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                     MASTER PLAN
Institute for
Advancement           CONCEPTS
King’s Castle
Ministry Center

Piedra Blanca,
Dominican Republic

                         Assemblies of God World Missions
                         Project 8764

                            Nelson & Rennae de Freitas
                             Missionaries to the Dominican


Woody & Belinda Woodruff
    Missionary Associates
     Project Coordinator

The Vision
Ministry Purpose
To construct a ministry training, camping and retreat center for King’s
Castle Ministries and the Assemblies of God National Church.
King’s Castle Ministries is specifically committed to “forming
disciples with a missionary vision to win children and youth to
the Lord.”

Mission Project Goal
Develop the 22 acre property to provide --
• Training facility for King’s Castle Ministries in the Caribbean
• Base for Quisqueya Master’s Commission
• On-going prayer ministry
• Camping facilities for up to 300 campers and staff primarily children
  and youth.
• Retreat accommodations for 40 – 60 persons, primarily adults
• All program and operation facilities to support these ministry
Program Scope

Programs to be offered, groups to be served, include…..

• Children & youth evangelism and discipleship training
• Quisqueya Master’s Commission
• Training of nationals for missionary service
• Summer camps by CIMA del Rey, other churches, groups
  • Requires camping facilities for up to 300 campers and staff,
     primarily children and youth, with adult leaders
• Weekend retreats
  • Adult planning, prayer, training retreats – 40 - 60 persons
  • Youth fellowship, Bible retreats – 100 – 300 persons
  • Day retreats – all ages, small and large groups
• Ongoing intercessory prayer ministry for the nations
CIMA del Rey                               • Beautiful existing facilities,
The Property                                 need repair, renovation.
                                             Limited expansion because of
               N                             boundary and terrain.

                                                • Drainage swale
                                                  thru flattest area
                                                  of the site
                                                                        • Entry -
                                                         • Acquire adj.
                                                           2 acres
  • Buildable area       • Beautiful hillside
    along upper ridge.     bounded by pine
    Difficult access.      grove
                                          • Approx. 22 acres
                                          • Approx. 180’ elevation change
                                            across property
                                          • Beautiful views
           • Highest
Adult retreat center for 40
to 60 persons

                                Camp facilities for 300
                                campers, one or multiple
   Destinations for
   prayer, student

                                                 CIMA del Rey

                              Proposed Land Use
   • Highest
Secondary entrance         Maintenance shop
                           (screened from view)
  for retreat guests
  N (drop-off only)            Office for check-in,
                               Staff housing.

Service road for
                             Destination for primary
                             entrance. Clinic,
                             temporary staff housing,
future growth.
                             storage under dining
                                              CIMA del Rey

                   Entrance, service, support
CIMA del Rey

Retreat Center
1. Repair and furnish all houses to                        2
   maximize lodging and gathering
   areas.                                                      4
    • Renovate existing bedroom
      areas to include multiple beds
      with double, twins and bunks. 3
      – 4 beds per room.                           3
2. Cover new patio adjacent to
   caretaker’s house.
3. Remove bar from pool cabana to          1
   enlarge for dining.
4. Enlarge and cover the patio outside         1               6
   the living area of the main lodge for
   dining for up to 100.                               5
5. Add conference room for 60 - 100
   persons? (For camp and retreat
   center, interim chapel.)
6. Use camper cabins as overflow.                  1
CIMA del Rey                           Retreat Center – staff and
                                       leader housing, additional
Camp                                   classrooms


                                         Baseball &
                     cabins                                 Access to river
                                  Future Pool

                                              Upper -- Dining, 1 - 2
       Double cabins                          classrooms, kitchen
                                              Lower -- Infirmary, laundry,
                                              kitchen staff, storage

Description of Facilities – Dining, meeting,
 health center
1. Dining Center -- upper
• Designed for 300 @ 15 sfpp, able to serve 500 in shifts, by “squeezing”
• Divided to serve adults and youth separately, use one section as
  classrooms, possibly with moveable partitions. Storage for furnishings.
• USA benchmark -- commercial kitchen @ 40% of total construction
• Flexible serving styles – wait staff, cafeteria, modified family style
• Service on the “lower” side to protect upper views
2. Dining Center – lower
• Health Center
      • Nurse bedroom with bathroom; waiting and treatment room (lockable
        storage, water, refrigerator); isolation/sick room with 2 bunks; access
        to bathroom.
• Kitchen staff housing – 2 rooms with 2 bunks, bathroom and small living
• Laundry, storage on back side
Dining Center Prototype
Possible division of dining areas and kitchen. Must be adapted to
  CIMI size, site and construction requirements.
Dining Center Prototype
Possible division of dining areas and kitchen. Must be adapted to
  CIMI size, site and construction requirements.
Description of Facilities – Meeting and
 gathering areas
1. Gymnatorium
• Open gymnasium for activity, to seat 500 for worship
• Stage with a view to the mountains, protected from recreation area as
• Sound system (lockable storage). Storage for chairs, equipment.
• 2 classrooms, separate from play area
• Bathrooms
3. Small group meeting areas in and under lodges, in retreat area
4. Large and small pavilions, gazebos for gathering
Possible layout of
  facility. Must be
  adapted to CIMA
  site and construction
Decide whether stage
  is best located on
  the side or the end –
  need to work with
  the topography and
May want to include
 activity rooms with
 the “porch” to
 separate noise from
 main area.
Description of Facilities – Meeting and
 gathering areas
1. Lodges or cabins to provide sleeping accommodations for groups
   of 10 – 12 campers and 1 – 2 counselors, clusters of 2 – 3 groups
   (20 – 30 campers) per cabin.
      • Might be in rooms of 6 beds, OR
      • Might be in a dorm room with 10 – 12 beds
      • Separate but adjacent area for staff
2. Access to bathrooms from sleeping areas
      • Consider Individual shower rooms, individual toilet room with
        vanities in each bedroom room.
4. Gathering area for capacity of cabin plus --
      • Separate gathering areas (porches,
        patios, large hallways) for each cabin
5. Two story where terrain accommodates it.
6. Use under side for activity shelter or
   storage as appropriate.
Camper Cabin/Lodge Prototype 1
Illustrates 4 rooms with 6 beds each. Could include 2 twins and 2
    bunks to provide better flexibility for adult groups. Separate staff
    rooms for coed staff. Group bathrooms. Central gathering with
    screened porch.
Camper Cabin/Lodge Prototype 2
Illustrates 2 dorm rooms with 14 beds each – could be reduced to
    10 - 12. Staff area in each dorm. Group bathrooms. Central
    gathering with screened porches.
Camper Cabin/Lodge Prototype 3
Illustrates multiple rooms with 8 beds each -- could increase to 10
    beds. One dorm room in each wing could be allocated to staff.
    Bathrooms in each dorm room. Central gathering areas plus
    smaller gathering areas, could increase screened porches.
Description of Facilities – Recreation,
 outdoor program
• Ball field
• Swimming pool for 60
• Access to river, amenities
• Gym and outside courts for
  VB, BB, games
• Arts and crafts
• Music
• Drama, puppets, clowning
• Climbing wall
• Low and high ropes, zip line
• Hiking trails
• Other interest areas in
  gazebos, fields
1. Sanctuary
2. Prayer tower with
   gathering and prayer
3. Prayer houses for fasting
   retreats, students -            21
4. Ropes Course and or
   climbing tower? Add if
   staff is available.         4

Development Issues to be addressed
1. Soil studies for construction. Use of wet land at entry?
2. Purchase additional 2 acres at entry.
3. Water needs and solutions? (US estimate - 17,500/day at full
   capacity.) Potential of capturing run-off from roofs?
4. Capacity of current septic to accommodate expansion, placement of
   septic for all facilities.
5. Demand and source of electric, propane. Needs for generator,
   location. Put electric lines underground?
6. Add satellite for Internet connection.
7. Seismic studies, determine earthquake standards for construction.
8. Building style, orientation related to sun, breeze.
9. Garbage disposal long term.
10.Width, grade, surface, drainage on roads. Parking. Service roads.
11.Business plan. Include staffing plan. Assumption that staff housing
  is sufficient – use local workers by the day.
12.Long term storage needs and solutions.
Sequence and Priorities (preliminary)
Phase I projects (achieves functional camp with capacity of 150
   campers and staff)
•  Expand, cover patio for dining and meeting at RC.
•  Construct infrastructure for Phase I projects.
•  Construct one 2-story lodge below retreat center.
•  Construct camp dining center.
•  Construct second 2-story lodge below retreat center, additional
   cabin adjacent to dining center.
•  Construct program elements for summer camp – Activity Shelter,
   ball field, river access, hiking trails, shelters for activities, play
Action Steps
1. Plan and secure leadership for the duration.
2. Buy containers for storage of materials, equipment. Locate at
    base of recreation space.
3. Develop architecture and engineering for structures, roads,
    utilities for Phase I projects.
     •      Develop budgets, work project requirements, timeline.
4. Secure MAPS mission teams for projects in priority.
God bless this ministry!

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