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									Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International           Company              Description: Product/Service         Industry Cluster        Employment
   *                     Bank of America Home Loans           mortgage lender                                        5,400
                                                        corporate headquarters for
   *                                JCPenney                                                                         5,000
                                                      national department store chain
   *           I            HP Enterprise Services     information technology services         Software/IT           4,800
                                                        banking, mortgage and credit       Financial/Insurance
   *           I                 Capital One                                                                         3,500
                                                                 card services                  Services
   *           I                      Dell             information technology services         Software/IT           3,000
                                                      corporate headquarters for snack
   *           I                    Frito-Lay                                                                        2,400
                                                              food manufacturer
   *           I                    Ericsson             telecommunications services      Telecommunications         2,200
                                                      wireline, wireless, and converged   Telecommunications;
               I                Alcatel-Lucent                                                                       1,830
                                                          communications networks              Software/IT
                                                       hospital facility with surgery,
                                                                                          Health, Medical & Bio-
                           Medical Center of Plano      cancer care, neo-natal, and                                  1,500
                                                                wellness care
                                                      corporate headquarters for soft
   *           I          Dr Pepper Snapple Group                                                                    1,250
                                                            drink manufacturer
                                                        hospital with cardiovascular,
                          Texas Health Presbyterian                                       Health, Medical & Bio-
                                                      orthopedic, and women's health                                 1,200
                               Hospital Plano                                                    Science
               I                    Raytheon          defense and aerospace contractor         Electronics           1,125
               I                     AT&T                 wireless communications         Telecommunications         1,100
               I                    PepsiCo                  food and beverage                                       1,100
   *                      CIGNA Healthcare of Texas              insurance                                           1,065
               I                McAfee, Inc.            computer security solutions            Software/IT            960
                                                                                          Health, Medical & Bio-
                              St. Jude Medical
               I                                        electronic pain management               Science;             900
                          Neuromodulation Division

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International             Company                Description: Product/Service          Industry Cluster        Employment
                                                          design & manufacture defense,
               I              Texas Instruments           DLP, semiconductors, controls,                                   900
                                                                  RFID products
                                                               contract electronics                 Electronics;
               I                  Flextronics                                                                              800
                                                              manufacturing services               Manufacturing
                                                                                                   Professional &
                            AEGON Direct Marketing           insurance and pension              Business Services;
               I                                                                                                           750
                                  Services                companies, marketing services         Financial/Insurance
                                                           global supplier of wireless and
   *           I          Huawei Technologies (USA)                                            Telecommunications          650
                                                             wireline network solutions
                                                           telecom service for small and
                           XO Communications, Inc.                                             Telecommunications          625
                                                                 medium businesses
                                                          corporate headquarters for rent-
   *           I              Rent-A-Center, Inc.                                                                          620
                                                              to-own household items
                                                                 wireless phones and
               I         Samsung Telecommunications           communication systems,                                       600
                                                            cellphone refurbishment and          Manufacturing;
                            CVE Technologies Group                                                                         530
                                                           manufacturer warranty repair        Telecommunications
                         Baylor Regional Medical Center   full service hospital with cancer,   Health, Medical & Bio-
                                    at Plano               heart and neurology specialties            Science
               I                    CA, Inc.                  information technology                Software/IT            500
                                                          marketing services for consumer         Professional &
   *                             CROSSMARK                                                                                 500
                                                           package goods and retailers           Business Services
               I                     Intuit                financial/accounting software           Software/IT             500
               I           Tektronix Communications           communications software          Telecommunications          475
                                                          business-to-business it solutions
               I            Insight Enterprises, Inc.                                               Software/IT            450
                                                                    and services
                                                               global headquarters for
   *           I           Pizza Hut of America, Inc.                                                                      450
                                                                  restaurant chain

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International              Company                 Description: Product/Service         Industry Cluster        Employment
                                                               academic healthcare center   Health, Medical & Bio-
                         Children's Medical Center Legacy                                                                   400
                                                              dedicated to serving children        Science
                                                                acquisition, development,
   *                           Denbury Resources                operations of oil and gas           Energy                  400
                                                            document solutions and business    Professional &
               I                  FedEx Office                                                                              400
                                                                          services            Business Services
                           UnitedHealthcare - Student
                                                                student health insurance        Financial/Insurance         400
                                                            online sampling and online data
   *           I         Research Now & e Rewards, Inc.                                           Professional &            360
                                                                                                 Business Services
                                                                 supply chain management,
                                                                                                    Professional &
   *           I                     PFSWeb                   customer call center and sales                                350
                                                                                                  Business Services
                          THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor         full service hospital for heart and Health, Medical & Bio-
                                    Plano                               vascular care                  Science
   *                             ViewPoint Bank              corporate banking headquarters                                 350
                             Dallas Morning News                   newspaper publication                                    345
                          Heartland Payment Systems,         credit and debit card processing
                                                                                                     Software/IT            320
                                      Inc.                                 services
   *                                Beal Bank                corporate banking headquarters                                 300
                                                                  industrial oil collection &
   *                              Safety-Kleen                                                                              300
                                                               industrial waste management
                                                                 software and IT services to
                               Tyler Technologies             governmental and educational           Software/IT            300
                                                              provider of wireless messaging
                                USA Mobility, Inc.                                               Telecommunications         300
                                                                     products, services

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International            Company               Description: Product/Service          Industry Cluster        Employment
                                                          private label, co-brand and        Financial/Insurance;
                         Alliance Data Systems Corp.                                                                     265
                                                        commercial credit card programs          Software/IT
                                                         commercial property insurance        Financial/Insurance
   *           I             FM Global Insurance                                                                         250
                                                               and loss prevention                 Services
                                                           IP multimedia applications,       Telecommunications;
               I                  GENBAND                                                                                250
                                                          signaling and media gateway             Software/IT
                         Marriott Plano Legacy Town
                                                                full service hotel                                       250
   *                          UnitedHealthcare                  health insurance                                         250
                                                            healthcare revenue cycle         Health, Medical & Bio-
                                 MedAssets                                                                               245
                                                                  management                 Science; Software/IT
                               Harley Davidson                                                Financial/Insurance
               I                                               motorcycle finance                                        240
                         Financial/Insurance Services                                               Services
                                                            comprehensive physical           Health, Medical & Bio-
                            Integra Hospital Plano                                                                       240
                                                                rehabilitation                      Science
                                                            engineering and technical
                             Goodman Networks                                                Telecommunications          225
                                                        services for wireless and wireline

                                                                                             Health, Medical & Bio-
                                                        clinical and financial information   Science; Software/IT;
               I                GE Healthcare                                                                            220
                                                                    technology                Financial/Insurance
                                                                                                Professional &
                         Bear Transportation Services        transportation services                                     205
                                                                                               Business Services
                                                                                                Professional &
               I           Altair Global Relocation            relocation services                                       200
                                                                                               Business Services
                                                           corporate headquarters for
   *           I             Cinemark Holdings                                                                           200
                                                             motion picture theaters

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International              Company                 Description: Product/Service          Industry Cluster        Employment
                          Southwest Corporate Federal       corporate headquarters for credit     Financial/Insurance
   *                                                                                                                         200
                                 Credit Union                               union                      Services
                                                               power supplies, research and
   *           I          Lineage Power Holdings, Inc.                                                Electronics            185
                                                            integrated enterprise software for
   *           I                      Retalix                                                         Software/IT            185
                                                                retail/wholesale industries
   *                            Gearbox Software                 video game development              Digital Media           180
                               Regal Research and            contract manufacturer and metal
   *                                                                                                Manufacturing            180
                             Manufacturing Company                       fabrication
               I                Nexen Petroleum                   oil and gas exploration               Energy               165
                                                              manufacture vehicular lighting
   *                         Luminator - Mark IV IDS                                                Manufacturing            160
                              Allied Waste Services            waste disposal and recycling                                  150
                                                              health plan marketing sales &
   *                       AmeriPlan USA Corporation                                               Financial Service         150
                           Blue Cross & Blue Shield of                                            Financial/Insurance
                                                                        insurance                                            150
                                     Texas                                                              Services
               I           Creation Technologies, Inc.      electronic manufacturing service                                 150
                                                              consulting and information
               I            Infosys Technologies, Ltd                                                 Software/IT            150
                                                                    technology services
                                                               title insurance and closing
                              Republic Title of Texas                                                                        150
                                                             product lifecycle management
   *           I             Siemens PLM Software                                                     Software/IT            150
                                                                  software development
                                                              reverse logistics repair/test
   *           I           Telmar Network Technology                                             Telecommunications          150
                                                            support for the telecom industry
   *                               Adams Golf               manufacturer of golf equipment          Manufacturing            145
   *           I                    Cadbury                   confection and snack foods                                     140
                         HealthSouth Plano Rehabilitation   diagnostic imaging, outpatient       Health, Medical & Bio-
                                    Hospital                   surgery and rehabilitation               Science

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International             Company               Description: Product/Service         Industry Cluster        Employment
                                                           licensed specialty hospital for
                            Texas Health Center for                                          Health, Medical & Bio-
                                                              surgical care and imaging                                  135
                          Diagnostics & Surgery Plano                                               Science
                                Credit Answers                credit collections services Financial/Insurance            130
                                                                                             Professional &
                                 SHW Group, LLP              architectural design firm                                   130
                                                                                           Business Services
   *                            LegacyTexas Bank        corporate headquarters for bank                                  125
                          North Texas Tollway Authority                                      Professional &
                                                                   transportation                                        125
                                     (NTTA)                                                Business Services
                                                                                             Professional &
               I                   ReachLocal               advertising and marketing                                    125
                                                                                           Business Services
                                                        contract manufacturer of custom     Manufacturing;
                           Rosenberger CDS Datacom                                                                       125
                                                                cables for telecom        Telecommunications
                                                                                             Professional &
                                   SWJ-Dallas               advertising and marketing                                    125
                                                                                           Business Services
                                                        telecom networks manufacturing      Manufacturing;
               I                      Telect                                                                             125
                                                                   and assembly           Telecommunications
                          Dallas Diagnostic Association                                  Health, Medical & Bio-
                                                            medical diagnostic center                                    120
                                     (DDA)                                                      Science
                                                        design and manufacture business
   *                                   ESI                                                Telecommunications             120
                                                                telephone systems
                                                                                             Professional &
   *                     Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP certified public accounting firm                                 120
                                                                                           Business Services
                                                         corporate headquarters for carpet
   *                              Rug Doctor                                                                             120
                                                          cleaning products and machines
   *                      Star Community Newspaper            newspaper publication                                      120
                                                                                            Health, Medical & Bio-
                              Legacy Heart Center        specialists in cardiovascular care                              115
                                                             REO asset management,
                         Mortgage Contracting Services   inspections for financial services                              115

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International            Company                Description: Product/Service        Industry Cluster        Employment
                                Ambit Energy                   retail energy provider              Energy               110
   *                          Cookies By Design              specialty food production         Food processing          110
                                                          develop and supports servers,
                          NEI (Network Engines, Inc.)     software and circuit boards for                               110
                                                            advertising and marketing           Professional &
                                    Publicis                                                                            110
                                                                       services               Business Services
   *           I               Stewart Systems            producer of baking equipment          Manufacturing           110
   *                         WR Starkey Mortgage                 mortgage lender                                        110
                          HNTB Architects Engineers                                             Professional &
                                                               engineering services                                     105
                                  Planners                                                    Business Services
                                                          enterprise electronic payment
               I              ACI Worldwide, Inc.                                                Software/IT            100
                                                          advanced information systems
                              Activant Solutions                                            Professional/Business       100
                         Applied Concepts, dba Stalker   provider of speed measurement           Electronics;
   *                                                                                                                    100
                                    Radar                          technology                   Manufacturing
                                                            telecommunications database
                               Axcent Networks                                              Telecommunications          100
                            CMA (RTI Community              commercial and residential         Professional &
   *                                                                                                                    100
                           Management Associates)        community management services        Business Services
               I         Forex Capital Markets (FXCM)       financial currency trading                                  100
   *                           Insight for Living            mission based programs                                     100
                                                         corporate headquarters for long    Health, Medical & Bio-
   *                     LifeCare Management Services                                                                   100
                                                            term acute care hospitals              Science
               I             Muratec America, Inc.       office equipment manufacturer         Manufacturing            100
                                                           manufacturer of corrugated
                                      PCA                                                      Manufacturing            100
                           Precision Technology, Inc.         contract manufacturing           Manufacturing            100

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International            Company                Description: Product/Service           Industry Cluster     Employment
                         Value Added Communications      call technology for the corrections
   *                                                                                           Telecommunications       100
                                    (VAC)                               industry
                                                         enterprise software, applications,
                              BMC Software, Inc.              databases, and IT process           Software/IT            90
                                 Cirro Energy                   retail energy provider              Energy               90
   *                           DataStarUSA Inc.              global networking solutions          Software/IT            90
                                                          headquarters for semiconductor          Electronics;
   *           I                    Diodes                                                                               90
                                                                    manufacturing                Manufacturing
                                                            oracle solutions and custom
                                   Keste LLC                                                      Software/IT            90
                                                               application development
                                                          circuit board assembly/contract         Electronics;
   *                            SVTronics Inc.                                                                           90
                                                                   manufacturing                 Manufacturing
                                                                                                 Professional &
   *                            Wyndham Jade               corporate travel management                                   90
                                                                                                Business Services
                                                         corporate headquarters for single
   *                           Highland Homes                                                                            85
                                                                 family homebuilder
                                                         call center signage and software
   *           I            Symon Communications                  for electronic data                                    85
                                                              division headquarters for
   *                     Armstrong Wood Products, Inc.     manufacturer of flooring and          Manufacturing           80
                                                                   cabinet products
   *           I                AspireHR, Inc.                 sap hr data processing             Software/IT            80
                                Atmos Energy                      natural gas utility               Energy               80
                                                               commercial real estate
   *                           Granite Properties                                                                        80
                                                          development and management
                                                             auto identification & data
                                Informatics Ltd.                                                   Electronics           80
                                                                 collection products
                                                             technology, software and
   *           I           Invensys Process Systems        consulting for energy control       Energy; Software/IT       80

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International             Company                Description: Product/Service            Industry Cluster        Employment
                                                               physiotherapy, health             Health, Medical & Bio-
                             MATRIX Rehabilitation                                                                            80
                                                                    practitioners                       Science
                                                            automated solutions and bar
                             System ID Warehouse                                                      Electronics             80
                                                                 coding equipment
                                                             corporate headquarters for          Health, Medical & Bio-
   *                            U.S. Renal Care                                                                               80
                                                             outpatient dialysis centers                Science
                                                            producer of live motivational           Professional &
                                Women of Faith                                                                                80
                                                           events and published resources          Business Services
                                                          insurance, lending and marketing
                              Allied Solutions, LLC                                               Financial/Insurance         75
                                                           products for financial institutions
                                                           environmental and engineering            Professional &
   *                              Geo-Marine                                                                                  75
                                                                     services                     Business Services
                            Optical Cabling Systems             fiber optic assemblies                                        75
   *           I             Prodea Systems, Inc.           solutions for the digital home           Software/IT              75
   *                           Smith System, Inc          manufacturer of school furniture          Manufacturing             75
                                                             tax and appraisal software
   *                         True Automation, Inc.                                                    Software/IT             75
                           Furniture Marketing Group                                                 Professional &
                                                            furniture merchant wholesale                                      70
                                     (FMG)                                                         Business Services
                            Hallmark Insurance Co.                    insurance                                               70
                                                                contract circuit board                Electronics;
   *                          Morgan Newton Co.                                                                               70
                                                                    manufacturer                     Manufacturing
                                                                                                     Professional &
                                                           software development and call
                                  OnviSource                                                      Business Services;          70
                                                                  center services
                                                             corporate headquarters for
   *                     Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers                                                                       70
                                                                  restaurant chain

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International            Company                Description: Product/Service           Industry Cluster     Employment
                                                           document management and
                                                                                                 Professional &
                           Ricoh Business Solutions          provider of digital office                                  70
                                                                                                Business Services
                            TAOS (Texas Advanced            manufacturer of integrated
   *           I                                                                                   Electronics           70
                           Optoelectronic Solutions)         optoelectronic products
                                                           manufacturer of polyethylene
               I               Performance Pipe                                                      Energy              65
                                                              pipe from oil products
   *                            DataMatic Ltd.              meter reading services for                                   60
   *           I         Glencoe Group Services, Inc.          commercial insurance                                      60
   *           I             Layered Technologies          internet web-hosting solutions          Software/IT           60
                                                             design and manufacture RF
                              Zoran Corporation          integrated circuits and subsystem                               60
                         Natural Polymer International
   *                                                        maker of edible pet treats            Manufacturing          60
                                  Corp (NPIC)
                              Nexa Technologies             online brokerage software          Financial/Insurance       60
                          Southern Star Distributors        wholesale food distribution                                  60
                                                         semiconductors and software for
   *           I                    SyChip                                                         Electronics           60
                                                              wireless mobile market
                                                         video and audio communications
                             Viewcast Corporation         products for network types and       Telecommunications        60
                           Applied Optical Systems             fiber optic assemblies                                    55
                                                         testing & certification of products
               I                    Intertek                                                       Electronics           55
                                                                    & equipment
                                                         supply chain management, metal          Professional &
                                    Quadrem                                                                              55
                                                                         ores                   Business Services

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International            Company               Description: Product/Service         Industry Cluster     Employment
                                                        explore, develop and operate oil
   *                       Texakoma Operating, LP                                                 Energy              55
                                                                 and gas assets
                                                           electronic component and
                            Arrow Electronics, Inc.                                             Electronics           50
                                                         enterprise computing solutions
                                                         electronic design automation           Electronics;
               I         Cadence Design Systems, Inc.                                                                 50
                                                        software and hardware services          Software/IT
                                Delcom Group                    systems integrator              Software/IT           50
                                   Fonality                  business phone systems         Telecommunications        50
                                                        strategic marketing and business       Professional &
               I         Fusion Performance Marketing                                                                 50
                                                                    consulting               Business Services
                          GE Equipment Services Rail     communications networking for          Electronics;
                                  Services                    transportation industry       Telecommunications
                                                          creative services for consumer       Professional &
                                Group360, Inc.                                                                        50
                                                                 brand companies             Business Services
   *                                 I2R                   manufacturing automation                                   50
                                                        corporate headquarters for credit   Financial/Insurance
   *                         InTouch Credit Union                                                                     50
                                                                      union                       Services
                                                         design and build modular clean        Professional &
               I                M+W Zander                                                                            50
                                                                      rooms                  Business Services
                                                         telephone, video and software
   *           I           Masergy Communications                                           Telecommunications        50
                                                              applications and data
                           McDowell Label & Screen
   *                                                          labels and packaging            Manufacturing           50
                             Minarik Corporation        automation and control systems          Electronics           50
                                                         data management and storage          Professional &
                                  Plano Data                                                                          50
                                                            for oil & gas and medical        Business Services
                                                        communications networking and
   *                          TelStrat Inc. (TSI)                                           Telecommunications        50

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Leading Employers - Plano, TX USA
 HQ or
         International                          Company           Description: Product/Service       Industry Cluster   Employment
                                                         Government/School District
                                   Plano Independent School       school district serving 54,000
                                             District                        students
                                                                   municipal services for over
                                          City of Plano                                                                   2,790
                                                                   250,000 residents of Plano
                                          Collin College                community college                                 1,250
                                                                 services for residents of Collin
                                Collin County Government Office                                                             90
                                                                 assist the eastern district court
                                        U.S. District Court          with matters of federal                                30
Sources: PEDB, Collin County Book of Business

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