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									Meeting 29-American Racing at Various Venues (Saturday 14 Apr)

    R1       MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT 1710M (HAWTHORNE RACE 7) $39300 1710m (America)                                                                                               Starts 9:40am
Tote      Form     Name, barrier, trainer                    Jockey (allowance) kg (R rtg)   Course, Dist Breeding
    1          0   Perfectly At Home (1) Brian Williamson    Christian Santiago Reyes 53        C(0)   Dst(0)   3c b Pleasantly Perfect-Blackberry Glen (by Strawberry Road)
    2         56   Tens Wild (2) Frank Kirby                 Inez Karlsson 53                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3g gr Tenpins-Wild About Rachel (by Wild Rush)
    3         8x   The Pizza Man (3) Roger Brueggemann       Seth Martinez 53                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3g b English Channel-I Can Fan Fan (by Lear Fan)
    4      7058x   Chas the Man (4) Moises Yanez             Quincy Hamilton 53                 C(0)   Dst(0)   3c b Congrats-Samantha B. (by Dance Brightly)
    5         89   Leal Ridge (5) Louis Hunkapiller          Jesse Lantz 56                     C(0)   Dst(0)   5g ch Quaker Ridge-Princess Leal (by Classic Account)
    6      23364   Eight Gauge (6) Ida Spagnola              Constantino Roman 56               C(0)   Dst(0)   4g ch Chicago Six-Afleet Cat (by Z Z Cat)
    7      6036x   Brim (7) Brian Williamson                 Orlando Mojica 53                  C(0)   Dst(0)   3c b Straight Line-Beret (by Royal Academy)
    8              Perks (8) Michele Boyce                   Julio Felix 53                     C(0)   Dst(0)   3c b Pure Prize-Ellie's Rose (by Gold Ruler)
    9      465x2   Captain American (9) Sharon Wilson        Florent Geroux 56                  C(0)   Dst(0)   4e b Quiet American-Proper Alibi (by Proper Reality)
    10         3   Iolandas Perfect (10) Chris Block         Francisco Torres 56                C(0)   Dst(0)   4g b Perfect Soul-Iolanda (by Tale of the Cat)
    11     85243   Italian Breeze (11) John Haran            Alejandro Contreras 50.5           C(0)   Dst(0)   3g gr Shore Breeze-Italian Riviera (by Cozzene)
    12    89726    He's Smashed                              Scratched
    13             Montana Kid (12) Chris Block              Eduardo Perez 53                   C(0) Dst(0)     3c b Empire Maker-Keeping the Gold (by Langfuhr)
    14    3838x    Here Comes Mario                          Scratched

        Expert Picks....        10-Iolandas Perfect           13-Montana Kid                                                     7-Brim
    R2       CLAIMING 1207M (PENN NATIONAL RACE 1) $16700 1207m (Pennsylvania)                                                                                                  Starts 10:00am
    1      35827   Ambrose Light (1) Mario Rodriguez      Edilberto Rodriguez 54.5              C(0)   Dst(0)   6e ch El Corredor-Otti (by Rahy)
    2      341x6   Beacon Hill Road (2) Jason Servis      Matthew Rispoli 54.5                  C(0)   Dst(0)   6e b Forestry-Road to the Ball (by Cahill Road)
    3      68331   Are You Serious (3) R Beattie & J      Vladimir Diaz 55.5                    C(0)   Dst(0)   10g b You and I-Iron Feather (by Crafty Prospector)
    4      2x059   Haps Alphabet Soup (4) Kathleen Demasi Hiram Rivera 54.5                     C(0)   Dst(0)   6e gr Alphabet Soup-How About It (by Halo's Image)
    5      36336   Indian Reservation (5) Elisha Rathman Wilfredo Corujo 54.5                   C(0)   Dst(0)   6g b Cherokee Run-Collymore Hall (by Concerto)
    6      32222   Quiet Thanks (6) Jon Silva             Luis Munar 54.5                       C(0)   Dst(0)   6e b Quiet American-World of Thanks (by Wild Again)
    7      77946   Nicoles Prospect (7) Sherene Bracho    Jesus Bracho 54.5                     C(0)   Dst(0)   7g b Smooth Jazz-Dawntlet (by Allen's Prospect)
        Expert Picks....        2-Beacon Hill Road            3-Are You Serious                                                  6-Quiet Thanks
    R3       ALLOWANCE 1710M (HAWTHORNE RACE 8) $41700 1710m (America)                                                                                                          Starts 10:10am
    1      74123   Lookinatmindy (1) Roger Brueggemann       Francisco Torres 55.5              C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Bowman's Band-Blue Iris (by Black Tie Affair)
    2      29183   Eileen Evelyn (2) Wayne Catalano          Harry Vega 52                      C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Shore Breeze-Greer Garson (by Cherokee Saga)
    3      22702   Dubious (3) Dee Poulos                    Florent Geroux 55.5                C(0)   Dst(0)   7m ch E Dubai-Alone At the Alter (by Runaway Groom)
    4      8541x   Lewderhoo (4) Liane Davis                 Seth Martinez 52                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Indy Snow-No Shame (by Colony Light)
    5      44511   Angel Cookie (5) Gerald Butler            Timothy Thornton 55.5              C(0)   Dst(0)   6m ch Pine Bluff-Pollyanna Pixie (by That's a Nice)
    6      26x18   Bedroom Eyes (6) Carlos Silva             Christopher Emigh 55.5             C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Pleasant Tap-These Eyes (by Belong to Me)
    7     65748    Mya Faccia Bella                          Scratched
    8        51x   Chain of Destiny (7) Rey Aguirre          Noel Vigil 55.5                    C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Jump Start-Tuft of Flowers (by Two Punch)
    9      23551   Brookes Journey (8) Ida Spagnola          Constantino Roman 52               C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Don't Get Mad-Paw Prints (by Albert the Great)
    10     36251   Glorious Destiny (9) John Haran           Alejandro Contreras 53             C(0)   Dst(0)   4m gr Shore Breeze-Rubber Soul (by Affirmed)
    11     41652   Bonnie (10) Tom Dorris                    Julio Felix 55.5                   C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Pioneering-Danger Dances (by Slew City Slew)
    12     24414   Holycow Shes Sassy (11) George Weir       Tanner Riggs 55.5                  C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Pleasant Tap-Dixieland Sreva (by Dixieland Band)
        Expert Picks....        1-Lookinatmindy               3-Dubious                                                          2-Eileen Evelyn
    R4       CLAIMING 1609M (PENN NATIONAL RACE 2) $26200 1609m (Pennsylvania)                                                                                                  Starts 10:28am
    1        166   Angie Girl (1) Stephanie Beattie          Manuel Chaves 54                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3f ch Domestic Dispute-So Sultry (by Storm Boot)
    2      42135   Run Mommy Run (2) Murray Rojas            Wilmer Garcia 51                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b The Daddy-Pretty Run (by Storm Cat)
    3         61   Run Patty Run (3) Flint Stites            Luis Villanueva 52                 C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Aisle-Patience and Hope (by Patton)
    4      33174   To Boldly Go (4) Michael Pappada          Vladimir Diaz 53                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3f ch Syncline-Molly McMore (by More Pleasure)
    5      31524   Rachel the Model (5) Jamie Ness           Josean Ramirez 53                  C(0)   Dst(0)   3f gr Burning Roma-Frame of Mind (by Green Dancer)
    6      78631   Fabs (6) David Nunn                       Angel Arroyo 55                    C(0)   Dst(0)   3f ch Crafty Friend-Screaming Luisa (by Manastash Ridge)
    7      54535   Lite Up the Mornin (7) Erin McClellan     Andrew Wolfsont 50                 C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Lite the Fuse-Amarillo Morn (by Houston)
    8      43135   Only One for Me (8) Lisa Welsch           Jordano Tunon 54                   C(0)   Dst(0)   3f gr Senor Swinger-Fountain of Truth (by Proud and True)
    9      45362   Miss Aisle Band (9) Bruce Kravets         David Cora 54                      C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Aisle-Steal a Band (by Swear by Dixie)
        Expert Picks....        5-Rachel the Model            2-Run Mommy Run                                                    1-Angie Girl
    R5       MAIDEN CLAIMING 1207M (HAWTHORNE RACE 9) $13700 1207m (America)                                                                                                    Starts 10:40am
    1      04636 Bobbie N Her Girls (1) Chris Ryan      Nicholas Meza 56                        C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Canyon Run-Four Times a Lady (by West by West)
    2          5 Eyema Delight (2) James Divito         Francisco Torres 53                     C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Eye of the Tiger-Candy Cane Delight (by Temperence Hill)
    3      4544x Call Her Sirch (3) Frank Kirby         Christopher Emigh 56                    C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Pioneering-Four Times a Charm (by Unaccounted For)
    4         36 Debinator (4) John Haran               Alejandro Contreras 54                  C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Powerscourt-Miss Gazelle (by Forest Gazelle)
    5      55452                                        Florent Geroux 53
                 Thepower of Belief (5) Roger Brueggemann                                       C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Repent-Brackenber (by Lycius)
    6          7 Decisive Action (6) Joel Berndt        Tanner Riggs 56                         C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Tale of the Cat-Qu' Appelle (by A.P. Indy)
    7      33x46 Cielo Slew (7) Ricky Lindsay           Seth Martinez 56                        C(0)   Dst(0)   6m b Slew City Slew-Jaguar Cielo (by Conquistador Cielo)
    8      69644 Rebas Fancy (8) Paul Lewellyn          Constantino Roman 56                    C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Alke-Roaring Icon (by Roar)
    9            Acquaintance (9) Tianna Richardville   Diego Sanchez 53                        C(0)   Dst(0)   3f b Offlee Wild-Lady Andover (by Dynaformer)
    10     668x8 Eppis Tigress (10) Manny Perez         Filiberto Leon 56                       C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Hold That Tiger-Thunder Eppi (by Thunder Gulch)
    11      4522 Reinas Place (11) Tammy Domenosky      Quincy Hamilton 56                      C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b City Place-Bush Landslide (by Mt. Livermore)
        Expert Picks....        5-Thepower of Belief          2-Eyema Delight                                                    11-Reinas Place
    R6       ALLOWANCE OPTIONAL CLAIMING (SUNLAND PARK R11) $44000 1308m (North America)                                                                                        Starts 10:55am
    1      5174x   Mi Domscat (1) O. Grissom                 Joe Martinez 55.5                  C(0) Dst(0)     4g b Dominique's Cat-Mi Camila (by Southern Halo)

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Meeting 29-American Racing at Various Venues (Saturday 14 Apr)

    2      957x4   Numberoneson (2) Gary Cross            Duane Sterling 55.5           C(0) Dst(0)     4g b Mr. Trieste-Book the Cat (by Tabasco Cat)
    3      24135   Go Emmit Go (3) Dawna Anderson         Miguel Perez 55.5             C(0) Dst(0)     5g b Your Eminence-Verybrightnshiney (by Tactical Advantage)
    4      42212   Gotta Move (4) Weston Martin           Miguel Hernandez 55.5         C(0) Dst(0)     4g gr Ghostly Moves-Great Aviator (by Great Gladiator)
    5     55536    Granny's Will                          Scratched
    6      31334   Admirals Crown (5) Todd Fincher        Ry Eikleberry 55.5            C(0)   Dst(0)   5g b Precocity-Siphilla (by Siphon)
    7      01854   Running Squall (6) Fred Danley         Alfredo Juarez-Jr 55.5        C(0)   Dst(0)   4g ch Squall-Poison Runs Sweet (by Brave Lad)
    8      12x31   Bigtruck El Paso (7) Henry Dominguez   Enrique Gomez 55.5            C(0)   Dst(0)   5e b Istintaj-Evangelic (by Halo)
    9      x101x   Dan the Con Man (8) K Chadborn & J     Ken Tohill 55.5               C(0)   Dst(0)   4g b Con Artist-Nijinsky's Deed (by Mister Baileys)
    10     1132x   Cake and Candy (9) J Gonzalez & J      Alejandro Medellin 55.5       C(0)   Dst(0)   4g ch Super Quercus-My Adorable Lady (by Irish River)
    11     22462   Doms Flash (10) Justin Evans           Macario Rodriguez 55.5        C(0)   Dst(0)   4g ch Dominique's Cat-Miss Berea (by Kyle's Our Man)
        Expert Picks....        6-Admirals Crown            4-Gotta Move                                                 11-Doms Flash
    R7       CLAIMING 1710M (CHARLES TOWN RACE 1) $13100 1710m (Charles Town)                                                                                          Starts 11:15am
    1      65568   Indy Run (1) W Aylor & J               Joseph Schneider 53           C(0)   Dst(0)   9g b A.P. Indy-Shell Ginger (by Woodman)
    2      76465   Bamfer (2) R Butts & J                 Nilo Perez 53                 C(0)   Dst(0)   4g ch Giacomo-Awesome Touch (by Awesome Again)
    3      11805   Rum Diary (3) Tom Foley                Mathew McGowan 54             C(0)   Dst(0)   4g b Personal First-Lucky Slevin (by Two Punch)
    4      47836   Southern Folly (4) John McKee          Alexis Batista 51             C(0)   Dst(0)   4g b Southern Image-Mitchells Folly (by Quiet American)
    5      67527   Keep the Money (5) Olivo Inirio        Sunday Diaz 54                C(0)   Dst(0)   4e b Roar of the Tiger-Keep the Profit (by Darn That Alarm)
    6      71243   Wild Captain Bob (6) Stacey Viands     Clifford Dooley 53            C(0)   Dst(0)   4g b Pretty Wild-Aly's Joyce (by Capote)
    7     25211    Gianablue                              Scratched
    8      44543   Preferred Behavior (7) Jeff Runco      Jose Montano 51               C(0) Dst(0)     5g b Repent-Rahilah (by Silver Hawk)
        Expert Picks....        6-Wild Captain Bob          8-Preferred Behavior                                         3-Rum Diary
    R8       CLAIMING 1609M (PENN NATIONAL RACE 4) $14300 1609m (Pennsylvania)                                                                                         Starts 11:24am
    1      5263x   Triple Star (NZ) (1) John Locke        Anthony Salgado 55.5          C(0) Dst(0)     7m ch Kashani-Stars In Your Eyes (by Waikiki Star)
    2      54887   Full Queen (2) Robert Servideo         Erika Strunk-Micklos 55.5     C(0) Dst(0)     6m ch Full Mandate-Runninonacloud (by Septieme Ciel)
    3     64278    Luna Island                            Scratched
    4      09754   Fortunate Slew (3) Manuel Berrios      Shannon Uske 55.5             C(0)   Dst(0)   8m b Fort Wayne-Appealing Slew (by Valid Appeal)
    5      237x3   Diamond Laur (4) Wayne Bartoni         Andrew Wolfsont 52            C(0)   Dst(0)   10m ch Texas City-Diamond Marquis (by Fobby Forbes)
    6      36695   American Brew (5) Gilberto Rivera      Angel Quinones 55.5           C(0)   Dst(0)   5m b Milwaukee Brew-Belle's Appeal (by Valid Appeal)
    7      5281x   Spidawoman (6) Layne Giliforte         William Otero 55.5            C(0)   Dst(0)   5m b Macho Uno-Chubbs (by Gold Crest)
    8     56735    Kinda Kinda                            Scratched
    9      69744   Diamondsforjean (7) Rafael Castro      Edilberto Rodriguez 55.5      C(0) Dst(0)     5m b Louis Quatorze-Daisys Don't Tell (by Friendly Lover)
    10     77842   Crafty Gem (8) Kimberly Graci          Manuel Chaves 55.5            C(0) Dst(0)     7m ch Crafty Prospector-Fire Opal (by Strawberry Road)
        Expert Picks....        10-Crafty Gem               7-Spidawoman                                                 1-Triple Star (NZ)
    R9       CLAIMING 905M (CHARLES TOWN RACE 2) $13100 905m (Charles Town)                                                                                            Starts 11:46am
    1      32x11   Jagged Cliffs (1) Michael Trombetta    Travis Dunkelberger 55        C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Pomeroy-White Cliffs (by Dover Ridge)
    2      676x6   Sconce (2) Konstantinos Harigeorgiou   Alcibiades Cortez 53          C(0)   Dst(0)   6m b Defrere-Have a Heart (by Wonderloaf)
    3      76714   Empress Bay (3) Richard Morden         Jesus Sanchez 54.5            C(0)   Dst(0)   6m gr Paynes Bay-Herbsapproval (by With Approval)
    4      50x18   Miss Sarah Brown (4) Jeff Runco        Jose Montano 51               C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Mass Media-Peregrine Dove (by Regal Search)
    5     98x89    Solid Lunar                            Scratched
    6     13553    Hey U                                  Scratched
    7      x4800   Eight Gig Nano (5) Timothy Collins     Fredy Peltroche 53            C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Kafwain-Ms. C D Player (by Boca Rio)
    8      66660   C C Alexandra (6) Gerald Burns         Luis Batista 53               C(0)   Dst(0)   4m b Peace Rules-Farah Love (by Wavering Monarch)
    9      41464   Style in Stilettos (7) Scooter Davis   Oswald Pereira 53             C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch Mr. Jester-Buckys Red Ruckus (by Bold Ruckus)
    10     132x1   Nats Saphira (8) Jami Poole            J Acosta 55                   C(0)   Dst(0)   4m ch San Mont Andreas-Andy Z (by Stuka)
        Expert Picks....        1-Jagged Cliffs             10-Nats Saphira                                              9-Style in Stilettos

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