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									               T HE G REAT N ORTHWEST H ARLEY O WNERS G ROUP

C HAPTER 5390                                                                                                J ULY —A UGUST 2008

From the Dire ctor’s Chair                                                                               S PECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST :

    I hear it everywhere I go, this year, and       we going to let little
                                                                                                         •    Harley really showed me
the noise is getting louder, the conversation       things like rain,                                         sincere appreciation for our
getting more animated: When the heck is             floods, fog, sub-                                         dedication and commitment to
RIDING SEASON gonna get here?                       freezing tempera-                                         riding and having fun.
                                                    tures, moss, giant
    Well, you’re not alone in the wilderness,                                                            •    Finally, some news from our
                                                    leopard slugs, mist,
buddy. It may seem like the entire rest of the                                                                sponsor. Harley-Davidson of
                                                    25 degree temperature swings, bigfoot,
country is getting the weather we SHOULD                                                                      Seattle is now open on Sun-
                                                    gravel roads or topless baristas stop us?
be having, at least for the first few months.                                                                 days. The hours are 10AM to
There are some who have even suggested that          Heck NO! (Well, maybe those baris-                       4PM, and the coffee is on.
we might not even HAVE a ‘riding season’         tas……)
                                                                                                         •    It was not until 1969
and that it’s just going to be an extended rainy                                                              that Harley star ted to
                                                     There have been some great rides so far
season followed by another winter.                                                                            manufacture fiberglass
                                                 this year, and the RC group has really thrown
    What a bunch of whiners! Are we not          down with new routes, new takes on old                       saddlebags and early
                                                                                                              tour paks...
Washingtonians? Do we not have webbed            routes, and just plain fun! If you have yet to
feet? Can we not ride in ANY kind of             join us on one of the weekend rides, kick ‘er
weather……even the dreaded sunshine!? Are                                         (Continued on page 7)

                                                                                                             I NSIDE     THIS ISSUE :

                                                                                                         Skills Day                   4-5

                                                                                                         What is HOG POT?             3

                                                                                                         Oregon Coast Ride            6
                                                                                                         HOG History                  7
                                                                                                         Point Defiance Run           8
                                                                                                         Howdy Buckaroo!              11
                                                                                                         Dealer’s Corner              12

                                                                                                         Nat’l Park Pass Info         11
                                                                                                         Ride Schedule                9-10

                                         Skills Day

 Are you receiving the Hog
                                             Notes and Events
                                                                                        T HE B OARD
 Call by mail? If you no longer        To check out the Chapter’s website, go
 wish to receive it by mail, and       to www.gnw-hog.com. Username is          The Great Northwest Chapter H.O.G.
 would rather download it from the     gnw-hog, password is 5390.
 GNW Hog website, please contact                                                           Chapter 5390
                                       For ride and activity news, personal       C/O Harley Davidson of Seattle
 editor@gnw-hog.com and let me
                                       requests, tech info, HD of Seattle and     Box 1335, Lynnwood, WA 98046
 know. Thanks!
                                       Cycle Barn news, join the GNW HOG            425-921-1100 / 800-865-2453
                                       Chat. This is exclusive to the members
                                       of GNW HOG. To join, send an email               Dealer Sponsor: Jim Boltz
                                       to: gnwhogchatsub-                         Director of Operations: Craig Southey
                                       scribe@yahoogroups.com. Be sure to                Director: Brady Wright
                                       include your name so your member-                  director@gnw-hog.com
                                       ship can be verified.
                                                                                    Assistant Director: Rick Claghorn
                                                                                       Secretary: Georgia Vasilatos

                                                                                 Membership: Pat & Walt “Rev” Fletcher

                                                                                       Activities: Valerie Johnson,
                                                                                   John Henry Williams, Marilyn Ware

                                                                                        Treasurer: Roger Clapper

                                                                                       Safety Officer: Mike Arvay

                                                                                      Ladies of Harley: Cathi Sears

                                                                                     Photographer: Mark McCollum

                                                                                          Historian: David Long
                New Members, June Meeting                                                 historian@gnw-hog.com

                                                                                         Editor: Jackie Ochsner
                                     from                                               Webmaster: Dan Sprague
                       “The Biker’s Creed”                                              webmaster@gnw-hog.com
                                                                                            ROAD CAPTAINS
               It will be my task to mentor new
                                                                                     Head Road Captain: Linda Owens
               riders, that so desire, into the life-                                head_road_captain@gnw-hog.com
               style of the biker, so that the breed                                      Mike Arvay, Brian Chubb,
               shall continue. I shall instruct them,                                Bruce (Duck) Griffen, Dave Dzeima,
                                                                                         Dee Hudgins, Jeff Higgins,
               as I have been instructed by those                                      Patt Comstock, Rick Claghorn,
                                                                                         Susan Roberts, Tim Harvey
               before me. I shall preserve and
               honor traditions of bikers before
               me, and I will pass them on unal-

                                                                                                                            P AGE 3

                                                                                          present questions to Harley Davidson
What in the world is HOG POT?                                                             Vice Presidents about various model is-
                                                                                          sues and what’s in the works for the fu-
   No, you don’t smoke it.                   agement, Leadership Workgroup, Engag-        ture models. Our regional representa-
                                             ing Riders into the Chapter and Officer      tive, J.T. Hasley was the Master of Cere-
    POT is Primary Officer Training                                                       monies. I you every have the opportunity
                                             Idea exchange. I found it an exceptional
sponsored by Harley Davidson’s National                                                                                           to
                                             opportunity to
Harley Owners Group. Chapter Officers
                                             learn more
(primary and otherwise) and Road Cap-
                                             about HOG and
tains attend this event from all over the

                                                              to see what other chap-     chat with him you won’t forget it – he’s
                                                              ters are like and to ex-    quite a character.
                                                              change ideas and problem        I want to thank GNW for the oppor-
                                                               solve together. There is   tunity to attend POT this year. I encour-
                                                               much information           age all Officers and Road Captains to at-
                                                               packed into these ses-     tend; we’ll be a better chapter for it.
                                                               sions. Friday evening      Want to experience POT? Get involved
                                                               activities included a      – help out with an event, assist an officer,
                                                               great dinner, speakers     become an officer or Road Captain. The
                                                               and some amazing live      fun only gets bigger.
                                                               rock-n-roll music, Las
                                                               Vegas style.                  I did learn one very important thing at
                                                                                          POT I’ll share: So what do you say at the
                                                                  Harley took very        end of a long hard day of work? Screw it!
                                                              good care of us – we ate    Let’s Ride!!
                                                              and drank well. All of
                                                              our meals, water, soft      Dee Hudgins
                                                              drinks and adult bever-
United States. On May 16 & 17, 2008
                                             ages at the evening
seven GNW Hog members gathered in
Las Vegas at the Red Rock Inn to partake
                                             event were pro-
in the activities with several hundred
                                             vided free of
other HOG leaders. Attending for GNW
                                             charge. Harley
were Rick Claghorn, Roger Clapper, Patt
                                             really showed me
Comstock, Linda Owens, Dee Hudgins,
                                             sincere apprecia-
Cathi Sears and Marilyn Ware.
                                             tion for our dedi-
    The whole focus of POT is to teach us    cation and com-
about making our chapter FUN and safe.       mitment to riding
We all attended 9 individual classes/        and having fun.
forums with titles like Keys to Successful
                                                We had an
Group Riding, Group riding Challenges,
                                             opportunity to
Communicating with Impact, Risk Man-

                                                                                                        J ULY —A UGUST 2008

 Improving Skills is a Cup of Tea!                                                          splashing hot whatever onto your wrist.
                                                                                            Hopefully, you don’t drop the cup alto-
    Last months Skills Day course was the      spilling any of it.                          gether.
 best I have seen us have…and so was the          In a slow-turn, you need to look              Now…top off the cup again, too full,
 turnout of members, both from GNW,           where you want to go (in other words…         and walk the house again without looking
 and, this time we had a contingent from      anywhere but down). Just like when you        at the cup and saucer. Look where you
 Sound Harley HOG join us.                    are riding any road, you are seeing every     want to end up…at least, hall by hall.
      I just loved the set-up by Joyce and    thing in the road you are going to ride
                                                                                               Your body and mind naturally com-
 Susan…it just plain rocked! There was        over 25-50 feet ahead of you (and, should
                                                                                            pensates for the balance and direction. In
 something or more for every skill level.     also be watching 3-5 cars ahead at the
                                                                                            other words, your body is smarter and
 The empty parking lot itself provides        same time). If you train with Joyce and
                                                                                            more balanced than you give it credit for.
 enough flat, curves, turns, hills and stops, Susan (& Linda) who are all State-            You are just there to look out for ladders
 to improve your skill, even if all you did   certified Motorcycle Skills Training Offi-
                                                                                            and mattresses up ahead.
 was figure 8 from the big store down and cers, you will always see them in the right
 around the “Recycle Barn;” but, the          place in the right time, saying, “Look at         You’ve heard it…”You go where you
 added cone set-ups gave you areas of spe- me! Look at me!...Raise your head!”              look!” If you look down, you can go
 cific focus.                                                                               down. Especially, if you are in a slow
                                                  So let’s break it down. If you want to
                                                                                            turn (when the majority of personal bike
     The slanted up-hill slalom course was     learn this concept without scratching any
                                                                                            drops happen). Slow and fast turn (curve)
 my favorite; and probably, everyone’s         paint and chrome, then go make a pot of
                                                                                            drops happen whenever you use your
 most challenging. But, it was the slow-       coffee or tea. Pour yourself a cup, too
                                                                                            front brake (your BEST brake) without
 turn figure 8 that prompted some type of      full, and put it on a saucer.
                                                                                            straightening your bike completely, BE-
 epiphany for me…or at least some con-             Pick up the saucer with the cup on it.   FORE you brake.
 templation while doing this. The mind         Walk throughout your house looking at
 connection: In my late teens, I worked in                                                     See you at the next Skills Day -- Patt
                                               the cup, so you won’t spill it. Upstairs,
 a very swanky restaurant. I did not gradu-    downstairs; inside and outside, etc. You
 ate from bus boy to waiter until I could      will probably walk very slow and shake a
 carry 3-5 coffees or teas, from the station   lot trying not to spill anything, while
 to the customers, in one hand without

                            P AGE 5


                J ULY —A UGUST 2008

                                  Going Coastal
    I would like to start off by thanking   Shasta, Mt Hood, etc. etc.. I took my    keyville. The ever-winding HWY 299 in
Dave (Double D) for an excellent ride. I    leather Coat off in Seaside OR. and it   California was awesome! The Hotel des-
believe that every one had a great time.    stayed bun-geed to the back of my bike   tinations were nice; in Newport. Agate
He had it planned so well that the only     for the next four days due to awesome    beach was beautiful and in Redding
problems that came up                                                                              (where the temps reached a
were lousy Garmin direc-                                                                           record 110 degrees that
tions. We went around                                                                              day) the outdoor patio can-
in a circle before giving                                                                          tina had a bongo style band
up the Service station we                                                                          two feet from our evening
were looking for. Never                                                                            table which had very
trust them totally. I look                                                                         cold steelhead beer!
forward to the next ride                                                                               Overall, this trip will
                                                                                                   be a memory I'll never
Chuck Laabs
                                                                                                   want to forget along with
    Bravo! I second                                                                                my friends that shared
Chuck's thanks to Dave                                                                             it. Although it
(Dbl-D) and would in-                                                                              was occasionally hot, it
clude his co-pilot Robi,                                                                           was also a bit damm cold
etc. for planning/leading                                                                          for a couple of miles on
such a scenic enjoyable                                                                            hwy 26, where we rode
ride down the pacific                                                                              right up next to Mt.
coast and backup through                                                                           Hood's shadow where we
central Oregon. Dave's                                                                             got caught wearing light
leadership, common                                                                                 clothing, in a pass that just
sense and cool headed                                                                              had snow only a week be-
patience as our Road-                                                                              fore!
Captain kept us all safe,                                                                          Dave Long
which was no easy task
trying to avoid occasional
dangerous motorists, emergency vehicles,
and pot holes, etc..!                    weather! We all
                                         stopped fre-
                                         quently along the
      5 bikes and 9                      way to view the
         people.                         which included lots
                                         of ice-cream for
      Nearly 1500                        me (some of it
                                         free) a tour of the
          miles                          Tillamook Cheeze
                                         factory, seeing gi-
                                         ant Paul Bunyan
    Brief synopsis of this biking jour-  and his cow in
ney: There was a little fog during       Klamath California,
our tour of the Cape Meares Light        the Coos Bay HD,
House on the first day; however, the     not to mention
BLUE scenic HWY 101 ocean views from the numerous novel
Cannon Beach all the way down to Coos towns like Weaver-
Bay were quite spectacular, as was Mt.   ville, Weed/Hemp
                                         and good old Whis-

                                                                                                                             P AGE 7

                            H O G H I S TO RY H I G H L I G H T S !
 5 yrs – In 2003 our chapter mem-               convert the fiberglass boat op-              ership) of Chicago, Illinois.
   bership went up from a low dip               eration into the manufacturing               The color was the most popular
   253 to 511 strong! Also, the                 of golf cart bodies as well as               and only color of choice "Piano
   Cycle Barn held weekly Saturday              Sevi-car bodies. At one time                 Black." Also, in that same year,
   morning Seminars! Some popu-                 Harley accounted for 1/3 of all              the Wright brother's flew their
   lar topics included "Basic Main-             golf cart sales in this country. It          first airplane and the first Ford
   tenance," "Suspension Mods,"                 was not until 1969 that Harley               model "A" was sold.
   "Detailing," "All about Tires,"              started to manufacture fiberglass
   and reviews of the Cycle Barn's              saddlebags and early tour paks;
   Remanufacturing Program, etc.                however the fit and finish of                     Evel Knievel once said!
                                                these initial units left much to                  "Riding a motorcycle on
 20 yrs –In 1988, the first
                                                be desired. It wasn't until the                   today's highways, you
   ever NW Regional HOG
                                                early 1980’s before the process                   have to ride in a very
   Officers meeting was held
                                                was perfected resulting in the                    defensive manner. You
   in Lynnwood and included
                                                product we enjoy currently.                       have to be a good rider
   local reps as well as, Ore-
   gon, Spokane and British                   80 yrs –Finally, in 1928,                           and you have to have
   Columbia. Actions taken by                   HD introduced Front wheel                         both hands and both
   the then Regional rep, Joy                   brakes. Believe it or not,                        feet on the controls at
   Farmer, was to go back to                    this dramatically improved                        all times!
   Milwaukee to gain factory                    the safety and handling of                 Historian – Dave Long
   support for annual Regional                  all such blessed Harley-
   HOG meetings, and Rallys.                    Davidson's cycles!
 45 yrs –In 1963 Harley Davidson              105 yrs –In 1903, the 1st HD
   purchased the Tomahawk Boat                  MC sold to a Mr. Henry Meyer
   Company in Tomahawk, WI. The                 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the
   purpose of the purchase was to               C. H. Lang (1st ever HD Deal-

From the Director’s Chair                   gest, baddest, most fun event that Great      see you there.
(Continued from page 1)                     Northwest HOG puts on all year. The
                                                                                              Finally, some news from our sponsor.
                                            location is the town of Winthrop, just
                                                                                          Harley-Davidson of Seattle is now open
into gear and come on along! I’ve seen      over the North Cascades Highway…a
                                                                                          on Sundays. The hours are 10AM to
lots of new members and guests on the       mere 175 miles form the Barn. It’s the
                                                                                          4PM, and the coffee is on. The goal is to
rides I’ve taken, and that’s a good thing.  best western-themed getaway you ever
                                                                                          give customers the chance to stop in any
                                            saw and folks have registered from all
    HOG folks RIDE. And we ride just                                                      day of the weekend, if they need parts or
                                            over the area to bring their cowboy duds
about anywhere. And now we’ll ride a                                                      accessories for their scoot. You can also
                                            and take part in the Poker Run, Friday
bit more safely, since we have a new                                                      rent a bike or just stop by the Kickstart
                                            Night Follies, Barn Dance on Saturday
Safety Officer in the ranks. I want to take                                               Café and grab a sandwich, a cold drink or
                                            and a whole weekend of fun in the sun,
this opportunity to welcome Michael                                                       a hot coffee. The baristas are fully
                                            with games and other good times! The
Arvay to the Board! Mike will have a                                                      clothed, by the way.
                                            live music, good food and general friend-
spot in the Hog Call to share safe riding
                                            ship are the main reasons people return,         Just wanted that to be clear.
tips and he’ll be taking part in the meet-
                                            year after year, but we also get the chance       Thanks for listening, now get out
ings, as well. Nice to have you on board,
                                            to ride some of the most scenic parts of      there and ride!
                                            the north central part of the state. Check
    By the time you read this, we’ll be     out the website
gearing up for Tumbleweed 6, the big-       [www.tumbleweedrun.com] and we’ll             Brady

                                                                                                           J ULY —A UGUST 2008

    Point Defiance Run

                                                                                                                      P AGE 9

                     CHAPTER RIDES JULY – SEPTEMBER 2008

                                                     July 2008
Jul 20 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Paradise/Mt. Rainier Ride - 9:00 am HDofS Departure
This will be a long days ride with Rick aka Doc (Primary) & Tim (Sweep) but the ride to Paradise after getting off the
freeway is one of the most beautiful rides in the area with lots of twists and turns and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier
along the way. It’s a good idea to bring warm clothes even this time of year due to the high elevation and maybe some
snacks & water but there will be a stop at the top at Paradise Lodge which is a real treat.

Jul 25 - 27 - Tumbleweed Run 6
Winthrop, WA. Open to all bikes. Come spend the weekend at this western style resort town and have some fun
with friends and fellow chapter members. Poker run, observation run, poker walk, scavenger hunt, live music/
dancing (Saturday night), bbq. For more information, go to www.tumbleweedrun.com

                                                   August 2008
Aug 2 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Mt. Baker Ride - 9:00 am HDofS Departure
If you haven’t been to Mt. Baker recently, this is your chance. Patt (Primary), Rick (RCIT) & Dave (Sweep) have a
scenic day planned and even in August, you might find a bit of snow at the top so dress in layers. There will be a lunch
stop behind here & there.

Aug 17 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Depot Cafe/Museum in Cle Elum - 9:00 am HDofS Departure
Linda (Primary), Mike (RCIT) and Brian (Sweep) will be taking a ride over Snoqualmie Pass to Cle Elum to visit the
local museum and have lunch at the Depot Café. There might even be a couple of places to look around and shop but I
haven’t been there before so I’m looking forward to it. This will definitely be over the river and through the woods
but mostly all on the I-90 freeway.

                                                September 2008
Sep 6 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Whidbey Island - 9:00 am HDofS Departure
Brian (Primary), Rick (RCIT) and Susan (Sweep) – Regardless of whether the route is by land or by ferry, this is a
pretty ride and a yearly trip for Brian so come on along and see which way this ride goes.

                                                                                                   J ULY —A UGUST 2008
P AGE 10

                        CHAPTER RIDES SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2008

       Sep 7 - Sun - Ride For Kids (Not a chapter ride)

                                       This picture was drawn for us by Nick and his mom who came to a chapter meeting
                             to talk about the ride and encourage riders to participate. Nick is beneficiary of the support donated to
                                        the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and is an honorary member of the chapter.

       Sep 21 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Destination to Follow - 9:00 am HDofS Departure
       Rick aka Doc (Primary), Rick (RCIT) and Linda (Sweep) – information to follow.
                                                                   October 2008
                    Oct 1st - Rides return to 10:00 am Departure time from HDofS
       Oct 4 - Sat - Chapter Ride - Park, WA - 10:00 am HDofS Departure
       Mike (Primary) and Dee (Sweep) will be taking you on the scenic route to Park, WA……does anyone but these two
       know where Park, WA is? Come on along and find out.
       Oct 19 - Sun - Chapter Ride - Sue's CRAZY HELMET ride - 10:00 am HDofS Departure
       Tim (Primary) & Patt (Sweep)….. This is the annual Sue Ames Memorial Crazy Helmet Ride and it departs rain or
       shine. This ride gives everyone a chance to exhibit their creative and silly side while remembering our lost sister. Be
       prepared to get stared at, laughed at and pointed at by passing motorists and pedestrians. It will bring smiles to your
       face and theirs. It’s always a lot of fun but last year there were quite a few coffee stops needed due to inclement
       weather but no worries - it's just a ton of fun.

                                                MONTHLY MEETING REMINDER
                                CHAPTER MEETING
                                2nd Thursday of the month
                                7:00PM @ Alfy's Pizza in Lynnwood
                                4820 196th SW, Lynnwood (425-775-5459)
                                Come early and get dinner before the meeting.
                                Alfy's offers half price pizza for GNW-HOG members.
                                LADIES OF HARLEY
                                4th Wednesday of the month
                                7:00 PM @ Denny's at Canyon Park
                                22833 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell (425-486-8651)
                                Come early and get dinner before the meeting.
                                Swashbucklers Welcome!

                                                                                                                             P AGE 11

    Howdy Buckaroo!
    Now that we have your attention.             We are having Christmas, no not          how that works. Something to make
The Chapter meeting in July is               this month, but we are announcing for        you go Hummm in the night.
wear your best Cowboy or Cow-                your planning purposes the following
                                                                                               Ever had an idea you thought might
girl shirt to the meeting night. In          information. We are having a party,
                                                                                          be fun but were afraid or to shy to bring
honor of Tumbleweed we want to start         that’s it! Ok OK OK so maybe more
                                                                                          up? Well not any longer, that very idea
getting everyone fired up and in the         information is needed. The party this
                                                                                          could win you a really valuable gift cer-
mood early. From the terrific participa-     year is Saturday, December 13th at the
                                                                                          tificate from the Mother Barn. Here’s
tion at the June meeting for T-shirt         Holiday Inn in Everett (same as last
                                                                                          how it works. Write down your idea.
night we are looking forward to seeing       year). Hell, even the rooms are the
                                                                                          We repeat in cases you missed it the
some great outerwear. The contests are       same price as last year $69.00. There
                                                                                          first time, WRITE IT DOWN and then
more fun if you participate. Participa-      will be much more information coming
                                                                                          give it to either Val, Marilyn or myself
tion is what make events and contests        between now and the 12th of Decem-
                                                                                          and at the end of the year you to could
fun so drop on in and show of some of        ber, we promise. If you come to the
                                                                                          be shopping for some cool stuff at the
your duds.                                   meeting you will one of the first to
                                                                                          Barn. One more time. Write it down
                                             know when it comes hot of the presses.
    On the more serious side, like we                                                     otherwise we don’t have a record of
                                             OOOOPS! THIS JUST IN. The dead-
have one. The activities committee                                                        whose idea it was and some of us being
                                             line for ticket sales is December 1. Plan
would like to solicit some help for the                                                   of an advanced age might think (we or
                                             early book a room and stay late, it’s a
Chapter picnic, mainly in the games                                                       I) thought it up. You are really going to
department. Do you have something                                                         like this prize. It won’t buy you a bike
fun that the group can participate in or a        Anyone out there HUINTING               but it could make you look much cooler
suggestion which we could twist into         HOGS? Have you heard of our contest?         while you ride.
something fun. Please drop us a note or      No you say. Sounds like you might be
                                                                                              Lastly, the contests at our Chapter
stop by the meeting with a brief de-         missing out on the fun. Basically there is
                                                                                          meeting are intended as a fun activity.
scription of your idea at the July meet-     a list of pigs things your need to photo-
                                                                                          The participation is growing and we
ing and we will gladly discuss it with       graph in your riding adventures, fill out
                                                                                          hope everyone is having as much fun
you. Remember it could be just throw-        the appropriate space on our form and
                                                                                          joining in as we have presenting them to
ing rocks in the river without some          turn the form and photos in later this
                                                                                          you. We want to give a huge Thank you
suggestions. Did you know sharing ideas      year. Contest rules and forms are avail-
                                                                                          to everyone for taking part. This year is
does not hurt or draw blood and in           able at the Chapter meeting. Is anyone
                                                                                          very much a learning year, seeing what
many cases leads to uncontrollable fun       noticing that much of our stuff revolves
                                                                                          works and what might need to be
and laughter? Sometimes the ones that        being at the Chapter meeting to get the
                                                                                          tweaked or totally scraped as an idea.
don’t work are the best.                     latest information and updates. Funny
                                                                                          Your feedback is important. We hope
                                                                                          you understand that some of the events
                                                                                          might not be perfect but is it fun? Can
       N ATIO N AL P AR K P ASS I N F O R M AT I O N                                      we improve? Yes! Are we looking to
                                                                                          improve? Maybe, we mean yes of
     If you are interested in obtaining a        For qualified Seniors the cost is $10    course. We will get better over time
 National Park Pass there are a few op-      and for those with permanent disabili-       and in three or four years it might even
 tions depending on your age and dis-        ties the pass is free. Both the Senior       smooth out a little. So be patient, par-
 ability status. For those under the age     and Disability passes must be obtained       ticipate and remember these are de-
 of 62 and do not have any disabilities      at the park entrance along with proof        signed to be fun. We love you all and
 the annual cost is $80. The pass is valid   of age or your disability. These cannot      wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t
 for up to three additional adults in a      be ordered by phone or online.               want to bring some laughter to our
 non-commercial vehicle at per person        Further information and details can be       meeting. The new slogan for the Activi-
 fee areas. Children under 16 are ad-        found at https://pwrcms.nps.gov/             ties Committee is “We are fun”. We are
 mitted free. Passes can be purchased at     pwr/fees_passes.htm                          going to make some boo boos, but as
 the park, by calling 1-888-ASK-USGS,                                                     Mom and Dad always said, get up and
 Ext. 1 or by visiting http://                                                            try again.

                                                                                                          J ULY —A UGUST 2008
           Harley Owners Group
    Great Northwest Chapter #5390 Inc.
        at Harley Davidson of Seattle
             5711 188th St SW
           Lynnwood, WA 98037
       Email: HOG@gnw-hog.com

And now, a word from our sponsor
Harley Davidson of Seattle
    Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm
       Saturday 9am-5pm
       Sunday 10am-4pm


                      Dealer’s Corner—Rumors, Myths, and Realities
       As you may have heard, or not, months and have done a good job of re-      Many of our staff, including me, have
   Lynnwood Cycle Barn is coming back ducing costs and increasing efficiency, but missed the interactions between all of our
   to the "Mother Barn" in September! at the end of the day - we have too many customers and product lines, and we are
   Along with that you may, or may not,         wagons!                                    eager to be all under the same roof again,
   have heard various rumors, myths, and            Why not move everything to the new or at least the same two roofs!
   concepts - some of them pretty wild. The     building? That might make economic
   reality is that the motorcycle market is     sense, actually, but Mr. and Mrs. Boltz    Dave Preston
   this country began to shrink dramatically    have too much personal energy invested
   - right about the time the "new Barn" site   in the original location. They want to
                                                                                              Dave is the public relations guy
   was opened. There are many reasons for       stay there. Several companies have ex-
                                                                                              for all of the Cycle Barn Mo-
   this - none of which could have been pre-    pressed interest in buying the new loca-
                                                                                              torSports dealerships and mo-
   dicted.                                      tion, so this should all work out seam-
                                                                                              torsports facilities. He’s one of
       In the current reality, sales do not     lessly.
                                                                                              our GNW HOG dealer repre-
   support the existing infrastructure, so we       The exact details are being developed,    sentatives, along with Sales
   have chosen to go "back to the future" by    but in general - the lower "original"         Manager Frank Kai. Dave and
   returning the Honda, Kawasaki, and Tri-      building will be gutted and remodeled,        Frank also assist GNW HOG
   umph marques to the original location.       and will house most if not all of the         Treasurer Roger Clapper.
   Another way of looking at it is that we      "metric" lines. The upper building will
   have been circling the wagons for 18         remain Harley-Davidson of Seattle.

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