean Girls”
                  Emily Dorothy, Shawnee Mission Social Worker

More than 70% of females report being mistreated by their friends (Crick, Journal of Abnormal
Psychology, 2002). Has your daughter been affected by mistreatment from female peers?
Attend this class to learn about relational aggression, the most common form of mistreatment
by females. According to Dr. Nicki Crick, relational aggression is defined as “emotional
violence and bullying behaviors focused on damaging and individual’s social connections
within the peer group.”
We will learn about the prevalence of relational aggression, different forms of relational
aggression and teach procedures that can be used to intervene with relational aggression in
schools and at home.

Dates:       Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time:        6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Location:    Multi-Purpose Room
             Arrowhead Administrative Center
             6601 Santa Fe Drive

Cost:        $10.00 per family

To Enroll:   Call the Shawnee Mission Parent Resource Center at 993-9315

                                          Sponsored by
                                   The Parent Resource Center
                                       6601 Santa Fe Drive
                                 Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202-3925

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