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									                                                                      March 2008

   Invitation to the Council of China Foreign Exchange Administration Magazine


    China Foreign Exchange Administration Magazine (“the Magazine”) is an
institution directly under the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). It is
administered by SAFE, and the only professional medium in the foreign exchange
field. The Magazine holds the service principle of “facing the world, facing the
market, and facing practicality”, and closely encircles the core work in the reform of
China’s financial system and foreign exchange administration system. It is committed
to the success of China Forex magazine, China FX Money Management
(second-half-month issue) and Facing home and abroad,
especially towards all financial institutions and foreign-related enterprises, it is
committed to the success in publicizing and explaining the reform process of, and
policies and regulations on China’s foreign exchange administration, and to the timely
report of major domestic and international information and events that influence
foreign exchange markets. As situation in foreign exchange administration continues
to develop and market demand furthers to expand, the Magazine sets providing
effective information consulting services and feedback on foreign exchange policies
for banks, enterprises and the foreign exchange administration system as its focus for
further development. The Magazine actively develops new service programs, such as
timely and effective provision of training on foreign exchange policies, regulations
and businesses, of consulting on foreign exchange businesses, and of advertising
services. Currently the Magazine has the following departments: Editorial I, Editorial
II, Information and Network, Training, Business Development, Circulation,
Advertising, and Office.

    The Magazine established its first council in 1999, with members mainly from
each major branch, central branch of the People’s Bank of China, each SAFE branch,
and Chinese- and foreign-funded banks and large import & export enterprises (groups)
across China. The council is a fast channel of upward and downward delivery of
foreign exchange policy information, an important platform to realize good
communication and interaction between banks, enterprises, and foreign exchange
administrations, and a high-level window for the publicity of banks and enterprises.
Over the past few years, with the strong support and cooperation from each council
member, with close relationships with each SAFE business department, each SAFE
branch and sub-branch across China, and within the scope of policy permission, the
Magazine has down to earthly done a lot of practical things for the council members
that have generated considerable economic and social benefits and won acclamations
from the council members.

   By now, the third council term has ended. Based on market demand and the need
for self-development, and based on past and existing members, the Magazine
continues to absorb some Chinese- and foreign-funded enterprises (groups) to become
members of the new council. We sincerely invite you to become a member of our
Magazine’s fourth council. We shall provide the following services to you:

1. Issue Certificate of Appointment of Editorial Committee Member to each council
    member, and feature the list of council members and the list of each editorial
    committee member from each council member at prominent positions in China
    Forex magazine
2. Send free copies of China Forex magazine (both the first-half-month and the
    second-half-month issues) – 5 copies per month
3. Send one free copy of “Historical Footprints in the 10-year Reform of China’s
    Foreign Exchange Administration” CD
4. Become a member of, with 10 free sets of username and
    password provided
5. 3 free full-color advertisements in China Forex magazine or during the 3-year membership term
6. Provide special-topic training on foreign exchange policies and regulations,
    compliance operation, risk control and foreign exchange businesses to foreign
    exchange practitioners with special discounts
7. Priority in publicizing articles in the magazines
8. Provide foreign exchange business consulting services with special discounts
9. Council member representatives have the priority to attend theme forums
10. Hold 1-2 council meetings each year. Report work to each council member and
    editorial committee member, listen to and collect opinions and suggestions. At the
    same time, provide a communication platform between council members and
    SAFE, relevant ministries and commissions, experts and scholars.

   Each council term is 3 years. Membership fee is RMB 300,000.

   Attached is a relevant form. Please fill it out and send it back to us as soon as
possible for timely publishing of the membership information.

   We sincerely welcome you to join. We will use good quality and sincere service to
provide strong support and help for your business development.


                                  China Foreign Exchange Administration Magazine

China Foreign Exchange Administration Magazine
Standing Council Member Registration Form (Return Receipt)

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