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					                           Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District
        MINUTES of January 10th, 2008 Meeting – Commenced at 10:12AM at Portola City Hall

Directors: Gary Romano, Alan Abrams
Others: Jim Lidberg, F&G, Dan Martynn, NRCS, Carol Rush, NRSC, Randy Westmoreland, USFS,
And Miriam Tynan, SVRCD

Minutes: Approval of November and December 2007 Minutes, there is no quorum available, put on
March 5th meeting agenda.

Treasurers Report: Miriam advised on the bank balance, and prepared the current budget, which covered
the period December 2007 through December 2008 for review by the Board. Miriam prepared financials
for each board member to review. Also she advised the board that she billed the DOC for the final invoice
number #14. As she is provided additional information on grants already approved she will add this
information to the budget and present the information to the board at the next meeting. Discussion of the
DOC grant. Gary discussed the Natural Resources Forum Group that we are trying to put together. He
spoke to Rose Comstock, to include all non-profit groups.

Correspondence/Calendar Items: Gary stated that there was not much to report on. Dan discussed with
meeting with the Board of Supervisors in Plumas, maybe an RCD director, they really want to hear about
what’s going on.

Chairmen’s Report: Gary discussed a Bi-Monthly RCD meeting instead of the monthly meeting. Also
advertising a stakeholders meeting at the grange on a SV update. Using a questionnaire to handout to
participants on what the RCD could provide as far as direction. Dan stated it would be good to ask for
feedback and that would assist the NRCS as well. Dan added then have a local working group with officials
and go over ranking criteria and include input in our ranking criteria and work together to address needs.
Gary asked Miriam to inquire as to when the Grange Hall would be available in March, Gary will be out of
town the 10Th-19Th of March. Gary stated he would continue to speak to Bill Powers, re: Natural Resources
Group Capacity Building. Randy discussed grants and what is ready to go now, fits well with capacity
building. Gary asked Randy if he could put together a package – Randy explained he was hoping to work
with Gabe, but was trying to get Terry, FRCRM to pick it up and work it into their program. Gary stated he
would try and work with Kristy Jamison to put the proposal together with the info Randy provides.
Discussion of Antelope Valley project and its status, re: Grant proposal. Randy is requesting a letter from
the SVRCD to ask the FRCRM- Gary asked if Randy could provide an outline of a letter, a draft and get it
to Miriam and she could put it on letterhead for Gary to sign. Dan discussed the SNC grants that were
approved already - $92Kon the Fillipinni Ranch for fencing, irrigation and other items. Dan stated that the
SNC meets quarterly.

SVRCD Watershed Coordinator Report: Gabe Miller – not present. Miriam discussed the SVBBB 2008
Tour was a no go due to the lack of funding. Gary stated he spoke to Scott Lawson from the historical
society, he can take it on, and due to the SVRCD has no funding. Action Plan – when Gabe gets back, he
can give the board a final presentation.

Directors Report: UFRWG – Allen Abrams – discussed the Sac Valley Coalition. the group is unhappy.
Carol went up to Goose Lake – but Carol is not here today, so I don’t know the results of her meeting.

Director Assignments: - Byrd Harrison- not present. Gary stated he has been representing the RCD at the
Noxious Weeds Group. Gary said he would continue. Alan said he would be the representative if the board
wants him to, Carol and Paul represent the UFRWG and now Alan will be the Noxious Weeds Rep. For the

Agency Input:

Randy Westmoreland, USFS, Not a whole lot to talk about, wants to keep the Antelope going. Finish up
some stuff on Smithneck – discussion on 1. A Tour of Bear Valley Creek, and 2. Trip out to Carmen.
Substantial Tour – trying to get someone to help locate funding – officially ask if the RCD would want to
take on the projects – Gary asked if Randy could put together a package to include both that would fund a
WSC position – Randy said probably, he could package it up that way, Antelope would be more WSC, and
Bear Creek would be implementation, and the RCD would be the Admin on the grants. Allen asked how
much are we talking about? $500K to 1 million on both grants. Randy wants the RCD to put together a
SNC proposal on these projects. Jim stated if the RCD went to Wildlife Conservation Board, they would
receive funding, they want accountability. Jim would present at their Nov. 2008 meeting a proposal on
Antelope project. For Nov. 2008 meeting the grant app would need to be presented by August 2008. Jim
discussed the draft proposal process. Gary discussed putting these projects together 1. Antelope and 2.
Carmen, so we might be able to obtain funding for a WSC position. Gary was asking Jim, re: Wildlife
Habitat improvement grant through PROP 84. Gary would like to put these projects together for a WSC.
Gary would like to get a contact person from the Habitat Wildlife Grant. Alan added Randall from Ducks
Unlimited would write the grant for the RCD. Jim said get the Wildlife Conservation Board representative
to get together with this grant proposal, Alan will call them and see if they will speak to the Cattlemen’s
Assoc. meeting. Randy said Sam, retired, he was the Forest Biologist.

Jim Lidberg, F & G, advised that basically we already gone over everything, only thing to add was the
Public Meeting in December. The meeting went well, the only problem was one person who seemed a little
inebriated. The only comment that came back was he wanted ATV access to get to Forest Svc property, and
that is not legal. Charging ahead, having a conference call today and will have an administrative draft out in
April. Hallelujah Junction has been extended through this year. Dan discussed he has a project with a
landowner, maybe go out and look at this structure that needs repair, Jim agreed to go out with Dan to look
at this structure. Gary asked if we still use Jim as a person of contact for the F&G, yes he is.

Dan Martynn, NRCS, discussed realigning the cluster/boundaries that this RCD is in; he thinks it makes
sense to realign with the Sac Valley. Dan said he thinks it would put the RCD in a better position as far as
funding. He thinks its time to realign. He made a phone call to Tacy Curry, a letter to the State Executive
Board. Dan drafted a letter for the RCD, read it over, he put a map together that shows the realignment.
Gary asked to put it on the March agenda for an Action Item to make a motion to realign. Dan introduced
Carol Rush, I’m the new soil conservationist, replaced Allen Bower, came up from Bakersfield. I was into
Air Quality. I would like to add that the inestive is winding down, and these people are going to be looking
for work, one person I’m thinking of has a history in soil erosion. I have expertise in other areas as well as
air. These Techs’s are out there. The environthon, worked with RCD’s in Kern County, was working as a
judge on the environthon, getting a team together through a school organization, sponsored by CARCD.
This year a particular team- 4H, by learning and doing a project, etc. Dan, speak of a contest, Greenville is
starting and Carol is assisting them. State Conservationist offer the lead speakers in school, the FRRCD is
doing it and you guys might want to do this, maybe next year and Carol can help. There is SV Fire Safe
Council meeting tomorrow at 10am at the Sierraville Ranger District. Dan is going and looking at the
Western Counties; Maybe the RCD would want to get involved with Forestry Service Projects. Gary said
we could speak about it at the stakeholders meeting. Dan discussed a nomination of the RCD, on good
conservationist; think about it for next year.

Old Business – Gary stated I think we’ve covered it. When Gabe gets back he can catch us up.

New Business – Gary asked the board regarding overseeing USFS Permitees, Gary asked Al, Al discussed
that in December he met with the Forest Service in Quincy, he heard rumors that HEPA’s were not done,
that is not the case. Al sent a letter down, but has not received an answer yet. The Cattlemen’s Assoc. they
do not like the RCD’s, this happened 10yr’s ago. Now he thinks that the Cattlemen’s Assoc. would let the
RCD do the monitoring in the forest. Trout Unlimited was doing it. Gary stated put it on the agenda for
March. Alan discussed the permits on cattle grazing on forestland, and how Trout Unlimited was doing the
monitoring. Alice Carrolton and Nancy Francine they were at the meeting with me. Cattlemen’s Assoc. told
them that they don’t want Trout Unlimited to do it, but he wanted Gabe to do the monitoring. Dan stated
that there are standards for each forest, stream bank managing, etc. and someone has to monitor it, and the
permitees were doing it. Maybe on 25% the RCD could offer their service as a 3 rd party service to the
Forest Service and Permitees.
Gary will move the meeting to March and include in it the stakeholders meeting. The RCD meeting 9am-
11am and the stakeholders meeting 11:30 0- 1:30. Gary and Miriam will put it together; maybe offer a
lunch at the meeting. Dan will provide a megaphone for the meeting.
Gary stated he would stay on as the RCD’s president for the year 2008.
Gary asked Dan if the NRCS was available for grant writing, yes, but we have to be on the same page, etc.

Adjourned at 12:05 P.M.