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					Jayne Micaela Sarnoskie
Fall 2010
Speech Path

Dakota Debra Dear
Fall 2011
Daisy Duck (Cartoon Family)
Business Major
I have a twin sister.

Jordan Lain Landsaw
Fall 2011

Kacey Alexander
pledge class '08
BG 1143
Animal Family- Bird Dog
Health and Human Performances
interesting fact: Celebrity look-a-like- Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Dawn Jones
Fall 2010
Laffy Taffy
BG 1213

Braidee Hamm
Animal Family
Family Name: Little Leopard
Beta Gamma #: 1212
PC Fall 2010
Parliamentarian Chairman
Elementary Education Major
Hometown: Henryetta, OK
Interesting Fact: Played Fast-Pitch Softball, Golf, and Cheered in High School.
Stephanie Dorsch
PC 2011
Animal Family
Perky Pomeranian
Beta Gamma: 1234
Major: Business Management
Minor: Public Relations
Played varsity tennis for Putnam City North and taught/took dance for 11 years

Tara Suzanne Piguet
Pledge class: Fall 2011
Family: Animal
Family name: Koala
ΒΓ: 1241
Major: Biology
Interesting: I had plastic surgery by age 6.

Hannah Fleming
Fall 2009
Animal Family- Monkey
BG 1171
Speech- Language Pathology
I used to be the biggest tomboy- I grew up racing motocross and playing with tools

Rian Cragar
Fall 2011
Beta Gamma 1231
Perfume family
I've danced at Melissa's Dance Studio for 15 years.

Heather Marie Lasson
Fall 2011
Perfume family
Family name: Lola
Beta Gamma 1238
Elementary Education
I love riding horses
Keziah Grigosn
Beta Gamma # 1226
Pledge Class Spring 2011
Family/Name in Family Perfume/Honey
Interesting Fact about yourself I can whistle and make a mean pb&j sandwich

Braidey Soliz
BΓ 1229
Spring 2011
Perfume Family, and Poppy
Choose from any interesting fact about me lol: play piano, won baby pageant, or used to believe Harry
Potter was real and waited for a letter from Hogwarts.

My name is Morgan hill
BG 1236
Pledge Class Fall 11
Animal Family / Pink Flamingo
I'm an only child

Name Brianna Marie Trujillo
Beta Gamma # 1224
Pledge Class Fall 2010
Family/Name in Family Cartoon-Nala (RAWRR!)
Interesting Fact about yourself I like to fish & hunt. I am also left handed

Brooke Allison
1230 beta gamma
Pledge class fall 2011
Family name- birdie
Animal family
Interesting fact- i love to play golf

Rachael Manning
ΒΓ 1239
Fall 2011 pledge class
Cartoon family. Family name is Boo.
I have been rescued by the national coast guard!
Courtney Paslay AKA Your Most Favorite and One-And-Only Pearl! :)
Beta Gamma- 1217
Pledge Class- Fall 2010 TTFN***
Family- Cartoon Family
Name in Family- Sleeping Beauty
Interesting Fact- I'm obsessed with Trey Songz and can sing every single one of his songs!

Kaelyn Grant
Beta Gamma is 1168
Pledge Class '09
Cartoon Family and my name is Belle
Interesting Fact: She moonlights as a printwork model when she can, and frequently travels to
Dallas to do runway work.

DeeAnn Amlin
BG 1189
Perfume Family Hippie Fizz
Vegetarian since senior in high school
PC 2009

Morgan Nicole Bozone
Animal family- Victoria secret pink dog
Pledge fall '09
Speech language pathology
I love to dance!

Brandi Ross
Beta Gamma #: 1219
Pledge Class: Fall 2010
Family/Name in Family: Cartoon Family "Tigger" But if I get a little; I'm starting my own family
Interesting Fact about yourself: I have lived my entire life in Tahlequah

Nichole Kamies
Mass Comm PR minor in Marketing
class- NSU senior
sorority- PC spring 11
Family name - Daisy (perfume family)
office- Treasure
Maci Radebaugh
Beta Gamma: 1242
Cartoon Family
Family Name: Megara
Fact: I am a die hard OU fan!

Beth Bridges beta gamma 1185
Animal Family
Spunky Spider Monkey
random fact: I'm obsessed with reading and my puppies!

Courtney Brianne Daramus
Pledge Class 2009
Perfume Family- Fairy Dust
Beta Gamma #- 1182
Major- Elementary Education
1 fact- I love to travel

Julie Ball
BG # 1169
Pledge Class: Fall 2009
Family: Animal
Name: Poised Pekingese
Interesting Fact: I love to waterski, wakeboard, and kneeboard.

Madison Chelsea Stephens
PC 2011
Mass communications
Die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan

Sisterhood is a word that every member of Alpha Sigma Alpha keeps close to their heart. As a member
of Alpha Sigma Alpha, every day we strengthen the relationships that begin on Bid Day and last a
lifetime. Taking a break from studying and our busy lives to be with our sisters is one of the best parts of
being an Alpha Sig. Sisterhood events bring out personality, strengthen our ties, and solidify the bonds
we create in our collegiate days that make us friends for life!

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