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					Harnett County Schools                                   The Six-Point Lesson Plan

Class/Subject: 6200 Principles of Business
               and Personal Finance                                Block/Period: 1st

Teacher: Wayne Stewart                                             Date: 8/09//2010
        Lesson Format                             Today’s Lesson                        Allotted
1. Focus and Review             Internet Research Project “My First Car”
  a. Focus (getting started/    a. Students should think about the kind of car they
       warm-up activity)        want to purchase including the year, make, model,
                                color and features.
  b. Review (related to prior
                            b. This project will review unit 6 on Banking and
                            Personal Finance
2. Introductions/Statement The next two class meetings will be devoted to the
   of today’s objective(s): class research project in the computer lab. My First        5 min
                            Car will combine the last four chapters of
                            information covered.
3. Teacher Input:           Provide assignment for research project that will be
   (delivery of lesson)     the focus of the class for the next two meetings in
                            the computer lab.
4. Guided Practice:         Teacher is available to answer questions throughout
   (teacher/student)        the project.
5. Independent Practice:     Student project objective is to research the
   (student)                    process of locating a car that they would like to
                                buy. The cost must be no less than $6,000.00
                                and no more than $30,000.00.
                             Students must find four banks from which they             175 min
                                could finance a car. They should list bank’s
                                interest rates for car loans. Students should
                                choose the bank with the best loan rate to try and
                                qualify for.
                             Students must figure out what the monthly
                                payment is for the car they want to finance using
                                the formula I=PRT and list in final paper.
                             The term for financing the loan must be at least
                                three, but no more than five years.
                             Students must use the graphic organizer
                                provided, (see link at the bottom of the page)
                                to record the steps taken and result, in each
                                process of the project. Students must also
                                provide the internet links used for each step.
                             Students must type a one page report to sum up
                                the process and the result of the project:
                                identifying the car, the cost, the interest rate, the
                                bank they chose and explanation why.
Harnett County Schools                             The Six-Point Lesson Plan

      Lesson Format                          Today’s Lesson                   Allotted
6. Closure/Expectations:    Students will have tomorrow to complete class
   (for tomorrow’s lesson)  assignment. At the end of the project, the students
                            should be able to express how to find the best
                            interest rate for a car loan by comparing several
                            banks. They should be able to determine which
                            bank will be best for them to use and which loan is
                            best for them to attempt to qualify for as it works
                            within their personal budget. Finally the students
                            should know how much money they will pay
                            monthly, and eventually pay over the course entire
                            course of the loan.
***** Graphic Organizer can be found @
      Choose Step by Step Chart, save as a word document and use as instructed above.
***** Chart must be provided and turned in with final report.

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