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									                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

Armand:   We are going to officially get the call started here. Again, we are on call number
          11 of the Internet Marketing Explained conference calls that we’ve been doing.
          These conference calls have been an in-depth look at Internet marketing. Call
          number 11 is one of the places where many people have not gone before. The
          reason is because we are going in-depth on this.

          We have covered many different topics throughout this time frame and we have
          just recently covered copywriting, Opt-in pages, and we are in the process of
          finishing copywriting which is what we're going to be talking about today
          primarily. We want to continue on that particular phase of this conference call.

          Before we do that, Bret you have some questions that some of our listeners have
          sent in. Again, as a reminder to everybody if you have any questions please send
          them in to Bret, why don’t you go ahead and tell us what we

Bret:     First of all we have some questions submitted Armand I know we're talking about
          on later calls so the questions you had about product launches and social
          networking, affiliate marketing and all, be patient with us. We will be covering
          those in-depth on later calls.

          We do have one call which is a carry over or recap regarding blogging and
          WordPress so that is the primary question to cover initially this evening and then
          we’ll move on to tonight’s topic if sounds okay Armand.

Armand:   Let’s talk about that for a second. Is there a specific question?

Bret:     Specific question. A technical question on blogging. I’ve got all the plug-ins set
          on the WordPress blog. It still seems they have to do a lot of stuff manually.
          How do you specifically set up a continue for people to click and read the rest of
          an article on your blog?

Armand:   The question again is how do you set up a continue button or more information
          button or link on your blog so this way you don’t show the whole WordPress post
          on each individual post? It’s a matter of a plug in that plug in is called the ‘more’
          plug in. If you go to Google and you type in the word ‘more’ and we’ll type that
          in right now. I should say WordPress plug in and you’ll see that, show or hide
          more with WordPress and you’ll see in number one there is a link right there to it.
          You should be able to download that without a problem and upload that into your
          plug-ins folder.

          Here are the basic essentials of how it works. What you do is install this plug-in
          and you activate it. as soon as you make your first paragraph, meaning as soon as
          you hit the enter key just one time what will happen is it notices that is a
          paragraph and it automatically cuts your WordPress post off at that particular
          point. Now, when they look at the home page of your blog it will say whatever
          your post was and then at the end of it, it will say read more or continue on. You

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          can change the wording there but that more plug-in is what it is that you need to

Bret:     Second question related to blogs. This is actually a question for me. How do you
          customize a heading on your blog?

Armand:   Graphics. Is that what you're referring to?

Bret:     Correct.

Armand:   It’s using a template. Inside your blog, a blog really consists of a few different
          files. For most people you never want to go into these particular files because it’s
          a bunch of PHP code and most people won’t know exactly what it does.

          For example, on my blog, under presentation, under your presentation link on
          your blog inside of your WordPress blog, you're going to see your various themes.
          Again, themes are the same thing as your templates for a blog. Then there is
          what’s called a theme editor there is another tab right there.

          There is a series of templates that they have listed here and one is maybe called,
          it’s different with each blog theme, but it may be called main index template or
          another one could be called your header template. That header template is
          essentially what controls what’s at the top of your blog.

          On mine it happens to be a header template that I can go in and make that look
          any way I want by adding additional html in there. If you don’t know what you're
          doing the best thing you could possibly do is have a webmaster or hire someone
          on maybe rentacoder. Show them an example of what you want your blog to look
          like and then have them go inside of your WordPress blog and then customize it
          the way you want it to look. That would be the best way for you to do that.

Bret:     The delayed timing thing is that built within WordPress or is that another plug-in

Armand:   No, that is actually automatic in WordPress. When you go to write, in WordPress
          you log into your account and there are a bunch of tabs or words at the top of the
          page so you click on the tab that says write and automatically you will be taken to
          what’s called write post. That will allow you to actually write a post inside of
          WordPress. On the right hand side at the bottom, depending on which version of
          WordPress you have. If you have the latest one which is WordPress 2.1 at this
          particular time, on the right hand side there is a little box that’s called time stamp.

          You post in what you're going to write and then you select time stamp on the right
          hand side and you have to click edit time stamp. You then select the month, and
          then you select the day. It’s very important that when you select the day that you
          use two digits. No matter what, you have to use two digits. If it’s for example,
          the 6th, it would be 06 and then the year and then you can control the time of when

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          it is posted as well. I don’t worry about the time so much. I just want to pretty
          much post it on that particular day.

          If it’s the 20th it would be 20, the 25th would be 25, as far as the day goes. Then
          when you click publish it will not show, it may show in your categories or on your
          WordPress posts that you have a new entry but it’s not shown and it won’t be
          shown until the 6th or the day you have selected.

Bret:     That concludes the blog questions that we have. You have a clean slate for this
          evening’s call.

Armand:   Sounds good. We’re going to continue on with copywriting. Copywriting is the
          key element we were talking about on last week’s call so we’re going to continue
          talking about it on this week’s call.

          Copywriting, again, just to sum, there are only a few key elements that we have
          when we perform or write copy. Now, what we want to do at this point is we’ve
          gone through the basics of copywriting meaning we have listed out some elements
          that we want to have in our website.

          For example we talked about headline and introducing the product, we talked
          about agitating the problem and we summarized it. We haven’t really gone into
          let’s say our bonuses because part of our list and if we refer back to our list, part
          of it is the bonuses, reasons why they should buy today.

          This is not really that complicated but we need to give a person why they should
          buy today as opposed to waiting. This has to be done carefully in order to not lie
          to people. The worst thing you want to do is lie to a person on your sales letter
          and the reason is because if you lie they will come back and they will find you.
          They will let you know that you have lied to them and they will never buy
          anything from you again.

          We want to avoid that at all cost in order to keep our integrity, to keep our
          credibility and to continue to keep that customer as a customer for as long as we
          possibly can. How do we do that?

          The way in which we do that is through the bonuses again this is very specific as
          to how we want to represent these bonuses. Let’s look at some of the different
          ways that people have done this in the past and I’ll show you the ways that I
          personally do this currently and the way that I have done this in the past as well.

          Bonuses are extremely important but bonuses can also be a double-edged sword,
          meaning if you have the right bonuses for your product or service they can greatly
          enhance the amount of sales that you have but, if you have bonuses that are
          offered that are inconsistent with the product or service that you’re selling then it
          can go against you as well.

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

Again, if your bonuses are inconsistent with the offer that you are currently
making, meaning the product that you are selling it can work actually against you
and cause you not to get as many sales. This, to me is probably one of the biggest
mistakes that most marketers and businesses make on the Internet is that their
bonuses are inconsistent with their current offer.

Let me give you an example. We could go to a number of different pages and
look at what the offer actually is. I’m going to make up something. If I’m buying
an eBook on plants, I want to buy an eBook on how to set up my own greenery.
Suddenly the bonuses are 101 Ways to Use Resell Rights Material and How to
Make Money on eBay that’s absolutely inconsistent with the message. We're
talking about greenery, plants, growing things. We are not talking about business
or anything about business at all.

Why include those books like that? Just because they are free it doesn’t mean
they will enhance the offer. Yet we see many people do this over and over again.

What we want to do is be very careful about that which we offer to our customers.
It has to be consistent and it also has to be, write this word down, complimentary
to our current offer. If we're offering a book on plants, on setting up your own
greenery then we want to have things on how to grow your plants better, how to
ensure that your plants receive the proper food on the proper days, how often to
feed your plants, how often to water your plants.

A bonus could be a report, it could be audio tape, it could be software, additional
products of the same nature that we are selling, whatever it may be but we have to
make sure again that it’s consistent with the offer which we are making.

There is a format that we need to talk about, this bonus is in. Now there are two
formats and I’m going to describe two completely different formats and how to
present a bonus on the website. We are going to talk about two different ways to
offer bonuses on the website and it’s really formatting your bonuses that’s going
to make the world of difference.

What you have to understand is there was a time of the Internet when just offering
a product or service and just using some great words was adequate enough and it’s
not the case anymore. People again, are smarter than they ever have been before
on the Internet. We need to present things in a more obvious way.

The key word that I’m using is obvious and I’m using that for a very specific
reason and that is people need to understand what is it that we're offering and we
do not want people to think about it. We do not want them to think twice about
what our offer is. Our offer should be very blatant and it should be right in front
of them at all times. They should not have to guess what it is that we're selling
and they should not have to guess as to what our bonuses are.

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

The number one way and this is not in any order but these are two options. The
one way to format a bonus is to first of all segment it out. What I’m referring to
‘boxing it in’. When I use the term ‘‘boxing it in’’ and you’re going to hear me
use this a lot, especially on this call.

Let me define what ‘boxing it in’ means. ‘Boxing it in’ means highlighting it.
Essentially putting it into a table, maybe a light yellow table. When I say table
I’m referring to a box for those people that maybe don’t understand the term table,
but put it into a yellow box or maybe a light green box or possibly even a light
blue box. When I say light I’m referring to very, very pale colors of any one of
those. Meaning very pale yellow, very pale green and very pale blue and possibly
even very pal red, or a light pink.

We want it very faint in the background. We don’t want to draw too much
attention to the boxes themselves but we do want to highlight it to make sure
people know where it is.

When we talk about the bonuses we need to number one, introduce the bonus.
There should be a sub-headline above your bonuses and the sub-headline would
go something like this, start using XYZ product today and receive (X) number of
dollars in bonus gifts.

Let me give you an example of a website that we’ve done this successfully on.
Let’s use my Big Seminar website If you scroll down
to the lower part of the page here you’ll see that we offer several bonuses. It
happens to be in a light blue box and I gave them a reason to order today.
Register by September 30th, this is an old sales letter of course, and get $1,686.50
in free bonus gifts for registering your seat today.

That is the introduction to the bonuses. We can use this again, the website that
I’m referring to, is so go to that website and you’ll see
what I did. I did two things very specific on this page.

First of all, I have this headline here, the sub-headline, register by September 30,
2006, and get $1.686.50 in free bonus gifts for registering your seat today. The
other thing that I did here which in retrospect and looking back and knowing what
I know now I would have made much, much bigger and that is I have a stop sign
to the left of this particular sub-headline. Right now I would make that a lot
bigger and I would put it on top of the headline in order to grab their attention
even more.

The stop sign is something that will make people stop and get their attention very
quickly. It’s very important. You can use it in many parts of your copywriting in
order to get a person to stop because we have been trained, believe it or not, since
the time that we were children that a stop sign means to stop so we are going to
stop at this point when we see the word stop and wonder essentially why does this
person want me to stop at this point and read this? It draws our attention to it.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

Let’s look at how I formatted the actual bonus gifts. Each one of these bonus
gifts, and when you look at it below you will see that I follow a very specific
format and it’s the same for each one. In fact, it starts off, free bonus gift number
two. I’m starting with number two. Free bonus gift number two and then it has a
dash and then in parentheses it has the value of the bonus gift.

Very important. I had said up above that there was $1,686.50 in free bonus gifts
so I now need to prove it. By proving it my numbers needs to match up with that
value up above. I’m showing them the value of each individual one of my bonus
gifts. I have free bonus gift number one and free bonus gift number two and that
is how I introduce each one of these bonus gifts. Then I have a description of the
bonus gifts.

If you go on to the next segment free bonus gift number three, again exact same
format. Dash, $197 value and a description of that. Each one of these will be the
same format all the way down through. Then at the end of the bonus gifts, in that
same box I actually have a link, a call to action, an opportunity for them to buy
right there on the spot inside the bonus gift box.

The reason why this is effective. First of all, many different reasons. We want to
call attention to it. We want to call attention to our bonus gifts. Why? In order
for people to not have to think about our bonus gift offer. We need to make it
very apparent to them what the offer is that we are making to them and just lay it
out on the line for them.

Here it is, here’s the pricing of each one of these gifts, here’s how many of them
there are and I also put the word free to the left. Free bonus gift number one, free
bonus gift number two, etc.

I don’t believe there would be any doubt in anyone’s mind that these are free
bonus gifts and that this is the actual value they cannot miss this. Using this stop
sign we allow people to stop, take notice of what our offer actually is and once
we’ve explained each and every one of these bonus gifts now we have a call to
action; a close essentially.

Again, a close, for those of you who are not familiar with the sales game, in sales
when we ask a person to buy that is called to close. Now we close after we have
given them each one of these gifts with what we want to say and then we ask them
to purchase that is option number one in dealing with bonus gifts. Option number
one of dealing with bonus gifts is this example as shown on you can go here and see how we’ve structured these
bonus gifts that’s method number one.

There are two methods. We don’t have to go to another page but I’m going to
describe this to you. We have five different bonus gifts on this example that
we’ve just shown you. We have free bonus gift number four, dash, then the actual

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

value of it, and the description of the product. We have five bonus gifts that we're

The second method is almost the exact same thing except we break up each bonus
gift into its own separate box. Why? Why am I doing that?

The reason why we would do that is to make it look like it’s more. You see you
have to look at it this way. One is good. When we're trying to selling something
or somebody we're looking at building what? Value. We're looking at building
value in their mind. We want to build so much value that our value outweighs the
amount that they are giving us for that product or service.

The value has to be weighted more so in their favor and certainly make it appear
that way to them, so instead of just one bonus gift or one bonus gift box as we
have it, we want to break it up into five bonus gift boxes. There is a technique
that I’m going to share with you that you can use in order to make this happen and
even make it more powerful in your copywriting.

When we use this technique in this combination that I’m going to describe to you
it’s going to enhance your overall conversion on your website dramatically. The
reason is because it makes the appearance that we're giving them not just a little
bit more value but a lot more value. Let me describe it to you.

Using this exact same example that we are on for Big Seminar what we would do
is separate the introduction to the bonus gifts and put that as a separate sub-
headline all by itself on the page, do not box that in that will sit separately.

Now bonus gift number one would be in its own box so we would state it as bonus
gift number in its own separate box. Bonus gift number two, again in its own
separate box. The same with the rest of the bonuses. Each one in its own separate
box. Separate table, separate little light yellow, light green, light blue, light red
box. Whatever colors you choose are totally up to you. Let me be very clear on
this, keep the color consistent. Keep the color consistent, meaning keep it the
same for all of your bonus gifts. Keep the background color of that table on your

To enhance the value of this we need to give each one of these bonus gifts a
picture that represents what the bonus gift is. In this particular example I have
one thing specifically that’s hard to describe, meaning my first bonus gift is my
most valuable bonus gift. My first bonus gift is they can bring a friend to my
seminar for half price.

How do I display that? I could put up a picture for example of a ticket. I could
put a picture of a person. I could put a picture of two people meaning one picture
plus second person plus second picture I could put that picture in their mind and I
could put that on my web page.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

For the other calls, for these preview calls that I’m selling on this particular site,
what we could do in this is to show for example these preview calls I could show
CDs, a DVD case, I could show a DVD case plus a CD and that would enhance
the value of this particular offer quite dramatically that’s the second way that we
can do this.

The first way is to box everything together into one big box. The second way
which I believe is going to be a better way and this is the way we started to do
many of our newer websites and you’ll see this even coming up on Big Seminar 9,
is going to be separating the bonus gifts out into their own separate box.

Another way to increase your sales is in between each one of the boxes there
would be a space and there would be an order link. You will place an order link
separating each one of your bonus gifts between the boxes. Why? Because here
is the bonus gift number one, if that’s good enough and you're ready to order now,
click this link.

Not ready yet, how about bonus gift number two? You’ll get bonus gift number
one and number two and now are you ready to buy? Here’s the link. Bonus gift
number three, we do the same thing. You’re going to get number one, number
two and number three. Are you ready now? Yes? Great. Click this link. You're
not? You can see where I’m going with this. Then we go to number four.

We ask them to buy after every single one of the bonus gifts that’s my point. By
doing this we are getting additional ways in order to, earning the right to ask them
to buy. Bonus gift number one, you have now earned the right. Here is what we
are going to give you. Are you ready yet? Yes. Great, here’s the link.

We repeat this process through each one of our bonus gifts and at the end of our
bonus gifts you always need to summarize it in some way, shape or form.
Meaning how do we summarize our bonus gifts? We need to summarize it in this
particular format here. The key in putting your website together is the offering of
the various bonus gifts. Think of the bonus gifts that you can use. Let’s think
about this. How can we develop or how can we get bonus gifts?

One of the ways I use for bonus gifts whether I’m speaking and selling a product
on state at a live event or whether I’m selling it on my website is I watch and I
look for products that are private label products. I look for private label products.
Why do I do that?

The reason why I look for private label products is because I can now rebrand that
product with my name, I can rebrand it in my own look and feel because I
completely own the right to that product. I don’t have to list it, it’s private label
which means that’s what I bought it for, to private label the product as my own.

I constantly look for private label products that are pertinent to my industry. If
there is a private label, let’s say sale going on on the Internet I am first in line to

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          buy it. I buy every one of them. Some of them I will never use. I am usually
          buying a private label package which means four, five, six, seven or even more
          products for a single product, for one product they might have listed on that
          particular page.

          I’m just buying for that one product. I’m not buying it because I see value in
          everything, although I do keep it all. I keep it on a separate hard drive and some
          day maybe in the future I may have a need for that product where I can now
          release that product. Maybe it’s a product on its own or use it as a bonus gift in
          one of the offers that I may make on my website. I kind of keep those to the side.
          I have my own little private label stash if you want to call it that.

          The reason I have that is because I may use it in the future for something else. I
          look for private label products. That’s the number one method.

          Number two method, I could look for public domain products, meaning products
          that are pertinent to my market and industry that are public domain. That’s
          another way that I can use bonus gifts.

          Another method that I can use for bonus gifts is software. Looking for software
          on the Internet. I can look for software that is free and that is good meaning that it
          actually works and it does that I want it to do and I can use that as a bonus gift.

Bret:     Question for you Armand. Do you worry about software support in that type of
          scenario though?

Armand:   No and here’s why. If they have support on the product, I’m not saying that it’s
          my product all I’m saying is that we're going to give you this product and this
          product and we found this product to be very useful. We're going to give you this
          product as well. If you have any questions about the product you refer them back
          to the person who developed that product.

          We're not saying it’s ours and in this particular case we did not make that
          software. Now, the option is if we develop software specifically to give away as a
          bonus gift. Then, if something went wrong with that and it is our product then
          certainly, yes, we’d have to support it in that particular case. Does that make

Bret:     Yes.

Armand:   Actually I just gave you another method. You can have a piece of software
          developed that you could give away as a bonus gift as well. This helps separate
          yourself from the crowd when it comes to giving away this particular bonus
          because no one else has the bonus if you made it yourself like previous
          teleseminars that you’ve done, the recordings of that meaning the mp3 files.

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

Any kind of recording interview that you’ve done, an mp3 file is a great bonus
gift. The mp3 file certainly can also be transcribed into a book or an eBook and
you can use that as a bonus gift.

Another way to take text, meaning maybe a book or transcription you’ve done,
maybe it’s a public domain book or a private label eBook you’ve got. Another
way to maximize the text that we have available to us is to give them a 12 week,
26 week or six month training course on a particular subject. How do we do that?

Once a week we take part of our book, part of our transcript and we send it to
them. We say week number one and then here is the first part of it. Week number
two, here is the second part of it. We break down this book, this transcript of this
whole method over the course of let’s say 26 different segments. Each week we
would send them a new message via autoresponder. We can just keep going on
and on with this and that makes you look good and it looks like you have a great
follow up system in place.

The other advantage to this is after a period of time we can start to talk about
other things they can buy from you in your offers which is another way that you
can leverage out the content that you have. We're just talking about bonus gifts
for the products and services that you have.

Another bonus, another type of bonus and this one takes a little bit of time and
energy to put together. You may have to look harder for it and that is what I’d
refer to as a joint venture bonus gift. This is very specific.

What you're looking for is a product or service or site that is based upon recurring
billing, meaning it’s a monthly membership type product, service or site. What
you do as a bonus gift, you work out with that owner of that site a discount,
meaning maybe it’s a 21-day, a 30-day free trial to a product or a membership site
and if they cancel in the first 30-days they don’t pay anything. If they don’t
cancel then they will be automatically charged. Either way, if they stay on the
service you get paid but you don’t get paid once, you get paid each month, time
and time again.

Let me give you an example. When a person purchases a product, we set this up
just a few weeks ago. When a person purchase a product from us at this particular
time, on the thank you page of the site that they purchased their product from, on
the thank you page they would have three additional offers. We’ll talk more in-
depth about this but I’ll kind of give you the head’s up on this particular process.

On the thank you page we have three additional offers and they can choose, it says
choose your free bonus gift. It’s very blatant. They can choose either a 21-day
trial to Audio Generator, Instant Video Generator or Marketing Makeover
Generator which is another product that I co-own.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

When they choose one of those and if they stay on it I make money on them every
single month. If I would have only offered a one time product at this particular
time I would have only made money once. That would have been it but every
single month that customer to me could be valued at $300-$400 additional to what
I’ve already received from them because I offered a monthly recurring product as
a bonus, a trial offer to them on the back end.

I would look for someone that has a membership site, a product or service that I
could team up with. Maybe they have this offer already and that makes it even
easier but if they don’t you can negotiate with them and say hey, I believe that I
can give you a bunch of customers and here’s how it would work and if you want
to do this with me, great. We can put this together and I can offer on all my thank
you pages as a free or hidden bonus gift in some cases. We can hide it from the
main page and only show it to them at the last minute after they have ordered.

Again, we have made it very simple on our bonus gifts. The bonus gifts and the
most important part about this last method is the residual effect. Two words that
will make the difference in the money you make and the money everybody else
makes and that is residual income.

Residual income is and should be a huge part of your business. Why? Because
this is how you get paid for not doing any work. You do the world once and you
get paid on it for as long as that person stays on that service or site. Once you sell
them once your part is done. It’s the other person, whose membership site or
product or service, they have to maintain that customer, you don’t. It’s the
greatest thing in the world.

Another example of this could be hosting. If you're product or service is business
related you could work out with a hosting company and maybe offer them a 30-
days free trial hosting. What makes hosting a great product to do back end sales
with is the fact that once a person starts using a hosting company they don’t stop.
They never stop. Hosting has one of the highest retentions of any business on the
Internet. It’s usually around 94% retention for a hosting company online.

Why? Because it’s too much of a pain in the butt to go changing all of our
websites over to a new hosting company. We would rather just leave it there.
Hosting is great. Once you have people as a hosting customer they are not going
to go anywhere. That is what you need to consider and what you need to think of
as you are putting together your bonus items. Are there any products that you
could offer that would create additional income for you in the form of this residual
income that I’m talking about?

What we’ve covered is two distinct methods of doing your bonus items. We have
the one method where everything is in one single box, usually with a stop sign and
you have the introduction to the bonuses and you have each one, again using this
format, free bonus gift number one, dash and then the value of the product and
description. Free bonus gift number two, dash, the value of the product, the

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

description and so on. The process is repeated as we go, it’s key to how we’ve
done it.

Also, the second method works this way. Each bonus gift is separated meaning
that it has its own separate box. If there are five bonus gifts then you would have
five different boxes. In between each box you would have an order link.

Reverting back to the single box if you have only one single box, in that box you
would have an order link as well so they can order.

The question is going to come up when we're talking about bonus gifts is how
many bonus gifts should I have? That’s an answer that I can’t give you. I cannot
tell you that you should have four bonus gifts and they should be in this price
range. I can’t tell you that.

I can tell you that you could go as few as one and I wouldn’t want to go on too
many bonus gifts because if you have too many, and I would say more than five,
you are now overshadowing your actual offer and also you're making your offer
less credible.

The reason I’m saying that is now it becomes in the realm of being unrealistic in
order to offer that many free items in order to get a person to purchase one single

One of the methods you can use and let’s use this phrase, the well known phrase
that many of you should be able to roll off the tongue at any point in time and that
is success leaves traces. One of the methods we can use for bonus gifts and bonus
items is watching infomercials. They do it very well.

If you notice, they don’t offer a huge number, yet it looks like you are getting a lot
of bonus gifts by taking action today but it’s usually around three or four, maybe
even five different items that’s about it. It looks really good and makes the value
that you're getting so good that you want to pick up the phone and you want to
order it right now.

Well, looking at that and if they have spent all this money figuring all this out we
can just borrow that information. They are spending millions of dollars to figure
this out and we can say if they are using this many bonus gifts then maybe we
should use the same number of bonus gifts. That kind of keeps you clean, but not
too many.

Also, don’t have a ridiculous offer. I see them whenever people do these book
launches and book launches are great, don’t get me wrong. Book launches are
great but they can get on the line of being ridiculous meaning I came across a
book launch not too long ago and the concept of a book launch is very simple.
You get a bunch of people to email other people about the book and for them
buying the book they get access to these products.

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Here’s what it looks like and here’s what this one looked like I should say. Buy
my book for $19 and get $56,000 in free bonus gifts. Now that sounds a little
ridiculous and I’m sure you can all agree with me. It seems kind of crazy that I
am going to get $56,000 worth of stuff if I buy a book for $20 that’s overkill. Its
complete overkill it’s to the extreme but that’s what is happening right now.

People associate that, if one bonus gift is good then two, three, four should be
better and if I give them 25 bonus gifts maybe I’ll even increase my sales even
more. No, you just lost all credibility in your product. That’s what you did. If
the product was that good why would you have to bribe people in order to buy it?
That’s what’s going through their head.

Make your bonuses realistic. For example I gave bonus gifts on this Big Seminar
offer which is take a look at these bonus gifts. I said it’s $1,695.00 in value.
Now, it’s actually true first of all, so my bonus gifts were on a true note and my
product that I’m selling is a $2,000 product. My bonus gifts aren’t even as much
as my product.

I remember back in the day people used to make the common assumption and say
well, you're bonus gifts should be five times the value of the product you're
actually selling. Are they wrong? It’s a belief. Test it. You can’t go wrong with
three-five different bonus gifts but make them very consistent with your actual

That being said about bonus gifts and there are many different ways you can
structure those. Using those two formats you have a very clear and concise way
in order to state them on your website.

Now we want to go into one of the other key elements on your website and that is
your guarantee. Let’s talk about that guarantee. The guarantee is something that
some people actually lack. I’ve actually done it two ways.

I’ve sold plenty of product without a guarantee on the whole page. Did I do it on
purpose? I wanted to see what happened. Did it decrease my sales? A little bit
but I can tell you having guarantee on there is much better than not having a
guarantee because many people shop on the Internet and they look for that

My one impression one time was that if they are looking for the guarantee then
they are looking to refund anyway so why even put one up there? But, legal
purposes and from a marketing standpoint you want to a good guarantee. Here’s
why. You want to make very clear what your product is all about. How do we do

Let’s look at a guarantee that I’ve recently done for one of my products, one of
the         companies            that         I’m          involved         with If you go to this page you will

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

see some of the things we’ve been talking about. Scroll past the bonuses and
you’ll see the method that I chose. We have a picture and we used the first bonus
method that I talked about and actually offered a link at the end of each one of
those as well.

Scroll beyond that, almost at the bottom of the page and you’ll see my guarantee.
The guarantee is very, very, very, very important if done in the right way. You
need to explain it out 100%.

What I’ve done in this is something new that not too many people have done in
the past. That is, we’ve customized our guarantee into a full blown, out graphic. I
have the certificate and the certificate; I made it look like a very official
certificate. It says this, ‘you are protected by the seminar marketing money back
guarantee, click here to listen.’

If you click that button it says, ‘if for any reason in the next 30-days you don’t
agree this incredible package is worth every penny send us back the system and
we’ll happily refund you in full the entire amount of your investment.’ When you
click the button it has me actually saying those exact words and it’s on a
certificate type paper.

What we’ve done here is we’ve taken the guarantee to the next level. The reason
why we’ve done this is because first of all many people have started using
certificates on their guarantees. Michel Fortin was one of the people that I noticed
when he did a sales letter for me, actually one of the Big Seminar sales letters,
him using this certificate in his copy and we went through many renditions on it.

What we discovered was by making in a certificate we get a much better reaction
with our guarantee. Actually our guarantee can and will increase our conversion
if used in the proper way and that is what we’ve done here with this Seminar
Marketing money back guarantee.

We have this guarantee right on the page and let’s look at the elements of it. First
of all, this is a graphic. The whole guarantee is actually in a graphic except for
the audio button. The graphic, first of all, let’s look at the outward appearances.
It’s a green graphic. The color is kind of irrelevant but the reason why I chose
green is because it looked more official and more of an official certificate.

The second thing is what it says. You are protected by the Seminar Marketing
Money Back Guarantee, click here to listen. Audio on your guarantee, again will
help increase your sales. Whether you use an Audio Generator account or
however it is that you put audio on your website, you need to start using audio in
every fashion that you possibly can.

Let me make a general statement right now. The higher the ticket, meaning the
higher the price point, the more personal your sales process should be or the more
multi media you should be using in order to sell it. Why is that? It’s because

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we're asking people for a lot of money. This product that you are looking at right
now at this page is not an inexpensive product. It’s a
$2,000 product teaching people how to run their own seminars.

If it’s a $2,000 product we need to use all the different methods that we possibly
can in order to sell it. The guarantee is one of the key elements. How can
someone be assured that this product is for them? Quite honestly, they can’t be.

I don’t care what you're selling online; you cannot necessarily assure people that
this product that you are selling is everything that they want it to be. You can’t.
It’s impossible. You can be so confident.

Let’s look at what a guarantee is really saying. A guarantee is really saying that
I’m so confident that my product will do everything that it says it’s going to do
and more that if you don’t like it I’ll give you your money back. Just try it out
because I know that the majority of the people are going to keep my product.
That’s what’s saying. In some cases it’s saying exactly that, word for word as I
just stated it.

A guarantee is just showing your confidence that you stand behind your product
that alone can increase sales. When you take the guarantee, take it to the next
step. Put it on a certificate. Put it on your page and then add audio to it, whether
it be yours or somebody else’s then we have a complete guarantee.

If you listen to the audio message on that page it does nothing more than read the
guarantee as stated on the certificate. It doesn’t add anything else except on
element and let me explain that one tiny element.

The one tiny element should tell them to go ahead and place their order today. If
it doesn’t say it on this particular guarantee, it should say that.

In looking at this guarantee, I’m even going to tattle on myself, some of you if
you are listening to the recording of this may go back and find this already
corrected on this sales letter because the one element that I would have added to
this guarantee looking at it in retrospect is, here’s my guarantee, even if my audio
message does say place your order today. You have nothing to lose. Underneath
the guarantee or in the guarantee I should have a link for people to order.

Let me repeat that. In the guarantee or underneath the guarantee I should have a
link for a person to order and in my example as it sits today I don’t have that so I
would definitely add that. In fact, by the next time I’m sure anyone sees this sales
letter it will probably have a link right underneath that stating that here’s the link
and here’s how to buy it. We built value in the guarantee now let’s add that as

A guarantee simply states what you're terms are. Many people ask, well what
about I give them a year long guarantee? That’s great but let’s look at the other

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side to this. Here’s the concept that many people have taught. I have even taught
it at one time in my marketing career and that is the longer the guarantee the less
likely they are to refund because they will forget about your product or service.

If you give a person a 30-day guarantee they are going to be scrutinizing your
product for the next 30-days and then ultimately look to refund it. They feel
added pressure with only a 30-day guarantee. If you give them a year guarantee
then suddenly they don’t like it within that year and they can return it and get their
money back and they will forget it after a couple of months and they won’t bother
asking for their money back; that's fine.

But, your credit card company will not like it very much. In fact, your credit card
company will probably go crazy knowing that you offered a guarantee like that
and they will probably make you remove a guarantee like that almost
immediately. Why? The credit card company looks at it this way.

This is money that has a potential of being refunded and what if you don’t have
the money to refund it by next year? If you don’t have the money to refund it the
credit card company has to refund it themselves. A credit card company likes to
see a very short guarantee, usually less than 90-days.

Depending on your credit card company and who processes your merchant
account they may tell you different but normally with most credit card companies
they are going to tell you about 90-days for your merchant account to be
comfortable with your actual sale.

Again, now the question comes up well, if I can offer only a 90-day period, what
happens on a monthly? Well, on a monthly purchase the person on the recurring
billing type purchase, you are billing that person once per month so they will
refund it for that month or the previous month and that’s it. They are not going to,
a year later a person can’t refund every one of their purchases every single month.
They won’t allow it. You can’t do it.

On a month to month purchase like a recurring membership site, anything like,
recurring service that you're being billed every month for, you’re billing your
customers every month for then they look at that as only that month and that’s all
that they are liable for. Again, be very careful on your guarantee.

I, personally feel that a 30-day money back guarantee is adequate in almost every
case. I can’t see any reason why it would not be adequate unless it was your fault.
If you didn’t get your product to them in time then it’s your fault.

Here’s the other debate. Is it 30-days from the time they receive my product or is
it 30-days from the time that they actually place their order? It’s a judgment call.
There is nothing set in stone about how you conduct your business. This is one of
those judgment calls that you have to make. I would just tell you this, be fair.

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          Personally I would go from the time they receive your product. When they
          receive your product and go from that date and then you should be fine.

          When in doubt, if a person really wants to get their money back on the product
          they purchased from you, just give it to them. Just give it to them. Why?
          Because it’s going to do you much more good just giving them their money back
          than it is to not do it. You will keep your good name, you will keep a good
          reputation and people will be much more happy about that.

          Again, if a person asks for their money back, just give it to them. Don’t argue.
          You can ask them a question. I’m not saying a no questions asked money back
          guarantee. In fact, did you see anywhere that I said here no questions asked? No.
          Why when many people do that? Because if I say that I’m not going to ask any
          questions then I have to stick by that.

          I want to ask them why they’re not keeping my product or service. That is only
          going to help me sell more products or services in the future; do you see what I
          mean? We need to find out why are they refunding? Is there something on our
          part? Is there something we did wrong? Is the product not adequate? Do we
          need to add more to the product? Do we need to rearrange it or redo the product?
          What is that answer?

          When we find that answer, now we can go and fix it, make the product better and
          hopefully in the future reduce our returns or reduce our refunds by simply making
          the product better which is ultimately what we want and it’s certainly what our
          customers want as well.

Bret:     A question for you Armand. Is this contradictory to your earlier statement when
          we were talking about merchant accounts that you challenge every chargeback?

Armand:   No. Let’s talk about this. I said a refund; a refund is different than a chargeback.
          Let me explain this. I will gladly refund anybody’s money. If I refund it and they
          ask me for a refund I normally just give them the refund.

          Now what happens in the Internet, now sad to say, but this is what happens.
          People don’t even ask for a refund and they will bypass you and go directly to a
          chargeback without ever even contacting your company. I would rather refund
          them than get the chargeback.

          It just turns out that the merchant account company that I use doesn’t really care if
          I have chargebacks or not. I’m not really too concerned. It’s more of a personal
          issue quite honestly. We don’t want to have chargebacks because that does look
          back. If I get a chargeback, first of all, let’s look at the results of having a

          If they charge back from the credit card company meaning Visa, MasterCard or
          American Express, or Discover, whomever it may be, (a) I don’t have their

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          money; (b) they have my product in many cases, and (c) I got charged an
          additional fee, an extra $20 or $30 so that sale cost me $20 or $30 because they
          asked for a chargeback.

          On a refund I can refund customers all day long. Many times the customer will
          actually not ask for the refund but they will just go directly to Visa and
          MasterCard and try to get their money back from there and that’s why we actually
          go back and fight every single chargeback. We would normally give it to them

Bret:     Do you refund via credit card always or do you sometimes refund via check?

Armand:   No. It’s always referred back the original credit card. The reason why that
          happens is because let me give you an example of why that is not a good thing to
          do, to refund via a check.

          Let’s say I was not an honest person but I stole someone’s credit card. I steal
          Bret’s credit card and I buy this product from you and let’s say it’s a $500
          product. Say I want a refund. I don’t want, and I make a big stink, I don’t want
          the money coming back to my credit card. I want the money; you need to send
          me a check immediately.

          You now send me a check for the product that I just bought and now I have a
          check. You charged his credit card, he’s out $500. You're out the money that you
          would have made and now I am a clean winner here with $500 in my pocket.

          Some of you may be thinking but it was Bret’s credit card. It’s very simple, I’m
          living with my father or this is my father-in-law and he ordered your product and
          we want the refund and we want you to send it to this address. I’m telling you the
          squeaky wheel will get the grease if you do not keep hard and steady to your
          company policy I’ve seen it happen too many times online.

          Only refund it back to the credit card. Don’t fall for any of these tricks. There are
          a number of tricks that people use when you are doing business on the Internet.
          For example we have had a large number of orders in a single month from an
          affiliate and that affiliate, we found it very strange and that affiliate turned out to
          have stolen a bunch of credit cards and then was demanding we send his affiliate

          We had already found out that these were stolen credit cards because he wasn’t a
          very bright affiliate. This affiliate had actually used sequential numbers in the
          credit cards. Now the odds of eight customers, actually this was about 100
          customers in total. 100 customers with sequential credit card numbers. It doesn’t
          make sense. We went ahead and turned that particular person in and certainly we
          didn’t pay that money, but they were expecting to get paid before we found out
          what was going on that’s another system or problem that affiliates have done in

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          the past. We are very aware of those and we watch out for those happening when
          we get a large number of sales from a single affiliate in any single month.

          We look to see where the traffic is coming from, how they got the sales; we may
          even attempt to call that person to find out the reason for increase in sales. Not
          that we're complaining, we're more or less concerned when an affiliate comes out
          of the blue but is making a large number of sales. It just looks suspicious
          depending on who the person is of course. Does that make sense Bret?

Bret:     Yes, I have a question for you on guarantees.

Armand:   Go ahead.

Bret:     Do you need to guarantee on your website a specific delivery time for hard

Armand:   I would say, I don’t know if you have to but I would recommend that you do.
          Somewhere between either on the sales letter or the thank you page, one or the
          other. You need to let people know when they’re going to receive the product,
          meaning if it’s going to take an average of two to four weeks, say two to four
          weeks; if it’s going to be six to eight weeks or longer then say six or eight weeks
          or longer. You should definitely state it at least bare minimum on the thank you
          page and you might even want to think about on the order page or the sales letter

Bret:     One other question regarding blogs if we can slip it in real quick. The four plug-
          ins you recommended earlier; do you know where specifically they can be

Armand:   How about this. How about if we just post it. Why don’t we just post the plug-in
          in the download area?

Bret:     I will email George.

Armand:   It’s the easiest way for us to take care of that. Let’s continue on with the call.
          We're going to now focus in on the other elements here. What we’ve talked about
          so far is the guarantee, we just went over that.

          What we will talk about next is the actual ordering process, not the order process
          itself but the order elements on the actual sales letter.

          Let’s look at the order process on the sales letter itself. On the sales letter what
          we want to do is define an area, an order area. This is a term that I described to
          you earlier when I talked to you about the overall process, is I said, define the
          order area.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

What I mean by define the order area is make it obvious where a person should go
on your sales letter in order to order your product or service make it very, very
obvious. How do we do that? Let’s revert back to the term that I used previously
and that is the term box it in. We want to make it an area that looks like an order
form basically at the bottom of our sales letter. We want to use a certain term in
this process.

Some people have been using the term no risk order form. I started thinking about
this one day. Everyone was saying you need to use the word no risk order form
and I thought that seems kind of ridiculous to me because even though I’m saying
no risk, I’m still saying the word, what? Risk, that didn’t work for me. I used that
term for a little while but then I started thinking what’s a better word that I could
use that would really say what I want to say plus give an added benefit to my

We switched our wording around and this is what we come out to. Our priority
placement order form or priority order form. Priority order form. Let’s look at
the connotation with just one simple word change and what that can really mean.

First of all, no risk means obviously there is, no risk on their part that’s what it
means. But, by changing over to priority, meaning we are giving them extra
benefit, giving them more of a preferential treatment by giving them priority over
everybody else. So we changed our wording to priority and started using that
instead because it has a much better meaning and we noticed an increase and
certainly conversions when we did that.

Instead of using no risk, the first thing I’m going to recommend to you is
immediate take any place where you take no risk off of any of your order process
and start using the words priority order form. Some people try to even refrain
from using the word order form or using the word order. Well, let me put it to
you this way, that’s kind of ridiculous.

First of all, you want them to buy your product or service, right? If you want
them to buy our product or service what do they have to do? They have to place
an order some place. You're not going to get around that word. There are very
few words that you can get around in using and that is one of the words you
cannot get around.

Using the word order is not going to hurt your sales any. They know what they’re
doing they already figured out that part while going through your sales letter that
you’re going to sell them something. In fact, many of them came to your sales
letter knowing that you were going to sell them something.

Don’t get hung up on these little tiny words or phrases that are really not going to
make a difference in your sales anyway. Again, priority order form and you can
put your product. For example for Big Seminar it was Big Seminar priority order

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form. Priority acceptance, that’s another way that you can do it, priority order

Here’s another element that we want in this area. Let’s look at what a box looks
like, an order area box or an order box. An order box usually looks like a coupon
at the bottom of the actual website. A coupon meaning it has a dotted line around
the actual order area. Inside of that order area at the very top we usually have
again, priority order form or for example Big Seminar priority order form or Big
Seminar priority placement, Big Seminar priority acceptance, whatever words you
decide to use, that’s where it would be. Your sub-headline would go right in

It has to be very big, very blatant. Do not try to hide your order form.

One of the elements I think you should refrain from and I see many people do this
and it’s really frustrating and I’m sure you’ve had the same exact frustration.
They avoid making the ordering process known on their sales letter which means
if you have to read the sales letter, let’s stop there for a second.

Let’s look at the mentality and why they are doing this. The concept originally
went something like this. If I do not make the order process blatant on my sales
page meaning that I just put my link inside of a paragraph on my sales letter I will
force my customer to read my sales letter to look for the actual order link that’s
the concept. That is what some people do on the Internet you’ve probably seen it.

You scroll down to the bottom of the page and you didn’t see any place that you
could place an order. You didn’t see any credit card information; you saw no
order button, no order link. You went back up and you noticed that you looked in
the area probably where the order form should be and you had to actually read
very closely and you found a little tiny link that allowed you to now finally place
your order.

The idea was that if you hid the order link or embedded it into a paragraph people
would go back and read your sales letter in order to find it that’s ridiculous
because of some very common and simple things.

First of all, what you're really doing is you're just frustrating your customer. You
are making your customer work five or ten times harder in order to give their
money to you. You're making them work harder in order for them to give the
money that they have to you. Don’t make them work. Make it very obvious.

If there was a term, what I would call, new marketing on the Internet, I don’t care
if you call it web 2.0, web 3,0, web 4.0, in fact we should probably just skip it all
and just call it web 10 because if I could name this method that I’ve been teaching
you and making things so obvious to people and making things bigger than
they’ve ever been before on your sales letter and more obvious such as your

                      Internet Marketing Explained Training
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          testimonials and bonuses and any pictures of your products. If I could name it
          anything I would refer to it as obvious marketing. I want you to write that down.

          Here is what obvious marketing really is. It’s making everything on our sales
          order and in your sales process very obvious. Not making people have to work in
          order to understand the opportunity they have lying in front of them. We do not
          want to make people work in order to take advantage of any opportunity we give
          them. We just simply want to give it to them and make it so there is no thinking
          on their part whatsoever.

          People always make a joke about reading magazines and reading books and they
          read the books for the pictures in the book. Well, many times on the Internet we
          read the Internet for the pictures on a website even though there is very little
          pictures used but we're scanning the page and we're looking for the highlights that
          call out to us, via the sub-headline, the bonuses, the guarantee and we're looking
          for the obvious things and for things we really don’t have to look at. Then we get
          down to the order area at the bottom on the page and we know this is where we're
          supposed to order.

          Just make it very obvious. Don’t make them guess on anything that you do. The
          term again, obvious marketing that’s what we want to call it this is what we're
          really saying in every aspect of what we're doing right now. Bret, do you have a

Bret:     I have a quick question Armand before we get too far down the path here. We're
          talking about the issue of risk free and all that. With a physical product do you
          believe that they if they choose to refund that you should also refund shipping?
          Yes or no?

Armand:   No. The shipping is never refunded. I don’t refund shipping. I refund the actual
          order price. That’s it.

Bret:     Okay.

Armand:   Let’s use other people, most people do not refund shipping at all either way. They
          refund the purchase price they don’t refund shipping.

          Let’s look at the order box, the order area itself. We started off by describing
          what it looked like. A dotted line around it. We have a sub-headline in it. Again,
          using the words priority as we have mentioned and now there are some options

          Option number one. Place a picture of your product that they are ordering in this
          particular area. For example, on the page we have a
          picture of the product they’re ordering in that particular area that’s one option.

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

Here is the most important part. We want to make this look like an order form so
we are using things from direct mail in our ordering process. I’m going to read to
you off my seminar marketing website exactly what I have on this particular page.

It says, ‘yes, I want to order the smart seminar marketing system. I want to take
my business to the next level by learning the tips, tactics and strategies that
million dollar seminar promoters know.’ Here’s the deal. We want a checkbox
and then the word yes in capital letter. Checkbox and yes in capital letters. We
can have a couple of options here. We could make the yes bigger, put it in red or
we can underline that word yes. We want to make it stand out more.

There are two options on the checkbox. Some people like it prechecked and some
people like it unchecked. A couple of people have stated it to me and quite
honestly I have to tell you. I have never tested this. Some people have stated to
me that they have tested that with it being unchecked that it increases
conversation. I don’t know if that’s true and I don’t know how valid their tests
were so you may want to test that on your own. Find out if it’s checked or
unchecked if it makes a difference in your conversion.

The next element that we go underneath that is an understanding meaning that ‘I
understand that once my order is authorized you will process my order promptly
and ship my seminar system within the next four weeks.’ This is a physical
product and actually it’s a huge physical product and if you see the page you can
see what it is and how it works.

The thing is it’s a huge, huge package and we tell them we're going to ship within
the next four weeks because it takes us time to put the whole product together and
depending on how many orders we have it can take up to that long. Also we take
into account for shipping. We let them know how long it will take them to
receive their product.

Next, the credit card symbols. Credit card symbols are extremely important in the
order area. When you get a merchant account, when you have a physical store
especially, but even when you get a merchant account you’ll find that Visa,
MasterCard, Discover, American Express, all ship you stickers. Why is that?

They ship you stickers to put on your door to let people know that you accept
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We put them on our website
for the exact same reason. With one addition we might want to add here and that
is PayPal. If we accept PayPal we want to let people know we accept PayPal

Here is the interesting part about using PayPal and adding PayPal as an option in
your payment process. Just by simply allowing people to order through PayPal on
your website you will increase your sales by 10%-15% easily and some people
have reported even more. We found out on average that you will increase your

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          sales by accepting PayPal on your website by 10%-15%. Here is the key. If you
          accept PayPal you should have a PayPal button on your order area.

          We don’t accept PayPal for this particular product. We have Visa, MasterCard,
          American Express, Discover and then we would have PayPal as well. Then we
          have our order button. I didn’t say an order link. Notice I did not say an order
          link. I said an order button. It says click here to order right now and the button is
          in a red table in order to give us that border around it and we talked about that
          previously and we’ll talk about it some more as we go on.

          Underneath that ‘your reservation will be processed over our secure servers.
          Don’t delay this price is for a limited time only. You will receive immediate
          access to the downloadable bonuses.’ We give them some extra information at
          the bottom that’s essentially our order area.

          No matter what type of product it’s going to follow very similar to that format. It
          may be shortened; it may be less than what is even here, to be even reduced a little
          bit but not much. Don’t’ reduce it too much. You want to have the majority of
          the elements on this particular page that we have right now. Underneath the order
          area I have Best Success, and I have my name and then I have p.s. and then I give
          a little bit of a p.s. that’s the order area.

          We haven’t even talked about the order form yet but we’ll go on to talk about the
          order form in just a little bit.

Bret:     Quick question Armand. I’ve noticed on some of your sites you now have the
          credit card images in black and white rather than in color. Why is that?

Armand:   Actually the black and white images are actually only on the order form, not on
          the order page.

Bret:     Can’t you put color on your order form?

Armand:   It actually looks better in black and white. That’s why I did it. It has no other
          meaning but that. It was for aesthetics more than anything else. No, I didn’t test
          it. I wanted it specifically to look like that and that’s how we initially have it and
          we haven’t actually gone through the next process. As far as testing color versus
          testing no color but my initial reaction without testing is it’s not going to make a
          difference being where it’s located. I’ll cover that when we talk about order
          forms in the next process that’s only on my actual order form; I should say my
          order page itself, not on my sales letter.

Bret:     Okay.

Armand:   Let’s continue on with the sales letter because we didn’t talk about several
          elements. What we're going to talk about here are ways, I don’t care who you are,
          I don’t care what you do, I don’t care what sell, but what we are going to talk

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about right now will increase your sales dramatically and we're talking about
doubling, tripling, quadrupling the amount of sales you're going to get currently
on our website. We're going to go through this in a very logistical way and we're
going to cover many, many different elements that you need to have to increase
your sales.

We're going to start off with the most obvious piece and that is asking people to
buy your product or service. We talked about building value and we talked about
creating that value as we went and then earning the right to ask for the order.

Let’s look at a sales letter this way. This is what I refer to as chunking. This is a
very simplistic way that can help you write your sales letter. It also helps you ask
for the order as well and you will see how this all ties together.

Let’s talk about the chunking method first. A sales letter is comprised of about, I
say about because it’s not set in stone, is about six to seven mini sales letters all
rolled up into one. Here’s what I’m referring to. If you take the main elements of
your product and explain the main elements you will find out there are about six
to seven main elements of your product if you had to pick them out.

Tell all about that product and you want to describe it in this way. Here’s the
feature of my product, here’s what it does and in very much detail, here’s what it
means to you and here is also what would happen if you don’t have this particular

Those three elements I just mentioned, here is what the product is, here is what it
means to you and here is what would happen if you don’t have my product, can
actually be in there exchanged. In that section, in that chunk, you could put either
one first, second or third, it doesn’t matter as long as those three elements are

Think about this. If you were going to sit down and write a sales letter and I said
okay, today I want you to take one feature about your product and I want you to
write three paragraphs on it. I’m just using three paragraphs as an example. It
doesn’t have to be three paragraphs but because we mentioned three elements it
should be.

Let me make very clear as to how I want you to write this. We are going to take
those three elements and we are now going to write those three elements about a
particular feature of our product. It could be three paragraphs, it could be just a
few sentences for each one but that is a segment that is a chunk.

Here is the idea of the chunk. The chunk, we should be able to explain that part of
our product all on its own without any help from the rest of the sales letter and it
should be able to sit by itself. If I took that section out, that chunk out of my sales
letter and I read all by itself it should make sense and give me enough reason to
buy the product based on that one chunk.

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What are the elements to that chunk? The chunk is here is what the feature is,
here is what it means to you, here is what would happen if you don’t have it. Here
are the consequences if you do not have this feature. Essentially you want to talk
about the pain aspect of why that product is so important to them. If they don’t
have that product, what would happen?

Now, at the end of that chunk you have now earned the right to ask a person to
buy your product or service. What I’m bringing out of you as you’re writing this
sales letter is; I’m making you think more about specifically six to seven main
features. We're going to mention all the other features and we're going to mention
all the other benefits of our product or service in the sales letter when we talk
about our bullet points and we talk about the features and benefits. I want you to
bring out six or seven main features and I want you to just write a brief segment
about it.

It doesn’t have to be extremely long. I’m not talking about writing an essay. I’m
talking about writing a couple short sentences meaning paragraphs about that
particular product or feature. It can be very short and very concise. It doesn’t
have to be extremely long then we ask the person to buy right after that.

When you take those six or seven different main features and at the end you ask
them to buy we now have earned the right and we're going to increase the amount
of sales. Think about this, if we have six main features that we are promoting
within our sales letter the odds of us, again we have to look at the odds. It’s just
like gambling. We have to look at the odds of us hitting a hot point that they may
have an interest in a lot greater than if we only talked about one or two main
features in our sales letter.

We want to focus on six to seven main features. It could be one or two more but
roughly in this area. Describe it, again, those three elements that we talked about
meaning feature, what does it mean to them and then what are the consequences if
they don’t have it. It could be just a few sentences, it could be a couple of
paragraphs, it could be three paragraphs, something short. A paragraph in my
opinion when you're talking about a sales letter should not be any longer than
three lines deep, four at max that’s it.

Take any one of the sale letters that we're looking at and you’ll find that three to
four lines is about the max on any one of my sales letters. Many times it’s much
shorter than that but it’s always going to be right around in that realm. I always
try to keep it that way and the reason why is because it makes it easier for people
to read.

I am not talking about long drawn out segments here. I’m talking about short, to
the point, paragraphs describing each one of those three aspects in each one of
those chunks.

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Also prior to every chunk we have a sub-headline introducing that chunk. This
will help you write your sales letter. At the end of the chunk we ask for the order
that’s the concept of chunking. Think of that when you’re writing your sales

Here’s one of the aspects I want you to think about and that is I am giving you
many different ways in order to write a sales letter. You may not use all of these
methods each and every time you write a sales letter but by thinking in these
terms it helps bring out the benefits if you are especially brand new to writing a
sales letter.

This will bring out the benefits, the features and this will force you to write in a
particular formula that as you grow and as you learn more about writing sales
letters you will develop your own style of writing sales letters based upon what
you learned from other people, what you have written yourself, what your
customers have experienced as far as sales; meaning how many sales have you
received as a result of your writing you’ll improve the copy that you’ve written.

No matter how great your copy is there are several tactics, and I will say this very
blatant, these are sales tactics that we are going to cover to enhance the value of
your sales letters. We have mentioned one of them already and that is the links on
a page. The links on a page are something that we have been promoting, been
talking about for many years because this is something that we researched in-
depth on our sales letters and it was through an obvious mistake that we had made
and let me tell you that story.

On one of my sales letters I noticed that our conversion was not as good as I’d
like it to be. I started testing various elements. The first thing I looked at was the
obvious because I believe most mistakes in most sales letters; it’s not the sales
letter itself if you have a well written sales letter. It’s usually because of the
simplistic things to increase conversion. The most common things that I looked at
was, if I want a person to buy something, shouldn’t I ask them more times? If I’m
not asking them enough times maybe that’s why they’re not buying as much so I
start off with the obvious.

I tested my headline and it tested pretty well. I was somewhat happy with my
headline so I started testing the number of times that I asked a person to purchase
my product or service. What happened was I found out I wasn’t asking them
enough. In fact I had only asked them to buy five times in the whole sales letter
and that was including the order link at the bottom of the page. In reality in the
sales letter I had only asked them four times, plus the order button at the bottom
of the page.

My initial reaction was why don’t I just double the amount of links in order to get
a person to buy my product or service? If I ask them five times and I’m getting
this kind of result, if I ask them more then logic says I should get at least twice the
amount of people or twice the amount of orders or people at least clicking over to

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my order page. That’s what I was trying to do, get them to my order page.
I knew my order page was converting on a very good percentage.

Here’s what happened. I went through the process. I increased the number of
links. I actually did not double the amount of links I had. I took the number of
links that I had and I increased it from five to nine. Sure enough suddenly my
conversion increased, not by double but almost double. In fact it went up by
about 90% as far as my conversion from what I had previously.

Why? Because I was asking people to buy more, several times throughout the
sales letter. I want to think about that. In direct sales, it’s a common practice and
we talked about this at least once before but in direct sales it’s a common practice
to ask a person to buy at least seven times in the sales process. Then you will
ultimately find out the true reason why they are not going to buy from you. Then
once the reason is exposed, now you can essentially attack that reason.

Why should online be any different? If your sales letter is your salesman than
why shouldn’t your sales letter ask them to buy more? When you look at most
sales letters on the Internet you will find out that most of them only ask for the
order somewhere between three and five times on average. We’ve done this by
going through various sales letters on Click Bank and counting up the number of
times that they ask them to buy. Most of the time, on average it will be between
three and five times.

If you take any of those websites you simply double the amount of times that you
ask them to buy you’ll find out you will increase sales almost immediately. In
fact, oftentimes you will just about double your sales just by doing that one aspect
alone that’s one thing you need to do.

We did a bunch of testing. In fact, even to this day on our Audio Generator sales
letter we went to the extreme. The extreme being that every time we mentioned
the words Audio Generator, every time we mentioned the words click here, every
time we mentioned the word any benefit or any action call that we had throughout
the whole sales letter that linked directly to our order page. We tested this for
quite some time.

Let me go back and actually tell you the number of links that we have. The
number of links going to the order page is 104, 104 links going from the sales
letter to the actual order page. We found out it did not increase our conversion.
We tried a number of different ways on many of our other sites and ultimately the
optimal number of order links, I say order links and/or buttons is somewhere
between nine and twelve for most websites, but that’s not set in stone that is a
guide line.

We found that going much above 12 doesn’t increase the number of people
clicking. It just kind of stops right there. The numbers dropped off dramatically.
We want to keep it somewhere between nine and twelve order links or buttons to

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order. We want to ask them to buy between nine and twelve times on our sales

I mentioned buttons. What is the value of the button? The button is something
that we ran across almost entirely by accident. We were testing various methods
for people clicking through and instead of having an order link we decided to test
a button.

Let’s stop here for a moment. A little bit of a time out. The reason why we say
the links, let’s look at the reason why most people have links that are ineffective.

Most people when they are writing their sales letter, if I see another person that
has as their message for ordering, especially more than once on a page, click here
to order now. If you use that once, that’s fine. If every time you ask a person to
buy you say the same words over and over again you are hurting yourself. Here’s
why. It’s the exact same reason that banners aren’t as effective as they once were.

Banners are an extremely and highly effective ways of advertising on the Internet
but they’re not as effective as they were back in the early 90s. Back in the early
90s banner were the deals to get traffic to a website. You could buy banner
advertising and it cost a lot of money to buy banner advertising because people
knew the value of banner advertising they knew how effective it was.

As time went on people realized that a graphic that is 468 pixels and 60 pixels
high is now a banner and that banner now means an advertisement and God forbid
should I click on an advertisement from a website. The value of the banner
decreased dramatically, people started to ignore the banner.

You may have gone to a website, in fact how many of you can tell me the last
time you saw a banner on a website? Very few of you. The reason is because we
ignore them and advertising has changed. I think banner are certainly making a
come back. Banners are very effective ways of advertising. Knowing what we
know now, it’s just done in a little bit different way.

The reason why the banner became ineffective for a period of time was because it
was everywhere and people had grown accustomed to that banner. When you say
the same words on a sales letter over and over again, such as click here to buy
now, click here to buy now, click here to buy now, what you're doing is building
up this resistance to those words.

The first time you say it its okay, the second time you say they’ve already seen it
before they know your tricks now. What do we do in order to make this happen
or make this work better?

What we do is imply change it up and here’s how you create text for your actual
order link. Take one of your features. For example if I was just talking, if I had a
product, let’s use plants and one of my benefits was that I could make your plants

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live seven to eight times longer and if that was in one of my chunks, ‘discover the
secret method I use to make my plants live six to eight times longer than other
people around the world.’ My whole chunk was talking about this method.

My call to action, my link would say something like this. If you want to make
your plants live six to eight times longer click this link immediately or click here
immediately you can even use click here now. The whole phrase that I just said,
if you want to make your plants live six to eight times longer then click this link
immediately or click this link now, that whole phrase would actually be
underlined and it would be in blue. The whole phrase would be underlined and in

The next step. Now, for the next chunk I happen to talk about watering your
plants. The sub title may be something like this. Did you know that eight out of
nine plant owners are literally drowning their plants to death? That may be the
sub-headline but we get down to the bottom and we talk about how many times
you should water your plants. If you want to start treating your plants civilized
then you need to click this link immediately or, save your plants from drowning
by clicking here right now. Do you see what I mean?

Each time I mention a feature or a benefit I’m actually using that feature or
benefit in one of my call to actions, one of my order links. That’s how you make
your order links stand out each time. The people stand up and take notice each
time that you ask them to buy. That's one method that we use in order to do this.

What’s another method? Another method is what we started to talk about and that
was the almighty button. First of all let’s describe the button because I have some
very strict rules on a button and the rule is this. The button should not be a
graphical button.

Of all of the websites that I currently own or all the websites I currently manage I
actually have one graphical button on the website currently right now. The reason
why I am for the most part against graphical buttons is because a graphical button
can be misconstrued as to not be a button.

We have been trained since the beginning of the Internet, since 1994 or so that a
button is gray, it usually has rounded edges on the corners. When you hover your
mouse over the top of it, it changes a little bit, maybe an alternate color. It has
black text on it and that is what a button looks like. When you see a button you
know a button is meant to be clicked. That is what we have been trained ever
since the beginning of the Internet, since day one, since you first got your

My point is not to give people a new environment, not to make people think about
what they should do but to simply give them what they’ve already seen not make
them work.

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We started using buttons and we started testing them. We alternated buttons and
links on the page. Sometimes we asked them to order via a link, again, if you
want to save your plant from drowning click here immediately that’s a link. The
next button may be save your plants from drowning here and that may be in a
button, on the actually button itself.

Here’s what we noticed. By alternating between a link and a button as you
scrolled down the page, kind of missing it up randomly, we noticed that a person
is 300% more likely to click on a button than a text link. Why is that? I have no
idea. The only thing I can come up with is the fact that a button is meant to be
pressed. I think that’s about as simplistic as I could probably ever explain it that’s
probably the most accurate reason in my opinion.

Either way I don’t care that much. Why? Because I know if I use a button they
will be 300% more likely to click it. Either way, I win. If they click on the link I
win, if they click on the button I win. If we used a button every single time what
would happen? Just as in the banner example a few minutes ago, they would
become calloused to the button which means they would ignore it after a certain
period of time. We can mix it up between a link and a button, change the
phrasing on the button as well as on the link, make it not be exactly the same and
this will allow us to increase the number of sales from the website, again button,
very crucial, very key in this whole process.

Another method that we can use in your sales letter is ways to enhance parts of
your sales letter. We’ve done this for very big ticket items and it's audio. Take
your segments; the chunks if you will or the parts of your sales letter and if you
have a big part of a sales letter you may want to give an audio version of that

An audio version of that segment you simply place a button that says audio
version next to it and then you read what that section says and record it and put
that in an audio button that’s it. Nothing complicated. Nothing hard and nothing
that any one of you could not do in I’m sure minutes. By doing that it will allow
people to listen to it as well as read it, another element for it.

Bigger pictures. A great example of this is using bigger pictures is on and from the very beginning of the page
all the way down I use a lot of pictures on this page. The reason why is because
many times a picture does say 1,000 words. In fact the first picture we have says
does your seminar look like this? There is this room with a bunch of chairs in it
and no one in it. Then I show my seminars look like this. Then I actually show
them a real live picture from one of my seminars. That really says it all.

Pictures can be relevant in your sales copy and help explain a point that you're
trying to make. Be very careful of the number of pictures and what pictures you
use and certainly when you use a picture. If it can illustrate a point that you can’t
explain or is hard to explain then definitely use a picture.

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One of the elements that Michel Fortin explained to me which is this element that
I just used at the top of this website is, is social proof. What Michel was after me
for on my particular Big Seminar website was he said, hey, what I would
recommend you do is that I would show a picture from the seminar itself. Show a
picture from the seminar itself at the top of the page. Show them what the
experience was for the people that are there.

I started using pictures and that worked out really well for us. In this particular
example I just kind of modeled that element and then I went on from there.
Bigger pictures.

If you look as you scroll down the page you’ll see product pictures. Let’s look at
the product pictures. The product pictures on this page are big. In fact, if it has a
whole product shot it goes full screen. As wide as you can in that particular sales
letter area. Why do I do that?

The reason why I did that in particular was to make it very obvious that this is
what they are going to get. This is a big product and I want to use big pictures. I
didn’t want them to think. This is what you get and it’s very obvious with a big

As I talk about the individual pieces I’ve even gone one step further and I’ve
taken each individual piece and I laid it out in the big picture for them as well.
I’ve done that for each one of the segments that we have for this particular
product as I go down through. Why? Again, I don’t want any guess work I want
to put it smack dab in their face.

Don’t be afraid to use bigger than normal. Don’t be afraid to use the obvious.
Remember we're talking about obvious marketing. Obvious marketing, obvious
pictures. There is no guess work. By the time they finish just scrolling down
through this sales letter without even reading the sales letter they know what’s
coming in this particular package. They know exactly what they’re going to
receive when ordering it.

They know exactly every step of the way what it is that they’re going to get down
to the various bonuses. We show pictures of the bonuses too and we represent
those bonuses. We give them the guarantee, we give them another picture shot
and even then we give them another picture shot when we actually put it in the
order form, the value of the pictures in the order page.

We're talking about links, number of links, asking people to buy nine to twelve
times. We're also talking about using bigger pictures through your order process,
through your sales process. It is going to increase sales.

One of the other elements in doing this is to use testimonials. Let’s talk about
testimonials right now. Testimonials are something that people very rarely talk
about and very rarely do right from my point of view. We are going to talk about

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testimonials in a couple of different ways. We will start off our testimonials by
assuming you don't have any testimonials which almost seems contradicting.

The reason why I say that is because if you don’t have a testimonial how can you
have testimonials on your website? You can’t but you can kind of. Here’s what
I’m referring to.

If you do not have testimonials and let’s assume that you're launching a brand new
product and you do not have testimonials for your product or service yet. Here is
what you need to do in order to remedy that and in order to get the same impact as
if you had testimonials.

I would go out and look for famous people (a) starting within your market; and (b)
famous people that anybody would know. Here is what I am looking for on these
people. I am looking for a comment or a quote that they said that would be
relevant to my product or service that I am selling. For example famous people
first of all could be living or dead it doesn’t matter.

Within our market it may be very easy, within our particular industry it may be
very easy to find someone who has said something along the lines of what we're
saying. We're using them as the word reinforcement. We are reinforcing a
segment of our sales letter.

For example if I am talking about seminars, what has a person within my industry
of Internet marketing ever said about the seminar? Could I find a quote that
someone said? I’m not saying that they endorsed my product. I am just quoting
that person that’s all I’m doing. I’ll explain the process in another second. I’m
finding a quote that someone said about seminars and the value of seminars and/or
about the seminar business itself because on this particular sales letter I’m talking
about starting your own seminar business that’s one key piece.

Now, when I’m talking about a famous person, again I am looking for a quote.
Whether that person is living or dead, it doesn’t matter. I’m looking for a quote
they said about my particular business. For example, if Bill Gates said something
about a seminar and the value of a seminar then I would quote Bill Gates maybe
on the value.

Scanning through my seminar what else could I talk about? Mistakes and I’m
using Bill Gates just as an example, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or a famous movie
actress, a famous physicist, whatever. For example in one of my sub-headlines is
I’ve made the mistake already so you don’t have to. I could have a quote about
someone saying that everyone makes mistakes or that they’ve made a lot of
mistakes and they worked their way through it. I could have a quote from that
person as well.

We have two elements. We have testimonial of a person within our industry and
we're quoting them or we have a well known famous person. If you don’t have

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any testimonials whatsoever and you don’t know anyone in your industry per se
then I would just use those famous people and use those quotes throughout my
sales letter but I would have the structured like a standard testimonial. We’ll
describe what that standard testimonial looks like in just a few minutes.

Once I find these people and once I find the quote what I’m also going to look for
is a recording of them saying what I just read. Is there an audio some where?
Can I search news archives for this person saying that quote? If I can find that
then I want to add that as an audio to that particular website that’s another method
that we can use.

For anything else, it’s a method of social proof saying that hey, I’m talking about
this and look at what Bill Gates says about making mistakes. He’s made a
number of mistakes and this is what he says about the idea of making a mistake
and we format it like a quote. We never said he endorsed our product, we never
said anything else we're telling the 100% honest to God truth and we're using him
as a quote.

Let’s look at the format. The format will be the same whether it’s a quote or a
testimonial. The format is going to go something like this. A proper testimonial
should be formatted number one by being boxed out. What I’m referring to as
boxed out is it is in again a light yellow, light green, light blue, light pink box and
it has a border around it, usually a solid border that’s what the boxed out segment
is, very crucial.

If you choose to have your testimonials in yellow then have them in yellow for the
rest of the sales letter. Here’s why, because with a testimonial we do want to train
them to recognize what a testimonial is. A testimonial will actually help us sell.
For example if your testimonials are in yellow, a guarantee maybe in green and
our order box may be in a light blue, essentially we have different colors this way
we color code our website. This is one of the new techniques that we're putting
into effect right now.

The reason is because it trains the person’s eyes to recognize the various part of
your sales letter is. One of the techniques of sales that hotels use, if you’ve ever
been to Vegas a whole hotel was actually color coded. Subconsciously you are
recognizing the different color coding and you don’t even realize it. You know
that certain people dress in a certain color are more important than the other
people, it works by the numbers.

For example certain people that are wearing one that I would say are the floor
workers and I don’t know what they call them, I don’t know how the organization
is actually run but the floor workers which there are a lot of them may be in one
specific color. The management though is in a separate color and even their
bosses are in a separate color the entire hotel is coordinated like that. What you
are seeing, you know that when a person is dressed in that same uniform but in a

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                                     Call #11

          different color they’re actually a manager and they’re training you subconsciously
          as you do this, this is how they work in Vegas.

          On a sales letter it’s the same concept. We are training the people to recognize by
          color coding the various aspects of our sales letter as well. That is one of the
          elements you want to take into consideration.

          When we have the sale letter optimally we want to have the testimonial boxed in,
          we want to have it in a light color. Next though we want to have a picture of the
          person. If we can get a picture of the person, great. If we can’t then that’s okay
          too. If we have our choice, we definitely want a picture of the person that is
          giving us the testimonial.

          We also want to have the testimonial in this area, again as the person that said it,
          and then at the very top of the testimonial we want to take an extraction of the
          most powerful thing that person said and place this as a caption at the top of the
          testimonial. Let’s look at this again.

          It’s boxed in a table, has a thin line around it, has a pale color, it has the person’s
          picture, has the testimonial text in there, at the very top of the testimonial text it
          has one statement that we’ve extracted from the testimonial and placed it at the
          top. If a person was scanning down the sales letter they would see this particular
          sub-headline as an extraction of what this person said at a glance.

          Bret you have a couple of questions.

Bret:     Somebody has a comment that on this seminarmarketing sales letter there is nine
          text links and only one order button. How does that fit in with your idea of
          alternating links and buttons?

Armand:   Very simple. I didn’t write the whole sales letter actually, Heather did and this is
          still in testing. For example we only pre-launched this product we haven’t even
          officially launched the product yet. There are nine text links and there is only one
          order button. The deal is as you test it then you’ll be alternating it throughout.

          Take a look at any one of our other sales letters and you’ll see exactly what I
          mean. Look at the Big Seminar sales letter that we were on previously as well
          you’ll see that exact format. If you look at the Ebook Generator or any of my
          other websites you’ll see a very similar format.

Bret:     How do you make a button without using a graphic? Background on a table, or
          what are you doing?

Armand:   The button is….

Bret:     I know what the confusion is because I’m confused by it myself. I mean how do
          you make a button that is not graphical?

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

Armand:   It’s an html button. For example, let’s look at the bottom of seminarmarketing
          page. If you scroll down and look at the order button that is a standard button.
          It’s not a graphic. Do you see what I mean? The only difference on this button is
          I made the button bigger that’s it. I made the font bigger so therefore the button is
          bigger that’s a standard button, that’s an html button.

Bret:     The gray one that says click here right now with the border?

Armand:   Yes, that’s just a standard button. If you look on the Opt-in page if you go to
 on the Opt-in page that button is also a standard button.

Bret:     How do you create an html button?

Armand:   You would use FrontPage or Dreamweaver and click insert button.                    It
          automatically makes it. Does that make sense?

Bret:     If you have a quote can you post a photo of the person the quote is from?

Armand:   Yes. I would definitely put a picture of the person whom I’m quoting think about
          this. You could take famous people from history like Einstein, Edison, if
          appropriate Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, a president, someone that
          the world knows, Gandhi, who knows; someone that is famous that most people
          would recognize. You would definitely want to use their picture.

Bret:     We have a listener who has a quote recorded from a television broadcast. Do you
          happen to know what the guidelines are? Can you use snippets of a television
          show without permission?

Armand:   That one I don’t know. I would actually tell you to use the secret tool that I often

Bret:     What would that secret tool be Armand?

Armand:   That secret tool starts with a ‘G’ and its Google, of course. I would go to Google
          and I would look it up. I don’t know the rules necessarily or the rights that that
          has. I have seen many people do it but I don’t know if you just have to give
          reference to where the show it’s from but I would definitely check that out first
          before we actually go through and use it. Does that make sense?

Bret:     It does.

Armand:   Anything else?

Bret:     Yes. They’re coming in hot and heavy now. Sizes of your button. Do you have a
          specific recommendation on the sizes of buttons?

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

Armand:   Yes, on the order button, on a submit button, I usually make the button a little bit
          bigger. All I really do is change the size of the font on the button in order to
          increase the size. I either increase the font to a 14 pt. rather than what they
          normally have on that button that usually does it.

          Also, on the button in between when I’m doing the order itself, I should say in
          between the different sections, I would use a standard button, meaning whatever
          size it normally is that’s the size I make it.

Bret:     I notice on the site we have a gray button with the
          burgundy order basically. Have we tested different colors of buttons? Would
          you always go with gray?

Armand:   Yes. Gray is the standard and you can’t change the color of a regular html button.
          It’s always gray. That’s why this method works. It’s because you cannot change
          the color of a regular html button without making it into a graphic, changing it and
          putting a graphic in its place. Basically putting a picture there and linking to the
          picture. What we do is just use the standard gray because let’s go back to the
          beginning of the Internet.

          Buttons have always been gray and they have always looked exactly the same
          way. There is no difference. The only modification that we’ve made here
          through testing is that we’ve drawn attention to it by putting this burgundy red
          border around it that’s the only difference that we’ve changed and that’s just to
          draw attention to it, to make it stand out a little more on the submit type button.

          Other than that it’s always gray and its always black text on the button. That is
          standard. If you go to any website that uses buttons at all you’ll find out that that
          is normally what it is unless they use a graphical button.

Bret:     That’s all the questions we have on that topic right now.

Armand:   Let’s continue on. We're talking about testimonials, using the testimonials and
          what elements should be on a testimonial. Reiterating one more time, a
          testimonial is in a light pale box, a border around the box, a thin border, and then
          at the same time we have a call out if you want to call it from the actual
          testimonial at the top which is usually put out as a sub-headline and then we have
          the person’s picture if possible, we have the testimonial and we have a reference
          to the person meaning where did that person come from.

          We want the person’s name S.D. from France is not good enough. We want to
          put the person’s full name. It’s not going to matter too much if we only have a
          bunch of initials because with just initials it looks like it was made up. We're
          looking for credibility. If that person has a website and it’s appropriate, not all the
          time, if you’re selling to a market that the website is not appropriate to put in your
          testimonial, then don’t use it.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

Also make sure that the website is not hyperlinked, meaning it’s not an active link
referencing that particular person. If we make it an active link and a person clicks
on that link they are now gone from our site and we don’t see that person any
more. We definitely want to have that as an inactive link there. We don’t want
that link to be clickable. The person’s name, the person’s website address if
appropriate, if it’s not maybe just put a state that they’re from that would be

If possible get that person to leave you an audio recording, an audio testimonial.
An audio testimonial does a lot for you. Let me give you a couple different
references for this. Let’s look at Big Seminar and we’ll use my last Big Seminar
site, The testimonials that we used here, we’ve taken it
one step further in this process it’s very important how I did this because I did this
for a very specific reason.

When you have a series of testimonials or when you have testimonials on your
website you want to order your testimonials. You want to put them in order from
best to worst but also more importantly from most famous to least famous,
depending on your industry. We want to start off with the people that most
everyone will know or recognize in your industry and put them first. Now you
get, oh I know that person, I know that person and so on down the line. We want
to put the people that are most famous at the top of your testimonial list and
people that are lesser known at the bottom of the list and in that order.

We might want to bring back or use a very popular person toward the very, very
bottom of the sales letter but for the most part you want to go the most famous
person first and then in order of least famous down toward the bottom of the page.
We want to keep their attention at the top of the page first.

What we’ve done on the Big Seminar website is we used video testimonials.
Video testimonials are great and the reason is because you cannot deny a video
testimonial. If it’s just text we can say they made it up. If we had the person’s
picture we add more credibility and if we have the person’s name we add more

If we have the audio of that person, again more credibility, but also now with a
video testimonial we break out of some of the rules. It really depends upon your
video and how the video is displayed. On we have here
our video testimonials and I used video testimonials almost on the whole website
because of the power video testimonials.

There is no denying who this person is, what he’s saying, they’re saying it,
looking directly into a camera and you have to read it. I also did something else
on this testimonial aspect when I’m using video. I have click the play button to
start the video now. That graphic tells the person to click the button, click the
play button to start the video now. I’m telling them exactly what to do. They

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

click the play button and sure enough the video starts automatically and they can
do that all right there.

We do that with every single video all the way down through except when we
group them. We group them down at the bottom of the website as well. If you’ll
notice on this Big Seminar site how we alternate the buttons. You can see our
standard size button that we have on there as well. That call to action, we have
the person, and the testimonial.

Here is another element and this is one that I believe should be added to a
testimonial even on a video testimonial. This is something that I’m having done
for our next Big Seminar website. Not only do I want the video testimonial, but I
also want the transcription of the testimonial added as well.

Why? The reason why I want the transcription added is because if you cannot or
are in a place where you cannot view or play the video and/or hear the video then
I want you to be able to at least read what that person says. We are going to be
adding that as an element even on video testimonials in order to get the maximum
benefit from that testimonial as well.

Again, ordering the testimonial starts off from the most famous person to the least
famous person or lesser known people. We have the video testimonial, we want
to put a link to the play button, a link to tell them to play the video and we have
them interspersed throughout the website.

I don’t know how many testimonials that I have on this Big Seminar website. I
had never actually counted but there are a large number of testimonials and I have
spaced them throughout the whole sales letter. If I counted them up I would dare
to say that there is probably somewhere in the area of 30-40 minutes of actual
testimonials on this page.

Why would we care about that? The reason why is because the more interactivity
that we have with these various people on the page of other people; you see if you
say something on the sales letter it’s a lie but, if someone else says it then it’s the
truth. By getting other people’s information and what they experienced with your
product or service or in this case seminar it’s more believable than the average

I may be, and again it’s a wide variety of people that I have here giving me
testimonials. I just may hit upon someone that’s just like you and maybe thinking
just like you and saying hey, you know I thought the same thing. I wasn’t sure I
was going to go to Armand’s Big Seminar but when I finally did I went to it and
all of a sudden I can’t believe it, it met all my expectations and then some. That’s
why I’m trying to use diverse people and that’s why at our event and anytime we
can we try to get as many video testimonials as possible.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

Here’s a technique for you and this is something that you want to do, actually
Tellman Knudson has done this and I’ve done this for him on one of his products
or services when we were at a seminar together. He has a product that he had
developed and I had mentioned something to him and he asked me for a
testimonial about this particular product.

I told him how great the product was and he pulled me aside and said give me a
testimonial on that product. I said sure so we went down the hall of the seminar
and he had his little video camera and I stood up against the wall and I gave my
video testimonial of this.

Here’s the thing for you. If you go and I don’t care if it’s one of mine or someone
else’s seminar, you should be going to an Internet marketing seminar at some time
or another and the reason is because of the value of meeting people live. You
really can’t replace that. I don’t care what you do and I don’t care what a forum is
or instant messaging or talking on the phone, it cannot replace a seminar because
of what people do.

I’m not telling you because I want you to come to my next event, which I do want
you to come to my next event but that’s not why I'm saying this. The reason why
I'm saying this is because as you go to these events you can meet some of your
customers and you can get them give you a testimonial.

How do you do it? You just take a little video camera with you. Video cameras
are so inexpensive now days. For a couple of hundred dollars you can pick up a
decent video camera. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or great. Just an
average video camera does it all. A good friend of mine, Mike Stewart who does
a lot of things with video, he shoots many of his podcasts, many of his
testimonials with just a little tiny video camera that he bought down at Wal-Mart
for like $200-$300 that’s all you need, nothing major.

My point being this. You can go there and now you can record. Find one of your
customers that you meet and get a testimonial from them and record it. Put it up
on your website. Think of this. I want you to think of this. You need to be able
to separate yourself from the other people in your industry and in your
marketplace. How do we do that?

The way we do that is by doing things that those people are not willing and in
some cases able to do. If they’re not able to do it then that’s not your problem.
The fact is, if you are, then that’s going to put you that far ahead of them. Here is
what we do and here is how we do it.

We do it by simply doing things like using video. Think of the number of sites
right now using video online that are selling products or services. Very few. The
ones that are doing it, I’m going to make a general statement, are usually the more
successful websites. A very general statement and you're going to probably find

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

examples of maybe where it’s not exactly true but for the most part they are doing
fairly well because they have these video testimonials and things.

Would I say that video testimonials are helping them in a big way? I would
absolutely say that. Why? Because their competitors are not willing or able to do
the same as they are. It’s a competitive edge that you really can’t put a price tag
on. For a $200-$300 investment in a video camera and going to a couple of
seminars can pay for itself back with tens of thousands of dollars in your bank
account with additional sales.

My point to you is to go to the events, is to go to seminars, meet people face to
face, get live testimonials. In the worse case scenario call your customers up and
ask them can you shoot me some of your video? Give me a video and send it to
me, upload it somewhere and I’ll give you a bonus in order to do that. Either way
get the video for them and put those up online that will separate your from the
crowd, most definitely.

Here is another side benefit of video on your sales letter is the ability to write less
copy in many cases. I recently did a seminar and some of you were there, it was
my Freedom Factor Seminar. We promoted it in essence at the last minute, at the
very last minute and I sent an email out, I wrote a sales letter literally in about an
hour and a half. I put the sales letter up and the whole sales letter contained 1,074
words but there was over 30 minutes of testimonials on that site. We were able to
sell out that seminar and have a full room at that seminar literally within just a
couple of days. How?

Not because my copywriting was so great because I’ve never touted myself as a
great copywriter. I do a pretty good job. I’ve sold millions upon millions of
dollars writing my own copy, but the fact is, for the most part it was not because
of my copywriting, it was because of the videos, the proof. The videos on that
website that I believe had sold all those products, all those seats for me.

Take that into consideration. You will write less in many cases by using video.
What you will see is many cases, copywriting or words becoming less and less in
many cases on the net. For example I’m getting ready to do another promotion in
the next day or two and I’ll give you guys a little sneak peek. It’s about another
teleseminar series that I’m doing and I sold it at an event and I’m going to sell it
to other people as well. How am I going to sell it? There is only one way I’m
going to sell it it’s just me talking on a video that's it.

In the next day or two I’m going to get the gumption up to actually make myself
presentable enough in order to jump in front of a video camera and I’m just going
to site at my desk and I’m going to tell you exactly how I’m doing this. I’m going
to be sitting at my desk. I’m going to have a video camera on one side of my
desk. I’m going to film me in front of my monitor and I’m going to talk to

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

I’m just going to say hey, hi my name is Armand Morin and I’m getting ready to
do an amazing teleseminar and this is what it’s about. Then I’ll tell everyone
what it’s about, why they should be there and I’m going to have an order link
underneath that video. That will be the only way that you are going to be able to
order that class there is no other method. I will not even have a sales letter. Why?
Because I’ve done this three or four times now and it’s proven very effective for

Am I saying you shouldn’t have a sales letter? That is not what I’m saying. I’m
saying in certain cases it is very appropriate and as you build your name in a
specific industry you can write less. Remember I’m marketing to a very specific
market that already knows me and has somewhat of a relationship with me.
Maybe they have purchased my products or services; they have been to my
events, to my seminars, so I can actually do things like that.

As your business grows you will be able to do things like that too but it’s not
necessary to do whole video, I’m actually telling a whole sales letter. In fact, the
sales letter that I’m saying which in this particular process I am saying it verbally
but I am not actually writing it down. My sales letter could very well be longer
than if I had written it out because of the words that I’m using.

As a matter of fact, I’m just talking to them like we're having this conversation
right now. That is how we will promote that particular seminar and I’ll give you
guys the results of that. It will go very well.

Testimonials and video are key to your business itself; order links, the whole
process. We talked about consistency earlier on the previous calls that we’ve
done. Again from consistency all the way through to the actual order process and
the order button to everything on the sales letter, having all of these elements
working for us as we go. There are many different pieces to this puzzle.

Here’s another element that we use many times on our order process and one of
the things we found out to increase sales and on several of our websites we have
this in place. Some, either we don’t have them in place or we’re testing it one
way or another, but many times we will put audio buttons on our order page and
an audio we found out has increased sales for us. In fact we did a test with and on the audio on the order page; we found that we
increased sales about 350% by simply putting audio on your order page.

What I mean the order page. I’m referring to the page where people enter in their
credit card information. I know what some may be saying, Armand, you don’t
understand. I use services like Click Bank; therefore I can’t put anything on my
order page. You're right except you can if you think outside the box a little bit.

You can use what’s called frames. A frame means you load one part of the order
page in the bottom for example your Click Bank page maybe in the very bottom
of this frame and in the top frame will be a place where you can put your own text

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

or information such as an audio button or any other kind of text that you want and
a person would still go through that order process. You would be able to
ultimately play this when they get to the order process even if you are using Click

If you're using 1ShoppingCart or any of the other various services they allow you
to embed audio. In fact Audio Generator is already set up for secure audio which
means you can place the audio button on a secure order page. Here are the things
you want to say when you place it on the order page.

Thank you very much for placing your order with us and then name your
company. Or placing your order for and then name the product and then go on to
say fill in your first name, your address, all the details below. Please make sure
that your email address is correct and then go ahead and click the submit button,
in just a few minutes you’ll be downloading or you’ll be using or your order will
be placed with us and we’ll be shipping your product. Thank you again and have
a great day.

It’s very simple but here is what I learned. I learned something very important
and it wasn’t through me, it was through Ken Evoy who is a well known marketer
on the Internet and he wrote an article and this is something I found out on the
after side. He did a test. He heard me talk about this, putting audio and
increasing sales by 350% by putting audio on an order page.

He tested it and the first time his orders actually decreased which didn’t hold very
well for me but he didn’t stop. He figured that why would I lie? There would be
no reason for me to lie of course. He went back and retested it and he listened
actually to my audio again. He listened to my audio again and this is what he

He pointed this out in this particular correspondence. He said, that my audio was
slower than what he had used. My audio, the way I spoke was slower than what
he had used so he slowed down his speaking and became more methodical, more
solid, more to the point and again when he did it in a slower pace he increased
sales by doing that. He came up to roughly about 350% more.

Let me explain something. On the Opt-in page you need to be very excited when
you talk to people and when you use audio on your Opt-in page. On your sales
letter in most cases you need to be very excited as you’re talking about your
product or service but on the order page this as he found out, is true that we need
to slow down our speech. By slowing down our speech what we are doing is
ultimately not rushing the person.

This is the part where people are giving you their money. This is the key part.
This is the money maker here. This is the key aspect. What we need to do is to
be there to assure them of their purchase. We want to assure them that they are
making the correct purchase. Thank you very much for placing your order. This

                      Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                    Call #11

          is what’s going to happen and this is what you need to do next and click the
          submit button. Here’s what’s going to happen next.

          We are assuring them throughout the process. We're not trying to sell them. We
          already did the selling. We don’t need to sell them. We don’t need to be hyper
          about. We don’t need to talk fast. We don’t need to be excited. We don’t need to
          talk louder. We just need to be very sit back, thank you very much for placing
          your order with Big Seminar. You're going to have a great time at the seminar.

          Here’s what you need to do next. Fill in your first name, make sure your email
          address is spelled correctly, fill in all the information below and then click the
          submit button and immediately you’ll be registered for our next Big Seminar in
          Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you again and have a great day and I’ll see you in
          Atlanta, Georgia. It’s very simple; not fast, not too slow, but very conversational.
          That is the way you do audio on the order page. It’s very key in this process. Try
          and test audio on your order page.

          Now, I know the question is going to come up, how do I make a frames page in
          order to do that. I guess we’ll just put up an example that’s about the only thing I
          can do. You're going to have to edit html code. We’ll give you an example and
          then the example in the html you’ll see one link is going to be where your audio is
          going to be, and the bottom one is going to be where your Click Bank order link is
          and then you send people to this page and it comes up in both ways. We can put
          up a sample of that.

          Any questions Bret?

Bret:     No questions.

Armand:   Pretty good. We’ve talked pretty extensively about your sales letter and what you
          should do. There is one less element though when it comes to web pages and the
          sales process that’s what happens after the sale and the upsell mechanism. In fact
          we're going to go right directly into the upsell right now as to how and the
          wording you should use to create an upsell and then I’m going to describe to you
          the upsell after the sale. We're going to go over that and then we’ll wrap up for
          this evening.

          We will talk about the upsell mechanism itself. The upsell mechanism is
          something that most people don’t use but I believe they are missing out a lot of
          money. The website I want us to go to is going to and that we’ll be talking about
          is on Ebook Generator. Let’s go to the actual sales letter itself it’s at
 We're not looking at the
          sales letter, we’re scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and it says
          order over our secure order form.

          Now we will click here to download now. This is what I want you to look at. I
          have been using this particular page in its raw form, the way you see it right now

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

for I believe about three years. This particular page has generated a lot of money
not just from Ebook Generator but from a secondary product called Ecover
Generator because this page represents an upsell opportunity.

I didn’t have a shopping cart that allowed me to do upsells in the shopping cart
itself so I had to figure out a way to do an upsell without using any kind of
shopping cart at all which probably is the same position that many of you listening
to this call right now are in.

Here is what happened. I wanted to not only sell Ebook Generator but I wanted
them to also buy Ecover Generator. Before we even get started let me give you
some stats. For the course of three years, this is not a short test whatsoever, but
over the course of three years we have discovered that this particular upsell has
about a 52% upsell month in and month out. It’s very slightly but almost always
equals out to almost 52% every single time. Over 50% of the people that come
here are actually upgrading to buying both products. There are some reasons
behind it.

Let’s take a look at the top and then we’ll look at the bottom. The top of this
particular process says rush me Generator Software’s all new Ebook Generator
3.0 and flood my business with more customers, more cash paying clients than
anything I’ve ever seen or ever tried before even if I’m on a shoestring budget. I
understand that I get a $50 discount on a soon to be $147 price and this price can
only be guaranteed if I purchase today. I understand this discounted price may
change at any time. Ability to create an unlimited number of ebooks, again we
recap what the product does.

I further understand that Ebook Generator is fully covered by Armand Morin’s
personal zero risk, no questions asked, this is something that George needs to
change immediately. It says lifetime money back guarantee. No. No. No. We
need to get rid of that this is like the last time that I actually looked at this that’s
wrong so we need to get rid of that immediately.

Here is the most important part. Because you are ordering today you are eligible
for a one time only discounted upgrade. Since you are ordering today you have
the opportunity to instantly upgrade your Ebook Generator 3.0 purchase to include
my amazing new Ecover Generator which is 25% off its normal retail price. This
is a one time offer only and will not be repeated ever. When you accept this
upgrade you will receive Ebook Generator at $97, Ecover Generator at $97 less a
25% discount, both amazing products for only $169.75.

To take advantage of this one time offer by simply clicking on the button below
you’ll be able to download both amazing products in just a few minutes. This
offer is valid only today. You will not ever get this offer again. Click here to
upgrade or click here to continue on with the normal purchase.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

Now the important aspect of this is that the top button is the $169.75 offer and the
last button is $97 where they continue on with their purchase. The most important
offer is offered up front. We have put this together into a template meaning the
wording that I’ve used exactly in a fill in the blank format through an upsell and
we will take that template that is in plain text, a Word document and give that to
you to use those exact words.

Let me give you some background on this thing. I don’t know why, I don’t know
how, but I only know that every single time we have used these exact same words
on an upsell page we have not ceased to get at least a 50%+ upsell. In fact on a
previous product that we had that we’ve actually discontinued now, we were
getting upwards of 70% of the people to take the upgrade.

Here was the interesting part of it. When they upgraded they were upgrading
100% in price meaning we did not give them a discount. They went from $97 to
$194 and we were getting over 70%+ of the people actually take the upsell.

We’ve done it again recently with another product that we have and for a period,
especially when we first put it into action for about a week we were getting 100%
upsell and every single person took the upgraded price. It’s reduced down a little
bit now but for the most part every person that went to order that product has
taken the upsell. We’ve made some minor modifications but not much because of
the way this is actually structured here.

The wording, we’ve taken the information and we’ve taken out our product name
and we put this into a template for everyone to use right now. We will upload this
and make sure this is uploaded before the next call so you can start plugging this
into your sales process. Here’s the beauty of this, first of all, you don’t need to
use some fancy script.

The question may come up, how can this offer never be repeated again? Well,
first of all it’s $169.75. They either buy it now or they can’t order Ecover
Generator separately at a lesser price. Some of you may be thinking well what if
they leave this page and they come back later. Will this offer still be available?
Yes, but if they order either one of the products right now it can’t be repeated, see
what I mean?

If they ordered the product at $97 I’m not going to honor it later and then have
them come back and say well I wanted the Ecover Generator for $77, you’re out
of luck buddy this is the only time that you're able to get this discount. We're not
going to offer you a separate discount that’s it. This is the only chance they have
the opportunity to take advantage of this offer.

This is without any fancy scripts. A simple html page that anyone can use and the
bottom line is it doesn’t matter who your payment processor is, all you're doing is
creating two separate links, one at the top and one at the bottom that’s it.

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          Bret you have a question.

Bret:     Yes I have a question regarding the upsells and the payment of affiliate
          commissions on upsells. Most of the affiliate commissions are 50%. Is that
          typically on the first sale or also is that on the upsells?

Armand:   If I have a 50% commission for example it applies to all the products. Even
          though I’m offering a 25% discount on this other product, I’m still paying my
          normal affiliate commission on the total price point. On that total of $169.75, I’m
          still paying the full affiliate commission on that.

          If it was 50% as an example, if it’s 50% of $97 it’s 50% of $169.75. Does that
          make sense?

Bret:     Makes sense to me.

Armand:   Wouldn’t an affiliate like this scenario? Of course they would. They are going to
          make more money. Are they going to want to recommend getting the upsells?
          Yes they make more money. When a person goes to purchase a product or service
          from you consider that they have already made the decision to spend money with
          you. Now it’s a matter of how much money they’re going to spend. This method
          that we're talking about here is helping us determine how much money they’re
          going to spend with us it’s a simple modification.

          This is what I refer to as a simple in between page. It’s in between your sales
          letter and your actual order page. An in between page doing the upsell for us by
          simply telling them about our second product, offering them a discount on a
          second product that is complimentary to the first product and they have to go hand
          in hand or else this doesn’t work at all. In fact, it doesn’t make any sense if we do
          it any other way.

          We need to make sure that our products are complementary first, decide what kind
          of a discount we're going to offer them for ordering both of them today, and then
          simply filling in the blanks and putting this on. One of the things we put here on
          the bottom of this right by the order button they have also put a testimonial. I put
          a testimonial on there as well and the testimonial is about Ebook Generator, so if
          they have any other problem, look at me and look at what this person said about it
          as well. Actually give them a direct link to Ecover Generator as well in case they
          want to take a look at that product.

          For the most part this is it and this works. Again, it is the most uncanny thing I’ve
          ever seen in my life but the fact is that numbers don’t lie. We can look at our
          numbers for over three years and we can figure out very quickly that month in and
          month out we're getting outrageous conversions by simply putting up this page.
          Anyone that we’ve ever given this script to has gotten similar results.

             Internet Marketing Explained Training
                           Call #11

Here’s what you need to do. When you get this script from us, you make a page,
call it upsell, call it whatever you want and paste in your products and you can
create two order links. One is for the combination of both products and one is to
the normal product that you have already.

You have an upgrade offer or you have the normal offer. If they want the upgrade
offer you create another download page or however your shopping cart system
works or your ecommerce system works and then they order the upgrade and you
have download for both products if it’s a downloadable product or if it’s an upsell,
either way.

This is a simple method, or what I would refer to as the poor man’s method to do
a proper upsell. By using this particular method you will make more money, no
doubt, so start using this today.

Also on the other side of it is you have to consider how many of your other
products you have that you could offer upsells on? Can you cross promote any of
your products? Start making a list. Which products can you cross promote?

Here’s an issue. Here’s when you start realizing that you may have gone in the
wrong direction in your product development. When you look at your product
line and say you can’t upsell to any of your other products because it doesn’t
make sense.

That’s when you know that you are on a not so good path because of the fact that
your products should go hand-in-hand together. That’s how you create a product
line where one product feeds another product, feeds another product, meaning
they are complimentary. If I bought product A then product D I would probably
want two. Do you see what I mean?

By creating a product line, I’m not talking about increasing pricing or anything
like that. I’m just talking about a bunch of different products that are all similar in
one area. This helps in the upsell to make more money all along the way. This
method is something that all of you can do starting immediately.

Here’s another process. I can’t actually show you this process but here is what
happens after a person orders my product or service. After a person orders my
product or service on the thank you page they have a hidden bonus. It says
choose your free bonus gift. Then it has an option as I described earlier, Audio
Generator, Instant Video Generator or Marketing Makeover Generator those are
three products that make me, residual income.

I offer these three products on the thank you page. The thank you page is the
most underutilized page there is on the Internet today. It’s where you have the
ability to make a large amount of money by simply placing additional, well, to
keep it very simple, advertisements on the same page, on the thank you page.

            Internet Marketing Explained Training
                          Call #11

In our case we gave them three options. We are testing it. It is something brand
new that we are just doing and we’ve gotten some decent results to start off with.
We have some ways that we’ll make it better in the future by adding audio on the
thank you page which is an idea we came up with last week which we haven’t
implemented yet but we plan to put audio on our thank you page.

By putting audio on the thank you page pointing out the free bonus gifts below
which I believe is going to increase conversions. Then we’ll be testing three
offers versus two offers versus one offer we’ll find out which one has the most.

My initial reaction is having three and having them make their choice that’s one
method. Also how can you implement that on your website? No matter what
ecommerce system you use you should be able to edit your thank you page. The
confirmation page after they order you can simply put three additional offers here.

Here is the key. Let’s assume that you don’t have three additional offers. What
do you do? How about advertising three affiliate products? Three affiliate
products on the thank you page and use some wording like Amazon uses.
Customers that have ordered this product have been known to purchase this
product then give them a link to those other products right from your thank you

That’s another way, another method that you can use to increase the amount of
income that you're getting think about that, and about what you can do in order to
make more money on the thank you page. Your thank you page is going to be key
to making you more money in the future and let’s think about this. How long
does it take you to put another ad or offer on your thank you page, five minutes

Five minutes worth of work. Let’s look at the bad side. There is no bad side, but
what if you just got one extra sale a month? Let’s assume that your commission
was $50 that’s $600 a year for five minutes worth of work. I don’t know about
you but I would take that any day of the week.

Let’s increase that, what if you made an extra sale a week and if you're
commission on it was $50 that’s $200 a month, that’s $2400 a year just for putting
an ad on the thank you page you can’t lose in this scenario. I would dare to say
that you will make much more than even those numbers I just mentioned there
because of the amount of sales you will get on the thank you page. People are in
the buying mood at that point.

Look at the frame of mind they are in at this particular time. They want to buy.
They have just bought, they have spent money they’re hot. Hit them while they’re
hot and then offer them, again make it complimentary, if you make it
complimentary so when they get there it makes sense they’re also going to want to
buy this. Don’t be out of the ordinary. Don’t have something that makes them

                       Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                     Call #11

          stop and wonder why would I even want that? Don’t make them even think that
          whatsoever make it very, very simple for them to do it.

          Now, there are two ideas within the next couple of days you should be able to
          implement without an issue, without a problem and that is first of all, an upsell
          which we will give you the template on. We will give you the wording.

          There is no reason now, before today, before right now there was a reason why
          you could not do an upsell. Maybe it was in your head or maybe you didn’t know
          what to say, but now that you know what to say, you know how to say it, we're
          giving you the template and I’m telling you basically steal my upsell page, you
          can now implement that upsell and start making more money immediately.

          On the thank you page, put an additional offer on your thank you page. I will bet
          you will start making more money almost instantly from your thank you page.
          When you add the other elements we talked about on the sales letter, no doubt
          when you implement everything that we talked about, in the fashion that we
          talked about on the sales letter and in your copywriting you will make more

          You will have a well versed and well rehearsed sales letter too because you're
          going to put it into a fashion that is going to make it logical and emotional and
          psychologically it’s going to be preparing a person to buy. That is what that
          method we lined up for, everything is in order for a very specific reason. You’ll
          instantly be able to start doing this right now and it will prepare you into the

          Copywriting is not exciting; I’m going to tell you that right now. For me it’s not
          exciting. If it’s exciting for you congratulations. For the most part copywriting is
          not exciting for me. Writing is not exciting for me. I’ll do it because I have to do
          it because it’s part of the process that I have to go through. It’s there, but I also
          realize the other part of it is that no matter what I do on the Internet I had to learn
          copywriting in order to succeed because that is how I got my message about my
          products through to the end user, to the end consumer.

          Even though it may not be exciting, it’s a necessary evil. Bret you had a question.

Bret:     Yeah, somebody would like you to repeat on the thank you page you had a link to
          another order page. Correct?

Armand:   No, not an order page per se but to another sales letter.

Bret:     Another sales letter.

Armand:   That sales letter can even have an Opt-in page.

Bret:     Okay.

                      Internet Marketing Explained Training
                                    Call #11

Armand:   We're going to wrap it up for this evening. Congratulations to everybody first of
          all. I want everyone to give yourself a round of applause. We are now
          somewhere in the area of what 33, 33 hours, in that area?

Bret:     And counting.

Armand:   Internet Marketing Explained, somewhere in that area so we are well under way.
          We are like Star Trek at this point we’re going to continue on. I feel we probably
          have about, I’m going to say five or six more classes left to cover everything that
          we want to cover still. We have a lot of great things in store for you coming up.
          We will be covering many things you have been asking and I know some of you
          have questions still in the hopper on some of the things that you want to see
          covered. We will cover those things as we continue on.

          This is going to keep going. These techniques that we talk about, I believe in a
          concept very simply called five minute marketing. I believe that most things that
          you can do to increase your business on the Internet can literally be accomplished
          in five minutes and that may sound kind of strange but I’m talking about some
          very simplistic things.

          What we talked about tonight is primarily five minute marketing. Putting more
          order links on your website, five minutes. It only takes you a few minutes to do
          that. Putting an upsell on an in between page, five minutes. Putting an extra
          order product on your thank you page for people to order on your thank you page
          or an affiliate link or another project you may have on your thank you page, again
          five minutes.

          Pick one of those things and what I’m asking you to do is take five minutes aside
          between now and our next call and implement this. Implement at least one of
          these strategies and we’d love to hear your results. Do that and we’ll talk to
          everyone next time.

          Everyone have a great night and we’ll talk to everyone in just a couple of days.
          Thanks everybody, have a great evening. Bye.



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