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Press Release                                                                             June 2010

Italian Garden brings to you a perfumed line that takes its inspiration from fruits and flowers. It
evokes an olfactory journey rich in emotions and pleasant sensations. Nature as base attitude of this
line: products rich in vegetal and pure extremely active ingredients. A line projected into the future
thanks to the use of selected raw materials which are nature, environment and person friendly.

Body mist 200 ml
Body mist, vaporized on the body after bath or shower, and in every single moment when you need
to free your mind, it evokes emotions of exotic places, deep and seductive encounters.
It gives to the skin moisturizing and a delicious sensation of freshness and well-being.
Price: AED 20

Bath foam 500 ml
Soft and creamy rich foam that turns the pleasant bath moment in an healthy break of relax and
well-being, a restful and regenerative experience.
It gently cleanse the body, leaving the skin fresh, velvety and pleasantly perfumed.
Price: AED 20

Bath & Shower gel 200 ml
Bath & shower gel that cleans gently the skin, cocoons and scents strongly the body, bringing a
vitality and well-being sensation.
It turns the shower moment in a light caress for the skin.
Price: AED 20

Body lotion 500 ml
Moisturizing and velvety body lotion that gives to the skin moisturizing, softness and freshness.
A gentle massage that emanates sensuality and harmony, leaving the skin highly perfumed and
Price: AED 20

Body butter 500 ml
Creamy and rich body butter that gives to the skin the velvet’s sensuality.
Gently massaged on the body, leaves the skin moisturized and pleasantly perfumed without making
it greasy. It cocoons the body in a magic and enchanting world of relax and well-being.
Price: AED 20

Body scrub 500 ml
It’s a real body’s natural renewal moment, that gives charm and softness to the skin.
The quartz’ granules remove any impurity, leaving the skin delightfully smooth and velvety.
Price: AED 20

For further information please contact:

Mona Gopal                                     Saima Manzoor
Account Manager PR,                            PR Executive,
Tel +971 4 2011558                             Tel +971 4 2011243
Email                       Email

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