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					                Dentistry definition:
  The science concerned with the
• diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth,
  gums, and related structures of the mouth
• & includes the repair or replacement of defective teeth.
Structure of tooth
1. Endodontics – endo –inside, odont-teeth
2. Conservative/ Restorative dentistry- restoration of
   decayed, defective, missing or traumatised teeth
3. Prosthetic dentistry- Artificial replacement
4. Orthodontic- correction of dental & facial
   developmental defects.
1. Periodontology – supporting structures of
   teeth/periodontium [ gums , cementum , alveolar bone ,
   periondontal ligament ]
2. Oral radiology-
3. Community dentistry- deals with the community and its
   aggregate dental or oral health.
4. Forensic odontology – identifiaction of dead person by
   dental examination / bite marks
                Dental field
• 1. Aesthetic dentistry
• Restorative or cosmetic
  . Whiten your teeth
  · Improve gummy smiles
  · Replace worn-down or discoloured teeth
  . Fix chips and cracks
  · Seal gaps
  ·Correct rotations
2. Implant dentistry
• A dental implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed directly
    into the jawbone where a tooth is missing.
• A dental implant acts as an anchor for a bridge, replacement tooth, or
    a set of replacement teeth.
3. Pediatric dentistry
• Deals with two types of teeth in children [pre molar r
    absent in children]
• Preventive care-brushing, gum sore
• Teething-6 months to 3 years
4. Cosmetic dentistry
• Cosmetic dentistry blends function with beauty by
   combining tooth reconstruction with plastic surgery
   procedures on the mouth tissues (gums, jawbones,
   facial muscles, lips, and skin) to result in a better-
   looking smile.
5. Holistic dentistry
• Holistic dentistry (also called alternative or biological dentistry)
   focuses on the relationship between the mouth and the rest of
   the body
• Practitioners in this field blend dental knowledge with traditional
   healing practices to promote preventive approach to dentistry and
   avert tooth decay, disease and loss.
6. Sedation dentistry
• Anesthesia regarding dentistry
    – Intravenous [to decrease the anxiety in pts who r afraid of
      undergoing dental procedure]
    –       [ Lignocain + Adrenaline ]
    –          1      : 100,000
    – Topical
    – general

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