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									February 3, 2009 Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes
ASQ Section 0801, Columbus

Meeting Called to Order at 6:09 PM at the Whetstone Library
Presiding Officer:       Terrie Lewis

Attendance (X = Present)
Groups in bold are voting members of Leadership Committee.
Leadership Committee Officers:                    Committee Chairpersons:
    Terrie Lewis, Chair                                Ken Brooks,       1) Auditing Comm. Chair
    Jim Rogers, Chair-elect                            Andy Ustaszewski 2) Nomination/Awards Chair
    Rebecca Cummings, Vice-chair                       Steve English,      3) Membership Chair
    Jan Glendenning, Treasurer                                              Database Chair
    Lisa Varney, Section Secretary                     Mary Jo Mercier, 4) Deputy Regional Director
                                                       and Examining Chair
                                                       Mary Schumacher,       5) Program Chair
                                                       Joe Hoess,           6) Arrangements Chair
                                                       Dionne Franklin, 7) Publicity Co-Chair
                                                       Yan Chen, 7) Publicity Co-Chair
                                                       Eva Klarenbach,       8) Education Chair
Section Directors & Immediate Past                     V. Cole               9) Certification Chair
    John Heston, Immediate Past Chair                  A. O’Neal,         10) Newsletter Editor
                 Knowledge                             J. Heston,         11) Knowledge Management
    Management Chair
    Andy Britt, Director (1 year)                      Charlene Gawlak, 12) Scholarship Committee
                                                       L. Parsley,     13) Spring Conference Chair
    Bill Pflanz,Director (2 year)
    Mustafa Shraim, Director (3 year)             Section Task Groups
                      ISO Audit Chair                   Open

Liaisons to the Leadership                        Members & Guests in Attendance:
    Ted Allen, Student Branch Counselor                 Austin Mount-Campbell, OSU Student Branch
    Gordon Clark, Webmaster Emeritus
    Jacob Chacko, Recertification                       Nixon Davis, OSU Student Branch Secretary
    John Hajohn,   Placement Liaison                    Mike Hadra
                                                        David Ploense
                                                        Jim Kannal

Meeting Adjourned at: 7:22 PM

Quorum Statement:
A quorum to transact business at a Section Leadership meeting requires two officers
and three additional committee members minimum. With the Chair presiding, one other
officers and four committee chairs present, we had a quorum to conduct Section

Minutes (2 Items Submitted for Inclusion in January Meeting Minutes):
C. Gawlak offered and J. Heston seconded a motion to approve the 1/6/09
Executive Committee minutes. The motion was approved by a voice vote.

Next Meeting Announcement:

L. Varney, Section Secretary                                            Page 1 of 5
February 3, 2009 Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes
ASQ Section 0801, Columbus

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd at the Dublin
Branch beginning at 6 PM with pizza at 5:30 PM.

Attachments to February Meeting Minutes:
1. January 09 Financial Statements (J. Glendenning)
2. Minutes from the Region 8 Conference call (M. Mercier)

Section Leadership
Officer Reports:
Chair (T. Lewis):
Terrie welcomed the 2 Student Branch members – Austin Mount-Campbell and Nixon Davis to
our meeting.

In Becky’s absence, Terrie reviewed the business plan:

   1. Retention initiative – Terrie asked if Steve was working this one and he stated he had
      made personal contact (primarily via email) with a little over 100 members since August.
      He is thinking about working with the printing company we used for the directory to help
      generate a mailing list for postcards. John stated that Lisa P. did a great job helping with
      this in the past and wondered if she might be able to help. Most of the committee
      thought a post card would probably not be effective. John suggested we split up the list
      and Mary Jo suggested we use the folks who have volunteered on the dinner meeting
      survey and Charlene mentioned committee members earn recert credit. John, Terrie
      and Charlene all stated they would take 10-20 names to contact. Terrie will ask Becky
      to contact Steve with the volunteers.
   2. Increase Member Value – this goal is still at risk; Charlene stated that the Ft. Wayne, IN
      dinner meeting was a lot like our meetings but just longer for the extra education credits.
   3. Program Planning – 100% complete
   4. Spring Conference – on target for Friday, April 3rd
   5. Newsletter – two mailed so we are at 50% of goal with the 3rd to mail by the EOM
   6. Enhance Awareness of Quality – have offered the scholarship via the web and
      newsletter so this is on target. Charlene forwarded the invoice for the CTC to Jan for
      payment but Jan wanted to get the Executive Committee approval. C. Gawlak offered
       and M. Mercier seconded a motion to approve paying the invoice for the
       CTC membership. The motion was approved by a voice vote
   7. Member Communication – at 90% of goal. Charlene has volunteered to manage the
      surveys at the February dinner meeting.
   8. Education/Program Planning –goal is 5; we had 1 in December and have 2 scheduled so
      we still need 2 more to schedule. Ted A. agreed to give a tutorial on the work beginning
      done by OSU. Vernon asked if the plan was for him to still do one on certifications and
      Terrie asked him to coordinate the date with Eva and Mary.

Mary S. asked Terrie if we should give out the student presenters for the February dinner
meeting gift cards. The overall consensus was that it would be gift cards, just like our regular
monthly presenters.

Chair-Elect (J. Rogers):
Nothing to report.

Vice Chair (R. Cummings):

Treasurer (J. Glendenning):
L. Varney, Section Secretary                                         Page 2 of 5
February 3, 2009 Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes
ASQ Section 0801, Columbus

Jan reported the following:
    National City has not been including the 32-day CD on the bank statement since we
       opened the new one, but will send a combined statement starting next month.
    The last month of depreciation of our Projector was November so it is now fully
    Our domain name has been renewed for 3 years and she has documented the process
       for the next Treasurer to ensure it does not fall through the cracks.

See attachments:
    December financials

Secretary (L. Varney):
Lisa researched on-line meeting access to link other sections into the monthly dinner meetings.
The quotes are $29.99/mo for an annual subscription for unlimited meetings (and includes a toll
free conference call number) or $39.99 for a single month. These quotes were from both
WebEx and Gotomeeting. Andy suggested that we try to beta test this for May and June. Lisa
will put together a plan to try and rollout. Vernon and John suggested a nominal fee for our
logistics and webex cost. A. Britt offered and V. Cole seconded a motion to spend
$250 on beta testing the use of a WebEx service for the May 2009 Dinner Meeting.
Charlene offered to help Lisa with this effort.

Student Branch Counselor (Ted Allen)
Ted introduced the 2 student officers. Austin and
Austin stated that they did set goals including 2 meetings per quarter and presenters or tours.
Austin stated that their membership is down and he was hoping to talk to different classes to try
and publicize what ASQ is for the IE department. Ted stated the IE group has always been
more successful than ASQ. Charlene suggested giving Austin some ASQ brochures to
distribute to classes and Terrie stated she could get some to him at the February dinner

Nixon Suggested that we bring in professionals to talk about the benefits of ASQ. Terrie asked
if they could give us some dates for the speakers and ideas on what they would like to have
presented. Austin stated they would like to have a tour of Anheuser Busch and Mary suggested
they speak with Dennis R., as he is recently retired from the plant.

Student section (A. Mount-Campbell):

Committee Reports/Chair:
1) Auditing Committee (K. Brooks):

2) Nominating Committee (A. Ustaszewski):
   Andy was happy to report that Charlene volunteered to step into the Vice Chair position.
   Andy did have a question on dates for the call for nominations and the affirmation of the
   nominations. All nominations must be submitted by 3/31/09 and the vote will be at the April
   dinner meeting.

   Jan did express an interest in the Auditing Committee but John clarified that she can not do
   this next year as she can’t audit her own work.

3) Membership/Database Committee (S. English):
       a. Database Activity (S. English)

L. Varney, Section Secretary                                       Page 3 of 5
February 3, 2009 Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes
ASQ Section 0801, Columbus

          Steve stated that we are still seeing a small drop in membership but has not been in
          the website yet to get January’s numbers.

       b. Member Participation Initiatives (V. Cole)
          Vernon did not get a chance to meet all the new members at the last dinner meeting.
          Terrie suggested he see if Joe Hoess can let him know who are the new attendees
          at the dinner meeting.

4) Examining Chair’s Report/Deputy Regional Director (M. Mercier):
   Mary Jo stated she received an email from Cynthia Nazario about Enterprise memberships,
   which are memberships for corporations. She announced that now they are expanding this
   to site and K12 Enterprise memberships for a small fee. This could be a nice aid in
   increasing membership for our Section.

   The Region 8 conference call was conducted by Regional Director Marc Keleman on
   1/12/09. Minutes of the meeting are attached.

   Examining Chair's Report:
   Mary Jo will be working with Ted Allen next month to obtain additional documentation of his
   consulting work. This was the area of deficiency noted in last year's submission of his
   Fellow nomination package.

5) Program Committee (D. Rotondo/M. Schumacher):

6) Arrangements Committee (J. Hoess):

7) Publicity Committee (D. Franklin/Y. Chen):

8) Education Committee (E. Klarenbach):

       a. ISO Audit Group (M. Shraim)
          Mustafa reported that 2 audits were scheduled but one was canceled. They just
          completed the audit at Selective Med in Mt. Vernon on 1/23/09. He gave the check
          and auditor expense reports to John to for Jan; otherwise he will mail them to her.
          Total expenses (including mileage and planning meeting dinner) for 3 auditors were
          $259. The audit fee is $395 which leaves $136 for the Section.

9) Certification Committee (Vernon Cole)
       a. Certification Activity (Vernon Cole):
          March 6th is the next certification exam date.

       b. Recertification Activity (J. Chacko):

10) Communications
       a. Newsletter Report (A. O’Neal):
          Anna wants to mail the newsletter by February 22nd and asked for Terrie’s letter and
          Lisa’s WebEx announcement by February 13th. Charlene confirmed that she would
          like the scholarship information to run again. She also said she would contact Lisa

       b. Webmaster (Wm Pflanz):

L. Varney, Section Secretary                                     Page 4 of 5
February 3, 2009 Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes
ASQ Section 0801, Columbus

11) Knowledge Management Committee (J. Heston)
   John reported that Tracy Owens sent the survey results to the Committee members, and
   half of the Committee members met on January 15th to review the survey results and to
   identify topics and forums of most interest to our members. They then brainstormed a few
   potential projects based on this information. Aileen Tomaszewski arrayed the information
   on a spreadsheet and sent it to all Committee members to prioritize for action. She also
   invited those members who were unable to attend the meeting to add their ideas. The
   Committee will review the information Aileen assembles, and select their first project.

   John also reported that he finally received a response from the Columbus Public Library
   stating that our books were too specialized for their collection. We will hold the books for
   use by the Publicity Committee for the time being.

12) Scholarship Committee (C. Gawlak):

13) Spring Conference (L. Parsley):
   Terrie reported that the brochure is almost complete. She will ensure that the Student
   Branch receives this brochure.

Old Business:
There was no old business to discuss at this meeting.

New Business:

J. Heston offered and A. O’Neal seconded a motion to adjourn the Executive
Committee meeting. The motion was approved by a voice vote. The meeting was
adjourned at 7:22 PM.

Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa Varney, Section Secretary

Approved by EC on ____________with amendment if marked. Signed

L. Varney, Section Secretary                                        Page 5 of 5

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