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									 LOCAL 1010
4th Qtr. 2007                                 East Chicago, Indiana                     Volume 18; No. 4

           USW To Become Global Union
                  To Deal With
               Global Companies

Local 1010 President Tom Hargrove presents a voluntary strike fund donation to        Photo: Ray Jackson
Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, exiled leader of Mexico's Miners and Metalworkers Union,
at a September 16 ArcelorMittal World meeting in Montreal.                         Story on Back Page
Page 2                                                                                                                            4th Qtr. 2007

                                 UNION SAFETY COMMITTEE REPORT

                                                                         Safety Committee                     in conflict with supervision or a
                                                                           398-3100 x120 or 121               worker that just doesn’t get it.
                                                                           safety@uswa1010.org                It is not always easy trying to
                                                                         Ivan Agosto - Chairman               educate or re-instruct someone
                                                                                397-6934                      on a safety issue when they do
                                                                             Cell: 712-5631                   not want to hear it.
                                                                      Nick Valle - Vice Chairman              Whenever a Safety Advocate
                                                                            (708) 891-2272                    approaches someone doing
                                                                            Cell: 808-5377                    something unsafe, a common
                                                                         John Gelon - Secretary               reply from the worker may be
                                                                               690-1523                       “This is how I have always done
                                                                             Cell: 406-4190                   it.” Or “If I did that, do you know
                                                                      Don Jones - Safety Coordinator          how long it would take?”
                                                                               838-4210                       When it comes to your safety,
 From left: John Gelon, Nick Valle, Don Jones, Ivan Agosto                  Cell: 712-5610                    we need to do whatever is nec-
                                                                                                              essary and take the time to do
A huge congratulations needs to go out to        ployees about what is needed to continue          things safely. Make the job safe or don’t
all employees of #5 & #6 Blast Furnace,          this improvement in Safety or if any prob-        do it!!! That is why our Safety Advocates
Union and management alike for the great         lems exist that they can assist in! Manage-       are in place, to assist you in making the
improvement in their Safety performance.         ment here actually walks the walk instead         jobs safer, even though their help is not
Their huge improvement has been the re-          of just talking about it.                         always accepted.
sult of hard work by the Union reps, Area                                                          Every month the Safety Advocates meet
                                                 When management makes this kind of com-
and Departmental Safety committees, the                                                            for training and sharing of information and
                                                 mitment to safety and also makes efforts to
employees that work there and a change in                                                          to work as resources for each other. They
                                                 ensure that all the facilities, like restrooms,
management that is dedicated to the cause.
                                                 lunchrooms, etc. are proper, huge rewards         discuss safety issues that may have been
Not only has their Safety performance im-
                                                 are the result.                                   encountered in their area and ideas on how
proved, but also when these employees
                                                                                                   to address these issues.
come to the Safety Awareness training their      Congratulations to everyone again for this
overall attitude and positive comments is        excellent performance so far this year. Your      The most important aspect of a Safety
incredible. They speak highly of the de-         department should be used as a model of           Advocate’s duties is to provide a visible
partment and their new manager’s commit-         success for several other departments to          presence on the shop floor so they can be
ment to Safety! They discuss this improve-       improve safety for the benefit of everyone.       available when needed. They are also in-
ment and state that the difference has been                                                        volved in many other aspects to improve
                                                 Keep up the good work!
the new manager’s commitment.                                                                      safety in their departments such as con-
Imagine that!                                    We now have Safety Advocates working              ducting safety audits, assisting in lockouts,
                                                 in all departments. These Advocates are a         addressing PPE issues, walk work surface
Accident rates have also improved dramati-       resource to all of us, to assist in address-      inspections, performing confined space
cally. In the last two years combined (2006      ing safety issues or problems that routinely      tests, fall protection problems, Safety meet-
& 2007) they have had 55 accidents and 10        occur on the job.                                 ing involvement, help in documenting and
lost workday cases. As of October 5th of
                                                 These Safety Advocates are our Union              correcting unsafe conditions and provide
this year they have had 10 accidents and
                                                 brothers and sisters that have taken the          Safety training. In addition, there are many
two lost workday cases. That’s quit a turn
                                                 extra burden of doing whatever may be nec-        other responsibilities for a Safety Advo-
                                                 essary to improve safety in the workplace.        cate, such as assisting in accident investi-
Many of the comments about the overall                                                             gations to help determine the cause and
improvement in these areas of the Blast          Safety Advocates can only be assigned or
                                                 replaced under the direction of Local 1010        help prevent a reoccurrence in the future.
Furnace began when they got a new man-
ager that is dedicated to improving work-        President Tom Hargrove.                           When you see or deal with your Safety
ing conditions and Safety. When unsafe           The Safety Advocates need your support.           Advocate, remember that they are put into
conditions get identified, they get taken        When they are on the floor trying to ad-          this position to help provide a safer work-
care of. Housekeeping has improved and           dress a problem or issue, keep in mind that       place and help eliminate accidents!
any safety items that are needed are pro-        they are working to improve our safety.           Take the time to let your Safety Advocate
vided.                                           Sometimes this assignment is what many            know that you appreciate their efforts. A
The manager there actually talks to the em-      have termed a thankless job. They may be          little thanks and respect go a long way!
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                                       Safety Advocates
NAME                    DEPARTMENT              PHONE      EMAIL
Dave Hudson             Plt.2 Blast Furnaces    1815       Dave.Hudson@arcelormittal.com
Ken Churilla            No.7 Blast Furnace      1806       Kenneth.Churilla@arcelormittal.com
Edward R. Covarrubias   # 2 BOF                 3797       Edward.Covarrubias@arcelormittal.com
Robert Kesler           # 2 BOF                 4953       Robert.Kesler@arcelormittal.com
Tim Kruchowski          80" Hot Strip           6608       Timothy.Kruchowski@arcelormittal.com
Marlon Strong           80" Hot Strip           6608       Marlon.Strong@arcelormittal.com
Gail Richardson         # 3 Cold Strip          5021       Gail.Richardson@arcelormittal.com
Kevin Lawrence          # 3 Cold Strip          5798       Kevin.Lawrence@arcelormittal.com
Martin Bridgeman        Cleaning Services       6173       Martin.Bridgeman@arcelormittal.com
Rodney Dobbins          Field Forces            7790       Rodney.Dobbins@arcelormittal.com
Ernest Gutierrez        Field Forces            4450       Ernesto.Gutierrez@arcelormittal.com
Dave Horn               Field Forces            7343       David.Horn@arcelormittal.com
Joseph Sarwacinski      Field Forces            2236       Joseph.Sarwacinski@arcelormittal.com
Steve Warner            P.A.E.T.                2129       Steve.Warner@arcelormittal.com
Ed Krzyston             Masons                  2596       Edward.Krzyston@arcelormittal.com
Dave Butler             Machine Shop            2397       David.Butler@arcelormittal.com
Joseph Duran            Machine Shop            1228           -----------------------------------
Jay Salinas             Fab/Reclaim             3482       Jovita.Salinas@arcelormittal.com
Scott DeLauro           MHS                     4463       Scott.Delauro@arcelormittal.com
George Dodd             Electric Shop           2378       George.Dodd@arcelormittal.com
Rafael Colon            Utilities               5141       Rafael.ColonJr@arcelormittal.com
Lawrence Person         HEAT/Pugh Repair        3521       Lawrence.Person@arcelormittal.com
Raul Martinez           Rail Ops                3373       Raul.Martinez@arcelormittal.com
Donna Parker            12" Mill                1412       Donna.Parker@arcelormittal.com
Ron Kaszak              12” Mill                1412           -----------------------------------
Dan Mosley              Electric Furnace        3864       Dan.Mosley@arcelormittal.com
Russ Govert             O&T                     6174       Russ.Govert@arcelormittal.com
Don Clinton             Lime Plant              5757       Don.Clinton@arcelormittal.com
John Walker             #4 BOF                  8326       John.Walker@arcelormittal.com
Jim Spasoff             #4 BOF                  2388       Bof4safetyfirst@arcelormittal.com
Marvin Strong           #4 BOF                  5743       Bof4safetyfirst@arcelormittal.com
Charlie Johnson         Meu / Pugh Ladle        4422       Charles.Johnson2@arcelormittal.com
Reyes Rodriguez         IHCC                    378-3902   RRODRIGUEZ@sunocoinc.com

                 Make the Job Safe,
                 or DON’T DO IT!!!
Page 4                                                                                                        4th Qtr. 2007

                Training Committee Report                                          Continued from page 8
         by Luis Aguilar, Dorine Godinez & Steve Wagner                            Here are some questions for you:
                                                                                   1. When was the last time you went
                                                                                   without a drink for a week?
                                                                                   2. When was the last time you hugged
                                                                                   and kissed your wife without alcohol
                                                                                   on your breath?
                                                                                   3. When was the last time you went on
                                                                                   a vacation?
                                                                                   4. When was the last time you went to
                                                                                   school functions for your children?
Our team started in October of 2005. We have had several management changes        5. When was the last time you didn’t
                                                                                   have to take money out of the bank or
on our team. Since initiation union members are: Luis Aguilar – Welder, Steve
                                                                                   credit union to pay for your alcohol?
Wagner – Mechanic and Dorine Godinez – Electrical.
                                                                                   I have been a recovering alcoholic for
Classes that are available:                                                        33 years, but I am no different than a
Operation Maintenance Assist – 40 HRS. We have had over 860 Opportu-               person who has been dry or without
nities for training in OMA. However, our actual number trained is 680 employ-      alcohol for 3 months. I am one drink
ees.                                                                               away from being drunk.
In our Mobile Equipment Area: Forklift Training is an 8 hour course. We            There was a man who had not had a
have had 295 opportunities and only 218 of employees have been trained.            drink in 45 years and lost his wife.
                                                                                   Within one week he was back to drink-
RC Crane 40 HRS. We’ve had 58 opportunities and 58 people trained.
                                                                                   ing a fifth a day. Doctors cannot fig-
RC Crane Maintenance 16 HRS. There have been 13 opportunities and nine             ure out why a person can be alcohol
workers were trained.                                                              free for years, then he takes a drink
Crane Cab 40 HRS. 16 Opportunities were available and only 11 employees            and is back to the point where he left
were sent to training.                                                             off and it gets worse. This is why I
Pendent Crane 16 HRS. Training there were four opportunities and only two          say alcohol is the most powerful drug
employees were trained.                                                            in the world.
                                                                                   I used to be able to go to the mill to
MTM classes: Hydraulics had 120 training slots available however, only 84
                                                                                   speak with the employees about alco-
workers were sent to training.                                                     hol and drugs. I spoke to the union
Power Transmissions had 40 slots available and 32 were trained.                    people and salaried people usually dur-
Laser Alignment had 48 Opportunities for training and 43 employees were trained.   ing their safety meetings. I am willing
                                                                                   to do this again!!
Welding Classes: 6G Qualified, CO2 Qualified, Tig and Tack. All the welding
classes have been full.                                                            Alcohol cost me my first marriage, rais-
                                                                                   ing my 4 children, 80% of my liver, be-
MTE classes: Arc Flash, Introduction to Process Automation, DC Crane               ing in jails, have a low platelet count,
Controls, Introduction Alternating Current, Cutler Hammer Brakes, Westinghouse     aging my parents, losing a lot of money,
Brakes and Square D Brakes. Electrical Classes have been running consistently.     and being in debt up to my neck!
Usually there is good attendance however, all of the classes have not been full.   I work with the Union Members As-
We have had over 400 employees trained in Arc Flash.                               sistance Committee. You can call Dave
                                                                                   Lomellin at 397-9002, Paul Johnson
Next year we plan to have more Equipment Training Opportunities including          at 219-364-1284, or the Union Hall at
Mobile Crane and Additional Crane Training.                                        398-3100. Dave or Paul is there ev-
                                                                                   ery Thursday.
In electrical we plan to roll out three new classes. Breaker Maintenance, Week
Long AC Course and A week long Process Automation Course.                          I know what living in hell is like. You
                                                                                   can reach me at 924-2294 or 742-
We are attempting to get the release of our Mobile Crane Operator so that we       3269. The call might very well save
may feel the plant wide training need.                                             your job, life, or marriage.
Steelworker                                                                                                                    Page 5

                            Record Number of Women at Conference
                                               Forging ahead, we came to a                 and many of the toys were in fact not
                                               universal understanding, that as            at risk of danger to children. Li
                Rosa Maria Rodriguez women we are producers at                             Changjiang, China’s head of product
                Financial Secretary            home, at work and in our world.             safety was displeased with the infor-
                                               We know that historically we                mation and replied, “You cannot recall
                                               have contributed much to the                10,000 products just because one is
                                               world. It is with our presence              substandard.” This is unacceptable.
                                               that we, as a civilization, have            Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker,
From August 22-27 2007, our sisters in sustained our existence. Sally Field,               recalled 21 million products in 5 sepa-
Toronto, Canada, hosted the third      who was bleeped out when giving her                 rate recalls in recent months. But don’t
Women of Steel Conference. We          speech after receiving her 2007 Acad-               be too surprise when they do take the
made history that week with over       emy Award said, “If women (mothers)                 lead out of the toys and hike up the
1,000 participants.                    were leaders there would be no wars!”               prices or maybe they’ll put the toys on
                                                                                           a great sale especially around Christ-
Like all conferences, the agenda was         All right fellas, this is not male bashing.   mas time. One way or the other we
full of speeches and workshops but           It is just a reflection of our celebration    the consumer, pay for corporate greed!
there was something different in the air.    to our contributions.
There was an enlightened moment that                                                       The Women of Steel are spearheading
                                             During the conference, USW Interna-           the campaign “Get the Lead Out” by
electrified those in attendance. We felt     tional President Leo W. Gerard intro-
it as women from different parts of the                                                    providing information and kits to test
                                             duced us to a common thread that              for lead. This poison is in many prod-
world came to discuss the workplace;         would knit us together and address an
we brought issues in hand, and recog-                                                      ucts that have been imported. Right
                                             issue that affects all people. LEAD.          now we need to inspect the products
nized that as a human race we all suf-       Not, “ I will lead you” but GET THE
fer same injustice. We had so much in                                                      that are in our homes, workplace,
                                             LEAD OUT! Lead is the poison that             schools, etc. We need to take respon-
common. It was enlightening listening
                                             is being reintroduced in many of the          sibility to inform the public to get rid of
to the International Panel of Women
                                             products we import. We saw first hand         the things laced with lead. We might
speak on the issues that were impor-
                                             how lead was found in a child’s’ lunch        be unknowingly exposing ourselves, our
tant to them. Statistics show that some
                                             box and a baby bib bought at Wal-Mart.        children, and our future to lead poison-
women are not equally paid as her coun-
                                             I must share that the baby bib shown          ing. As we speak, women all over are
terpart and like many of us, women are
                                             was exactly like the one my daughter          taking a stand to educate the public and
not given the respect or
                                             bought and put on her one-month-old           starting up programs to combat this di-
acknowledgement of their contributions
                                             nephew a week earlier. I called my            lemma. This is not a women issue this
in the workplace. There is still a glass
ceiling and a step is still missing in the   husband right away and told him to            is a human being issue. The “GET
ladder to the top when it comes to           warn my family. Mr. Gerard, during a          THE LEAD OUT” campaign started
women. We listened to the unfairness         get together also shared, when his chil-      as a press release in Canada and on
come to light every time a woman             dren were growing up he was very              Thursday September 27, 2007, Mr.
spoke on the issues in the country she       careful to purchase only American and         Gerard took hundreds of letters to
represented.                                 Canadian made products but now he             Washington to initiate the government
                                             fears his grandson might have been            to impose the laws that were created
Juanita from Mexico talked about the         exposed to lead and is being tested for       to protect us from contaminated prod-
hundreds of young women missing and          Attention Deficit Disorder. You see           ucts from entering our country.
murdered commuting back and forth to         lead poisoning has brain-damaging re-
the Mecadoras. Maria from Chile                                                            The Local 1010 Women of Steel have
                                             sults.                                        taken the initiative to do their part in
spoke of the machismo in the workplace
and at home that holds a women hos-          On September 21, 2007, Mattel execu-          this fight to save our children from the
tage from moving forward profession-         tive vice president Thomas Debrowski          exposure of products with lead that has
ally and economically. Many spoke            went to China and took full responsibil-      filtered into our country and homes. As
about the blatant manner in which both       ity for the design flaw of harmful lead       you are reading this, do you know of a
country leaders and corporations keep        tainted toys. China manufactures are          child right now playing with a toy or
unsafe work conditions and continue          not to blame, the design the toys were        opening up their lunch box, a child be-
imposing tactics to gain their huge prof-    given to China was by the Mattel Toy          ing fed using a lead laced bib, a baby
its by scarifying human being as a com-      Corporation. Mattel also said that it         who is teething and biting a…. that was
modity. As we listened we recognized.        was “overly inclusive” with its recalls,      imported?
Page 6                                                                                                            4th Qtr. 2007

                                                  Area 4 Report
                  Article 3 Section C of our contract has very strong language protecting our rights to a safe workplace.
                 1. If an Employee, acting in good faith and on the basis of objective evidence, believes that there exists an
                 unsafe or unhealthful condition beyond the normal hazards inherent in the operation (Unsafe Condition),
                 s/he shall notify his/her immediate supervisor. The Employee and the supervisor will make every attempt
  Joe Piller to resolve the condition in the interest of safety. Thereafter, s/he has the right, subject to reasonable steps
   Griever       for protecting other Employees and equipment, to be believed from duty on that job and to return to that
                 job only when the Unsafe Condition has been remedied. The Company may assign the Employee to
other available work in the plant, consistent with this Agreement and without displacing another Employee.
2. If the Company disputes the existence of the allegedly Unsafe Condition, the Grievance Chair and the Plant General
Manager or their designs will immediately investigate and determine whether it exists.
3. If after investigation it is determined that the condition existed, the Employee will be made whole for any lost time in
connection with the condition. If after that investigation the Company does not agree that an Unsafe Condition exists, the
Union has the right to present a grievance in writing to the appropriate Company representative and thereafter the Em-
ployee shall continue to be relieved from duty on the job. The grievance will be presented without delay directly to an
arbitrator, who will determine whether the Employee acted in good faith in leaving the job and whether the Unsafe Condi-
tion was in fact present.
4. No employee who in good faith exercises his/her rights under this Section will be disciplined.
5. If an arbitrator determines that an Unsafe Condition within the meaning of this Section exists, s/he shall order that the
condition be corrected and that the correction occur before the Employee returns to work on the job in question and the
Employee shall be make whole for any lost earnings.
If the job is unsafe, demand that it be made safe.
SAFETY ADVOCATES                           UNION REPS
Don Clinton                                Joe Piller                                 Dave Lomellin
x 5757                                     Pager: 219-752-0020                        Shop: x1901
Jim Spasoff                                Shop: x1901                                Pager: 752-0012
x 2388                                     Home: 708-478-1629                         Cell: 805-0902
                                           Hall: 398-3100 x134                        Fabian Martinez
Marvin Strong
x 5743                                     Ernest Mosley                              Shop: x5828
                                           Shop: x2356                                Ruben Velez
John Walker
x 8326                                     Home: 980 0294                             Shop x1262

                        Attend Your Union Meetings!
                                      1st Thursday of Each Month
                                       It’s YOUR Union!
Steelworker                                                                                                               Page 7

                                            Longevity Has Its Place

                                                   as long as people in 41 of other     One must ask him/herself what is
                   Darrell Reed                    countries. As other countries        wrong with this picture? The greatest
                                                   improve their populations’           and richest country on the planet can’t
                   Vice Chairman,                  healthcare, nutrition, and           keep up to speed with these other coun-
                   Grievance Committee             lifestyles, the United States has    tries in regard to health care? WE
                                                   been falling behind in interna-      SHOULD BE LEADING NOT
                                                   tional ranking of life expectancy.   FALLING BEHIND!! Inherently, we
On August 25, 2007, over 3,000 of our       A child born in the US in 2004, will live   all want to live long lives. Longevity
members, including yours truly, attended    an average of 77.9 years, with proper       has its place. However, without
the 25 year picnic. Of that number,         health care provided. That life expect-     healthcare benefits associated with a
                                            ancy ranks 42nd, down from 11th two         National Healthcare Program, longev-
over 2,000 were retirees, whom I must
                                            decades earlier, according to data from     ity will be unattainable. Researchers
say are aging gracefully. And you ask
                                            the census bureau and the National
what is the root cause of longevity?                                                    have determined a multiplicity of nega-
                                            Center for Health statistics. Sad to say
Well, we know that as people of faith,                                                  tive contributing factors that have lead
                                            that a black American’s life expectancy
everything comes from God and we                                                        to America’s decline associated with
                                            in less. A black male born in 2004 is
surely want to thank Him on behalf of       expected to live 69.5 years, while a        the life expectancy numbers.
the retirees and active workers for our     black female is expected to live 76.3,      The most controlling factor of all, 47
health care provisions!                     according to the census data.               million Americans have absolutely no
As 2008 rapidly approaches, there are       Countries that surpass the USA include      health care insurance. Other factors
two significant events on the calendar      Japan, and most of Europe, as well as       include obesity, racial disparities and
that could have monumental conse-           Jordan, Guam and the Cayman Islands.        relatively high infant mortality rates.
quences on our active and retired mem-
bers. They are the contract negotia-                  Human life expectancy in the USA is 77.9 years of age.
tions beginning January 2008 (contract
termination date is Sept. 1, 2008), and                   LONGEST                                    SHORTEST
the Presidential election in November       COUNTRY                            AGE      COUNRY                            AGE
2008. It has been my experience since
my1991 involvement on negotiations          ANDORRA                            83.5     SWAZILAND                         34.1
that each negotiation stands on its own     JAPAN                              82.0     ZAMBIA                            36.6
meaning for the most part, always hav-      MACAU                              82.0     ANGOLA                            36.7
ing different issues, and most impor-       SAN MARINO                         81.5     LIBERIA                           38.1
tantly different personnel doing the ne-    HONG KONG                          81.4     ZIMBABWE                          39.0
gotiations. However, health care has        FRANCE                             80.4     LESOTHO                           39.5
always remained a constant difficult        AUSTRALIA                          80.3     SIERRA-LEONE                      39.7
task of discussion, and 2008 won’t be       SWEDEN                             80.3     MALAWI                            40.9
any different.                              SWITZERLAND                        80.3     MOZAMBIQUE                        41.4
As for the soon to be newly elected
democratic president, whoever it may
be, he/she, black/white, they must hold       QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Exodus 20:12
true to all of their platform promises.       Honor your Father and Mother then you will live a long,
One of which is paramount, National
Healthcare for the richest country on         full life in the land the Lord your God will give you.
this earth. I personally believe there is
a direct correlation between “Life’s
expectancy and Healthcare benefits”.
At press time, Americans are living            DON’T FORGET TO VOTE NOVEMBR 6TH 2007!
longer than ever before. However, not
Page 8                                                                                                               4th Qtr. 2007

Insurance & Pensions Report                             You can also get any forms       in case a problem occurs. Basically,
                                                        you need from this site. We      the EOB defines the how’s and why’s
by Fidel Azcona & Jerry Strauch                         have new directories for         of the claim paying process, and will
                                                        network Dr.s and Facilities      be needed if there is a dispute with the
                                                        at the Union Hall.               provider, the insurance carrier or both.
                                                        You can also save money          EOBs detail the date of service, the
                                                        by using the mail in pre-        provider, billed charges, discounts,
                                                        scription service. We have       deductibles, and co-pays, the amount
                                                        the forms at the hall and will   paid by Mittal and the amount you are
                                                        answer any questions you         responsible for. The EOB is your
Shortly we will be heading into a new       have on this service. If your spouse is      documentation of proof if a problem
year. The benefit reps, Fidel and Jerry     working and paying for their own in-         occurs. We recommend you save the
would like to wish everyone an early        surance, you can fill out a spousal re-      EOB along with the bill for at least five
Merry Christmas and a Happy and             imbursement form and receive all mon-        years. Remember, if you go out under
Healthy New Year.                           ies paid minus $120.00 per year. Re-         a sickness or an outside accident it is
                                            member, if you have children in col-         your responsibility to pick up the Sick-
We would like to start the New Year                                                      ness & Accident form and return it to
out by trying to save you some money.       lege you must fill out a student form
                                            EVERY SEMESTER to keep them                  the guard at the west annex. You fill
ALWAYS use an in-network Dr. or                                                          out the top half and the Dr. or hospital
facility. If you don’t, you will be bal-    enrolled in the Insurance program.
                                            They must be a full time student with        fills out the bottom half. You have
anced billed. This means the out of                                                      twenty-one days to return it. If you
network Dr. will bill you for the differ-   at least 12 credit Hours.
                                                                                         don’t do this you will not be paid.
ence of the cost of the contracted          Value Options continues to be our pro-
amount. If you are not sure if a Dr. is     vider for mental health and substance        As always, if you have any questions
in-network you can call Fiserv at 800-      abuse services. You also need to save        on your benefits or pensions, give us a
654-6208, or go online to                   your Explanation Of Benefits (EOB).          call at 219-398-3100 ext117 or stop
www.uswa1010.org click on Web               The EOBs that come from Fiserv and           by the Union Hall - 3703 Euclid Ave.,
Links on the top and follow the             Value Options after a claim is filed are     East Chicago, IN 46312.
prompts to benefits, then to site index.    very important. You need to save them

The Power of Alcohol                        games in December and January.               getting out of your system as quickly. I
                                            It is difficult going anywhere during        should know because 80% of my liver
           by Don Lutes                     these events without alcohol being           is gone with cirrhosis and I didn’t even
                                                                                         know it. Also, the alcohol was not get-
              Retiree                       present. I hope that all the people on
                                            Last Chance agreements who think             ting out of my system like it should.
For years, close to the month of De-        they can drink and beat the agreement        A good sign you might have liver prob-
cember, I have been writing articles        read this article.                           lems is that you used to drink many
about alcohol.                              We had a person on a Last Chance             beers and hard alcohol; now you have
Did you know that half of the pack-         agreement who had not been tested for        a few drinks and are getting higher
aged liquor in the United States is sold    seven months. He took the test and           quicker than before.
during the month of December? We            passed it. Then he was tested the next       I never say a person is an alcoholic.
lose many of our employees on Last          day and tested for alcohol. He lost his      I prefer taking he or she to a closed
Chance agreements during December.          job! A lot of people have a few days         A.A. meeting and let him or her judge
Why? Before December we have                off and think they can have alcohol and      for themselves. I say when alcohol is
Thanksgiving. Next we have Christ-          it will be out of their system before go-    causing a problem, then it is a problem.
mas Eve and Christmas day. Then             ing back to work. Your liver pumps out
there is New Years Eve and New Years        an ounce of alcohol an hour, but if it                         Continued on page 4
day. Plus we have all the football bowl     isn’t working 100%, the alcohol isn’t
Steelworker                                                                                                                 Page 9

Canadian Connection                         tain Canadian must have thought that        their observations in investigations.
                                            the nine people in the original investi-    On the other hand, bargaining unit rep-
    by Don Seifert, Griever                 gation must have gotten it wrong just
           Area 20                                                                      resentatives are elected and advocates
                                            because training was one of the root        are appointed by Local 1010 Presi-
                                            causes by a consensus of the investi-       dent Tom Hargrove, with input from
I know what you’re thinking, but no, it     gation team. We are told that Bar-
has nothing to do with the railroad. But                                                their grievers and other reps. Advo-
                                            gaining Unit and management involve-        cates are given training once per month
it has everything to do with derailing      ment in investigations is crucial for all
the system.                                                                             and trained on procedures for accident
                                            the facts to be heard and correct coun-     and or near-miss investigations and
The Canadian Connection isn’t a             termeasures to be identified and per-       continuous safety related issues.
philosophy, it’s just a few management      formed. Just because training is con-
guys from Canada. Although they             sidered a root cause by the members         For the record, Area 20 safety advo-
were involved in negotiating the con-       of the investigation shouldn’t be a rea-    cates Dave Butler and Joe Duran,
tract, they think they can twist and dis-   son for management to reconvene a           Machine Shop, Jay Salinas, Fab. and
tort the true intent of the Basic Labor     new investigation with more people,         Reclaim Shop, Scott Delauro, Mobile
Agreement and sell it to a superior and     and not all from the original investiga-    Equipment Repair Shop, and George
then coax, or attempt to coax, corpo-       tion, just to wordsmith the same re-        Dodd, Electric Shop, have all done a
rate to defend their positions.             sults.                                      tremendous job of addressing safety
                                                                                        issues in the right direction, without hav-
Want examples? In M.E.U., we have           Its offensive to me that a                  ing to look over their shoulder, despite
a crane repair MTM/MTE dispute,             “CaHeanian” can’t accept the ap-            management hurdles. Keep up the
lack of O.T. agreements; in the Shops,      propriate results of an accident inves-     good work!
denial of first rights to the Refrigera-    tigation, just because it points the fin-
tion Shop by contractually identified       ger squarely in the face of management.     On the contracting out front, since the
pipe fitters. Also in the shops, you have   It is management’s obligation to pro-       inception of Tabware on 9/11/06, the
incentive problems, L.O.P. issues on-       vide training to all the appropriate        Bargaining Unit Work Committee (for-
going, discipline for accidents, safety     groups, not to move people and then         merly Contracting Out Committee) has
issues almost daily. Make the connec-       try to think “How are we going to train     reviewed over thirteen thousand no-
tion? It’s CANADIAN!!!!!                    them?” Management involved in in-           tices. Talk to anyone who uses this
                                            vestigations should be offended,            system and they will tell you its been a
Once again, with assistance from the
                                            knowing that their superiors can’t en-      total failure.
Union safety committee, we agreed to
reconvene for a previously finished         trust in them the task of making cor-       Guess who championed the sys-
accident investigation because a cer-       rect, conscious decisions regarding         tem?

                    Alcohol or Drugs a Problem?

  A Members Assistance Committee member is at the Hall every
  Thursday and is available to help with Substance Abuse or Be-
  havioral Problems. Or you can call them at the numbers listed
  Nationwide consultation is available 24/7 from Value Options at

  800-332-2214. Value Options is the Care Administrator for all
  Substance Abuse and Behavioral issues. Referral and certification
  by Value Options can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket
                Local 1010 Members Assistance Committee
              Dave Lomellin (219) 397-0902 Paul Johnson (219) 364-1284
Page 10                                                                                                            4th Qtr. 2007

 From Worst To First                        changed, and is only getting better.        for them. There will be a lot of over-
                                            With the right leadership we will be the    time scheduled and asked during this
     by Frank Deel, Griever                 best and stay the best.                     transition so please be careful as you
            Area 1                                                                      work and if you are tired, ask your
                                            Incentive, incentive, incentive. It seems
                                            this question is asked at least 50 times    supervisor to let you go home. Don’t
To all of the employees of the Blast
                                            a day. When are we going to see a           put yourself in a position to hurt your-
Furnace and Sinter Plant, it is now time
                                            new plan? The answer is that it is in       self or someone else.
to pat yourselves and your co-work-
ers on the back and say “Thank you          the hands of John Perham at 4179,           Retirement: If you are thinking about
for the outstanding job of turning          and Wendell Carter at 5740. If you          retiring, as most of us are, you should
the safety program around.” The             have any questions, you should call         contact Fidel or Jerry at the Union
Iron Producing units have historically      them. Brian Black and I have worked         Hall, 398-3100 x117, and they will
been the worst in accidents and lost        on a new plan and it is now in their        advise you on the proper procedures.
work day cases until now, and to date       hands.                                      Election time is near. Please find time
we are the BEST. Some people have           I have filed numerous grievances on         to register to vote and take the time to
asked me how all of this happened.          the holding of people as hostages from      go to the polls and make a difference.
The best answer that I can give is          their bids. Some have been heard in         Your vote does matter and this is your
RESPECT. The people of the de-              the second step and more grievances         opportunity to say “I care and I want
partment are receiving something now        will be filed as the time limits are vio-   to try to make things better for all of
that was just a word for the last 30-       lated. Some people have been re-            our families.”
plus years. We now have a manager,          leased and as new hires come in, oth-       If you have any questions or con-
Brian Black, who does care about us         ers will be released. The new hires         cerns please contact me at 1756,
and our families, not just making iron.     that are here now are training in the       661-8944 or 808-3188. If you can’t
It takes a lot of work to gain the re-      casthouse and on the hi-line, so if you     get me, call Rory McDonald at
spect of your employees in such a short     see someone with a RED HARD                 8759, Rich Mikola at 3004 or Joe
time, given the history here, but he has    HAT help them out by watching out           Gifford at 3374.
done it. Brian has an open door and if
you are having issues with anything, call
him and ask for some of his time. He
will listen and try to help. But there
are still some people who feel they
                                                                Legal Problems?
should be given respect because of
their position. The reality of this is we
                                                                Need a Lawyer?
should respect the position but the per-
                                                Local 1010 members can take advantage of a free legal
son has to earn it. The safety mental-
ity of the Blast Furnace employees has          consultation every Wednesday at the Union Hall from:
                                                                         8:30 am - 9:30 am*
                                                                         3:00 pm - 4:30 pm*
     Vote!                                                       Provided by the Law Offices of

                                                            Bosch & Banasiak
     Nov. 6                                          7150 Indianapolis Blvd., Hammond, IN 46323
                                                                 or call 219-844-3020
                                                                       *Times are approximate
Steelworker                                                                                                                      Page 11
                                                              LOCAL 1010

                           WOMEN OF STEEL
                                                RETTELSWEN YLRETRAUQ
   eussI ,1 emuloV         3                                                  7002 ,REBMECED ,REBMEVON ,REBOTCO )RETRAUQ HT4(

                                      2007 WOMEN’S CONFERENCE
                                      noitcA gnikaT ,rewoP gnidliuB
                                       The Women of Steel Conference, Sep-
                                      tember 23-26, 2007 was held in Toronto,
                                      Canada. History was made with a record
                                      setting attendance. Delegates came from
 Local 1010’s WOS Officers:
                                      a good portion of the world—to name a
                                      few: Chili, Brazil, Mexico, Liberia,
 aicraG ”AL“ airaM                    United States, and the United Kingdom
             riahC                    were amongst the host country, Canada.

 sdooW ahtereS                        Each country presented their own needs.
                                      Some of the important topics discussed
     riahC eciV                       were: health care, safety in the work
                                      place, child labor, sweatshops, unfair
 nosdrahciR liaG                      working hours and conditions, and lead
       yraterceS                      imports.

                                      Elizabeth Edwards, wife of U.S. presi-          Back row: Gail Richardson. Front row: (l-r)
                                      dential candidate, John Edwards was             Owana Cheatam, Leo Gerard (USW President),
                                      keynote speaker. She especially concen-         Sharon Stiller (Former WOS Director), Kathleen
                                      trated on the Health Care System in             Peeples, Patricia Humphrey, and Rosa Rodriquez
                                                              (Continued on page 3)

                                       htnoM ssenerawA recnaC tsaerB :rebotcO
                                      Breast Cancer affects mil-         tive year, the WOS of local     throughout Mittal Steel IHE,
                                      lions of people yearly. We         1010 has participated in        a total of $4500 was raised.
                                      all know of someone that has       Chicago’s Avon Walk For
                                      been directly or indirectly        Breast Cancer. This year        Rosa Rodriquez, local 1010’s
 Inside This Issue:                   affect by this disease. Breast     we raised beyond our goal       financial secretary and Eliza-
                                      cancer does not discriminate       of $3600.      Collectively,    beth Vargas from #2 BOF
                                      by age, race or gen-                                                        walked for local
                                      der. To bring atten-                                                        1010 in the Avon
                                      tion to this awful                                                          Walk for Breast
                                      disease, October has                                                        Cancer.        Maria
                                      been designated as                                                          (L.A.) Garcia as-
 noitcA gnikaT ,rewoP gnidliuB    3
                                      Br east      Cancer                                                         sisted as crew mem-
 )1 egap morf deunitnoc(              Awareness Month.                                                            ber to aid the walk-
 stnevE fo radnelaC SOW           3
                                      Local 1010’s Women
 01 01 lacoL morF sepiceR         3
                                      of Steel realizes the
                                      importance of the
 wonK uoY oD ta hW                    Avon Walk for
  ?0101 l acoL tuobA                  Breast Cancer. For        (l-r) Rosa Rodriquez, Maria (L.A.) Garcia,
 )margotpyrC ,elzzuP drowssorC(       the second consecu-       and Elizabeth Vargas
Page 122
  3 EGAP                                                   L EE T S F O N E M O W                                          4th Qtr. 2007
                                                                                                                   3 EUSSI ,1 EMULOV

                                                                                            LOCAL 1010’S WOS
                                                                                             2007 CALENDAR
                                                                                               OF EVENTS
                                                                                                          Fourth Quarter

                                                                                            October 4,       WOS Monthly Meeting
  RELATIVES’ AND FRIEND’S CHILDREN BE-                                                      @ 4 PM
  ARE YOU BEING EXPOSED?                                                                    NOVEMBER
  Many would be surprised of how much lead has entered this country through prod-
                                                                                            ”gnivigsknahT yppaH“
  ucts--especially children’s toys and clothes.
  The USW has made a point to provide information and supply lead testing kits.
  Please check the USW.org website for more information on…                                 Nov. 1, @ 4      WOS Monthly Meeting

                                                                                            TBA             Christmas Program for the
  (Continued from page 1)
  ECNEREFNOC S’NEMOW 7002                                                                   DECEMBER

  America. President Leo Gerard was another keynote speaker. He expounded on                ”samtsirhC yrreM“
  the WOS’s theme—Building Power, Taking Action. He explained that anger with-
  out action is only frustration.; thus he encouraged everyone to get involved and          Dec. 6, @ 4      WOS Monthly Meeting
  take some action. He also spoke on health care. He feels health care should be a          PM
  birth rite for all citizens.
                                                                                            COMING EVENTS
  District 7 was strongly represented and after this conference, hopefully the district
  will be even more empowered to take even more ACTION.

                                                                                            Spring/TBA             Student Day

  6 to 8 lb. young turkey                      1 whole onion (put in cavity of turkey)
  4 Tbsp. Mrs. Dash garlic and herb            1 bottle Open Pit barbecue sauce
  2 Tbsp. paprika                              1 tsp. lemon juice
  1 Tbsp. red pepper                           2 Tbsp. Sugar
  1 bottle Miller Lite beer

  Season turkey with Mrs. Dash, paprika, red pepper and onion. Grill
  turkey for 1    hours. Add to the bottle of barbecue sauce, lemon juice,
  sugar and beer. Baste turkey with this special sauce. Grill an additional
  1 ½  hours.
                                                                  Darrell E. Reed
                                                                  Vice Chair of Grievance
                                                                  Committee - Local 1010
  4 EGAP                                                L EE T S F O N E M O W                                              Page 13
                                                                                                              3 EUSSI ,1 EMULOV

                                 WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOCAL 1010?

                                                   1            2          3
  2. Grievance Vice Chairman’s home de-
                                              5                                       6                                      7
  5. Some members were killed in 1937's
  9. President in the 80's
                                                                                          8         9

  10. Community Service guy                   10

  11. Grievance Leader                                                                              11   12

  15. 25 year________                              13                                          14

  16. Union Song                                                15

  19. Seretha Woods’ position in WOS
  21. Female Trustee and Training Coordi-
                                                                                               17                      18
  22. Steel Industry's union was derived
  from this union                             19                                          20

  1. Safety Coordinator
  3. District Leader
  4. If the job is unsafe,_________, OR
  6. WOS Chair, Maria Garcia, a.k.a.
  7. Local 1010’s hall is in this city                                                CRYPTOGRAM
  8. Appointed for safety in departments
  12. 1010's Leader
                                                   “OI IOM KEIJPR RNM ZJKU ULVNOC UI BSAM S
  13. Preceded present president
  14. Yearly outing                                PNYNOC”
  16. Tom's right hand man
  17. Signs you in on 1st Thursdays
                                                   “NQ UEM ZID NK JOKSQM, BSAM NU KSQM, IL

  18. Records minutes                                  RIO’U RI NU”
  20. Financial Secretary's initials                                                                UIB ESLCLIYM

                                       ETOUQ MARGOTPYRC NWO RUOY NI DNES
  siht ni erahs ot ekil dluow uoy taht )…cte ,latnemtraped ,ytefas ,noinu .e.i( etouq detaler boj laiceps a evah uoy fI
  ot erus eb ;noitaredisnoc rof )gro.0101awsu@selpeepdk( sserdda liame s’rotide SOW eht ot ti dnes ,rettelswen
                                                                 .rebmun enohpelet tcatnoc a dna eman ruoy ylppus
           J   T      H R E E C O L    D S T R I P                       Service Technician                         Jesse Bernel
           O            O                                                   3RD PRIZE—USW WOOL & LEATHER JACKET
           N            B                      M
         M E M O      R I A L D A Y    M A S S A C R     E
           S            N   A                  K         C
                                                                                  80” Slab Yard                Rhonda Hawkins
                        S     A        A N D R E W S                            2ND PRIZE—HARLEY DAVIDSON GIFT CERTIFICATE
         B A B Y      L O U   D                I
                        N     V        S H A T T U C     K                      Quality Building           Augusta “Bo” Battle
           M                  O   G      A     S                                                   1ST PRIZE– LIQUOR BASKET
           E   P      I C N I C   O      R     A
           Z                  A   L      G     F
         S O L I      D A R I T Y F    O R E V E R
         T                    E          O
         E                        C      V         F
         V I C E      C H A I R   A      E         I
         E                    M   N                D
                          D O R I N    E G O D I N E     Z
                                  O                L
                      C O A L M I N    E R S
                  We are on the Web
                  gro.0101awsu@selpeepdk       :rotidE SoW
                gro.0101.awsu@nosdrahcirg        :yraterceS                                      1914—2007
                      gro.0101awsu@sdoows       :riahC eciV                                 Rosa (Melnick) Palmer
                      gro.0101awsu@aicragal          :riahC                     In Loving Memory of Our Own Rosie the Riveter
                                                 sU liamE
                                  0013-893 )912( :enohP
                                         NI ,ogacihC tsaE
                                      eunevA dilcuE 3073
                                     LEET F NEMO
                                              S O        W
                                    srekro leet detin
                                              W S        U
                                         0101 LACOL
  3 EUSSI ,1 EMULOV                                    L EE T S F O N E M O W                                               5 EGAP
4th Qtr. 2007                                                                                                               Page 14 4
Steelworker                                                                                                                     11
                                                                                                                           Page 15

Battered Worker Syndrome                                · Use of racially derogatory       Many of your concerns with safety are
                                                        words, phrases, epithets           being addressed by the Department
                   by Mike Bouvat                       · Derogatory or intimidat-         Steering Committee and the Area
                   Griever, Area #5                     ing references to an               Safety Committee.
                                                        employee’s mental or physi-        Here is information some of you have
                                                        cal impairment                     been requesting about IOSHA:
                                                        Harassment that results in a       IOSHA's phone # is 317-232-2655
                                                        tangible employment action
                                                                                           How do I file a complaint?
                                             occurs when a management official’s
                                             harassing conduct results in some sig-        Put your complaint in writing to:
I know there isn’t a category, but if
                                             nificant change in an employee’s em-          Indiana Department of Labor -
they decided to create one, 2 Steel
                                             ployment status (e.g., hiring, firing, pro-   IOSHA
Producing probably would qualify.
                                             motion, failure to promote, demotion,         402 West Washington Street
That category would be “Battered
                                             formal discipline, such as suspension,        Room W195
worker syndrome”. What would that
                                             undesirable reassignment, or a signifi-       Indianapolis, IN 46204
be? Battered worker syndrome would
                                             cant change in benefits, a compensa-          or call 317-232-2655
describe a pattern of psychological and
                                             tion decision, or a work assignment).         Here is a list of your area Union Reps:
behavioral symptoms found in batter-
                                             Only individuals with supervisory or
ing relationships. What are the phases?                                                    Griever: Mike Bouvat - Home 836-
                                             managerial responsibility can commit
First, there is the tension building phase                                                 2170, Work 1165
                                             this type of harassment.
(foreman pushing workers to do as-                                                         Assistant Griever: Jim Harris - Home
signments they may not completely            All workers have the right to a work-         765-4813, Work 6139
understand), followed by the explosion       place free of harassment. The BLA             Steward: LeeSmith - Work 1994
or battering incident, (foreman cussing      states in Article 4 Section C, 1: All         Steward: Rodney Dinwiddie - Work
out a worker and throwing their              employees shall be educated in the            5876
hardhat) followed by the honeymoon           area of harassment awareness and              Steward: Shawn Schultz - Work
phase, (foreman says “Hey, you know          prevention on a periodic basis.               5876
I am not really like that. I’m a good        If you feel a supervisor or co-worker         Any one who feels like they are a bat-
guy, I let you change your schedule”).       is harassing you, please contact a            tered worker from management or a
Hostile work environment harassment          Union Representative.                         co-worker has rights. Don’t be intimi-
occurs when unwelcome comments or            While we continue to move forward             dated, and don’t take abuse. Work-
conduct, based on sex, race or other         with safety in our department there are       ing people have basic legal rights to
legally protected characteristics, un-       still many obstacles we face. We re-          safe, healthy and fair conditions at
reasonably interferes with an                cently have seen new employees that           work. Some employers violate these
employee’s work performance or cre-          have been hired with no experience in         rights because they value their profits
ates an intimidating, hostile or offen-      a steel making facility. It is important      more than their workers.
sive work environment.                       that we all look out for their safety.        United We Stand Divided We Fall
Examples of actions that may cre-
ate harassment include:
· Leering, i.e., staring in an intimidat-
ing suggestive manner
· Making offensive remarks about
looks, clothing, body parts
· Touching in a way that may make an
employee feel uncomfortable, such as
patting, pinching or intentional brush-
ing against another’s body
Page 16
     12                                                                                                              4th Qtr. 2007

Continued from page 15                       can be used to cover tuition, book,          pertise and may be approved in ac-
                                             and course - related fees at nearly 100      cordance with Institute for Career
While some JobLink participants are          approved learning institutions. Classes      Development’s guidelines.
pursuing college degrees, many others        with the primary purpose of recreation       If you have a computer at home, check
are taking classes to satisfy personal       or personnel enjoyment are not eli-          out the JobLink Website at http://
development to improve their ability to      gible for tuition assistance funding.        bkJobLink.org/ . You will find next
perform their current jobs or prepare        Stop by JobLink to apply for tuition         semester’s course lineup with course
for new careers and retirement. All of       program funding or pick–up a list of         descriptions and other pertinent infor-
these initiatives enhance a variety of       T.A.P. Vendors. A list of these edu-         mation.
skills including math, reading, and com-     cational institutions is also available on
                                                                                          Attention new hires! Stop by JobLink
munication skills. Our Career Devel-         JobLink’s website.
                                                                                          and see what educational opportuni-
opment Program helps prepare us for          We have developed reciprocal par-            ties your union negotiated for you!
the future challenges of our jobs, our       ticipant arrangements with the other
personal & family lives, and ultimately      Career Development Cites here in             Congratulations…to my entire fellow
in retirement.                               Northwest Indiana. The availability of       (46) Weight Watchers Class Partici-
                                             customized classes at other sites is sub-    pants! After just 4 weeks we’ve lost
Anyone interested in a specific class
                                             ject to specific agreements that we          an outstanding total of 262 pounds!!
may contact JobLink with the type of
                                             have for each class. Those classes are       We are going to offer another round
class desired to begin an “interested
                                             available to active members from             of Weight Watcher Classes in January
list”. Don’t take classes for granted.
                                             each of the sites involved. Due to           2008. Many of you who have ex-
Classes may not be repeated, so
                                             scheduling, some classes are not put         pressed interest after the class began
enroll in a desired class when you
                                             in our course catalogue. Please con-         will get another opportunity by start-
see it offered as soon as possible.
                                             tact JobLink or check JobLink’s              ing off the New Year with an emphasis
All JobLink classes must be in accor-
                                                                                          on healthy living!!
dance with the Career Development            website for more information!
Program Guidelines.                          Don’t forget that active 1010 mem-           Any questions regarding JobLink can
                                             bers now can combine the Tuition As-         be directed to the JobLink Staff (219)
Local 1010 members can use their
                                             sistance $1800 annual limit with the         399-8136. Anyone else who needs
T.A.P. monies to access any accred-
                                             Customize Class $2000 annual limit           additional information can call me at
ited learning institution. T.A.P. benefits
                                             to provide a more flexible total             the union hall (219) 398-3100 or E-
are a very flexible part of our contrac-
                                             amount of educational assistance --          mail me at swagner@uswa1010.org.
tually funded educational benefit.
                                             $3800 per year to Local 1010 Mem-            If you call when I am not available,
T.A.P. funds are subject to funding lim-
                                             bers. This combination of limits is          please leave a message on my voice
its and are available annually on a first
                                             available to individuals who have clear      mail (ext. 113) and I will get back to
come/first served basis. Participants
                                             career goals to develop vocational ex-       you as soon as possible.
$1,800.00 maximum annual benefit

                        Volunteers Make Golf Outing A Huge Success
                                                  Rick Campos, Chairman
                                                     Sports Committee
I’s like to thank all the volunteers who     Churilla, Dorine Godinez, Paul               Longest Drive, # 4: Jethro Summers
worked the golf outing that day. With-       Johnson, Deana Peters, Jovita Salinas,       Longest Putt, # 9: Ken Warstler
out their work there wouldn’t be a golf      Gerald Strauch, and Steve Vuckovich.         Closest to the Pin, # 6: Jeff Payonk
outing. Luis Aguilar and Steve Wagner        We had 144 golfers tee off under             Longest Drive, # 16: Rick Woloszyn
on the grill. Ernie Barrientez who made      beautiful weather.
the “Fabulous Chili”. My wife, Jackie                                                     Longest Putt, # 13: Mike Haney
Campos, Darrell Reed, Fidel Azcona,          Best Score, team: Jethro Summers             Closest to the Pin, # 12: Don Seifert
Marlene Berwald, John Bobby, Ken             Best Handicap Score, team: Al Pena           Hope to see you next year
Steelworker                                                                                            Page 17

                                      4th Quarter Retirees
ADAIR, KENDALL R - 34 - 80 INCH      GARZA JR, LUCIANO - 33 - 80 INCH    REIMER, JAMES A - 30 - #2 STEEL
HOT STRIP MILL                       HOT STRIP MILL                      PRODUCING
ALDABA, SANTIAGO - 36 - 12 INCH      GRESKO, JOHN J - 30 - MEU           ROGERS, RONNIE T - 30 - IH7
BAR MILL                             SHOPS-MACHINE SHOP                  BLAST FURNACE
ALICEA, WILLIAM - 32 - 12 INCH       GROESCHE, RONALD F - 30 - #4        ROMAN, JUAN - 31 - 80 INCH HOT
BAR MILL                             STEEL PRODUCING                     STRIP MILL
BAILEY, RONALD J - 32 - 80 INCH      GUZMAN, JOEL R - 35 - 80 INCH       SALAZ, MICHAEL J - 32 - GALVA-
HOT STRIP MILL                       HOT STRIP MILL                      NIZING
#3 CSE                               BLAST FCE/3 SINTER PLT              SHOPS-MACHINE SHOP

BOND, CAROL L - 30 - ROLL SHOP       JONES, HOWARD - 37 - NO. 2 COLD     THOMAS, JAMES B - 38 - #2 STEEL
#5                                   STRIP                               PRODUCING

ATE - #3 CSW                         FORCES-FIELD SVCS                   BLAST FURNACE

CONTINUOUS - #3CSE                   - #3 CSE                            UTILITIES-POWER

CANNER, THOMAS G - 32 - 80 INCH      LOYD, HERMAN L - 31 -               VELASCO, RUDOLFO - 33 - MEU
HOT STRIP MILL                       GALVANIZING                         FIELD FORCES-FIELD SVCS

CHERVEN, PAUL F - 44 - COATED/       MAGER JR, WILLIAM J - 32 -          VENTURA, MICHAEL - 30 - MEU
CONTINUOUS - #3CSE                   INTERMEDIATE - #3 CSW               SHOPS-MACHINE SHOP

STRIP MILL                           TRANSPORTATION                      SHOPS-FAB & RECLAMATION

COLEMAN JR, SAMUEL - 34 - MEU        MENDOZA, HENRY C - 33 - #4          VILLARREAL, VICENTE G - 35 - #4
SHOPS-MACHINE SHOP                   STEEL PRODUCING                     STEEL PRODUCING

FORCES-FIELD SVCS                    #3CSW                               ELEC FURNACE & BILLET CASTER


COY, RICHARD A - 30 - #4 STEEL       NAPULES, SYLVIA A - 30 - IH7        WILLIAMS, ROSCOE - 31 - #1 ELEC
PRODUCING                            BLAST FURNACE                       FURNACE & BILLET CASTER

CRUZ, EDWARD - 35 - INT LOGS/        NAUTA III, JOHN - 31 - IH5&IH6      WILSON, SHELBY - 43 - 80 INCH

DZIEWICKI, DANIEL J - 30 -           PALOS, NORMAN J - 33 - 12 INCH      YUHASZ, GARY S - 31 - IH7 BLAST
MEDICAL                              BAR MILL                            FURNACE

EARLE, BRIAN R - 35 - MEU            PAPPAS, GARY - 31 - MEU FIELD

ACCTG & SVCS (PLANT)                 - #3 CSE

    Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.
                                           George Burns: US actor & comedian (1896 - 1996)

              Local 1010 would like to wish our newest, and all previous, retirees
                           a long, happy and healthy retirement.
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     14                                                                                                             4th Qtr. 2007

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                         Hargrove           The Oxford-educated Union                   since been dropped. An audit of
Miners and Metalworkers Union               leader clashed with the govern-             the Union books has also shown
leader locked in a fierce struggle          ment and Mexico's largest min-              that all Union funds have been ac-
with the Mexican government, has            ing company, Grupo Mexico, af-              counted for. And a court ruling in
won a court order that protects him         ter he demanded an investigation            April also ordered the reinstate-
from arrest should he return home.          into the deaths of 65 workers in a          ment of Gomez Urrutia to the top
                                            coal-mine explosion he called "in-          post of the Miners Union.
The court ruling, handed down Oc-
                                            dustrial homicide".                         The fierce struggle between
tober 17 in Mexico, was seen as a
huge victory for the beleaguered            The government responded in                 Gomez Urrutia, the Mexican gov-
leader, who fled to Vancouver last          February 2006 by ousting Gomez              ernment and the country's largest
year after being accused of mas-            Urrutia as president of the Na-             mining company has led to wide-
terminding a $55 million money-             tional Miners and Metalworkers              spread labor unrest and nationwide
laundering scheme involving                 Union (Los Mineros), which has              strikes.
workers' funds. In March 2006, he           280,000 members. His removal
and his family fled to Vancouver            accompanied accusations by the                      In Solidarity,
via the U.S. on a humanitarian visa         government of embezzlement of
with the assistance of United               Union funds.
Steelworkers.                               Those charges, however, have

 Unionists from Mexico, the US and Canada gather at the ArcelorMittal Sicartsa plant front gate, in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan,
 Mexico. The memorial behind them honors Mario Alberto Castillo Rodriguez and Hector Alvarez Gomez, two Union Activists who
 were gunned down by Federal troops in April, 2006.                                                         Photo: Ray Jackson
Steelworker                                                                                                                                              Page 19

          LOCAL 1010                                                                     The Bernard Kleiman
         STEELWORKER                                                                   JobLink Learning Center
                Executive Board                                                           by Steve Wagner, Vice President
        Tom Hargrove, President
        Steve Wagner, Vice President
      Fidel Azcona, Recording Secretary
   Rosa Maria Rodriguez, Financial Secretary               Beginning January 1, 2008, we have limited Tuition Assistance Funds
              Joe Piller, Treasurer
             Jesse Cannon, Guide
                                                           for recently retired Local 1010 Members!
          Jim Gogolak, Inner Guard                         The Institute for Career Development (ICD) has announced that the Govern-
         Luis Aguilar, Outer Guard
                                                           ing Board has approved Limited Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Benefits
             Ivan Agosto, Trustee
           Dorine Godinez, Trustee                         for recently retired members!
            Jerry Strauch, Trustee                         Effective January 1, 2008 recent retirees may use limited Tuition Assistance
          Grievance Committee                              Funds for up to one year following their retirement date. Please note that this
            Dennis Shattuck, Chairman                      is a major change from the current ICD policy on expenditures for retired
           Darrell Reed, Vice Chairman                     members. This pilot program is limited to the unspent TAP Funds under the
             Matt Beckman, Secretary                       20% cap from the previous year, 2007. The good news is that our Local
                     Grievers                              Joint Committee has agreed to participate!!
                     Kermit Deel
                                                           The guidelines for this pilot program are:
                       Joe Piller
                     Mike Bouvat                           1. Retirees will be allowed to use up to $1800 in Tuition Assistance for a
                     Otis Cochran                          period of one year following their retirement.
                      Don Seifert
                     Jesse Ramos                           2. Funding for this retiree TA benefit will come from JobLink’s approved but
                    David Hunter                           unused TA funding from the previous calendar year. (Example: if JobLink
                     Dan Mosley
                   Ernie Barrientez
                                                           budgets $25,000 for TA in 2007, but expends only $15,000; $10,000 is then
                  Francisco Godinez                        available to be spent on retiree TA in 2008, provided that the total amount
                   Steve Vuckovich                         spent on retiree TA in 2008 does not push the 2007 amount spent on TA over
                      Wil Rivera
                      Tim Trtan
                                                           the 20% limit.)
                                                           3. Since there is a natural limitation on funds, retiree requests will be met on
           Joe Woessner, Editor                            a first-come/first served basis.
                                                           More details will follow…check in-plant informational flyers and the
                                                           JobLink Website for procedural information!
                                                           Now how about the rest of us?
                                                           Are you using your negotiated Career Development Program benefits? Many
    The Local 1010 Steelworker is the official             of us are preparing for the new challenges that await us on the job. Yet others
    publication of the United Steelworkers - Local 1010,
    AFL-CIO. It is published to circulate information
                                                           are preparing for life after we retire from our mill careers. It really doesn’t
    of use and interest to its members. Submissions        matter what your reason for learning is! If you have a need or desire to
    from members are welcomed and encouraged.
    This publication is free of charge to all active and   improve your skills or learn a new skill, JobLink is there for YOU!
    retired Local 1010 members.
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         Mail to: USW Local 1010
                  Attention: Editor
                  3703 Euclid Avenue                                                      Change of Address
                  East Chicago, IN 46312                   If you have moved please mail this form, with the mailing label on the back page to Editor,
         Phone:       219-398-3100 ext.140                 Local 1010 Steelworker, 3703 Euclid Ave., East Chicago, In. 46312
         email:       editor@uswa1010.org
                                                           Name_________________________________ Check No._________
   Editor’s Note: The opinions of the authors
   expressed herein do not necessarily state or            New address ____________________________________________________
   reflect the opinions of the Local 1010
   Executive     Board    or   the     Editor.             City/State/Zip___________________________________________________
Page 20
     16                                                                                                4th Qtr. 2007


                                          The United Steelworkers Union -
                                         Today, A Truly International Union
                                        in the state of Michoacan . From      Today, we have members through-
                                        September 16-18, about 150            out the United States and Canada,
                                        Union         members        from     as well as in the US Virgin Islands,
                                        ArcelorMittal plants around the       Puerto Rico and Aruba. We also
We’ve had a couple of serious in-       world met in Montreal. This is        have a formal alliance with a
cidents lately at Burns Harbor: the     where I met Napoleon Gomez,           Union of warehouse workers in the
BOF fireball and the cherry picker      exiled leader of the National Min-    Dominican Republic.
fall. Both of these could have          ers and Metalworkers Union of
been fatalities. We're very for-                                              Because we understand the impor-
                                        Mexico.                               tance of global solidarity against
tunate they weren't.
                                        Over the years, our Union has         global corporations, we have built
Safety must be 24/7 365 days a          grown and changed. From the           strategic alliances with many
year, on the job and off the job.       early years as a Union of workers     Unions across the globe, includ-
You must wear your PPE at all           in the steel and iron ore indus-      ing the Australian Workers’ Union,
times for your own protection. It       tries, we have grown to include       IG Metall in Germany, Unite in
is your limbs and lives we are try-     workers in the can, aluminum, and     Great Britain, CUT in Brazil, and
ing to protect. Accidents happens       metal mining industries. Many         the Miners and Metalworkers
in seconds and we don't have time       smaller Unions have merged into       Union in Mexico(Los Mineros).
to go put our PPE on after-the-         the Steelworkers to build strength    This year, we began formal talks
fact.                                   and power.                            with Unite and Great Britain to
                                        With the last of these mergers, we    form the world's first trans-Atlan-
From August 8-11, 2007 a delega-        changed our name from the             tic Union.
tion from the United Steelwork-         United       Steelworkers        of
ers from ArcelorMittal USA and          America(USWA) to the United           A Mexican Union leader, living in
Canada went to Mexico to meet           Steelworkers(USW) to reflect the      exile in Vancouver, is one step
with our brothers and sisters from      fact that we are different from the   closer to returning home, thanks
the Miners and Metalworkers             original union of steel mill work-    to a recent court ruling.
Union, Section 271, who are em-         ers, and we dropped the “of
ployees of ArcelorMittal at the                                               Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, a
                                        America” because we are also a
Sicartsa plant in Lazaro Cardenas,      truly international Union.                            Continued on page 14

  3703 Euclid Av.                      NONPROFIT ORG.
  East Chicago In. 46312              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                      EAST CHICAGO, IN.
                                        PERMIT NO. 228
                                                                     Safety First!
                                                                 Make the Job Safe,
                                                                 or DON’T DO IT!!!
                                                                      November 2

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