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Text/Argument                                                  Response/Rebuttal

“In our culture, being thin is associated with                The idea that being thin is associated
                                                              with wealth, popularity, and happiness
wealth, fame, happiness, popularity, and success”             is absurd. The idea that being thin is
                                                              associated with success is even worse.
(McDonnell-Parry 118).                                        Unfortunately, this is how society
                                                              functions today. Celebrities reinforce
                                                              this idea and portray this as a good
                                                              image to children around the world.
                                                              Only thin models make it in the
                                                              modeling industry and “size 2” models
                                                              don’t even stand a chance. Thankfully,
                                                              society has recognized this problem.
                                                              However, not much is being done to
                                                              stop or prevent it. Teens all over the
                                                              world are developing eating disorders
                                                              due to the craze of being stick thin. In
                                                              order to end this unhealthy trend,
                                                              someone needs to standup and tell the
                                                              general public to start eating healthily
                                                              and to not follow horrible celebrity role
“Giving up an eating disorder is a struggle because you        Many do not know the struggle and
                                                              hardships that people endure while
also have to give up the fantasy- the dream that will
                                                              having an eating disorder. It is a
never come true” (McDonnell-Parry 119).                       psychological condition that cannot
                                                              simply end in a day. Once one decides
                                                              to get rid of their eating disorder they
                                                              have to erase that fantasy from their
                                                              mind as well. People dream to be thin
                                                              and distort their perception of reality
                                                              to achieve this goal. This quote
                                                              directly deals with the hardships and
                                                              suffering that occur to many young
                                                              people and how they view

“Winnie thinks that wannarexics see Anorexia and                    It is so disturbing to know that people
Bulimia as a fad or dieting craze, as easy to start and stop as     believe that Anorexia and Bulimia are
The Atkins diet” (McDonnell-Parry 119).                             a type of diet. People try anorexia or
                                                                    bulimia for weeks or even a day. The
                                                                    media portrays these disorders as
                                                                    normal behavior and a small task.
                                                                    Nowadays, teenagers want to be
                                                                    anorexic or bulimic because they think
                                                                    that it is cool or may draw attention.
                                                                    This is an unhealthy trend that many
                                                                    are unaware of. Diets like the Atkins
                                                                    diet supply healthy alternatives for
                                                                    junk food whereas eating disorders
                                                                    stop eating all together or stop the
                                                                    natural process of food through the

Working Vocabulary List-

       Compulsion- (noun) a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, esp. one that is
        irrational or contrary to one's will
       Prevalent- (adj) widespread; of wide extent or occurrence; in general use or acceptance
       Emaciated- (verb) to make abnormally lean or thin by a gradual wasting away of flesh

                                          GERM WARFARE

Text/Argument                                             Response/Rebuttal

“Staph is a bacteria that can be found just about   Recently, staph has created a scare in many
everywhere: doorknobs, gym equipment, even on       schools around the world. Numerous
the surface of skin” (Gulati 124).                  people have been diagnosed with this virus
                                                    and it is beginning to spread. What many
                                                    people do not know is that staph is
                                                    everywhere, even in cracks in the floor.
                                                    People need to take action in preventing
                                                    the spread of staph, such as washing their
                                                    hands often and cleaning up after
                                                    themselves. Schools have begun to take
                                                    action by disinfecting mats and equipment
                                                    used by students daily. For example,
                                                    wrestlers have to now shower directly after
                                                    practice before going home. This along with
                                                    many other precautions are preventing the
                                                    spread of staph.

“Without a doubt, teens- even very healthy ones-    Teens are more susceptible to this strand of
appear to have been disproportionally affected”     virus than the average adult because adults
(Gulati 124).                                       have developed a stronger immunity to
                                                    infections throughout the years. Teens
                                                    have not lived as long as adults so are more
                                                    vulnerable. However it is not totally clear
                                                    why this is happening. It is interesting how
                                                    nowadays there are more infections and
                                                    diseases even though doctors have
                                                    developed vaccines to prevent illness.
                                                    Some doctors believe that all of the anti-
                                                    bacterial medicines that appear to be 99%
                                                    effective will take care of the problem,
                                                    when in fact these medicines are actually
                                                    developing a strand of bacteria that is
                                                    incredibly strong leaving that 1% which in
                                                    the future will be somewhat invincible.

                                                                   People who exercise are the most
“Like most bacteria, MRSA grows rapidly in warm, damp
                                                          susceptible to staph because they are in
environments” (Gulati 126).
                                                          they key areas where staph develops and
                                                          grows. Staph generates rapidly in warm,
                                                          damp environments which endanger
                                                          many athletes today. Even people who
                                                          partake in activities such as yoga and
                                                          Pilates are at risk.

                                                                   In response to this new strand of
                                                          staph, it is important that athletes and
                                                          students alike are aware of these harmful
                                                          bacteria’s so that they can prevent
                                                          themselves from these infectious viruses.

Working Vocabulary List-

      Susceptible- (adj) admitting or capable of some specified treatment
      Benign- (adj) having a kindly disposition; gracious
      Pediatric- (noun) the branch of medicine concerned with the development, care, and diseases of
       babies and children

                                 U.S. ABORTION RATE FALLS, STUDY FINDS

Text/Argument                                                 Response/Rebuttal

                                                              Many are surprised by the fact that
“The U.S. abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level
since 1976, with about 20 percent of pregnancies              right now, abortion rates are the
being terminated by abortion” (Fox 1).                        lowest since 1976. This can be due to
                                                              several causes that raise controversial
                                                              issues. Birth control is a leading factor
                                                              in the number of abortions because
                                                              less women are becoming pregnant.
                                                              Some believe that birth control is like
                                                              playing God and do not approve of its
                                                              use. Also, it is hared for women to get
                                                              to abortion centers. Another cause of
                                                              this decreasing rate is the amount of
                                                              pregnancies. Young women are
                                                              petrified to become pregnant and
                                                              therefore are not having sex.
                                                              However, this does not man that the
                                                              rate of teenage pregnancies has

"Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures        Couples in America today have sex
undergone by women aged 15-44 in the United States,           without the intention to bear a
partly because of the high level of unintended pregnancy"
                                                              child. This naïve action is causing
(Fox 2).
                                                              almost all abortions. It is hard to
                                                              believe why couples keep having
                                                              sex with or without protection
                                                              when they know pregnancy is
                                                              possible, especially if they do not
                                                              want one. Men and women need to
                                                              think before they act in order to
                                                              save lives.

“The researchers said the number of abortion providers        States are making laws to inhibit
declined by about 38 percent between 1982 and                 women from getting abortions or
2000” (Fox 2).                                                visiting family planning centers.
                                                              Abortion centers are closing due to
                                                              controversial beliefs and lack of
                                                              women who need a doctor’s
                                                              assistance for an abortion. With the

                                                                 abortion providers declining 38%,
                                                                 people are unable to track the decline
                                                                 because rates have not been
                                                                 calculated between those years. Now,
                                                                 analysts are tracking this issue heavily.

Working Vocabulary List-

      Miscarriage- (noun) the expulsion of a fetus before it is viable, esp. between the third and
       seventh months of pregnancy; spontaneous abortion

                             SCHOOL POPULARITY AFFECTS GIRLS’ WEIGHT

Text/Argument                                                 Response/Rebuttal

“Girls who think they aren’t popular are at higher risk       At school, girls are constantly pressured
for weight gain, according to a new study” (Bengiveno 1)      to look good and act cool. Rude
                                                              comments from girls or boys often get to
                                                              their head and are taken literally. The
                                                              pressure to be popular is not a new
                                                              thing; it has been going on for years.
                                                              Unfortunately for girls, the stress to be
                                                              popular adds up and ultimately causes
                                                              them to gain a few pounds or more. Boys
                                                              generally just brush off this stress or
                                                              channel it into energy, which often leads
                                                              to a fight. For girls, however, physical
                                                              fighting is not really an option and they
                                                              turn to mental fighting by messing with
                                                              others’ minds.

“At the top of the ladder are the people in your school       Girls should try to be the best they can
 with the most respect and the highest standing. At the       be and not try to be better than other
bottom are people who no one respects and no one              girls. Whether it is in school or sports,
wants to hang around with. Where would you place
                                                              girls should give 100% and work to the
yourself on the ladder?” (Bengiveno 1).
                                                              best of their ability and not care what
                                                              place on the ladder they truly are.
                                                              However, this is rarely true. Almost
                                                              every girl wants to be at the top, and
                                                              who could blame them? Everyone, no
                                                              matter gender, wants to be at the top.
                                                              When a girl is asked this question, they
                                                              will either be boastful or introverted.

“…future studies may also look at the link between a girl’s   It is absurd to believe that social status
perceived social status and her risk for eating disorders”    can result in an eating disorder. Yes, girls
(Bengiveno 1).                                                who feel left out and unpopular can have
                                                              eating disorders but it’s not the main
                                                              cause in all cases. This is an over-
                                                              generalization which until proven,
                                                              cannot be assumed. The issue
                                                              concerning weight gain and popularity
                                                              has been proven, but does not create a
                                                              direct link to eating disorders.

Working Vocabulary List-

      Hierarchy- (noun) any system of persons or things ranked one above another
      Pecking- (verb) To strike with the beak or a pointed instrument
      Implementing- (verb) To put into practical effect; carry out

                                        IF YOU SEE IT, IS IT REAL?

Text/Argument                                                    Response/Rebuttal

“Why do TV networks look the way that they do?”                  Major TV networks in America today all
                                                                 contain certain unique qualities
(Klosterman 44)
                                                                 amongst themselves that distinguish
                                                                 them from the rest. On ABC, colors used
                                                                 in their programs are usually always on
                                                                 the darker side. In contrast, TV shows
                                                                 that appear on NBC seem to have a
                                                                 brighter usage of color. Differentiations
                                                                 in color schemes are but a few of the
                                                                 many characteristics that mainstream
                                                                 TV networks in the U.S. use to diversify
                                                                 themselves from their competitors.

“I have watched so much television that I am now a genius.       Author Chuck Klosterman proclaims in
                                                                 his article how many Americans today,
And, I suppose, an idiot” (Klosterman 46).                       including himself, have watched so
                                                                 much television in their life span that
                                                                 most Americans can select and interpret
                                                                 different aspects of television programs
                                                                 and classify them into sub-conscious
                                                                 categories that the viewer isn’t even
                                                                 aware of. These categories are very
                                                                 subtle, and include many different
                                                                 variations. These variations include:
                                                                 brightness versus darkness, the
                                                                 sharpness of the imagery, the definition
                                                                 that the program is being aired in, etc..

                                                                          These facts justify the
                                                                 conclusion of how Americans today
                                                                 spend too much time watching
                                                                 television in their spare time. It even
                                                                 seems that the United States, a nation
                                                                 where the great national past time for
                                                                 children used to be playing baseball, has
                                                                 turned into a country whose children,
                                                                 and even parents, spend all day
                                                                 watching television.

Working Vocabulary List-

      Paradox-(noun) a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but
       in reality expresses a possible truth
      Discrepancy- (noun) the state or quality of being discrepant; difference; inconsistency
      Manifestation- (noun) outward or perceptible indication; materialization
      Intuitively- (adj) perceiving by intuition, as a person or the mind

                                            QUIET MARCH

Text/Argument                                              Response/Rebuttal

“For better health, simply walk for 20 or 30 minutes       This theory has been discussed for
a day, boosters say — and you don’t even have to do        many years. However, it is not
it all at once” (Kolata 1).
                                                           necessarily true. One cannot walk two
                                                           minutes here and there and consider
                                                           it a workout. Hard work and
                                                           endurance must be maintained
                                                           throughout a workout that doesn’t
                                                           last for a few minutes. Yes, there are
                                                           several types of workouts, but not all
                                                           result in better health. Statements like
                                                           these need to be taken with a grain of
                                                           salt and deeply investigated.

“Yet the data from several large studies have not always
                                                           It has been said that everyone is not
been clear, because those who exercise tend to be very
                                                           perfect and is not the same. People
different from those who do not” (Kolata 1).
                                                           come in all shapes and sixes and all
                                                           require different types of physical
                                                           activity. Those who are fat need to
                                                           work out harder and longer than
                                                           those who are skinny in order to be
                                                           healthy. Some bodies just do not cope
                                                           well with activity and may not become
                                                           skinny. There are various factors that
                                                           are needed in order to be healthy and

“Exercise alone has not been shown to bring sustained      Weight loss requires several factors.
weight loss” (Kolata 1).                                   Exercise is not the only one. Healthy
                                                           eating habits are another factor. If
                                                           one exercises often but eats a lot,
                                                           they will not receive weight loss.
                                                           Furthermore, one cannot eat little and
                                                           never exercise. They may become
                                                           skinny but they most likely will not be
                                                           healthy and physically fit. Dieting and
                                                           exercise need to be balanced and for
                                                           each person this is different.

Working Vocabulary List-

          Panacea- (noun) a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all
          Pedometer- (noun) an instrument worn by a walker or runner for recording the number of
           steps taken, thereby showing approximately the distance traveled
          Sedentary- (adj) characterized by or requiring a sitting posture
          Threshold- (noun) any place or point of entering or beginning

                                          THE GREEN CAMPUS

Text/Argument                                                Response/Rebuttal

“More and more colleges are getting serious                  Due to global warming, people all over
about going green” (Underwood 60).                           the world are beginning to “go green”
                                                             and conserve energy. It is fantastic
                                                             that colleges are beginning to spread
                                                             the word about “going green” and are
                                                             taking action. Once college students
                                                             pick up environment friendly habits,
                                                             they will hopefully pass them on to
                                                             their families and someday children.
                                                             Global warming is a serious issue and
                                                             it is about time people start changing
                                                             their lifestyles.

“As long as the sun is shining the water flows”              The sun plays a huge part in life on
(Underwood 62).                                              Earth and it is constantly in use, one
                                                             way or another. It is used to grow
                                                             plants, keep the earth warm, and
                                                             produce solar power. Without the
                                                             sun, many things could not be
                                                             possible. As long as the sun keeps
                                                             coming out each morning, life and its
                                                             surroundings will be able to continue.

“…will learn simply from being on a green campus,            In order for the man to take care of
living in green buildings, eating sustainable food,          the environment and conserve
and absorbing every day messages of conservation”            energy, it needs to learn from being
(Underwood 60).                                              out in the wilderness how important it
                                                             is to take care of it. To establish this,
                                                             people need repetition. Everything
                                                             that they do needs to be safe for the
                                                             environment. Eventually, they will
                                                             only have environment friendly
                                                             supplies and be accustomed to them.
                                                             After this is complete, our
                                                             environment will be a better place.

Working Vocabulary List-

      Biodegradable-(adjective) capable of decaying through the action of living organisms
      Compostable-(noun) a mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves or
       manure, used for fertilizing soil
      Stewardship-(noun) a person appointed by an organization or group to supervise the affairs of
       that group at certa

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