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					                           La Conner Regional Library Board
                            Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Sept 13, 2011

Call to Order: Chair Gail Bruce convened the regular meeting of the La Conner
Regional Library, Board of Trustees at 5:05 PM. Trustees present: Robert Hancock,
Brad York, and Alice Takehara. Also attending was Joy Neal, Library Director. See
attached for list of public attendees.

Public input: Community members (see the attached list of attendees) provided their
remarks regarding the purchase of the property.

Robert moved to make an offer on the property contingent upon details set in executive
session. Brad seconded.
                                        Motion passed unanimously

Next meeting – September 20, 2011 for executive session to discuss the purchase price.

Minutes: Minutes of the August 2011 meeting were reviewed and accepted.           Alice
moved and Brad seconded to approve the minutes as written.
                                      Motion passed unanimously

Financial Report:
Joy presented a budget update and the vouchers for the past month.     The following
voucher/warrants are approved for payment:
Voucher dates August 2011 totaling: $8,456.14.

Beth moved and Alice seconded a motion to approve the vouchers for August 2011.
                                      Motion passed unanimously

New Hire: Joy has hired Nancy Hinton to fill in as a substitute assistant at $11.50/hour.
Brad move and Robert seconded to approve the hire.
                                       Motion passed unanimously

Beth moved Alice seconded that we go into emergency executive session.
                                       Motion passed unanimously

Executive Session
The board went into executive session at 7:00PM
The board ended executive session at 7:30PM
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Gail Bruce               Alice Takehara   Robert Hancock
Chair                    Treasurer        Trustee

Beth Clothier            Brad York
Secretary                Audit Officer
Below are my personal, unofficial notes of the community meeting – not for public record. Many of
the names are incorrect and statements were mis-attributed to speakers whose names I didn’t
remember correctly from one statement to the next.

Felicia Value: In favor of purchasing the building. Proud of our prominent place in the
community. Concern of fundraising: hard to raise money in tough times, but people in
the valley are “hyper local” and people in La Conner are interested in supporting La
Conner and the community of LC. People will be willing to support a new library.
Money will come in ways that are surprising.

Brian Scheuch: Question about the timeline: opportunity for someone else to purchase.
Alice reports that the building has been on the market for some time. Joan reports that
there is a glass artist that has spoken an interest for the building. Brian – have they a
preference for us? Joy – want to start dropping the price to public. Brokers have offered
to the library for $300K with no negotiation.

Value is in the land (Rita Malcolm) and the prominence in the corner for exposure (Troy
Allen). Rita says at $300 is still very over priced. Hard to make a living in that

Janet Laurel – self employed business person. On board for women business owners,
done much fund raising. Agrees with Felicia that this town loves this library, loves the
staff, point of pride in community. Would be happy to work on the fundraising.
Personally feels strongly that this is an opportunity to own a main piece of real-estate
with good funding. No way to replace that piece of property. Skateboard park had
$200K cash in hand and let that money dribble away.

Maggie Bucholtz – dir. Burlington Public Library – how easy it is to build a public
library. Process of building a library does not have to be created from scratch – lots of
resources from the state to get a building plan. Fundraising in Burlington was subsidized
by the community. In 2006, raised $86K. Did naming rights –people contributed to
have their name on parts of the building. Lots of creative ways to make that happen.
If you build it they will come. 91K people through the door in 2006, and 200K in 2008.
Look at all aspects of libraries – provide access to a meeting room. 23,000 people used
the meeting rooms in 2008. Heart and soul of the library. Breakdown between public
and city contribution - $5Mil for whole project – could get us the breakdown. May of
2007 opened; began the planning in 2004. Eager to being partners and in reciprocal

Lynn Beebe – wonderful location – would love to see the library move there.
Gem – Worked at the library in late 90s and then again recently. Anything that can be
done to this building has been done. Joy has created whatever space that can be created
in this time. Offers support in terms of working in the building for books, etc. Local
kazoo band that would be willing to go out there for fundraising. Community means a lot
to everyone who lives here and the diversity in this building. Best thing – except for the
schools – that this town has going on.

Kaleb – moving over to the other location would be the best thing you could do for the
library. There is no more room for this library to grow. As more and more people
want to read, then there are more and more people who will come in here. That location
is pretty much the best you can get. Students will come directly there from school to do
homework. As a good reader (I read really fast) – can expand and perhaps open a shop
over there while you’re raising funds.

Maury – wish to or able to approach the Swinomish for funding

Micky – are we limited to 4000 sq feet on that property?   Joy reports that we could go
two levels, depending on where we figure ground level.

Brad Smith – apprehension – thanks to the board and Joy for getting the buzz going.
Involved in large buildings projects – need to do the planning prior to making a purchase.
Project of this magnitude needs some vision and professional consultation. Need to
build something with tech., expandability, parking, capacity – need a vision first. Need
more consitutents involved – chamber, school, tribe, businesses, etc. Make sure this
resonates with everyone. Work more cooperatively with the school.

Do we have a critical path for explorations.

Bob – if we’re able to acquire the property at a fair market value, or less, be a good
investment even if we build there. La Conner is going to grow as a town. Library
would have an asset that would grow perhaps.

Brad York – sees the purchase as giving us the ability to move forward and rally the

Sally Dixon – disagrees with Brad. Purchasing the property without a comprehensive
study of the community needs. Hearing a lot of hope, a lot of “if we can pay for it” –
need to know what others in community wants. Cart before the horse – seems like
backward planning.
Kathy Pierce - Greatest advantages – have a functional library – working, well-run.
Now’s the time to look for property. Not building two libraries and have something to
work with.

Alice responds about making the payment – would have to go for a vote if we have no
income off that property, unless we wanted to reduce our cash on hand. Payments
would have to be $15000 – would require a vote to make that payment.

Gail reports that the neighbor owner of the chamber might be interested in selling the

Dianne Fritzler – do we want an old house?     And can Alice explain where the down
payment would come from?

Alice – Subject to getting bank financing. Using the assumption of $250K – 25% down
= $62 + closing and appraisal. Have excess funds of approx. $220. Could use $62K
from our excess. Leaving about nine months of operating expenses

Troy Allen – not willing to lease a building and set up a business for a five year plan. Not
realistic as a business owner.

Joyce In Oak Harbor – had three properties looking at. Need to involve the people in
the process prior to purchase – people might vote against the property

Alice - $635K is legal bonding capacity (1/10 or 1%).    Bond would not cover needs.
Would have to come from fundraising and

Skills center was $3.25 per sq. ft.

Diane Daley – thinks we have more homework done now than we think – need to look at
what we’ve done. People think we need more space. Good information and good
plans – don’t need to reinvent the wheel – don’t discuss indefinitely.

Robert – 20 people who have sent letters – 11 in support, 2 opposed, 2 abstain.

If the board does not take action, we are letting an opportunity go by.

Diane – how long have we been considering?

Alice - Rent with an option to purchase was declined?

Could look at an option to buy. Could do a study with a feasibility study and not lose
any money.
Janet – think about the families and people who are not here – might not be in support of
paying the bond.

Linda Harlow – in support of having a new library and what I understand is that this
property is a gift, people’s voices who are here are here because they care.
Diane – clarification on the $600K is that for purchase of the property?

Janet – do we have to have a bond to purchase the property?    (Alice – no, just to build
the building)

Joy – we get our tax money twice a year – can’t operate without our cash on hand.
Have a carryover and savings – need for emergencies.

Five years from paying off the mortgage here?     Won’t that money be additional
revenue? (Yes.)

Robert – La Conner is limited in space for properties. Can we afford not to take this risk?

Maureen – zoned commercial?

Brad York – risk = $1200/month.

Allen – owners of that property showed no reason to negotiate when I approached.

Alice can provide a condensed key points of the finances. Have to spend the $60K
without bond. Have to get a levy lift to cover operational expenses.

Janet – a renter for $1200/month might be hard to find.

Brad – free help and free inventory from the friends – easy to show a profit.

BJ – sees opportunities for other renters if not the friends. Money is eroding because of
inflation. Get the property and move forward.

Allen – where did the $200K come from?

Renters will come up and cover some parts of the

Mitch Hanson – tying up the property – to explore and develop some plans.

church building
Janet - Real estate – what the likely successful purchase would be.
We do have the interest now – want to build a library.

Georgia – Buy it and they will come.

Kathy Cline(?) why not ask your constituents?
Diane – feasibility study would give us time to study and gather more information.
Georgia – newspaper is behind us, too.

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