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DavidVitter       2009-10-21T13:39:51-05:00   criticism
DavidVitter       2009-10-14T13:59:33-05:00   criticism
DavidVitter       2009-10-27T15:26:33-05:00   criticism
DavidVitter       2009-10-29T11:07:37-05:00   criticism
DavidVitter       2009-10-30T15:52:05-05:00   criticism
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-29T19:36:44-05:00   criticism
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-31T16:21:33-05:00   criticism
johnboehner       2009-10-16T10:19:35-05:00   interaction
johnboehner       2009-10-16T08:40:07-05:00   interaction
johnboehner       2009-10-14T08:28:52-05:00   interaction
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johnboehner       2009-11-02T12:45:17-06:00   interaction
davereichert      2009-10-21T16:17:23-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-16T16:04:23-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-15T09:39:44-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-14T17:22:52-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-09T17:50:05-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-26T14:41:36-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-23T15:55:34-05:00   interaction
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-22T19:07:52-05:00   interaction
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-16T16:52:20-05:00   interaction
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-17T15:15-05:00      interaction
davereichert      2009-10-14T17:06:52-05:00   join me
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DavidVitter       2009-10-24T16:44:26-05:00   local
DavidVitter       2009-10-21T16:13:19-05:00   local
DavidVitter       2009-10-30T16:19:56-05:00   local
DavidVitter       2009-10-30T15:51:51-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-19T11:24:56-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-15T10:09:38-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-14T17:34:42-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-12T12:33:11-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-09T21:15:11-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-28T13:17:15-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-27T20:34:13-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-27T16:06:51-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-26T13:10-05:00      local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-21T23:12:22-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-20T11:02:31-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-19T22:55:48-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-28T22:29:18-05:00   local
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-28T16:54:58-05:00   local
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-19T10:47:51-05:00   local
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-17T12:59:56-05:00   local
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-17T10:50:51-05:00   local
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CongJoeWilson     2009-10-14T08:57:44-05:00   local
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CongJoeWilson     2009-10-31T14:40:16-05:00   local
davereichert      2009-10-15T10:58:01-05:00   other
davereichert      2009-10-15T10:19:07-05:00   other
davereichert      2009-10-26T17:58:37-05:00   other
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-09T17:50:46-05:00   other
RepMikeQuigley    2009-10-09T17:48:35-05:00   other
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-09T07:50:36-05:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-19T09:50:01-05:00   other
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CongJoeWilson     2009-10-20T10:34:02-05:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-29T10:17:32-05:00   other
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CongJoeWilson     2009-10-29T08:24:40-05:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T10:40:35-06:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T10:40:26-06:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T10:21:04-06:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T10:19:54-06:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-01T14:02:46-06:00   other
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-01T09:35-06:00      other
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-30T14:58-05:00      other
davereichert      2009-10-28T15:00:03-05:00   party
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-16T16:17:46-05:00   party
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-16T15:06:01-05:00   party
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-26T15:31:37-05:00   party
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-30T11:25:14-05:00   party
johnboehner       2009-10-15T15:28:56-05:00   policy
johnboehner       2009-10-22T13:42:30-05:00   policy
johnboehner       2009-10-29T19:07:21-05:00   policy
johnboehner       2009-10-29T13:00:35-05:00   policy
johnboehner       2009-10-31T14:24:54-05:00   policy
johnboehner       2009-10-30T15:23:23-05:00   policy
davereichert      2009-10-28T13:49:54-05:00   policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-20T13:32:22-05:00   policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-27T20:04-05:00      policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-27T19:56:05-05:00   policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-22T10:56:27-05:00   policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-21T17:12:50-05:00   policy
DavidVitter       2009-10-29T14:03:02-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-28T10:54:24-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-27T16:07:01-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-27T10:29:33-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-26T16:51:37-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-23T11:36:23-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-23T11:09:37-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-22T20:41:49-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-22T16:57:50-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-22T09:52:49-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-21T08:35:22-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-20T16:48:20-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-30T12:48:14-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-30T11:35:28-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-29T16:04:09-05:00   policy
SenArlenSpecter   2009-10-28T21:12:20-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-21T09:57:58-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-21T09:52:09-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-20T13:03:55-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-27T10:48:21-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-26T14:21:03-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-29T09:32:51-05:00   policy
SenatorReid       2009-10-29T09:24:52-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-18T12:15-05:00      policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-17T10:13:01-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-16T01:15-05:00      policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-15T15:12-05:00      policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-14T14:34-05:00      policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-28T10:27:18-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-27T13:18-05:00      policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-26T16:44:12-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-26T15:31:38-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-30T11:25:12-05:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T13:35:01-06:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-02T09:34:01-06:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-11-01T08:04:34-06:00   policy
CongJoeWilson     2009-10-31T09:15:02-05:00   policy
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davereichert      2009-10-15T09:51:01-05:00   refer-me
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DavidVitter       2009-10-28T13:49:13-05:00   refer-me
DavidVitter       2009-10-28T13:14:57-05:00   refer-me
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New video.Obama made it clear what we are up against.He and Melancon to pass gov't run health care. Help me fight.http://
Senate Finance Committee passed the Obamacare bill yesterday. Expected to be on Senate floor soon. Will keep fighting.
Harry Reid & liberals in Senate continue to push gov't plan in Obamacare.I am fighting hard to stop.
Obama Administration overstates impact of so-called stimulus.
"New" health care bill: $2.24 million per word. Includes Pelosi-Melancon supported government option. Obamacare must be
[*] @TJohnson370 The health care bill was crafted behind closed doors without the input of Republicans or the American peo
The announcement of the Pelosi Health Care Takeover bill was one of the darkest days I've ever seen in Congress
@RepLynnJenkins introduced a bill to ban “phantom amendments”
RT @DonSurber $16 billion for 30,083 jobs | See GOP plan to help small businesses create new jobs: http
RT @RNC: Former CBO Director: Sen health care bill "dropped the hammer on the middle class." See piece in WSJ: http://dig
RT @MTapscott Boehner to Dems: Stop changing bills in secret UPDATED!
@ChicagoTribune: GOP health care "proposals contain smart ideas to increase choice & competition," "expand coverage" htt
RT @WSJOpinion TARP "has become an all-purpose bailout fund." | GOP plan ends the bailouts: http://i
H.Res.847 by Rep. @VernBuchanan would prevent #hc takeover from being “written behind closed doors”:
@vtcc83 @teebird50 GOP plans let people buy coverage across state lines, gives small biz a tax deduction = to 20% of income
RT @sunlightonhill: Boehner admits lost opportunity on transparency when Rs in majority. Ds take no
RT @KeepAmericaSafe: Boehner to Obama: 'No more excuses' for delay on Afghan troop surge
just finished a great #healthcare telephone townhall with seniors - thanks to all who joined!
@johnfritchey Thanks, John. There's no hate. Only mustard.
RT: @EricZorn Backgrounder: Why is it so hard to override a presidential veto in Cook County, anyway?
Meanwhile, back at home - RT @johnfritchey: the [State] House just voted to reduce the Cook County veto override threshol
*@glogothetis Thanks Georgia! Hope your call to action gets more folks on board and online.
@kategardiner Oh Kate, we thought we knew you...:) Just kidding. Hope all is well!
@markos Welcome home.
RT @politico Towns considers Countrywide subpoena
RT @WITFNews - Some good news from a panel convened by Sen. Arlen Specter today to talk about the economy. http://tiny
[*] Worried about America's future? Send us your thoughts on how to make America better:
will be on the David Boze show at 3:10 pm pacific, tune-in:
TUNE IN: will be speaking shortly on the @HouseFloor
listen to my interview with @KUOWconvo live at 12:06 pm pacific today! #healthcare and my AARP invest
Participating in a Ways and Means Subcommittee Hearing on Administration of the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit http://i
Closed door negotiations on Obamacare begin again tonight at 6pm. Will push to ensure transparency and 72 hrs for all to rea
Great volunteer effort this past weekend!Lot of ways to help,if you want to become an activist please click
Are you a fan of me on Facebook?Become a fan to get even more info and news about Louisiana & U.S. Capitol. http://snipur
Printing out all 2,000 pages of "new" Obamacare bill. Will be discussing at my 3 town halls this weekend.
[*] Help show support for our troops and commanders today: Plz RT #tcot
[*] Help Joe stand for truth by becoming a volunteer today:
[*] Stand with Joe on Facebook: Plz RT
[*] Check Joe’s blog often for the latest updates from the front line of his fight to stand up for you: Plz RT
Thanks to the standing room only crowd at my breakfast with the Cumberland County Democrats. Look forward to working w
RT @DrexelDemocrats - Join us for a Town Hall with @SenArlenSpecter TODAY at 4pm in MacAlister 2019 (corner of 33rd and
Thanks for inviting me for a great discussion. RT @DannyDunphy Thank you Senator for speaking with Temple Dems and fello
Looking forward to meeting with the @TempleDems on campus today at 4pm. Details here:
RT @AAUWanneh - Sens Leahy, Levin, and Specter speaking at hate crimes prevention presser.
Thank you for the ONE band, @ONECampaign, & thank you for coming to talk with me at Temple. Proud to support your caus
RT @ONECampaign Cosponsor of Water for the World Act & anti-poverty champion @SenArlenSpecter supports ONE w/ a O
It's a perfect gameday in South Louisiana. LSU is hosting Auburn in Death Valley. Geaux Tigers!
St Charles Parish and business leaders in DC tonight. Looking forward to visiting with them and having some local gumbo.
Good meeting with AG Caldwell today.
Happy Halloween! Here are some safety tips that you may find helpful for tomorrow night.
Looking forward to meeting with students and College Democrats at the University of Pittsburgh this afternoon.
Enjoyed seeing a good friend and colleague last night. "Specter Honors Cleland"
I did enjoy the call, very much, thank you. RT @TaylorMarsh - Call w/ Specter almost an hour. Verbatim notes: http://tinyurl.c
The Daily Pennsylvanian covers my talk with @PennDems & the surprise endorsement by Magic Johnson.
Met Magic Johnson today at U Penn. Thank you for your kind words and endorsement, Mr. Johnson.
Hey @SenGillibrand, can you recommend a good cheesecake? We will be too busy celebrating the Phillies victory to decide.
RT @TempleDems: Check out the article on Sen. Specter's visit to campus on Fri in @TheTempleNews!
After successful cooperation, the Flight 93 Memorial groundbreaking to take place on November 7th.
I look forward to enjoying NY cheesecakes, although nothing will be as sweet as the Phillies' back-to-back titles.
Congratulations Phillies on your back-to-back NL championships, and your forthcoming World Series win
Thank you for visiting Pittsburgh with me Mr. Biden. And thank you, Allegheny Dems, for hosting us.
Congratulations Phillies on your big win!
Congratulations Phillies, just 3 more to go! Great pitching, Cliff Lee.
RT @KuhnCNN Just posted: Senators @SenGillibrand to @SenArlenSpecter: 'you're going down!' #Yanke
[*] Wilson Meets Favorable Crowd at Town Hall Plz Read and RT
68 people at North High School for citizens from Orangeburg and Calhoun. Super questions, covered by LeMonde correspond
Great well informed and concerned questions at Barnwell High School, nearly 100 attended, now on way to North High Schoo
Attending important full meeting of House Armed Services Committee. I am glad to see Gen. John Keane, a visionary on defea
Town Hall Schedule: Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) announced today three town halls that will be held in the Sec.. http://bit
Now attending luncheon with Vice Chair Mary Amonitti of the State Commission for Minority Affairs at USC, seeing many logt
Notes on our last town hall and
Enjoying meeting with people at the fair.
Having fun meeting with people at the State Fair.
Excellent town hall meeting at Oakwood-Windsor Elementary, over 150 well-informed and concerned participants. I am so ho
Joe Wilson to Visit Aiken: U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson will hold a town hall meeting at an Aiken elementary school S... http:/
We will be holding another town hall meeting this Saturday at 9 AM in Aiken at Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School.
Extraordinary morning at state Marine Corps League to present bottles of sand from Iwo Jima I dug in Feb, two actual Iwo vet - Dave meeting with the Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Carolina Barco Isakson (Oct 1 - Dave meeting with the Columbian Ambassador to the United States, Carolina Barco (Oct 15, 2009 - Dave addresses reporters today regarding his inquiry with AARP #healthcare (with @GOPconferen
Have a great weekend everyone. Mike will be on Fox Chicago Sunday, so tune in with your morning coffee.
Have a great weekend everyone. Mike will be on Fox Chicago Sunday, so tune in with your morning coffee.
Congratulations President Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and thank you for your commitment to diplomacy.
[*] Here’s the official list of Reps who have signed @repgregwalden’s petition Is yours missing? Call http://b
98 knowledgeable people from Hampton, Jasper, and Allendale counties at third town hall today, it inspires me to see caring
Early start after six hour drive last night, I would not miss town halls today in Barnwell, North in Orangeburg, and Varnville in
Incredible evening! Spoke to National Association of State Defence Forces in Richmond, dropped off at airport, flight canceled
[*] Keep up with the latest news and developments from Joe’s campaign on our official blog:
[*] Check out the latest photos from our campaign events all across South Carolina
And I look forward to hearing from my good friend, Cong Jeff Miller, who returned from Afghanistan this morning, he is a cha
Coalition’s 2009 Award of Merit: Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) issued the following statement today after recei.. http://bit.
Interesting day, met cigar manufacturer Rocky Patel of Tampa, at golf tournament of vets to raise money for 15,000 cigars fo
Thank you @GatewayPundit for writing about my comments on Iran
Thank you @JohnHawkinsRWN for writing about our great discussion about our military and national security yesterday http
Thank you for having me RT @GrandyandAndy Our interview with @CongJoeWilson is now posted:
Just toured GIS and Ellett Brothers of Chapin, both are adding jobs, as is Koyo of Orangeburg on my tour of district for job cre
In my one minute today on floor I welcomed Boeing for creating jobs in the tradition of Michelin and BMW, great work of Com
SC has a tradition of attracting quality jobs and industry and I am grateful that Boeing has chosen to expand and create more
Grateful to be with Cong Jack Kingston hosting former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran promoting human rights and democr
@AlamoChick Thank you for the RT [*]
@GloriouslyDark Thank you for the RT [*]
@hipEchik thanks for the RT [*]
@RealBlackWidow thanks for the RT [*]
Passionate patriots at Morristown, HQ of Gen. Washington winter of 1779, so historic with people voting for change Tuesday
[*] Buy your Joe Wilson gear now while it lasts: Plz RT
[*] Free this weekend? Have a day off from work or school? Volunteer for the campaign: Plz RT
RT @GOPleader Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA) Offers Measure to Force Committees to Post Members’ Votes Online Within 48 H
We Need Real Health Care Reform: Earlier this week, the Senate Finance Committee approved the health care bill propo... ht
We need real health care reform:
alternative health care reform option: Congressional Republicans do have an alternative health care reform measure t... http
‘Pelosi healthcare’: House Republican leaders want their members to call the 1,990-page Democratic health measur... http://
President should live up to his promise, let CSPAN cover the meetings where #hc takeover is being written:
It's flat-out despicable how the White House is targeting those who don't fall in line (U.S. Chamber, doctors, Fox News). http:/
VIDEO: How will we fix our health care system w/1,990 pages of bureaucracy?
Speaker Pelosi’s health care takeover is nearly 2,000 pages long… HillaryCare was only 1,300.
Thanks to Gov Sarah Palin for highlighting my address on GOP #hc solutions: | More here:
Phony stats won't change the fact that the “stimulus” isn't working; GOP plan will help small biz create new jobs:
Release: Reichert Urges Increased Transparency: Publish Committee Votes Within 48 Hours
FAIR, Numbers USA joining fight for my amendment to ask citizenship question in census.
Art on the need to support my amdt.Non-citizens should not be counted to pad CA and other state's representation.http://sn
Appreciate Dr. Fleming & House delegation's support of my amdt to require census 2 ask if a person is a citizen.http://snipurl
Met with USTR on tainted Chinese drywall problems this morning - pushing for stronger safety standards on Chinese imports.
Dissapointed my no match amdt,provided employers tool to prev. illegal immigrants work in US,taken out DHS report.http://
According to GOP Leader's office:2000 pg health care bill that costs $1 trill. means that every pg costs the U.S. citizens a half-b
Health insurance firms appear to hike rates in advance of health care reform.
Penn State's Daily Collegian covers the passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act:
It's time to repeal DOMA - my op-ed this morning in the Huffington Post.
Just as we were finally able to pass hate crimes legislation, it's time to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.
Watch my interview with MSNBC's Ed Schultz on the likelihood of cloture for the public option.
There is no place in America for hate. RT @NCJW Specter, long lead GOP sponsor, now a Dem & still passionate about cause
RT @HuffingtonPost - VIDEO: Arlen Specter unequivocally supports public option.
I'm delighted the long battle, which began with the '97 Kennedy-Specter Hate Crimes Bill, has finally come to fruition.
Letter to the Editor of the Wellsboro Gazette, Tioga County: "It’s time to support dairy farmers."
The gov't needs to step in with aggressive job-creation efforts: my op-ed in the Huffington post.
Read about my green jobs hearing yesterday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
@markos Sen. Schumer and I made changes specifically to give bloggers and citizen journalists the same protections as salari
Compromise reached on the reporter shield law. Citizen journalists to be included in protections. Press conf. at 12:40.
We lose billions annually with Medicare fraud. We need to give jail time to white collar criminals.
RT @daylinleach: President Obama signs hate-crimes bill. A great day for America.
Leahy, Schumer and I will announce today @ 11:30am ET that we will strip the health ins industry of its exemption from antri
W/ Dodd and Baucus, and @WhiteHouse, we continue to make good progress on merging the #hcr bills. For a vid update: htt - I met yesterday w/ @MomsRising to discuss how health ins reform will impact millions of kids wh
Just announced $138 million in smart grid funding for NV. NV Energy match will bring total close to $300 million, meaning mo
Just announced that the merged health care bill will include a public option for ins coverage w/ a state opt-out clause #hcr
I’m disappointed that no Republicans are co-sponsors of a resolution designating this wk as “Natl Hispanic Media Week” http
I’m testifying at the House’s Education & Labor Cmte on NV’s workplace health and safety program
[*] We must continue to work for real health care reform. Watch this video and share your thoughts: Plz
[*] Read more about Joe’s position on the issues that matter to you:
[*] Worried about the challenges we face in Afghanistan? Post a note and stand by our troops today:
[*] Encourage the President to listen to the military leaders on the ground:
[*] Let’s take back Washington. Watch the video and sign the petition:
Currently at Foreign Affairs meeting with Ranking Member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen promoting sanctions on Iran to protect the U.
[*] Wilson: GOP health plan better - The Augusta Chronicle Plz RT
[*]Wilson says GOP's health bill serves public - The Augusta Chronicle Plz RT
Wilson says GOP’s health bill serves public: Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson touted his party’s alternative heal...
Statement on Latest Pelosi Bill: Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) issued the following statement today after Speaker Nan... http
[*] Have you read the campaign blog lately? Plz RT #fb
[*] Every single donation makes a difference. Please consider donating to help Joe take back Washington:
On way to Morristown, New Jersey, for the Pre-Election Day Tea Party. Passionate supporters of limited government are mak
[*] Joe pushes an alternative health care reform option: #tcot Plz RT
RT @reichertpress Reichert Persists in AARP Inquiry
sent my follow-up letter to AARP this morning - read it here #healthcare
Blog post on AARP leaves questions unanswered #healthcare
LA House members join my fight for citizenship question on census. Click here to read more-->
LA House members join my fight for citizenship question on census. Click here to read more-->
Read about my work against Cap and Tax on the Heritage blog.
Quigley: "The right thing to do is also the smart thing to do."
Quigley speaks out for Comprehensive #Immigration Reform at Washington rally
I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Fall/Winter 2009"
Going to enjoy a hot dog lunch with the Chicago staff. No ketchup allowed. You hear that, @johnfritchey? :)
Have you seen our new Web site?
Something fun to celebrate the start of hockey season, Quigley on skates:
Mike talks healthcare, the White House, Project Shield, and what he's learned so far in Washingon on Fox Chicago Sunday htt
Mike is speaking about #immigration and social justice at Northeastern IL Univ's Equity in Action Conf this AM, then back to C
Tune in NOW to listen to Mike on The Roe Conn Show
Will be on WLS (890AM) with Roe Conn today at 3:35 CT talking about reform, transparency, and the mortgage lender... http
On investigating VIP mortgages & Members of Congress "At this point...we've got to go out of our way to be transparent" htt
We've compiled some info about the flu and H1N1. Read up and take care everyone:
Heading to DC. Something fun in the meantime: RT @HeardontheHill Rep. Quigley wants (and gets) his MTV.
I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Fall/Winter 2009"
On being an unwavering voice for reform, the Tribune says "Keep it up, Congressman." We plan to.
And yes, Mike biked to the White House for the Hate Crimes Prevention event!
I am not going to step back a bit. I am going to fight for the best public option.
[*]Congressman Joe Wilson's latest videos can be found on his official YouTube page- check it out:
[*] Joe Wilson serves up good info on health care - islandpacket
[*] Rep. Wilson pushes alternative health care reform option - Aiken Standard Plz RT
[*] Check out Joe's YouTube Channel: Plz RT
[*] Standing up for you in Washington. Support Joe on Facebook: Plz RT
[*] Are you standing with Joe? Shop at Joe's online store
[*] Help Joe continue to speak the truth, NOT play political games on the taxpayer's dime: Plz RT
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Statement on Boeing in SC: Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement today after Boeing announce... h
[*] What does Joe stand for? Check out his issues page for more information: Plz RT
Chicago Tribune: "Rangel should step down as chairman until his case is resolved. Pelosi should insist on it."
On FOX this morning, talked about GOP proposals to help small businesses create new jobs:
Ethics committee expands investigation of Rangel; what more has to happen before Speaker Pelosi asks him to step aside? ht
Time to let cameras into the powerful Rules Committee: #readthebill
AP: House Democrats’ health care takeover exceeds $1 trillion:
Nearly 3/4 of Americans back “allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines”:
#readthebill effort picking up steam:
Majority of Americans disagree with the VP that the “stimulus” is working. GOP has better solutions:
Voters concerned #hc costs will go up as Senate Dems attempt the “fiscal deception of the century”:
Newsweek op-ed suggests Dems are “largely ignoring small businesses,” except when they need to tax them:
Forbes op-ed calls trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill a “permanent drag” on the economy:
Taxpayers spent $24K per new car under “cash for clunkers.” Great preview of what to expect from gov-run #hc: http://digg.c
Op-ed in @Dallas_News: Let America Read the Bill #readthebill
Video: RT: @DCExaminer: GOP on health care: In 568 words, what's wrong with 1,990 pages:
WSJ: Republicans Target AARP's Ties to Health-Insurance Industry
Washington Post: AARP: Reform advocate and insurance salesman
Good op-ed in the Shreveport Times this morning. Collect all the facts on 2010 census. For more info click
Good luck to Brad McKee who is running in the NYC Marathon for Disposable Heroes Project on Sun. http://www.thedisposa
Meanwhile, back at home ... the State House votes to lower the veto override requirement in Cook County. (h/t Reps.... http:
Has 8 years in Afghanistan made us safer?
Has 8 years in Afghanistan made us safer?
House passes extension of 1st-time homebuyer tax credit for military who missed out while overseas. Next: extending... http:
Protection for victims of hate crimes + stripping add'l $$ for F-22s = win win.
Comprehensive immigration reform (#CIR) should mean fairness for ALL families #lgbt
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Countrywide subpoena will show whether preferential loans were given to influential people in
The health care bills are complicated. Finding them shouldn't be.
This weekend: free H1N1 flu shots for Chicago residents who don't have a doctor
Info on the new health care bill can be found here: Check back for updates.
Obama announces end to HIV Travel Ban. Non-citizens with HIV now allowed to travel to the U.S. ...
The men and women who serve our country deserve relief from federal student loan interest.
Great news for future jobs at Philadelphia's port: "Green light for dredging of Delaware."
Thanks, Robert. RT: @rtbielinski WSJ - Chicago Dem pushing ethics & transparency
Help us recruit our ground troops
 e. Help me fight.
 . Will keep fighting.

 n. Obamacare must be stopped.
ans or the American people
 n Congress

es create new jobs:
piece in WSJ:

  "expand coverage"
 ds the bailouts:
oors”: #readthebill
 tion = to 20% of income to create jobs. Ds take note.

 veto override threshold from 4/5 to 3/5.

he economy.

are and my AARP investigation
uyer Tax Credit
 and 72 hrs for all to read final bill.
S. Capitol.

p:// Plz RT
ok forward to working with you.
019 (corner of 33rd and Chestnut).
 Temple Dems and fellow students today!
ud to support your cause.
er supports ONE w/ a ONE band
 some local gumbo.

m notes:
llies victory to decide.
ack titles.


 // #Yankees #Phillies @MLB

 y LeMonde correspondent from France.
way to North High School.
 ne, a visionary on defeating terrorism.
 ld in the Sec..
 t USC, seeing many logtime friends.

 participants. I am so honed to serve here!
entary school S...
mentary School.
Feb, two actual Iwo veterans!
ina Barco Isakson (Oct 15, 2009)
ina Barco (Oct 15, 2009)
re (with @GOPconference Chairman Mike Pen

 ent to diplomacy.
 s missing? Call
spires me to see caring people involved.
eburg, and Varnville in Hampton.
t airport, flight canceled, drove home.

his morning, he is a champion for vets!
y after recei..
ney for 15,000 cigars for troops.
security yesterday
 ur of district for job creation.
BMW, great work of Com Sec Joe Taylor.
xpand and create more JOBS in SC.
uman rights and democracy in Iran.

 ing for change Tuesday, no to incumbent.

33Yqt1 Plz RT
otes Online Within 48 Hrs
alth care bill propo...

eform measure t...
health measur...
 ctors, Fox News).

 e here:
e new jobs:
  a citizen.
rds on Chinese imports.
  out DHS report.
 the U.S. citizens a half-billion $.
assionate about cause

ome to fruition.

me protections as salaried reporters.
s conf. at 12:40.

 s exemption from antritrust laws
ls. For a vid update:
pact millions of kids who are uncovered or
00 million, meaning more jobs for NV.
 opt-out clause #hcr
anic Media Week” Plz watch & RT

n Iran to protect the U.S. And Israel.

 ive heal...
after Speaker Nan...

 on: #tcot Plz RT
ed government are making a difference!

ey? :)

Fox Chicago Sunday
this AM, then back to Capitol Hill

mortgage lender...
y to be transparent"

s MTV.


 /38MGsQ Plz RT

er Boeing announce...

on it."

ks him to step aside?
x them:

ov-run #hc:

90 pages:

 unty. (h/t Reps....

 Next: extending...


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