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Credit Reporting

Request a credit report online! Fill out our request form with the appropriate information to
receive the report.(Located on top navigation bar). If you do not have a credit reporting
subscription, you will be billed for the report. If you are interested in a subscription, contact John
Hiegel 817 832 6522.

Need an Experian report NOW? Click here for more information about Smart Business Reports


Do you want to be able to order reports yourself, directly from your PC? Click here to request
direct access from many of the available databases!

In order to provide maximum value to our clients, Arkansas Credit Association provides you
access to all data bases we have under one single, simple, low cost, generic report
subscription. Credit Mangers do not need to subscribe individually to every single data base or
information provider, in order to receive the best outside credit reporting information available.
From Consumer Reports to Reports on International Customers and everything in between.

Arkansas Credit Association wraps up a program for you, that automatically provides multiple
data bases/providers in one, single subscription. Sounds simple? It is! Our current subscribers
already enjoy the flexibility described and rely on their professional Association for data these
sources provide that assists them in the credit worthiness decision.

Other benefits of our subscriptions are no compensating renewals, no premiums for
supplements, no contract expiration dates and no "use-em" or "lose-em" problems.

If you are interested in getting more for less, saving time and money, managing your credit
reporting costs, Arkansas Credit Association's Credit Reporting Services is your solution.

Call today for more information or a personal consultation that will open up all the doors to
credit information resources your company can use.

If you are interested in receiving more information about any of these credit report data bases,
please contact Credit Reporting for complete pricing and further details.

Access Credit Reports
Direct Access users of Experian, Equifax Domestic, Triple Merged Business Owner Reports, and
TGX Reports can now click on the database logo to be taken directly to the sign on screen!


If you do not have direct access, or to order an International or D&B Report, contact Lisa at to inquire on obtaining direct access.

Other users, to request a credit report, email Credit Reports with the company name, address,
phone number and type of report requesting, or click on the Order Credit Report link on the top
navigation bar.


THIS IS THE REQUEST FORM- email to me as
an attachment
   Credit                          Credit Report Request Form

         Warning: Please contact the Association office to request a consumer report
       at (817) 832-6522. To request a business consumer report, you must have signed
authorization. Please contact the Association with any questions or concerns. All required fields
         must be completed order for the report requested to be processed. Thank you.

                                       * Required Fields

                                  Your Information

   * Name:
   * Company:
* Telephone Number:                    (         )
* Fax Number:                          (         )
Street Address:
State:                                     Select State

Zip Code:

* E-Mail Address:                                      <
Member Number: (Optional)

                         Subject Information

* Company:
* Street Address:

* City:
* State / Province:                        Select State

* Country:                                 Select Country

* Zip Code:
Telephone Number:                      (         )

              Credit report(s) you are requesting:
                    Click on the links to view a sample report.

Domestic Reports


D&B Number:

    BIR (Business Information Report)

    PAR (Payment Analysis Report)

    Comprehensive Report

    Credit Check Report

    Other - Type in Comments/Special Information Box Below

    Business Profile

    Business Summary

    Commercial Intelliscore Plus

    Gale News & Research

    Other - Type in Comments/Special Information Box Below

Equifax (Domestic):

    Commercial Credit Report

      Add Scoring

Other (WCA):

    Trade Group Report TGX

International Report Menu

    Equifax Canada FKA Creditel

    CoFace International NA Developed Report / Veritas / Graydon /

    Experian International Developed Reports

    D&B European Comprehensive Report

Comments / Special Information:
Check here if you want someone to contact you before pulling the report

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