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									                                                                                    Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

                                    Willian Frias (left) and Christine Abrigo (right), are now geared for
                                    new challenges as assistant directors.

          In line with the University                          operations of the Library and monitoring/      the AGH Law Library, the Br. Benedict
Library’s strategic direction of developing                    administering the library budget. Christine    Learning Resource Center (BBLRC), the
a succession plan, two librarians, in the                      joined the DLSU Library in 2009. Despite       Makati Extension Campus Library and the
person of Christine M. Abrigo and Willian                      the fact that she has only been with           Ortigas Extension Campus Library. Aside
S.A. Frias, were appointed to assume the                       DLSU for more than a year, her excellent       from these, Frias will also be in-charge of
assistant library director positions, effective                performance has won the trust of her           the Library’s public programs which mostly
Term 2 of AY 2010-2011.                                        colleagues as well as her superiors.           focus on the marketing of the Library’s
                                                                                                              resources, services, facilities, and programs.
         Christine M. Abrigo was appointed                               Meanwhile, Willian S.A. Frias was    Ian, as most of her friends fondly call her,
Assistant Director for Internal Operations                     appointed Assistant Director for External      joined DLSU in 1992. Her slow but sure
and as such, will assist the Library Director                  Operations. She will be taking charge of       climb up has made her one of the top bets
in various administrative functions like                       the operations of the four other satellite     for the newly created position of assistant
directing and supervising the overall                          libraries of the University which includes     director.
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                                                                                              De La Salle University Library

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                                                                           SI T Y
                                                                 B R A RY
                                                                                    B a l i t a n g     A k l a t a n       Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

The Use of Transaction Log Analysis (TLA)
in Assessing the Online Periodical Collection

         Libraries of today are faced with the challenge of providing                            e-journals are included in the assessment such as:
as much information as possible despite limited financial resources.                                 •	 Proquest
With the number of subscription based electronic resources now                                       •	 EBSCO
available, librarians have to deal with the problem of selecting which                               •	 Gale Computer Database
would best answer the needs of the clients and be affordable and/or                                  •	 JSTOR
reasonably priced at the same time. The same problem arises on a                                     •	 CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.
yearly basis as they would have to decide over again which to renew                                  •	 PsychArticles/PsychInfo
or cancel taking into consideration factors like usage, duplication,                                 •	 IEEE Electronic Library
embargo, price increase, technical support, etc.                                                     •	 Science Direct

          To come up with a decision, librarians have to re-assess the                           Methodology
value of the subscribed databases considering the above-mentioned
factors. One way of doing this is through transaction log analysis.                              Transaction log analysis was used in the conduct of the study.
Transaction log analysis (TLA) is the process of examining manually                              Statistics of utilization of online databases were extracted at the end
or electronically culled usage information or statistics. Through this,                          of AY2008-2009. To compute for relevance, login cost, searching
librarians may be able to determine the usefulness of subscribed                                 cost, download/result cost, and the population of potential users, the
databases.                                                                                       researcher devised the following formulas:

Objective                                                                                        Using Simple TLA

This paper has the following objectives:                                                                                      Number of downloads
      1. To introduce the use of Transaction Log Analysis (TLA)                                        Relevance        =     Number of searches             X 100%
           in assessing the online periodical subscriptions;
      2. To assess the DLSU online periodical subscription using                                 Using Comprehensive TLA
           TLA and answer the following:
               a. Which among the subscribed databases is the                                         Login cost                     = Annual Subscription Cost
                   most used?                                                                                                                  Login
               b. Which among the subscribed databases is the
                   least used?                                                                        Searching cost                 = Annual Subscription Cost
               c. What are the prices of databases based on                                                                                   Searches
                   actual usage?
      3. To present recommendations as results of the analyses                                        Download/result cost           = Annual Subscription Cost
           made using the said method.                                                                                                        Downloads

Scope and Limitations                                                                                 Relevance price                = Annual Subscription Cost
        This study limits itself to the assessment of electronic
databases subscribed by the DLSU Library for academic year 2008-
2009. Only databases and aggregators containing several titles of                                                                  The Use of Transaction... see page 3
                                                   De La Salle University Library

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Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010     B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

     The Use of Transaction...from page 2

                                                                                            Login/Priority                            =        Login rank + Priority rank
      Priority rate from                             log-in                                                                                               2
      potential users
                                        Number of potential users X 100%
                                                                                           Searches/Utilization                      =      Searches rank + Utilization rank
      Utilization rate from                         searches                                     rate                                                      2
      potential users             =
                                         Number of potential users X 100%
                                                                                          Result/Satisfaction                        =    Result/download + Satisfaction rank
      Satisfaction rate from                   Downloads/Results                                rate                                                       2
      potential users        =
                                         Number of potential users X 100%
                                                                                             Relevance                               = Relevance rank (1) + Relevance rank (2)
      Relevance of user                             Relevance                                                                                             2
      satisfaction                           Number of potential users


     1.    Using simple TLA (analysis of logs                into consideration), Proquest is the most                               to be the most important of all, posting the
     based on what is being mined from the                   used aggregator based on the number of                                  highest number of logins, searches made, and
     system with no other external factors taken             results/downloads and is therefore perceived                            downloads/results (refer to Table 1).

                                                                                      Table 1

                                                                  Online Database Annual Usage Report
                                                                             AY 2008-2009

                        Database/Aggregator                                   Login                   Searches                                 Results/Downloads

                                Proquest                                    138,913                   1,828,166                                       164,459

                                  EBSCO                                      29,613                       55,743                                       52,719

                       Gale Computer Database                                 9,104                               779                                   3,498

                                  JSTOR                                        NA                      179,526                                        146,917

                   CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.                           3,876                       11,610                                         600

                        PsychArticles/PsychInfo                              46,619                       91,745                                       46,619
                         IEEE Electronic Library                              8,473                       18,721                                       39,672
                             Science Direct                                  30,766                       74,917                                      133,062

     2.       In terms of relevance, however, Gale           to the capability of a database/aggregator to
     Computer database with 9,104 logins and 779             answer the research needs of the users. The
     searches ranked first. In determining the               relationship, therefore, between the searches
     relevance, the ratio of the searches as against         made and the number of downloads is the
     the number of downloads is multiplied by                database’s/aggregator’s relevance to users’
     100%. This means that more weight is given              research needs. The higher the relevance,
     to the number of downloads as such relates              the better.
                                                                  The Use of Transaction... see page 4
                                                                                               De La Salle University Library

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                                                     DE L A S

                                                                           SI T Y
                                                                 B R A RY
                                                                                     B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n      Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

The Use of Transaction...from page 3                                                      Table 2
                                                 Online Database Annual Usage Report
                                                            AY 2008-2009

                                                                                                                          Results/               Relevance         Relevance
              Database/Aggregator                                                   Login              Searches
                                                                                                                           Downloads                (%)              Rank

                      Proquest                                              138,913                    1,828,166                164,459              8.99               8th

                       EBSCO                                                   29,613                    55,743                 52,719               94.58              4th

             Gale Computer Database                                                 9,104                  779                   3,498              449.04              1st

                       JSTOR                                                         NA                 179,526                 146,917              81.84              5th

          CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.                                          3,876                11,610                  600                 51.68              6th

              PsychArticles/PsychInfo                                          46,619                    91,745                 46,619               50.81              7th
               IEEE Electronic Library                                              8,473                18,721                 39,672              211.91             2nd
                   Science Direct                                              30,766                    74,917                 133,062             177.61              3rd

          3. Using Comprehensive TLA              independent variable, presented a different                                   Php1,826.00 and Php5,804.95, respectively.
(analysis of logs taken from the system, and      result. Gale Computer Database posted the                                     See Table 3 for the tabulated presentation
relating these logs with other independent        lowest relevance price at P281.71. JSTOR                                      of the online periodical subscription actual
variables) with subscription price as the         and CSA Philosophers Index followed at                                        prices.

                                                                                          Table 3
                                     Online Periodical Subscription Actual Prices Per Use
                                                        AY 2008-2009

                                                                     Subscription Price                                Relevance                        Relevance
                                                                         (in Php)                                         (%)                            (in Php)
                     Proquest                                                       1,010,248.80                         8.99                           112,374.73
                      EBSCO                                                         2,300,000.00                        94.58                            24,318.04
             Gale Computer Database                                                  126,500.00                         449.04                            281.71
                       JSTOR                                                         149,500.00                         81.84                            1,826.74
         CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.                                            300,000.00                         51.68                            5,804.95
             PsychArticles/PsychInfo                                                 492,600.00                         50.81                            9,694.94
              IEEE Electronic Library                                               1,638,550.00                        211.91                           7,732.06
                  Science Direct                                                    7,593,721.92                        177.61                           42,755.04

          4. The use of another independent       rate (the number of times the user uses the                                   results showed another story. Under this
variable, which is the population of              database/aggregator) is concerned. JSTOR                                      category, Gale Computer Database topped
potential users, in comprehensive TLA             and PsychArticles followed respectively                                       the list, followed by IEEE Electronic
provided different angles in analyzing            at ranks 2 and 3. The users’ satisfaction                                     Engineering and Science Direct. Table 4
results. In analyzing the users’ priority rate    rate (the rate in which a user downloads                                      shows the online periodical subscription
(the relationship between the potential users     a page, figure, article, picture, etc. from                                   usage based on the potential population of
and the actual users), Proquest posted the        a database) presented a different pattern,                                    users.
highest results, followed by PsychArticles        where ScienceDirect got the highest
and ScienceDirect. Again, Proquest topped         rate, and JSTOR and Proquest, 2 nd and
the list of databases as far as utilization       3rd, respectively. As expected, relevance                                       The Use of Transaction... see page 5
                                                   De La Salle University Library

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                                                                                                                                                 SI T Y
                                                                                                                                       B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010           B a l i t a n g         A k l a t a n

      The Use of Transaction...from page 4                                                     Table 4
                                  Online Periodical Subscription Usage Based on Potential Population of Users
                                                                 AY 2008-2009

                                                                                       Priority                    Utilization                                            Satisfaction
                                                                                        Rate                          Rate                                                    Rate







                          Proquest                       11,262                     1,233.47       1         16,233.05                                     1            1,460.30          3             0.08                 8

                            EBSCO                        11,262                     262.95         4          494.97                                       6            468.11            6             0.84                 6

                 Gale Computer Database                    5,234                    173.94         6              14.88                                    8             66.83            7             8.58                 1
                            JSTOR                          9,943                      NA                     1,805.55                                      2            1,477.59          2             0.82                 7

              CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.             3,815                    101.60         7          304.33                                       7             15.73            8             1.35                 5

                  PsychArticles/PsychInfo                  5,134                    908.04         2         1,787.01                                      3            908.04            5             1.57                 4

                   IEEE Electronic Library                 3,266                    259.43         5          573.21                                       5            1,214.69          4             6.49                 2

                       Science Direct                      4,243                    725.10         3         1,765.66                                      4            3,136.04          1             4.19                 3

               5. Incorporating two independent                     category, Proquest topped all other                                                              category, together with JSTOR, Proquest
      variables such as subscription cost                           databases, followed by PsychArticles and                                                         stood out. In the relevance category,
      and population of potential users of                          EBSCO. Proquest led all databases in the                                                         however, Gale Computer Database took
      comprehensive TLA by means of averaging                       utilization category, followed by JSTOR                                                          over the lead, followed by IEEE Electronic
      revealed that Proquest dominated all but                      and PsychArticles, in 2 nd and 3 rd ranks,                                                       Library and CSA Philosophers Index. Table
      the relevance category. In the priority                       respectively. Again, in the satisfaction                                                         5 shows these results.
                                                                                               Table 5                                                                The Use of Transaction... see page 6
                                             Online Periodical Subscription Usage Cumulative Ranking Results

                                                              Priority Rank                        Utilization Rank                                            Satisfaction Rank                    Relevance Rank







                                                                                      Ave.                                             Ave.                                             Ave.                                 Ave.




                                                                                      Rank                                             Rank                                             Rank                                 Rank

                        Proquest                          1              1              1           1             1                         1                    2           3          2.5         8            8                 8

                         EBSCO                            5              4             4.5          5             6                       5.5                    6           6           6          6            6                 6

               Gale Computer Database                     3              6             4.5          7             8                       7.5                    4           7          5.5         1            1                 1

                          JSTOR                         NA             N/A             N/A          2             2                         2                    1           2          1.5         2            7               4.5

          CSA Philosophers Index/Pol. Sci.                4              7             5.5          4             7                       5.5                    8           8           8          3            5                 4

                PsychArticles/PsychInfo                   2              2              2           3             3                         3                    3           5           4          5            4               4.5

                IEEE Electronic Library                   6              5             5.5          6             5                       5.5                    5           4          4.5         4            2                 3

                     Science Direct                       7              3              5           8             4                         6                    7           1           4          7            3                 5
                                                                                                   De La Salle University Library

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                                                                                SI T Y
                                                                      B R A RY
                                                                                         B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010
The Use of Transaction...from page 5
Conclusion                                                               analysis, use other independent                   Evaluating collections retrieved
                                                                         variables in assessing the online                 January 07, 2010 from http://web.utk.
    The use of Transaction Log Analysis                                  periodical collection, such as                    edu/~wrobinso/560_lec_eval.html
provides several options in assessing online                             duplication rate, number of titles
periodical collections thus aids in decision                             per database, and others.                         Hamilton, Scott and Helen Thurlow.
making as far as renewal of databases is                 5.              Look for other assessment                         Transaction log analysis @ State Library
concerned.                                                               method that would give more                       of Queensland retrieved January 18,
                                                                         comprehensive results but easier                  2010 from http://conferences.alia.org.au/
     Results of the TLA conducted for the                                to perform.                                       ebl2005/Hamilton.pdf
DLSU Library’s subscription gave a clear
view on how each of the database fare with           REFERENCES                                                            Integrating print and digital resources in
each other in terms of priority to users,                                                                                  library collections. Audrey Fenner [ed.].
utilization rate, satisfaction rate, as well         Banks, Julie. “Are transaction logs useful?:                          New York : Haworth Press, Inc, 2006
as the relevance to the research needs of            a ten-year study” Journal of Southern
the users.                                           Academic and Special Librarianship 2000                               Jansen, Bernard J. Search Log Analysis:
                                                     retrieved on November 24, 2009 from http://                           What is it; what’s been done; how to do it
Recommendation                                       southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/content/                              retrieved December 17, 2009 from http://
                                                     v01n03/banks_j01.html                                                 www.viktoria.se/~dixi/BISON/resources/
         Based on the above findings,                                                                                      jansen_2006.pdf
the following recommendations are                    [Collection Assessment] retrieved March
presented:                                           4, 2010 from http://www.dlapr.lib.az.us/cdt/                          Sison, Josephine C. Obtrusive and
    1. M a i n t a i n s u b s c r i p t i o n t o   collass.htm                                                           unobtrusive methods in collection evaluation/
         PsychArticles, IEEE Engineering                                                                                   development [a paper presented during the
         Library and Jstor, since these              Collection assessment and mapping retrieved                           seminar entitled Collection development in
         databases produce high and                  March 05, 2010 from http://www.lib.az.us/                             the digital age] January 30, 2003
         balanced results in terms of user           cdt/collass.aspx
         priority, utilization, satisfaction                                                                               Taha, Ahmed. Wired research: transaction
         and relevance.                              Conger, Joan E. Collaborative electronic                              log analysis of e-journal databases to assess
    2. Retain Proquest, EBSCO and                    resource management : from acquisitions to                            the research activities and trends in the UAE
         ScienceDirect and put more                  assessment. Connecticut : Library Unlimited,                          University retrieved January 15, 2010 from
         effort in marketing said databases          2004                                                                  http://www2.db.dk/NIOD/taha.pdf
         making sure that the library users
         maximize their use to the fullest.          Covey, Denise Troll. Usage and usability                              Verzosa, Fe Angela M. Establishing a
    3. Drop CSA Philosophers Index/                  assessment : library practices and concerns.                          collection management program [a paper
         Political Science since they did not        retrieved January 06, 2010 from http://www.                           presented during the seminar entitled
         fare well in any of the variables.          clir.org/PUBS/reports/pub105/contents.                                Collection development in the digital age]
    4. For a more comprehensive                      html                                                                  January 30, 2003

DLSU Librarians Invited as Resource Speakers and Seminar
          DLSU librarians, in order to               Peňaflor (Collection Development)                                     Research,” where she (1) talked about the
keep abreast with the profession and to              and Julieta Olivar (Acquisitions) were                                factors that hinder librarians to conduct
continuously seek for information to apply           participants while Library Director Ana                               research such as time, experience, funding
in their area of work, go out of the Library         Maria Fresnido was a resource person                                  and etc.; (2) gave a glimpse on the current
to either attend trainings, conferences,             in the seminar entitled “Building the                                 state of research librarianship in the country
seminars or forums. They also share what             Culture of Research Partnership between                               where there was very few output on the past
they have learned by accepting invitations           the Librarians and the Administrators,”                               decades but is significantly increasing as
as resource speakers or trainers.                    sponsored by Philippine Normal University                             years’ progress; and (3) showed how DLSU
          Between the month of September             Library and Information Science Alumni                                does it to enforce the culture of research
and October, ten (10) DLSU librarians                Association (PNU-LISAA) on September                                  university-wide.
attended different seminars, while two               8-10, 2010 held at the Local Government                                          Peňaflor said the said seminar
librarians shared their knowledge to                 Training Center, UP Los Baňos, Laguna.                                “brought a valuable blend of different
seminar participants.                                          Fresnido delivered her lecture
          Two librarians, namely, Janice             entitled “Motivating Librarians to Conduct                                  DLSU Librarians ... see page 6
                                                    De La Salle University Library

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                                                                                                         DE L A S

                                                                                                                               SI T Y
                                                                                                                     B R A RY
Vol. XLII -         8-9 September - 8-9 September
               Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010     B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

                    Ms. Ana Fresnido, first row, third from the right, poses with                      Participants J. Olivar (left) and J. Peñaflor (2nd from right)
                    the participants of PNU-LISAA-sponsored seminar.                                   took time together with A. Fresnido (4th from the left) and
                                                                                                       other participants.

              DLSU Librarians ... from page 5                      Trends in Research Visualization in                                  nine (9) sessions and 14 speakers. One
              experiences and perspectives [where]                 Philippine Librarianship; Challenges and                             of the speakers was DLSU’s very own
              speakers presented the audience with                 Opportunities in Migrating to Web-based                              Joseph Yap, MEC Librarian. He presented
              valuable insights, practical experiences,            Information Services; Professionalizing                              a paper entitled “Technical Competencies
              and views about the topic they are tasked            Librarianship as Mandated in R.A. 9246;                              of Health Librarians in a Library 2.0
              to talk about.”                                      and, The Impact of Accreditation to                                  Environment: a Study.” In a nutshell, he
                       Roderick Borjal (BBLRC),                    Libraries and Librarians: the Philippine                             showed the participants the progress of
              Robert Vallente (Cataloging) , and                   Experience, among others, fitted to                                  the draft about the technical competencies
              Wilfredo Frias, Jr. (Reference) attended             librarians working on their masters                                  that is prepared for the medical and health
              a two-day seminar entitled “Competency               degree.                                                              librarian in the Philippines, and its
              Requirements of Filipino Librarians                            On October 21-22, 2010, five                               importance for a national and coordinated
              and Information Professionals in the                 (5) librarians, namely: Christine Abrigo,                            staff development program that is geared
              Age of Information Technology.” on                   Willian Frias, Yolanda Odsinada, Karen                               towards the improvement of their skills
              September 29-30, 2010. Said seminar                  Victoria and Joseph Yap, attended                                    and knowledge that will be relevant
              was sponsored by Polytechnic University              Ateneo De Manila University Rizal                                    to the current demands of the library
              of the Philippines Master in Library                 Library’s 4 th International Conference                              users and services. This conference, as a
              and Information Science Society                      on Library Spaces: Building Effective                                whole, has achieved its goal in bringing
              (PUPMLISS) in cooperation with                       and Sustainable Physical and Virtual                                 different cultures and library experiences
              C&E Publishing. The three attendees                  Libraries. The participants were treated                             together in one room to foster learning
              were treated with topics, such as New                to two information-packed days, covering                             and proactivity.

   Seminar participants (clockwise from left): J. Olivar and J. Peñaflor; Joseph Yap as resource person; Y. Odsinada, W. Frias and K.
   Victoria; J. Yap, at the center front row with fellow resource persons; and, R. Borjal, R. Vallente and W.A. Frias, Jr.
                                                                                          De La Salle University Library

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                                                 DE L A S

                                                                       SI T Y
                                                             B R A RY
                                                                                B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

                                                                                                                             from re.
                                                                                                                       first    apo
                                                                                                                 row,      Sing
                                                                                                       os, first    iting
                                                                                                     am ht in vis
                                                                                               ick R     g
                                                                                         R oder his deli
                                                                                         sho wed

Ramos Joins PAARL’s Singapore Benchmarking Tour
         Roderick Ramos (Archives) joined     libraries in Singapore so that they may:                                Nanyang Technological University. Aside
thirty-three (33) other librarians for a      (1) learn from the experiences of their                                 from visiting libraries, the participants were
benchmarking tour to Singapore which was      Singaporean counterparts; (2) observe the                               treated to a half-day city tour at the Universal
organized by the Philippine Association of    latest technological and infrastructural                                Studios and Sentosa Island.
Academic and Research Librarians (PAARL)      innovations in the selected libraries; (3)
on October 21-24, 2010. Ms. Teresita Moran    experience cultural immersion; and (4) have                                       Roderick found the experience
of Ateneo Professional School, PAARL’s        a glimpse to Singapore’s top destinations.                              highly enriching and said that he would
Chair for International Programs, led the     The participants were toured to five state-                             recommend a repeat in the coming years.
participants to the said activity.            of-the art libraries such as Woodlands                                  He added that the experience had definitely
                                              Regional Library, Library at Esplanade,                                 kindled the desire of the participants to offer
          The tour was designed for           Singapore Management University Library,                                quality library service to clients.
librarians who would want to visit selected   National Library of Singapore, and (5)

                             interesting sites visited b
                     Some                                y R.
                                                                  os an
                                                                        d comp
                                                                               any in Singapore.
                                                   De La Salle University Library

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                                                                                                     DE L A S

                                                                                                                           SI T Y
                                                                                                                 B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010    B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

                                      Ms. Florbella “Gabi” Bongalos confidently prepares for a keynote speech.

                Gabi’s Archival Road show
              Florbella “Gabi” Bongalos,                     overview of records management and the                                 “ … if we look at our lives, everything is
     Administrative Assistant/Archival Assistant,            different archival functions and shared the                            documented as records. The major rites
     did a series of lectures and trainings for              archival practices of DLSU Manila. The                                 of passage—birth, marriage, graduation,
     archivists in the Southern part of the                  said seminar was initiated in preparation for                          driving a car, are all documented—birth
     country.                                                the District Centennial celebration in 2011                            certificates marriage license, diploma,
                                                             and for USLS’s 60th Jubilee Celebration in
              The first was an in-depth archival             2012.
     training entitled Archivists Workshop on
     Establishing Church Archives held in Aula                         Finally, Bongalos was invited as
     Magna of Sto. Nino Pilgrim Center, Basilica             a keynote speaker in a seminar entitled
     del Sto. Nino de Cebu, Cebu City on July                “Archives for Sustainable Development”
     14-16, 2010, where lectured on Inventory                during the National Archives Day on
     and Appraisal of Archival Collections. She              October 21, 2010 at Legazpi, Albay. National
     stressed the importance of doing appraisal              Archives Day is an annual celebration
     and how all works in the archives, i.e.,                initiated by the National Committee on
     accessioning, arrangement, description, use,            Archives of the National Commission for
     and preservation, depend on the appraisal’s             Culture and the Arts, mainly to promote
     decisions.                                              the importance and better appreciation of                              Gabi, left, with Ms. Hinie Gonzales,
                                                             records and archives, and thereby raise                                Chief Librarian of St. La Salle Bacolod.
               Archives System and Design &                  archival awareness. Bongalos, in her keynote
     Institutional Archiving was the title of the            address mentioned a related legal framework                            driver’s license. And then – even when we die
     second paper she presented on September                 of National Archives Day in the Civil Code,                            there is the death certificate—for sure, lifted
     23, 2010, at the University of St. La Salle             “birth determines personality’ and the proof                           from hospitals or municipalities to show that
     (USLS) in Bacolod. Bongalos gave an                     of birth is a record—the birth certificate”.                           we have moved on.”

                           Gabi, 3rd from left at the front row, together with the participants of the seminar in St. La Salle Bacolod.
                    Visitors &                                                                De La Salle University Library

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                                                                           SI T Y
                     Donors                                 LI
                                                                 B R A RY
                                                                                    B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

                                                                                                 Gonzalez, Jorge
 Visitors                     September - October
                                                                                                 Ladlad, Jocelyn
                                                                                                 Laguda, Ricardo FSC
17        Maida C. Santos             University of Mindanao,
                                      Davao City                                                 Makati Extension Campus Office
          Alice R. Lingatong          University of Mindanao,
                                      Davao City                                                 Pontificum Consilium
          C. Gastones                 SMCT, Tagum City
          Hermosilla M. Rusiana       ND-RUM College of                                          Santiago, Edwin
                                      Cotabato, Cotabato City
          Judylie Jumang-it           DMMA College of Southern                                   Santos, Paz Verdades
                                      Philippines, Davao City
          Alfel Gans                  Brokenshire College,                                       Securities and Exchange Commission
                                      Davao City
          Noel Lacaban                MPC, General santos City                                   Solidaridad Bookshop
          Jeanette G. Dials           MMSU-CTE, Laoag City
                                                                                                 Tolentino, Jeden
                                                                                                 Torralba, John Erick
08        Rodolfo Andal               OB Montessori,
                                       San Juan City
          Melissa C. Targa            OB Montessori Center,
                                      Greenhills, San Juan City                                              Recent Acquisitions
14        Estrella G. Cuevo           Landbank, Malate, Manila
          Ana Marie Arenillo          Landbank, Malate, Manila
15        Catherine Pagapulaan        Children of Light Catholic                                 1.    Books
                                      School, Paranaque City
20        David Cabonegro             St. Mary’s University,                                     AG – Dictionaries and other Reference Works
                                      Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
                                                                                                 Where we are now / Mitchell Beazley. AG243 .B44 2008. 2nd Floor,
27        Mercedita C. Merr           Universidad de Sta.                                        Reference
                                      Isabel, Naga City
29        John Hickok                 California State                                           BF - Psychology
                                      University, California, U.S.A.
                                                                                                 Beyond survival : how to thrive amidst life’s inevitable crisis / by
                                                                                                 Roger Collantes. BF637.L53 C64 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference

                                                                                                 Churchmen & politicians / O.V. Cruz. BR115.P7 C78 2010. 4th
                                                                                                 Floor, Filipiniana
            Donors                                                                               A dictionary of psychology / Andrew M. Colman. BF31 .C64 2009.
                                                                                                 2nd Floor, Reference
The DLSU-M Library would like to acknowledge with                                                BJ - Ethics
great appreciation the following donors:
                                                                                                 Filipinos are rich (they just don’t know about it) / Cris
                                                                                                 Enriquez ; foreword by Myles Munroe. BJ1611.2 E57 2010. 4th
Asian Development Bank                                                                           Floor, Filipiniana

Buendia, Rizal                                                                                   BR - Christianity

Bugtai, Nilo                                                                                     My country’s godly heritage : the history of the Philippines in
                                                                                                 biblical perspective / Ferdinand V. Melendres. BR1260 .M44 2010.
                                                                                                 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Del Mundo, Clodualdo
                                                                                                 BT – Doctrinal Theology
Erguiza, Narciso FSC
                                                                                                 They touched His life-- and He theirs : Joseph, Mary, the Magi,
Focus on the Global South                                                                        Anna, Simeon, the shepherds, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Herod, John the
                                                                                                 Baptizer / Jose Pulickal. BT320 .P84 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                   De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                LE UNIV


                                                                                                    DE L A S

                                                                                                                          SI T Y
                                                                                                                B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010   B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

      This complicated and risky task : selected essays on doing contextual             Your guide to Davao, Philippines. DS688.D3 Y68 2009. 4th Floor,
      theology from a Filipino evangelical perspective / by Rodrigo D.                  Filipiniana
      Tano ; with a foreword by Jonathan V. Exiomo ; edited by Romel
      Regalado Bagares. BT30.P6 T36 2006. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                        G – Geography (General). Atlases. Maps
      D – History (General)                                                             Central Asia atlas of natural resources. G2202.21.G3 C43 2010.
                                                                                        2nd Floor, Reference
      Developing world. D880 .D48. 2 Floor, Reference

                                                                                        Countries of the world and their leaders yearbook : a compilation
      DS – History. Asia                                                                of U.S. department of State reports on contemporary political
                                                                                        and economic conditions, governmental personnel and policies
      Batanes : cooperative practices of its people / by Celerina M.                    ... of selected countries of the world ... G123 .C68. 2 nd Floor,
      Navarro. DS663 .N38 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                  Reference
      Governance without glory / Rodolfo V. Romero. DS686.614 .R65                      The Routledge atlas of the Arab-Israeli conflict / Martin Gilbert.
      2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                      G2236.S1 G55 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference
      Leaders : from Marcos to Arroyo / Homobono A. Adaza. DS686.614                    GE – Envinronmental Sciences
      .A3 2009b. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        The environment equation : [100 factors that can add to or
      Lolo Jose : an intimate and illustrated portrait of Jose Ma. Guerrero.            subtract from your total carbon footprint] / Alex Shimo-Barry with
      DS675.8.R47 A85148 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                   Christopher J. Maron. GE195.5 .S55 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference
      My story to tell : a memoir of San Fernando, Pampanga’s last                      GR - Folklore
      municipal mayor and first city mayor / by Jesus Reynaldo B. Aquino
      ; as narrated to Tec Sanchez-Tolosa. DS686.616.A657 A3 2009. 4th                  Alamat ng Mandaluyong = The legend of Mandaluyong / Patrick
      Floor, Filipiniana                                                                Alain T. Azanza, author ; artworks by J. A. Martinez. GR326.M26
                                                                                        A9 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
      National identity / by Diosdado G. Capino, Ma. Minerva A.
      Gonzalez, Filipinas E. Pineda. DS675.8 .R5 C3 2005. 4th Floor,                    Narrative episodes from the Tulalang epic / Hazel J. Wrigglesworth
      Filipiniana                                                                       ... [et al.] ; with a foreword by Loren Billings. GR326.2.M35 N37
                                                                                        2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
      Ninoy at Cory : magkabiyak na bayani / Domingo G. Landicho.
      DS686.6.A6 L36 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                       GV – Recreation. Leisure
      Noli me tangere / by Jose Rizal ; translated by Leon Palad, mga                   Katutubong sining ng Pilipino arnis / Garitony C. Nicolas. GV1141
      patnugot. DS685 .S94 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                 .N5 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
      Palawan : land of blessing / text by Alya B. Honasan ; photography                H – Social Sciences (General)
      by Neal Oshima ; foreword by Joel T. Reyes. DS688.P15 H66 2009.
      4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                            Designing research for publication / Anne Sigismund
                                                                                        H u f f . H 6 2 . H 8 4 2 0 0 9 . 2 nd F l o o r , R e f e r e n c e
      Presidentiables and emerging upheavals / Homobono A. Adaza.
      DS686.615 .A7 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                        Intelligent research design : a guide for beginning researchers in
                                                                                        the social sciences / Bob Hancke. H62 .H247 2009. 2nd Floor,
      Rizal / Asuncion Lopez Bantug ; with a preface by Nick Joaquin.                   Reference
      DS675.8 R5 B3 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Understanding the research process / Paul
      Rizal’s life, works and writings : their impact on our Sarena’s story             O l i v e r. H 6 2 . O 4 4 2 0 1 0 . 2 nd F l o o r , R e f e r e n c e
      : the loss of a kingdom / Criselda Yabes. DS688.S9 Y324 2010. 4th
      Floor, Filipiniana                                                                HB – Economic Theory. Demography
      Sulib : mga usapin ng pagkabansa, 1899-1935 : piling pag-aaral sa                 Demand-driven forecasting : a structured approach to forecasting /
      ating kasaysayan / Rhina Alvero-Boncocan, Ma. Susana Picones-                     Charles Chase. HB3730 .C48 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      Fermin, Ryan V.
                                                                                        Guide to economics for Filipinos / Bernardo M. Villegas. HB74.9.P6
      Sundays in Manila / Robert H. Boyer ; with sketches by June Poticar               V5 2010. 4th Floor, Circulation
      Dalisay. DS660 .B69 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Microeconomics : theory & applications / Edgar K. Browning, Mark
      This is the Philippines / text and photographs by Nigel Hicks. DS660              A. Zupan. HB172 .B76 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      .H54 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Political economy in a globalized world / Jorgen Orstrom Moller
      Waging peace in the Philippines : strengthening peace movements                   ; foreword by Surin Pitsuwan. HB75 .M64 2009. 3 rd Floor,
      and instituting the politics of a just peace : conference proceedings,            Circulation
      December 6-7, 2005 / Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institure. DS686.614
      .W34 2006. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                 Population and development / W.T.S Gould. HB884 .G68 2009. 3rd
                                                                                        Floor, Circulation
      Your guide to Boracay, Philippines. DS688.B69 Y68 2010. 4th
      Floor. Filipiniana                                                                HC – Economic History and Conditions
                     Recent                                                                 De La Salle University Library

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                                                                         SI T Y
                   Acquisition                            LI
                                                               B R A RY
                                                                                  B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

Economic development and transition : thought, strategy,                                       Principles of supply chain management : a balanced approach /
and viability / Justin Yifu Lin. HC59.7 .L56 2009. 3 rd Floor,                                 Joel D. Wisner, G. Keong Leong, Keah-Choon Tan. HD38.5 .W57
irculation                                                                                     2009b. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Handbook of research on cluster theory / edited by Charlie Karlsson.                           Real estate tips / Edward L. Tan.HD1375 .T366 2010. 4th Floor,
HC79.D5 H36 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference                                                         Filipiniana

The reality of aid 2008 : aid effectiveness : “democratic ownership                            Regional forum on ICT applications in enterprise development
and human rights” / Management Committee, The Reality of Aid.                                  : building networks and opportunities for women entrepreneurs
HC60 .R42 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                         in co- operatives : July 30-August 4, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand.
                                                                                               HD3424.A8 R434 2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Sustainable development in practice : sustainomics methodology
and applications / Mohan Munasinghe ; foreword by James Gustave                                Research methods in business studies / Pervez Ghauri, Kjell
Speth. HC79.E5 M86 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                Gronhaug. HD30.4 .G394 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Taiwan development perspectives. HC430.5.A1 T34. 2nd Floor,                                    Services marketing : an Asia-Pacific and Australian perspective
Reference                                                                                      / Christopher H. Lovelock, Paul G. Patterson, Rhett H. Walker.
                                                                                               HD9989 .A82 L68 2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation
HD – Industries, Land Use. Labor
                                                                                               HF - Commerce
Agricultural price distortions, inequality, and poverty / Kym
Anderson, John Cockburn, and Will Martin, editors. HD1447                                      Assurance principles, professional ethics and good governance
.A37 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                              / Ma. Elenita Balatbat Cabrera. HF5667 .C225 2010. 4th Floor,
Build a green small business : profitable ways to become an
ecopreneur / Scott Cooney ; [foreword by Adam Werbach]. HD2341                                 The audit committee handbook / Louis Braiotta,
.C66 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                              Jr. ...[et. al.]. HF5667.15 .A94 2010. 2 nd Floor, Reference

Defining success : stories of 50 farmers entrepreneurs /                                       Auditing & assurance services / Timothy J. Louwers ... [et. al.].
Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw Foundation, Inc., The                                     HF5667 .A794 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Social Enterprise Institution of thee Balay Mindanaw Group of
NGOs, editor. HD9016.P62 D44 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                      The complete guide to direct marketing : creating
                                                                                               breakthrough programs that really work
Empowering women in co-operatives through ICT. HD3424.A8                                       / C h e t M e i s n e r. H F 5 4 1 5 . 1 2 6 . M 4 4 2 0 0 6 .
E56 2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                               2nd Floor, Reference

Family business / Ernesto J. Poza. HD62.25 .P69 2007. 3rd Floor,                               Cost accounting : principles and procedural applications / Pedro P.
Circulation                                                                                    Guerrero. HF5686.C8 G84 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Full range leadership development : pathways for people, profit,                               Financial accounting / Conrado T. Valix, Jose F. Peralta, Christian
and planet / John J. Sosik, Dongil I. Jung. HD57.7 .S697 2010. 3rd                             Aris M. Valix. HF5635 .V34 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Floor, Circulation
                                                                                               Fundamentals of accounting / Ma. Elenita Balatbat Cabrera, Ester
Go negosyo : Joey Concepcion’s 100 inspiring stories of small                                  Francisco Ledesma. HF5635 .C248 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
entrepreneurs : tagumpay mula sa kahirapan. HD2346.P6 G64
2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                   Intermediate accounting : based on PFRS/IFRS / Nenita S. Robles.
                                                                                               Patrica M. Empleo. HF5636 .R6 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
The Handbook of crisis communication / edited by W. Timothy
Coombs and Sherry J. Holladay. HD49 .H36 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference                            The internal auditing handbook / K.H. Spencer Pickett; assisted by
                                                                                               Jennifer M. Pickett. HF5668.25 .P5 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
Handbook of decision making / edited by Paul C. Nutt and
David C. Wilson. HD30.23 .H36 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference                                       Management accounting : concepts and applications / Ma. Elenita
                                                                                               Balatbat Cabrera. HF5657.4 .C3 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
International handbook on industrial policy / edited by Patrizio
Bianchi, Sandrine Labory. HD3611 .I57 2006. 2nd Floor, Reference                                Mobile marketing : finding your customers no matter where they are
                                                                                               / Cindy Krum. HF5415.1265 .K78 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Ka Bel : the life and struggle of Crispin Beltran / Ina Alleco R.                              Strategy and globalization / edited by Karl Moore, Louis Hebert.
Silverio. HD8717.B45 S54 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                          HF1359 .S768 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Labor force, October 2006. HD8713 .P5 no.130. 4 th Floor,                                      Theory of accounts / Conrado T. Valix, Christian Aris M. Valix.
Filipiniana                                                                                    HF5661 .V347 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Learning from experience : co-op business development centers
/ [writer/editor, Cecile S. Abis]. HD3424.A8 A24 2008. 3rd Floor,
Circulation                                                                                    HG - Finance

One strategy : organization, planning, and decision making /                                   Central banking in challenging times : the Philippine experience
Steven Sinofsky, Marco Iansiti. HD30.28 .S5736 2010. 3rd Floor,                                / edited by Vicente B. Valdepenas. HG3316 .C48 2009. 4th Floor,
Circulation                                                                                    Filipiniana
                                                   De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                LE UNIV


                                                                                                    DE L A S

                                                                                                                          SI T Y
                                                                                                                B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010   B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

     Contemporary financial management / James R. McGuigan, William : enhancing Asia-Pacific cooperation on mutual legal assistance,
     J. Kretlow, R. Charles Moyer. HG4026 .M68 2009. 4 th Floor, extradition, and return of the proceeds of corruption : capacity
     Filipiniana                                                      building program / ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia
                                                                      and the Pacific. K5444.8 .A14 2006. 2nd Floor, Reference
     The economics of risk and insurance / S. Hun Seog. HG8054.5 .S46
     2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                     KPM – Law (Philippines)

     HQ – The Family. Marriage. Women                                   The 1997 rules of civil procedure provisional remedies and special
                                                                        civil actions : a reviewer-primer with annotations & updates / by
     Developing and administering a child care and education program Jose Y. Feria and Maria Concepcion S. Noche. KPM3570 .F47 2007.
     / Dorothy June Sciarra, Anne G. Dorsey, Ellen Lynch. HQ778.63 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     S35 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                        The 2005 revised rules of procedure of the National Labor Relations
     Kababaihan sa kalinangan at kasaysayang Pilipino / Mary Dorothy Commission : annotated with illustrations / Monroe C. Tabingan.
     dL. Jose, Atoy M. Navarro, mga patnugot. HQ1758 .K29 2010. 4th KPM1297.A46 .P6 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                        Administrative investigation : a manual for sangguniang panlungsod/
     Where the children are / Gizela M. Gonzalez ; editor, Peter Lugg bayan members / John Reyl L. Mosquito. KPM2424 .M67 2009.
     ; photographers, Jake Verzosa ... [et al.]. HQ792.P6 G67 2010. 4th 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                        Administrative law, the law on public officers, law on elections :
     HV – Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. notes and reviewer / Mauricio C. Ulep. KPM2450 .U44 2006. 4th
     Criminology                                                        Floor, Filipiniana

     Introduction to criminology and psychology of crimes / Proferio C.                 The articles of war : the law and its limitations / Roberto Rafael J.
     Madelo, Jr., Diosdado A. Amante, Harry C. Lorenzo. HV6024 .M34                     Pulido. KPM3395 .P84 2008. 4th Filipiniana
     2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                          Bar review guide in legal and judicial ethics / by Nicolas P. Lapena,
     Module in industrial security management (LEA 2) / Wilfredo C. Jr. KPM53.8 .L36 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Domingo, Harry C. Lorenzo, Diosdado A. Amante. HV8290 .D65
     2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                         Barangay justice system, KP Law : with diversion proceedings
                                                                          under RA 9344 / by John Reyl L. Mosquito. KPM3755 .M67 2010.
     Pointers for sociology of crimes, ethics and correctional 4th Floor, Filiipiniana
     administration / [Juan L.] Agas, [Felipe S.] Bautista, [Ricardo M.]
     Guevara. HV6771.P6 A7 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                   Basic approach to income taxation / by Japar B. Dimaampao.
                                                                          KPM2832 .D45 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
     JA – Political Science (General)
                                                                          Civil Code of the Philippines. KPM479.A31949 P444 2009. 4th
     Political theory : an encyclopedia of contemporary and classic Floor, Filipiniana
     terms / Scott John Hammond. JA61 .H35 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                          Comments and cases on credit transactions / by Hector S. de Leon.
     JQ – Political Institutions and Public Administration (Asia, KPM900 .A28 2006. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)
                                                                          Epichireme : a collection of legal essays / Tirsendo C. Poloyapoy.
     Anti-corruption policies in Asia and the Pacific : progress in legal KPM74 .P64 2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     and institutional reform in 25 countries / [prepared by] ADB/OECD
     Anti- Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific. JQ29.5 .A57 Evidence for everybody : student-friendly, substantive, authoritative
     2006. 2nd Floor, Reference                                           / compiled and edited by E.B. Generoso. KPM3647 .E84 2009. 4th
                                                                          Floor, Filipiniana
     Corruption and implementation : case studies in Philippine public
     administration / Vicente Chua Reyes, Jr. JQ1409.5.C6 .R49 2009. Fundamentals of legal writing / by Roberto A. Abad. KPM48.7 .A34
     4th Floor, Filipiniana                                               2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     A nation of zombies : powerless grassroots, clueless elite, and the Handbook on alternative dispute resolution / by Rufino S. Gallano,
     cycle of corruption in the Philippines / Manuel E. Valdehuesa, Jr. Nancy P. Gallano-Liwanag. KPM3755. G34 2009. 4 th Floor,
     JQ1409.5.C6 V34 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                        Filipiniana
     JZ – International Relations                                                       Handbook on court-annexed mediation / by Rufino S. Gallano.
                                                                                        KPM3755 .G345 2005. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Handbook of peace and conflict studies / edited by Charles Webel
     and Johan Galtung. JZ5538 .H36 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference        Handbook on katarungang pambarangay : sections 399-422, chapter
                                                                      7, title 1, book III, Republic Act No. 7160 (Local Government Code
     The International studies encyclopedia / edited by Robert
     A. Denemark. JZ1160 .I57 2010. 2 Floor, Reference of 1991) / by Himerio Jose Dela Llana Garcia, IV. KPM3755 .G37
                                                                      2006. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
     K – Law in General. Comparative Religious Law.
     Jurisprudence                                                    Handbook on pleadings, practice and procedure before the labor
                                                                      arbiters / by Michael Anthony N. Clemente. KPM1220 .C54 2010.
     Denying safe haven to the corrupt and the proceeds of corruption 4 Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                            De La Salle University Library

                                                               LE UNIV


                                                   DE L A S

                                                                         SI T Y
                                                               B R A RY
                                                                                  B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

Job contractor and consultant agreements / Ramon Elmerito                                      The Revised Penal Code / by Marlo Bermejo Campanilla. KPM3800
Gatchalian. KPM1229 .G37 2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                          .C35 2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
Landowners’ rights : under the agrarian reform program / by Eduardo                            The Revised Penal Code made easy / by Rodolfo G. Palattao.
F. Hernandez and Gil Marie M. Alba, and Adriano Montinola                                      KPM3800 .P49 2005. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Hernandez. KPM671 .H47 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                               The Revised Penal Code made easy for students, bar examinees &
Law on arrest / by Alexander C. Estebal.KPM4654 .E87 2006. 4th                                 practitioners / by Abelardo C. Estrada. KPM3800 .E88 2008. 4th
Floor, Filipiniana                                                                             Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
The law on ejectment and lease : with Supreme Court rulings on                                 Supreme Court reports annotated / compiled, annotated and edited
related special laws / Danilo A. Manalastas. KPM647 .M36 2010.                                 by the editorial staff of the Central Lawbook Publishing Co.,
4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                                         Inc. KPM18.A2 P45. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library; MEC
The law on marriage / by Vicente C. Ramirez, Jr. ; edited by
Katherine S. Ramirez ; foreword by Dante O. Tinga. KPM543 .R35                                 Tax Reform Act of 1997 : National Internal Revenue Code as
2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                                   amended up to RA no. 9337 / compiled & edited by CBSI editorial
                                                                                               staff. KPM2784.31997 A52 2006b. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
National Internal Revenue Code of 1997. KPM2784.31997 A52
2006b. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                                  Towards more justice and more liberty : understanding Writ of
                                                                                               Amparo and Writ of Habeas Data / Rene V. Sarmiento ; foreword
National Internal Revenue Code of 1997. KPM2784.51997 P49                                      by Reynato S. Puno. KPM2390 .S27 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
                                                                                               Uniform rules of procedure : before the administrative disciplinary
The National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines as                                       authorities and the internal affairs service of the Philippine National
amended by the Tax Reform Act of 1997 / by Rodelio T. Dascil.                                  Police : annotated / David Robert C. Aquino. KPM1551.A352007
KPM2784.51997 P49                                                                              N38 2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
                                                                                               Wills & succession : explained and simplified / Siegfred B. Mison.
Partnerships and corporations : law and application for business                               KPM774 .M57 2005. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
students / Fidelito R. Soriano. KPM953.5 .S67 2009. 4th Floor,
Filipiniana                                                                                    LB – Theory and Practice of Education
Philippine legal forms plus : plus complete directory of government                            E-learning : from policies to programmes : report on National
offices including Phil. Courts and foreign embassies in the                                    Workshop : Pilot Course on E-Learning Policies, Colombo,
Philippines / Fernando B. Duque. KPM28 .D86 2009. 4th Floor,                                   Sri Lanka, May 17-24, 2006. LB1044.87 N37 2006. 2nd Floor,
Filipiniana                                                                                    Reference
Philippine legal research and bibliography / by Milagros Santos-                               Mobile learning for expanding educational opportunities : workshop
Ong. KPM47 .O55 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                   report : International Workshop on Mobile Learning for Expanding
                                                                                               Educational Opportunities, 16-20 May 2005, Tokyo, Japan.
Political law compendium / by Jacinto D. Jimenez. KPM1746.7                                    LB1044.84 .I57 2005. 2nd Floor, Reference
.J55 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                               ML – Literature on Music
Practical lawyering in the Philippines : some guides for planning a
prestigious, progressive, permanent and profitable law practice / by                           Kirial de Baclayon, ano 1826 : hispanic sacred music in 19th century
Ricardo B. Teruel. KPM53.4 T47 2005. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                    Bohol, Philippines / Maria Alexandra Inigo Chua. ML3051.P6 .C48
                                                                                               2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Practice court : the art of eliciting evidentiary facts and of
ascertaining the truth / Carlos B. Cambray. KPM3535 .C35 2009.                                 NA - Architecture
4th Floor, Filipiniana
The Quickfinder : political law / by Meyrick Andrew S. Osena.                                  Design + discourse / Gerard Lico, editor. NA1527 .D47 2008. 4th
KPM1750 .O84 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library                                         Floor, Filipiniana
Practitioner’s guide on probation law : presidential decree no. 968                            NB - Sculpture
(as amended by Presidential Decree 1257, and as further amended
by Batas Pambansa Blg. 76 and Presidential Decree 1990) / by                                   The art of Duddley Diaz / by Alice G. Guillermo. NB1029.D82
Himerio Jose Dela Llana Garcia, IV. KPM4830 .G37 2005. 4th Floor,                              G84 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Filipiniana; AGH Library
                                                                                               P – Philology. Linguistics
The quickfinder : political law / by Meyrick Andrew S. Osena.
KPM1750 .O84 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library                                         Exploring second language classroom research : a
                                                                                               comprehensive guide / David Nunan, Kathleen M.
The quickfinder : remedial law / by Meyrick Andrew S. Osena.                                   Bailey. P51 .N845 2009. 2 nd Floor, Reference; BBLRC
KPM3700 .O84 2007. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH Library
                                                                                               PL – Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa,
Reviewer in property registration and related proceedings / by                                 Oceania
Oswaldo D. Agcaoili. KPM715 .A36 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana;
AGH Library                                                                                    Mga agos sa disyerto : maiikling kathang Filipino / Efren R. Abueg
                                                   De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                LE UNIV


                                                                                                    DE L A S

                                                                                                                          SI T Y
                                                                                                                B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010   B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

     ... [et al.]. PL6164.4 .A35 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                           T838 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

     Ang ambahan ni Ambo / ni Ed Maranan ; iginuhit nina Marlon Perez,                  UP diksiyonaryong Filipino / Virgilio S. Almario, punong editor.
     Victor Joaquin. PL6165.4.M359 A424 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                    PL6057 .U6 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

     Banyuhay ni Lam-ang / epiko ni Domingo G. Landicho.                                PN – Literature (General)
     PL6165.4.L34 B36 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Basic journalism handbook / Filemon V. Viduya.PN5422 .V534
     Burador / Alvin B. Yapan, patnugot ; Glenda C. Oris, katuwang na                   2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     patnugot. PL6059 .B87 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious
     Conversational Cebuano / by Ma. Russel Pielago, Josefina Gonzaga                   about serious books / William Germano. PN161 .G47 2008. 2nd
     ; with Aida Jumao-as ... [et al.]. PL5649.2 .P5 2010. 4th Floor,                   Floor, Reference
                                                                                        Police jokes for all occasions : the lighter side of law
     Diwalwal : bundok ng ginto / Edgardo M. Reyes. PL6165.4.R396                       enforcement / by Rodolfo M. Garcia. PN6231.P59 G37 2008. 4th
     D58 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                   Floor, Filipiniana

     Filipino 2 : pagbasa at pagsulat sa masining na pananaliksik sa                    Renaissance = Ang muling pagsilang. PN6790.P6 R46 2010. 4th
     antas tersaryo / Cynthia B. Cruz ... [et al.]. PL5517 .F54 2010. 4th               Floor, Filipiniana
     Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        T h e s p e a k e r ’s q u o t e b o o k : o v e r 5 , 0 0 0 i l l u s t r a t i o n s
     Ibanak basic dictionary : Ibanak-English, English-Ibanak / Carlos                  and quotations for all occasions / [compiled by Roy
     J. Balao ; [foreword by Fe Tibayan-Palileo]. PL5721.Z5 B34 2009.                   B. Zuck]. PN6084.O3 S64 2009. 2 nd Floor, Reference
     4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        Teksbuk sa pagsasalin / Aurora E. Batnag, Jayson D. Petras, mga
     Kaliwete at iba pang tula / Rolando Inton Cunanan. Literatura                      may-akda ; Lilia F. Antonio, koordineytor. PN241.5.P6 B37 2009.
     ng iba’t ibang rehiyon ng Pilipinas / Leticia D. Espina, Norly                     4th Floor, Filipiniana
     R. Plasencia, Victoria R. Ramos. PL5542 .E86 2009. 4th Floor,
     Filipiniana                                                                        PS – Philippine Literature in English

     Nick Joaquin’s selected works and their relevance to the Philippine                Commend contend / Edith L. Tiempo. PS9993.T54 C65 2010. 4th
     society today : making alive the spirit of brotherhood among                       Floor, Filipiniana
     Filipinos / Lilia Trestiza-Bucao. PL6141 .B8 2008. 4 th Floor,
     Filipiniana                                                                        Reportage on crime : thirteen horror happenings that hit the headlines
                                                                                        / Quijano de Manila [i.e. N. Joaquin]. PS9993.J62 R4 2009. 4th
     Pagbasa at pagsulat tungo sa pananaliksik / Carmelita T. Alejo... [et              Floor, Filipiniana
     al.], mga may-akda ; Lilia F. Antonio, koordineytor. PL5517 .P34
     2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                       Terminal four : corruption in America’s only colony in Asia / Perfecto
                                                                                        R. Yasay, Jr. PS9993.Y38 T47 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Pagbasa at pagsulat tungo sa pananaliksik / Heidi C. Atanacio,
     Yolanda S. Lingat, Rita D. Morales. PL5517 .A8 2009. 4th Floor,                    Q – Science (General)
                                                                                        Essentials of science classroom assessment / Xiufeng Liu. Q181.
     Palihan : hikayat sa panitikan at malikhaing pagsulat / Eugene Y.                  L58 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Evasco, Will P. Ortiz, mga may-akda ; Lilia F. Antonio, koordineytor.
     PL6142 .E9 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                            The Facts on File geometry handbook / Catherine
                                                                                        A. Gorini. QA445.2 .G67 2009. 2 nd Floor, Reference
     Pambansang balagtasan, 2008 / Galileo S. Zafra, patnugot. PL6164.2
     P35 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                   QA – Computer Science

     Pangako ng bayani / ni Ed Maranan ; [iginuhit ni Marlon Perez,                     Computer system organization with assembly language / Teodoro F.
     Victor Joaquin]. PL6165.4.M359 P35 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                    Revano. QA76.9.A73 R48 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation

     Pihikan at iba pang tula / Rolando Inton Cunanan.                                  QA - Mathematics
     PL6165.4.C95 K34 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                        College algebra for Filipino students / Sheila P. Cayabyab ... [et al.].
     Regalong hiram : kailan magiging tama ang mali? Alamin nating ang                  QA152.3 .C64 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     sagot sa kwento ng buhay ni Liz ... / Elyza Rivera. PL6165.4.R578
     R44 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                   Galileo’s new universe : the revolution in our understanding of the
                                                                                        cosmos / Stephen P. Maran and Laurence A. Marschall. QB28 .M37
     Retorika : masining na pagpapahayag / Teresita Perez-Semorlan,                     2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
     Felina C. Marino, mga may-akda ; Lilia F. Antonio, koordineytor.                   A handbook of statistical analyses using R / Brian S. Everitt and
     PL6059 .S45 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                           Torsten Hothorn. QA276.45.R3 E94 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference

     Mga tulang lagalag / Rolando Inton Cunanan. PL6165.4.C95 T837                      Mathematical problem solving yearbook / editors, Berinderjeet Kaur,
     2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana                                                       Yeap Ban Har, Manu Kapur. QA63 .M38. 2nd Floor, Reference

     Mga tulang manibalang / ni Rolando Inton Cunanan. PL6165.4.C95                     Plane and spherical trigonometry / Agnes Cenen E. Sarmiento ... [et
                                                                                                 De La Salle University Library

                                                                    LE UNIV


                                                        DE L A S

                                                                              SI T Y
                                                                    B R A RY
                                                                                       B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n   Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

al.]. QA531 .P5 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                        RA – Public Aspects of Medicine

Statistics & probability : a simplified approach / Madeleine S. Caras                               Handbook of modern hospital safety / edited by William Charney.
... [et al.]. QA276 .S69 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                               RA969.95 .H36 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference

University calculus : elements with early transcendentals / Joel Hass,                              RC – Internal Medicine
Maurice D. Weir, George B. Thomas, Jr. QA303.2 .H37 2009. 3rd
Floor, Circulation                                                                                  The biology of cancer / edited by Janice Gabriel. RC262 .B56 2007.
                                                                                                    3rd Floor, Circulation
QC - Physics
                                                                                                    Disgust and its disorders : theory, assessment, and treatment
Acoustics and psychoacoustics / David M. Howard and Jamie A.S.                                      implications / edited by Bunmi O. Olatunji and Dean McKay.
Angus. QC225.15 .H68 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                   RC455.4.A94 D57 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Fundamentals of electromagnetics / David Voltmer. QC760 .V65                                        Principles and practice of psychiatric rehabilitation : an empirical
2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                        approach / Patrick W. Corrigan ... [et al.]. RC439.5 .P74 2008. 3rd
                                                                                                    Floor, Circulation
Prevention and control of dust and sandstorms in northeast Asia.
QC959.E18 P74 2005. 2nd Floor, Reference                                                            Spirituality and the therapeutic process : a comprehensive resource
                                                                                                    from intake to termination / edited by Jamie D. Aten and Mark M.
The real global warming disaster : is the obsession with ‘climate                                   Leach. RC489.S676 S64 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
change’ turning out to be the most costly scientific blunder in
history? / Christopher Booker. QC981.8.G56 B66 2009. 3rd Floor,                                     RG – Gynecology and Obstetrics
                                                                                                    The transition years : perimenopause in Filipino women / Alice M.
QD - Chemistry                                                                                      Sun-Cua. RG188 .C8 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Chemistry for engineering students / Lawrence S. Brown, Thomas                                      SB – Plant Culture
A. Holme. QD31.3 .B76 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                  Environmental impact of genetically modified crops / edited by
                                                                                                    Natalie Ferry and Angharad M.R. Gatehouse. SB123.57 .E58 2009.
CliffsAP chemistry / by Bobrow Test Preparation Services. QD42                                      3rd Floor, Circulation
.C54 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                                                    T – Technology (General)
Introduction to surface chemistry and catalysis / Gabor A. Somorjai,
Yimin Li. QD506 .S66 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                   Alive and well at the end of the day : the
                                                                                                    supervisor ’s guide to managing safety in operations
Superacid chemistry / George A. Olah ... [et al.]. QD477 .S96 2009.                                 / Paul D. Balmert. T55 .B34 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                    The Cinema 4D R10 handbook / Anson Call. T385 .C34 2007. 2nd
QE - Geology                                                                                        Floor, Reference
Quantitative geochemistry / Haibo Zou. QE515 .Z68 2007. 3rd                                         Fundamental principles of engineering nanometrology / Richard
Floor, Circulation                                                                                  K. Leach. T174.7 .L4 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
QH – Natural History. Biology                                                                       Understanding and using linear programming / Jiri Matousek, Bernd
                                                                                                    Gartner. T57.74 .M37 2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Encyclopedia of marine natural products / Jean-
Michel Kornprobst ; translated from French by T.B.                                                  Up and running with AutoCAD 2010 / Elliot Gindis. T385 .G39
Ta m H a . Q H 9 1 . K 6 7 1 3 2 0 1 0 . 2 n d F l o o r, R e f e r e n c e                         2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
QK - Botany                                                                                         TA – Engineering (General). Civil Engineering
Ainsworth & Bisby’s dictionary of the fungi / by P.M. Kirk ... [et                                  Advanced mechanics of solids / L. S. Srinath. TA350 .S74 2009.
al.] ; with the assistance of T.V. Andrianova ... [et al.]. QK600.35                                3rd Floor, Circulation
.A37 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                                                    Bioengineering fundamentals / Ann Saterbak, Ka-Yiu San,
Deskbook : Philippine medicinal plants in primary health care /                                     Larry V. McIntire. TA164 .S27 2007. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
Dietmar J. Rummel. QK99.P6 R85 2009. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
                                                                                                    Carbon nanotube science : synthesis, properties and
A guide to medicinal plants : an illustrated, scientific and medicinal                              applications / Peter J.F. Harris. TA455.C3 H37 2009. 3rd Floor,
approach / Koh Hwee Ling, Chua Tung Kian, Tan Chay Hoon ; other                                     Circulation
contributors: Johannes Murti Jaya ... [et al.] ; photographers: Chua                                Crack analysis in structural concrete : theory and applications
Tung Kian ... [et al.]. 2nd Floor, Reference                                                        / Zihai Shi. TA445 .S54 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

QP - Physiology                                                                                     Earthquake resistant design and risk reduction / David
                                                                                                    Dowrick. TA654.6 .D68 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
Textbook of biochemistry : with clinical correlations / edited by
Thomas M. Devlin. QP514.2 .T49 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                         The engineering design of systems : models and methods / Dennis
                                                     De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                    LE UNIV


                                                                                                        DE L A S

                                                                                                                              SI T Y
                                                                                                                    B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010       B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

      M. Buede. TA168 .B84 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                     Construction supply chain management : concepts and case studies
                                                                                            / edited by Stephen Pryke. TH438 .C66 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      Engineering ethics : concepts and cases / Charles E. Harris, Michael S.
      Pritchard, Michael J. Rabins. TA157 .H37 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                 Finance and control for construction
                                                                                            / Chris March. TH437 .M37 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
      Eshbach’s handbook of engineering fundamentals / edited by Myer
      Kutz. TA151 .E8 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference                                            Fire technology & arson investigation (CDI-6) / Marcelo L.
                                                                                            Montanio, Harry C. Lorenzo, Diosdado A. Amante. TH9180 .M65
      Fluid mechanics : fundamentals and applications / Yunus A. Cengel,                    2010. 4th Floor, Filipinina
      John M. Cimbala. TA357 .C46 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                            HVAC systems design handbook / Roger W. Haines, Michael E.
      Fundamentals of seismic loading on structures / Tapan                                 Myers. TH7345 .H34 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
      K . S e n . TA 6 5 8 . 4 4 . S 4 6 2 0 0 9 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n
                                                                                            Handbook for blast-resistant design of buildings / edited by Donald
      Handbook of structural steel connection design and details / Akbar                    O. Dusenberry. TH1097 .H36 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
      R. Tamboli, editor. TA472 .H29 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                                            Hot and cold water supply / prepared by R.H. Garrett for British
      Introduction to finite element analysis and design / Nam-Ho Kim                       Standards Institution. TH6521 .G37 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      and Bhavani Sankar. TA347.F5 K545 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                            I l l u s t r a t e d 2 0 0 9 b u i l d i n g c o d e h a n d b o o k / Te r r y L .
      The laws of simplicity / John Maeda. TA168 .M33 2006. 3rd Floor,                      P a t t e r s o n . T H 4 2 0 . P 3 7 2 0 1 0 . 2 n d F l o o r, R e f e r e n c e
                                                                                            Modern diesel technology : heavy equipment systems / Robert Huzij,
      Life-cycle civil engineering : proceedings of the first                               Angelo Spano, Sean Bennett. TH900 .H89 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, Varenna,
      Lake Como, Italy, June 10-14, 2008 / editors, Fabio Biondini, Dan                     Practical heating technology / William M. Johnson, Kevin
      M. Frangopol. TA153 .I57 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                 Standiford. TH7345 .J64 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

      Materials science and engineering / William D. Callister, Jr., David                  Structural investigation of historic buildings : a case study guide
      G. Rethwisch. TA403 .C34 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                 to preservation technology for buildings, bridges, towers, and
                                                                                            mills / David C. Fischetti. TH439 .F57 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      Mechanics of materials / James M. Gere, Barry J.
      G o o d n o . TA 4 0 5 . T 5 4 2 0 0 9 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n       TJ – Mechanical Engineering and Machinery

      Risk assessment in geotechnical engineering / Gordan A. Fenton,                       B a s i c a n d a p p l i e d t h e r m o d y n a m i c s / P. K . N a g .
      D.V. Griffiths. TA710 .F46 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation                               T J 2 6 5 . N 3 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 rd F l o o r , C i r c u l a t i o n

      Rules of thumb in engineering practice / Donald R. Woods. TA153                       Conjugate problems in convective heat transfer / Abram
      .W66 2007. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                     S. Dorfman. TJ260 .D67 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

      TC – Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering                                         Conveyors : application, selection, and integration / Patrick
                                                                                            M. McGuire. TJ1390 .M34 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
      Fundamentals of hydraulic engineering systems /
      Robert J. Houghtalen, A. Osman Akan, Ned H.C.                                         The dynamics of energy : supply, conversion, and utilization /
      H w a n g . T C 1 6 0 . H 6 8 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n        Horacio Perez-Blanco. TJ163.2 .P47 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation

      TD – Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering                                   Energy management handbook / [edited] by Steve Doty and Wayne
                                                                                            C. Turner. TJ163.2 .E55 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
      Environmental chemistry / Stanley E. Manahan.
      T D 1 9 3 . M 3 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 rd F l o o r , C i r c u l a t i o n                    Fluid machinery : application, selection, and design / Terry Wright,
                                                                                            Philip M. Gerhart. TJ267 .W74 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      Fundamentals of environmental chemistry / Stanley E. Manahan.
      TD193 .M35 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                               Fluid power engineering / M. Galal Rabie.TJ840 .R34 2009. 3rd
                                                                                            Floor, Circulation
      How to reduce your carbon footprint : 365 practical ways to make a real
      difference / Joanna Yarrow. TD171.7 .Y37 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation                 Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics : SI version / Michael
                                                                                            J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro. TJ265 .M67 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
      Railway noise and vibration : mechanisms, modelling and means of
      control / David Thompson. TD893.6.R3 T46 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                 Gas turbine combustion : alternative fuels and emissions / Arthur
                                                                                            H. Lefebvre and Dilip R. Ballal. TJ778 .L44 2010. 3rd Floor,
      Wa s t e - w a t e r e n g i n e e r i n g / R . P a r k e r . . . [ e t              Circulation
      a l . ] . T D 7 4 5 . W 3 5 2 0 0 9 . 3 rd F l o o r , C i r c u l a t i o n          Gas turbines : a handbook of air, land and sea applications / Claire
      TH – Building Construction                                                            Soares. TJ778 .S6 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference

      C a r p e n t r y & c o n s t r u c t i o n / M a r k R . M i l l e r, R e x          Machine tools handbook : design and operation / P.H. Joshi. TJ1185
      M i l l e r. T H 5 6 0 6 . M 5 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n     .J65 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference

      Construction purchasing & supply chain management / W.C. Benton,                      Mechatronics and machine vision in practice / John
      Jr., Linda F. McHenry. TH438 .B46 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                        Billingsley, Robin Bradbeer, eds. TJ163.12 .M37 2008. 3rd Floor,
                                                                                                        De La Salle University Library

                                                                           LE UNIV


                                                               DE L A S

                                                                                     SI T Y
                                                                           B R A RY
                                                                                              B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n       Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

Circulation                                                                                                Shabany. TK7870.25 .S5 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

Modern diesel technology : diesel engines / Sean                                                           Lithium ion rechargeable batteries / edited by Kazunori
B e n n e t t . T J 7 9 5 . B 4 6 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n                         Ozawa. TK2945.L58 L57 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

PIC projects : a practical approach / Hassan Parchizadeh and Branislav                                     Optical sensors : basics and applications / Jorg
Vuksanovic. TJ223.P76 P37 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                     Haus. TK8360.O67 H38 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation

Pipeline rules of thumb handbook : [a manual of] quick and accurate                                        Principles of communications : systems, modulation, and noise / Rodger
solutions to your everyday pipeline problems / E.W. McAllister,                                            E. Ziemer, William H. Tranter. TK5105 .Z54 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
editor. TJ930 .P56 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                                                           Product reliability, maintainability, and supportability handbook /
Piping systems manual / Brian Silowash. TJ930 .S54 2010. 2nd                                               edited by Michael Pecht. TK7870 .P76 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
Floor, Reference
                                                                                                           Signals and systems demystified : [a self-teaching guide] / David
Power     equipment       engine       technology                                                          McMahon. TK5102.9 .M35 2007. 2nd Floor, Reference
/ Edward Abdo. TJ755 .A24 2011. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Wire bonding in microelectronics / George G. Harmon. TK7836
Programming Lego Mindstorms NXT / Owen Bishop. TJ211.15                                                    .H36 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
.B57 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Wireless quality of service : techniques, standards and applications
R o b o t p r o g r a m m e r ’s b o n a n z a / J o h n B l a n k e n s h i p ,                           / edited by Maode Ma, Mieso K. Denko, Yan Zhang. TK5103.2
Samuel Mishal. TJ211 .B56 2008. 3 rd Floor, Circulation                                                    .W5775 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
System dynamics / William J. Palm, III. TJ213 .P365 2010. 3rd                                              TL – Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Automotive custom interiors / Sue Elliot. TL275 .E44 2009. 3rd
Technology of machine tools / Steve F. Krar, Arthur R.                                                     Floor, Circulation
Gill, Peter Smid. TJ1185 .K75 2011. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Automotive service : inspection, maintenance, repair
Thermodynamics of solar energy conversion                                                                  / Tim Gilles. TL152 .G54 2008. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
/ Alexis de Vos. TJ810 .V67 2008. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Automotive steering, suspension, and alignment / James
Tw o - s t r o k e e n g i n e r e p a i r & m a i n t e n a n c e                                         D. Halderman. TL259 .H34 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
/ Paul Dempsey. TJ790 .D46 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Build your own electric vehicle / Seth Leitman, Bob Brant. TL220
Wind energy explained : theory, design and application / J.F. Manwell,                                     .L44 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
J.G. McGowan and A.L. Rogers. TJ820 .M36 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           The high cost of motoring in the Philippines / Armando Ang.
Wind power / Peter Musgrove. TJ828 .M87 2010. 3 rd Floor,                                                  TL152.55.P6 A54 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                                           Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles / James D. Halderman, Tony
TK – Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear                                                          Martin. TL221.15 .H34 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Decommissioning and radioactive waste management / A. Rahman.                                              Manual transmissions & transaxles / Jack Erjavec. TL262 .E75
TK9152.2 .R34 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                 2011. 2nd Floor, Reference

Digital integrated circuits : analysis and design / John E.                                                Run your diesel vehicle on biofuels : a do-it-yourself guide / Jon
Ay e r s . T K 7 8 7 4 . 6 5 . A 9 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n                      Starbuck and Gavin D.J. Harper. TL229.D5 S7 2009. 2nd Floor,
Electric motor control / Stephen L. Herman.
T K 2 8 5 1 . H 4 6 5 2 0 1 0 . 3 rd F l o o r , C i r c u l a t i o n                                     The sports car and kit car suspension and brakes high
                                                                                                           performance manual / Des Hammill. TL257 .H35 2008. 2nd Floor,
Electric motor drive : installation and troubleshooting / Glen                                             Reference
A. Mazur, William J. Weindorf. TK2851 .M39 2003. 3rd Floor,
Circulation                                                                                                TN – Mining Engineering. Metallurgy

Essentials of electric motors and controls / Charles                                                       Physical metallurgy principles / Reza Abbaschian, Lara Abbaschian,
M . Tr o u t . T K 2 5 1 4 . T 7 6 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n                        Robert E. Reed-Hill. TN690 .A2 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Fuel cells : problems and solutions / Vladimir S. Bagotsky. TK2931                                         Working guide to pumps and pumping stations : calculations and
.B34 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                          simulations / E. Shashi Menon and Pramila S. Menon. TN879.54
                                                                                                           .M46 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Handbook of fuel cells : fundamentals technology and applications /
editors, Wolf Vielstich, Arnold Lamm, Hubert A. Gasteiger. TK2931                                          TP – Chemical Technology
.H36 2009. 2nd Floor, Reference
                                                                                                           B i o c h e m i c a l e n g i n e e r i n g / J o h n S . B a i l e y, S . C .
Heat transfer : thermal management of electronics / Younes                                                 B h a t i a . T P 2 4 8 . 3 . B 3 4 5 2 0 0 9 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n
                                                    De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                   LE UNIV


                                                                                                       DE L A S

                                                                                                                             SI T Y
                                                                                                                   B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010      B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

     Biochemical engineering / Fabian E. Dumont and Jack A. Sacco,                         Food safety, sanitation and hygiene / Helen U. Alvarez, Gina Marie
     editors. TP248.3 .B558 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                   M. Cabuhal. TX911.3.S3 A48 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
     Engineering chemistry / A. Pahari, B. Chauhan. TP155 .P34 2007.                       Front office system and procedures / Elpedia M. Lago. TX911.3
     3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                M27 L34 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
     Fuels and combustion / Samir Sarkar. TP319 .S37 2009. 3rd Floor,                      The recipes I love : 60 all-time favorite dishes / Norma Olizon
     Circulation                                                                           Chikiamco. TX725.P6 C54 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
     Hydrogen and syngas production and purification                                       Restaurant and cafeteria management service / Benita V. Villanueva.
     technologies / edited by Ke Liu, Chunshan Song, Velu                                  TX911.3.M27 V54 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
     Subramani. TP359.H8 H94 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                           UA – Armies: Organization, Distribution, Military Situation
     Introduction to biochemical engineering / D.G. Rao. TP248.3 R36
     2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                          Technology and security : governing threats in the new millennium
                                                                                           / edited by Brian Rappert. UA10.5 .T34 2007. 3 rd Floor,
     Refrigeration and air conditioning / C.P. Arora. TP492 .A7 2009.                      Circulation
     3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                           Z – Books (General). Writing. Paleography. Book Industries
     S o lid f u els co mb u s tio n an d g as ificatio n : mod elin g ,                   and Trade. Libraries. Bibliography
     simulation, and equipment operations / Marcio L.
     de Souza-Santos. TP319 .S68 2010. 3 rd Floor, Circulation                             The academic library manager ’s forms, policies, and
                                                                                           procedures handbook with CD-ROM / Rebecca Brumley.
     TR - Photography                                                                      Z 6 7 5 . U 5 B 8 8 2 0 0 7 . 2 n d F l o o r, R e f e r e n c e ; B B L R C
     Optical media / Friedrich Kittler ; translated by Anthony                             Virtual reference service : from competencies to assessment / edited by
     E n n s . T R 1 5 . K 5 7 1 3 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n        R. David Lankes ... [et al.]. Z711.45 .V57 2008. 2nd Floor, Reference
     TS - Manufactures                                                                     Writing your journal article in 12 weeks : a guide to academic
                                                                                           publishing success / Wendy Laura Belcher. Z471 .B44 2009. 2nd
     Cost reduction and optimization for manufacturing and industrial                      Floor, Reference
     companies / Joseph Berk. TS165 .B47 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
                                                                                           2.          Faculty Papers
     Inventory management : non-classical views / edited by
     Mohamad Y. Jaber. TS160 .I58 2009. 3 rd Floor, Circulation                                        •	              Abella, Leonilla
                                                                                                       -               An investigation on the removal of arsenic from
     Manufacturing facilities design and material handling / Matthew                                                   simulated groundwater by adsorption using iron
     P. Stephens, Fred E. Meyers. TS184 .S74 2010. 3 rd Floor,                                                         oxide (III)
     Circulation                                                                                       -               Removal of arsenic from simulated groundwater by
                                                                                                                       adsorption using iron-modified rice husk carbon
     Materials and design : the art and science of material
     selection in product design / Mike Ashby and Kara                                                 •	              Africa, Aaron Don
     J o h n s o n . T S 1 7 1 . A 8 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n                -               Quantitative evaluation of open source content
                                                                                                                       management systems
     Plant and process engineering 360 / [Mike
     To o l e y ] . T S 1 7 6 . T 6 6 4 2 0 1 0 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n               •	              Aguas, Karla Marie C.
                                                                                                       -               Filipino adolescent students’ conceptions of learning
     P r i n c i p l e s o f m o d e r n m a n u f a c t u r i n g / M i k e l l P.                                    goals
     G r o o v e r. T S 1 8 3 . G 7 9 2 0 11 . 3 r d F l o o r, C i r c u l a t i o n                  -               Filipino adolescent’s emotional autonomy and
                                                                                                                       psychosocial adjustment
     RFID metrics : decision making tools for today’s supply chains
     / William Oliver Hedgepeth. TS160 .H44 2007. 3 rd Floor,                                          •	              Almonte, Catherine Kalayaan S.
     Circulation                                                                                       -               Attitudes of stock brokerage employees on Philippine
                                                                                                                       corporate governance reforms
     Resource-constrained project scheduling :                                                         -               The day-of-the-week effect in the Philippine stock
     models, algorithms, extensions and applications                                                                   market, January 3, 2000 to July 23, 2004
     / e d i t e d b y C h r i s t i a n A r t i g u e s , S o p h i e D e m a s s e y,
     Emmanuel Neron. TS157.5 .R47 2008. 3 rd Floor, Circulation                                        •	              Ambat, Jenalene A.
                                                                                                       -               Configuring Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (exchange
     TX – Home Economics                                                                               •	              Apolega, Dennis
                                                                                                       -               On Searle and Putnam’s criticism of computational
     Consumer economics : issues and behaviors / Elizabeth B.                                                          psychology : some reflections on conceptions of the
     Goldsmith. TX335 .G64 2009. 3rd Floor, Circulation                                                                self, science and technology
     Flavors of the Philippines : a culinary guide to the best of the                                  •	              Astudillo, Liezl R.
     islands / Glenda Rosales-Barretto. TX724.5.P6 .B37 2006. 4th Floor,                               -               General self-presentational strategies used by college
     Filipiniana                                                                                                       students in establishing romantic relationships and
                                                                                   De La Salle University Library

                                                      LE UNIV


                                          DE L A S

                                                                SI T Y
                                                      B R A RY
                                                                         B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n     Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

      friendships                                                                                -     Development of an automated curling, stamping and
                                                                                                       counting (ACSC) machine for can lid
 •	   Auresenia, Joseph                                                                          -     Development of an automated egg cracking and
 -    Column study on arsenic removal by adsorption using                                              separating machine
      laterite and iron modified                                                                 -     Development of an automated reverse vending
 -    Equilibrium and kinetic study on arsenic removal by                                              aluminum cans crusher
      adsorption using laterite and iron-modified activated                                      -     Development of an automated sachet filling and
      carbon                                                                                           sealing machine for vegetable cooking oil
 -    Water network synthesis using mutation-enhanced                                            -     Development of Bulsu manufacturing cell
      particle swarm optimization                                                                -     Development of CIM lab for mechatronics engineering
 •	   Avila, Benedict                                                                            -     Development of user-oriented software to control
 -    Greenlight. Netbook anyone?                                                                      machine tool
                                                                                                 -     Divine proportion in relation to the physics of human
 •	   Balang, Richard C.                                                                               body
 -    A research on the profile and training needs analysis                                      -     Fixturing information models using UML class
      of the present leaders of Chiro Pilipinas in Luzon                                               diagram
      Region                                                                                     -     Fixturing system in an information model based
                                                                                                       concurrent engineering environment
 •	   Bautista, Cirilo F.                                                                        -     Gait data acquisition system with integrated
 -    Breaking signs. Follow up on “Prokuff”                                                           pedobarograph and imaging system
 -    Breaking signs. The life of signs                                                          -     Information models in an integrated fixture decision
 -    Breaking signs. A strange intrusion                                                              support tool
 -    Breaking signs. A time to smell the flowers                                                -     Innovative design of an automated lateral turning
 -    Breaking signs. To build a poem                                                                  bed
 -    Breaking signs. Vertical gardens                                                           -     Mechatronics education at Bulacan State University
                                                                                                 -     Modular design of an automatic storage and retrieval
 •	   Berino, Dennis L.                                                                                system
 -    Greenlight. Toy story 3 and the environment                                                -     Radiated electro-magnetic interference assessment for
 -    Managing for society. Discipline                                                                 line two light rail transit project phase one
 -    The view from Taft. High-reliability organizations                                         -     Role of technology and how it enables effective and
                                                                                                       efficient lean implementation
 •	   Biana, Hazel                                                                               -     Semi-automated vertical flatbed lifter (SAVeLift)
 -    Virtual authenticity : Facebook updates the Pinoy                                          -     Speech enhancement using 4-element microphone
      existentialist’s status                                                                          array beamforming combined with blind signal
 •	   Bombongan, Dominador Jr.                                                                   -     Towards the development of more human-like robotic
 -    The concept of social exclusive : an overview                                                    therapy devices : a review
 -    Poverty : a post-liberation theology perspective
 -    Protecting human rights in the age of globalization                                        •	    Camacho, Drexel H.
                                                                                                 -     Efficient incorporation of polar comonomers in
 •	   Brondial, Yolanda                                                                                copolymerizations with ethylene using a cyclophane-
 -    Buffering capability of B-chloropropionic acid-                                                  based Pd(II)-diimine catalyst
      sodium B-chloropropionate system in acidic
      geothermal brine                                                                           •	    Campeῆa, Francis Joseph H.
 -    Effect of vacuum pressure on ethanol fermentation                                          -     Foldthickness of bipartite doubles and line graphs
 -    pH buffering for acidic geothermal wells utilization                                       -     Foldthinkness of some graphs [electronic resource]
                                                                                                       (Masteral theses)
 •	   Buban, Raquel Sison                                                                        -     Lecture notes : elementary statistics for business 2
 -    Hagupit sa bilanggong kaakuhan : isang paglasap sa                                         -     Lecture notes : probability and statistics for computer
      purgatoryo ng bayan                                                                              science majors
 -    Malay: natatanging isyu sa wika: Ang paliwanag                                             -     Lecture notes in simple and compound interest and
      ng tagaliha ng aluminyo kung bakit hindi siya                                                    basic annuities
      yumuyukod sa mga amo niyang hapon (The Pinoy
      as Asian)                                                                                  •	    Canillas, Charmaine V.
                                                                                                 -     Advance to the future
 •	   Bugtai, Nilo                                                                               -     AME induction : empowerment, the art of
 -    Automated shrimp sorting machine                                                                 mentoring
 -    Biomedical engineering education and research :                                            -     Art as a brand
      DLSU’s contribution towards a better healthcare                                            -     Creativity amidst downturn
      systems for the Philippines                                                                -     The new advertising landscape
 -    Computer Integrated Manufacturing [CIM] system
      development for Bulsu Mechatronics Engineering                                             •	    Carpio, Kristine Joy E.
      Education                                                                                  -     Assessing long-range dependence in M/P/2 queues
 -    Design and Implementation of a Telemedicine                                                -     Long-range dependence of Markov chains in discrete
      Information System (TMIS) for managing obstetrical,                                              time on countable state space
      gynecological and general medical data                                                     -     Long-range dependence of positive Harris chains
 -    Design for variable-geometry rotor of a vertical-axis                                      -     Long-range dependence of stationary process in
      wind turbine using CATIA software                                                                single-server queues
                                                   De La Salle University Library
                                                                                                                LE UNIV


                                                                                                    DE L A S

                                                                                                                          SI T Y
                                                                                                                B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010   B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

                  -    Mathematics makes me wonder                                                  -              Mini critique. Where to add two years

                  •	   Cauilan, Bob P.                                                              •	             Cuarteros, Gladstone
                  -    The Philippine Historical index : an evaluation                              -              Democracy in the South : participation, the state and
                                                                                                                   the people
                  •	   Cayanes, Dexter
                  -    Bangon-bundok                                                                •	             Dacela, Anthony
                  -    Cuba(o) Cuba                                                                 -              Finding sense in abstract : representation, interpretation,
                  -    Kallautang Punongbayan (1937-2005)                                                          and meaning
                  -    Tagulaylay para sa pinaslang na tanod-gubat
                                                                                                    •	             De Castro, Renato
                  •	   Chin, Chona T.                                                               -              Exploring Southeast Asia’s defence economies :
                  -    Impact study on the effectiveness of the student                                            opportunities and challenges in the era of globalization,
                       monitoring program SY 2008-2009                                                             1993-2005
                  -    Self regulation capacity and emotional intelligence of                       -              Handbook of terrorism and insurgency in Southeast
                       selected BS Nursing students with absentee parents                                          Asia
                       of Our Lady of Fatima University Valenzuela City,                            -              Politics in command : the case of the US proposal for
                       SY 2008-2009                                                                                an FTA with the Philippines

                  •	   Concepcion, Rene F.                                                          •	             Demeterio, Feorillo Petronillo III
                  -    Greenlight. What I really want to do                                         -              Ang balangkas ng multikulturalismo at ang pagbubuo
                                                                                                                   ng bansang Pilipino
                  •	   Contreras, Antonio                                                           -              Ang mga teorya ng relatividad ni Einstein : isang
                  -    Building communities and simulating the nation :                                            pagsusuri sa kahandaan ng wikang Filipino sa
                       politics of engaging the “other” in the first season of                                     pagtalakay sa mga paksa ng makabagong agham
                       Survivor Philippines                                                         -              Some useful lessons from Rorty’s pragmatism for
                  -    Engaging the language, culture and politics in the                                          Philippine postcolonialism
                       Philippine homeland from the imaginations of
                       selected Filipino-American students at the University                        •	             Diokno, Jose Manuel L.
                       of Hawai’i                                                                   -              The Writ of Amparo, human rights and the Puno
                  -    From a distance : engaging the imaginations of                                              Court
                       selected Filipino-American students at the University
                       of Hawai’i about language, culture and identity                              •	             Domingo, Rosallia
                       politics in the Philippine homeland                                          -              Rizal’s letter to the Malolos young women : a
                                                                                                                   vindication of Filipino women’s rights during his
                  •	   Cordova, Cynthia L.                                                                         time
                  -    Matching of local journals of selected law libraries
                       against the DLSU Law Library journal collection                              •	             Dugos, Nathaniel P.
                                                                                                    -              Bubble point of ternary mixed-solvents with alkali
                  •	   Cornelio, Kimberly B.                                                                       salts
                  -    Environmental science-chemistry handouts                                     -              Effect of MgCI2 and CaCi2 on the bubble point of
                                                                                                                   mixed-solvents (Toluene-isopropyl alcohol-H20
                  •	   Cruz, Christopher Thomas R.                                                                 system)
                  -    Lecture notes in statistics                                                  -              Effect of NaC1 on the VLE of ternary mixed-solvents
                  -    Lecture notes in statistics : descriptive statistics                                        (Toluene-isopropyl alcohol-H20 system)
                  -    Lecture notes in statistics : numerical measures                             -              Effect of tetrasodium EDTA on the vapor-liquid
                  -    Searching for odd perfect numbers [summary only]                                            equilibria of ethanol-water system
                                                                                                    -              Physical principles application : a work-based
                  •	   Cruz, Elfren S.                                                                             research
                  -    Framework. CEO                                                               -              Production of levulinic acid by pressurized batch acid
                  -    Framework. Emerging markets                                                                 hydrolysis using mango seed (Mangifera Indica L.)
                  -    Framework. Lasallian excellence and zeal                                                    as raw material
                  -    Framework. Leadership lessons                                                -              Separation of ternary mixed solvents (Toluene-
                  -    Framework. Managing government                                                              isopropyl alcohol-H20 system)
                  -    Framework. A moral Philippine society
                  -    Framework. The Pinoy vision                                                  •	             Dy, Regina C.
                  -    Framework. Recto on political parties                                        -              Greenlight. Organizational change
                  -    Framework. The right team
                  -    Framework. A sense of urgency                                                •	             Eusebio, Ma. Christina S.C.
                  -    Framework. Short-term wins                                                   -              A study on the development of multidimensional
                  -    Framework. Vision framework: family business                                                self-concept of fifth year high school students of St.
                       succession                                                                                  Scholastica Night Secondary School

                  •	   Cruz, Isagani R.                                                             •	             Fernando, Purisima B.
                  -    Mini critique. Academic research                                             -              DLSU computer science print collection : an
                  -    Mini critique. The curriculum                                                               assessment
                  -    Mini critique. Curriculum summit                                             -              Philippine literature classification scheme : Bikol,
                  -    Mini critique. On the curriculum                                                            Pampanga and Pangasinan
                  -    Mini critique. Research on the tertiary level                                -              Philippine literature classification scheme : Bisayan
                                                                                          De La Salle University Library

                 News                                                           Newsette
                                                             LE UNIV


                                                 DE L A S

                                                                       SI T Y
                                                             B R A RY
                                                                                B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n    Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

     -    Philippine literature classification scheme : Iloko                                              (MDS subsystem)
     -    Philippine literature classification scheme :                                              -     Pahiram Libro System (Online Book Reservation)
          Tagalog                                                                                    -     Philippine University Library Search Engine
     -    Work values of the De La Salle University Library                                                (PULSE)
          Personnel : a proposed values enhancement                                                  -     Visitor’s pass system
                                                                                                     •	    Juico, Philip Ella
     •	   Firmante, Maria Cristina M.                                                                -     The view from Taft. Noynoy, Ninoy: their first 100
     -    Work values and job satisfaction of guidance                                                     days
          counselors among the university belt private tertiary
          institutions in Metro Manila : basis for a proposed                                        •	    Lagman, Ma. Carmen A.
          work values enhancement program                                                            -     Critical states
                                                                                                     -     Thinking and managing outside the box coalescing
     •	   Flores, Eden R.                                                                                  connectivity networks to build region-wide
     -    Politeness in face-to-face interaction : an exploratory                                          resillience in coral reef ecosystems
                                                                                                     •	    Laureno, May T.
     •	   Frias, Willian San Andres                                                                  -     Online reservation for Resource Reservation
     -    The use of transaction log analysis (TLA) in                                                     System
          assessing online library collection                                                        -     A procedure on VHS tape/video cassette tape
                                                                                                           conversion to DVD format
     •	   Galvez, Jeffrey B.                                                                         -     WiFi configuration (Windows XP)
     -    Identification of bacterial species from root nodules
          of Cycas riuminiana Porto ex Regel (Sago Palm)                                             •	    Laxa, James B.
          using the 16S rRNA gene                                                                    -     A review of the formation program for student
                                                                                                           Lasallian Animators
     •	   Gobaco, Bryan O.
     -    Assessing advance production strategy in a service                                         •	    Lee, Anthony C.
          operation                                                                                  -     Antibiograms of nosocomial staphylococcal isolates
     -    A methodology for biofuel crop selection with B1-                                                from Philippine General Hospital in the first quarter
          objective consideration of stochastic emissions and                                              of 2001
          feedback costs                                                                             -     Antibiograms of pink pigmented facultative
                                                                                                           methylotrophic bacterial isolates from various
     •	   Gocheco, Paulina M.                                                                              sources
     -    An analysis of verb groups in legal provisions                                             -     Isolation and characterization of pink-pigmented,
          : implications for teaching English for specific                                                 facultative methylotrophic (PPFM) bacteria from
          purposes                                                                                         leaves of neem, Azadirachta indica A. Juss.
                                                                                                     -     Phenotypic characterization of air-borne pink
     •	   Guanzon, Marietta P.                                                                             pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria
     -    Mainstreaming service-learning into academic                                                     from a high vehicular traffic density environment
          curriculum                                                                                       in Manila, Philippines
     -    Rapid appraisal of emerging benefits report :                                              -     Phenotypic characterization of pink pigmented
          construction of school building subproject packages                                              facultative methylotrophic bacteria from soil
          1, 3 and 5 City of Sipalay, Province of Negros                                                   exposed to vehicular soot
          Occidental                                                                                 -     Pink pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria
     -    Rapid appraisal of emerging benefits report :                                                    : common yet unexplored locally
          construction of shoreline and river protection
          subproject City of Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental                                           •	    Magana, Roderick L.
     -    Rapid appraisal of emerging benefits report : San                                          -     IP camera research for De La Salle University
          Fernando Engineering Sanitary Landfill, City of
          San Fernando, Province of La Union                                                         •	    Magpayo, Corazon L.
                                                                                                     -     Analysis of ethical work climate in the university of
     •	   Gustilo, Leah E.                                                                                 Perpetual Help System Dalta-Las Pi¤as Campus
     -    Although if is more frequent than whether --” : an
          analysis of the uses of adverbal clauses in Philippine                                     •	    Mallari, Neil Aldrin
          English research articles                                                                  -     The avifauna of Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon Province,
                                                                                                           Mindanao, Philippines
     •	   Gutierrez, Miguel O.                                                                       -     Population densities of understorey birds across
     -    Health technology management in a developing                                                     a habitat gradient in Palawan, Philippines :
          country like the Philippines                                                                     implications for conservation
                                                                                                     -     Unexplored Philippine forests as revealed by point-
     •	   Hudtohan, Emiliano T.                                                                            locality mapping
     -    Childhood, fatherhood and nationhood
     -    Greenlight. Live a hundred                                                                 •	    Marasigan, Marissa C.
     -    Greenlight. They’ve got talent                                                             -     The view from Taft. State-of-the-heart address

     •	   Iluzada, Emmanuel S.                                                                       •	    Mercado, Kathleen
     -    Document ordering and tracking system                                                      -     A descriptive study on code-switching in math and
     -    Medical and dental system-Annual Physical Exam                                                   science elementary teachers’ classroom discourse
                                                   De La Salle University Library

                                                  Newsette                                                                                News
                                                                                                                LE UNIV


                                                                                                    DE L A S

                                                                                                                          SI T Y
                                                                                                                B R A RY
Vol. XLII -        8-9 September - 8-9 September
              Nos. Vol. XLII - Nos. October 2010 - October 2010   B a l i t a n g   A k l a t a n

                      •	    Metin, Christian Voltaire                                                          •	           Ramos, Pia Anna
                      -     The beatitudes (from Kaharian ng Diyos)                                            -            The acculturation process and well-being of Filipino
                      -     The common fate principle in the Pauline                                                        migrant mothers : a study done in Sydney using
                            tradition                                                                                       indigenous Filipino methods
                                                                                                               -            Philippines (Oxford handbook on the history of
                      •	    Navidad, Sr. Mirasol, RSCJ                                                                      psychology)
                      -     Clarifying the authenticity of a call through
                            discernment in the light of Galatians 2:19-21                                      •	           Reyes, Oliver A.
                      -     A critical analysis of Dorothee Soelle’s theology of                               -            Preventive maintenance using disk cleanup utility
                            suffering : a feminist perspective
                                                                                                               •	           Romagos, Christian Paolo E.
                      •	    Ong, Prane Maricel B.                                                              -            Assessing the impact of the U.S. credit crisis on
                      -     Feature extraction of a synchronized swimmer from                                               investor sentiment : evidence from Philippine
                            underwater videos                                                                               financial markets and institutions
                      -     Growth and structure evolution of Sn02
                            nanomaterial                                                                       •	           Roxas, Nicanor R., Jr.
                      -     Growth, structure evolution and thermal property                                   -            Forecasting inaccuracies in transportation projects
                            of Sn02 nanomaterial                                                                            in selected South East Asian countries
                      -     Preliminary investigation of the biomechanics of a
                            synchronized swimmer                                                               •	           Salanga, Guadalupe
                      -     Spatio-temporal features of human gait kinematics                                  -            What is an academic emotion? : insights from
                            based on extended nearest-neighborhood tracking                                                 Filipino bilingual students’ emotion words associated
                            algorithm                                                                                       with learning
                      -     Surface and elemental characterization of Cu-Zn-Sn
                            shape memory alloys prepared using electrodeless                                   •	           Salcedo, Emily S.
                            technique                                                                          -            Despite the assiduous quest for genuine gender
                      -     Surface and elemental characterization of                                                       parity in Philippine society-what have we forgotten
                            electrodeless plating on nickel and phosphor on                                                 at home?
                            copper substrate                                                                   -            Should our children endure motherless homes?

                      •	    Padilla, Elizabeth B.                                                              •	           Samodio, Glorife
                      -     Assessment of the library orientation for freshmen                                 -            An instructional guide in establishing holistic
                            students using the revised evaluation form for 2nd                                              formation and development program for student
                            Term and 3rd Term, AY 2009-2010                                                                 artist in higher educational institutions
                                                                                                               -            Operations manual, AY 2010-2011, Cultural Arts
                      •	    Pariῆa, Jose Cristina M.                                                                        Office
                      -     A supposed ritualistic interaction in a frezied setting
                            : a conversation analysis                                                          •	           San Diego, Ryan Jim Sy
                                                                                                               -            Exploring the effectiveness of self-hypnosis on
                      •	    Pedro, Ana Marian                                                                               collegiate athlete’s state anxiety
                      -     Image retrieval using color histograms
                      -     K-NN and K-Means for emotion detection from                                        •	           Santos, Maria Cristina J.
                            speech                                                                             -            Focusing on selected single working mothers
                      -     Segmentation and key frame extraction for MPEG                                                  : adversity quotient, perceived advantages,
                            videos                                                                                          disadvantages and coping strategies

                      •	    Ples, Michael B.                                                                   •	           Sarza, Beverly
                      -     Comparative effects of moringa oleifera la. tea on                                 -            I create, I survive, I live : Charles Darwin across
                            normal and hyperglycemic patients                                                               the disciplines
                      -     Screening for potential anti-angiogenic property
                            utilizing avian embryo’s chorioallantoic                                           •	           Seva, Rosemary
                            membranes (CAMs) : I. pterocarpus indicus willd.                                   -            An evaluation of CRM attitudes of Filipino pilots
                            (Papilionaceae) leaf extract                                                                    in four Philippine aviation companies
                                                                                                               -            A framework for enhancing emotion and usability
                      •	    Ramos, Gliceria B.                                                                              perception in design A study on the factors affecting
                      -     Assessing heavy metals in the waters, fish and                                                  web site usability for the visually impaired
                            macroinvertebrates in Manila Bay, Philippines                                      -            The influence of cellular phone attributes on users’
                      -     Celecoxib and refecoxib in the prevention of                                                    affective experiences : a cultural comparison
                            azoxymethane-induced formation of aberrant crypt                                   -            Structural analysis of affect in the pre-purchase
                            foci in mice                                                                                    context
                      -     Rizal as a zoological scientist
                      -     Screening for potential anti-angiogenic property                                   •	           Siason, Archibald S.
                            u tilizin g av ian emb r y o ’s ch o r io allan to ic                              -            Adjustment 101 roadmap to college survival
                            membranes (CAMs) : L. Pterocarpus indicus Willd.                                   -            Analysis of stress levels and coping strategies
                            (Papilionaceae) leaf extract                                                                    exhibited among college counselors of Zamboanga
                      -     Screening for potential anti-angiogenic property                                                City
                            utilizing avian embryo chorioallantois membranes                                   -            Investigating the relationship of shyness and
                            (CAMs) II. Garlic (Allium sativum L.) oil                                                       academic achievement of college students of
                                                                                                  De La Salle University Library

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                                                                     LE UNIV


                                                         DE L A S

                                                                               SI T Y
                                                                     B R A RY
                                                                                        B a l i t a n g    A k l a t a n    Vol. XLII -   Nos. 8-9 September - October 2010

          Ateneo de Zamboanga University                                                                      •	    Zantua, Julse V.
     -    Psychosocial intervention for critical incident: a                                                  -     Appreciating one’s sexuality : a facilitator’s
          facilitator’s guide                                                                                       manual on human sexuality
     -    Two-factor model of job satisfaction as predictor                                                   -     A brief assertiveness training : a facilitator’s
          of psychological well-being of the Ateneo de                                                              manual
          Zamboanga University Employees                                                                      -     Building healthy relationships : a program
                                                                                                                    development report
     •	   Simeon, Andylyn M.                                                                                  -     Coping mechanisms of deaf high school students
     -    Led by Lasallian values, leading by Lasallian : a                                                         mainstreamed at Manila High School
          Lasallian spirituality module for student leaders                                                   -     Coping strategies : a facilitator’s manual)
                                                                                                              -     Developing self-confidence as an aid to ability : a
     •	   Soller, Jamil A.                                                                                          facilitator’s manual
     -    Online Faculty Evaluation (OFE) : a web based                                                       -     A seminar-workshop on basic counseling for
          faculty evaluation for faculty and administrator                                                          religious education teachers : a facilitator’s
     -    Online Service Management Request (OSMR) :                                                                manual
          a web based SMR

     •	   Talaue, Antonette P.
     -    Post-colonial duality : a reading of N.V.M.
          Gonzalez’s The bamboo dancers

     •	   Tan, Raymond Girard R.

          A dynamic input-output model for nascent
          bioenergy supply chains
          A fuzzy multiple-objective approach to the
                                                                                                          The Library Newsette/ BalitangAklatan
          optimization of bioenergy system footprints

     •	   Ugalingan, Gina B.                                                                                                    is published by the
     -    A design and construction of a reading achievement

          Ver, Ignacio
          Religious education and religious diversity                                                        DLSU-Manila University Library
     •	   Victoria, Karen Cecille C.
     -    A comparative study of website of selected                                                               2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004
          colleges and universities in Manila
     -    We’ll keep you posted : an assessment of the De                                                  Ana Maria B. Fresnido (ana.fresnido@dlsu.edu.ph)
          La Salle University Library Newsette (Balitang
          Aklatan)                                                                                                                Editor
                                                                                                              Willian S.A. Frias (willian.frias@dlsu.edu.ph)
     •	   Villanueva, Camilo M.
     -    Tamang hinala                                                                                                      Associate Editor
                                                                                                           Avelino E. Dancalan (avelino.dancalan@dlsu.edu.ph)
     •	   Villavicencio, Felicidad
     -    Adaptive help seeking program for students at                                                                         Web Editor
          risk : a guided trip in developing self-regulated                                                 Gregorio Guinto (gregorio.guinto@dlsu.edu.ph)
     -    Determinants of the cognitive outcomes of the                                                                       Photographer
          Electronics and Communication Engineering                                                           Sammy Bumagat (samperkinz@gmail.com)
          program in Bulacan State University
     -    The development and validation of the Emotionality
                                                                                                                       Lay-out & Graphic designer
          in Teaching Scale (ETC)                                                                              Francis Austria(austria_fr@yahoo.com.ph)
     -    Negative academic emotions, critical thinking, and                                                         Graphic designer & Web Editor
          achievement : a mediational analysis
     -    To seek or not to seek : the interplay of academic                                                  Wilfredo A. Frias (wilfredo.frias@dlsu.edu.ph)
          help seeking, concealment and achievement                                                                            Proof Reader
     •	   Yu, Derrick Ethelbhert C.
     -    Va r i a b l e m a g n e t o t r a n s p o r t p r o p e r t i e s
          in the TPP [Fe(Pc)L2I2system
          (TPP=tetraphenylphosphonium, Pc =
          phthalocyaninato, L = CN, CL and Br)

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