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How To Register Online - Parent Letter_0


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									                                          MILO in2CRICKET Online Registration
                                      <insert Club/School/Association name here>

Welcome to another season of MILO in2CRICKET! This season you will be able to register your child for the
Program online. Simply follow the steps below:

    Logon to
    Either type your post code into the ‘Where can I play cricket?’ section and click ‘Go’ or type
       ‘<insert Centre Name>’ into the Club or Centre Name section and click ‘Go’
    Find the <insert Centre Name> Centre and click ‘Click to Register’
           o Here you will find all the details about when the program will run (start date, time etc)
    Once you have read over the Centre details click the ‘Register for MILO in2CRICKET now!’ button
    If your child is new to in2CRICKET click the ‘Get Started’ button on the right hand side of the screen
    If your child has played in2CRICKET before type in your child’s Player ID and Password on the left
       hand side of the screen
    Once you have made your initial selection (new or existing participant) you will be taken step-by-
       step through the process, once you have submitted the registration a confirmation email will be
       sent to your nominated email address
    Print this email confirmation and take it along to the first session

    Take your email confirmation the first session with your payment
    The Program costs <insert program cost here> to participate and each child will receive a
      participant pack including bat, ball, bucket hat, t-shirt and backpack
    If paying by cheque you must make the cheque out to <insert school/club/association name
      here> Cheques MUST NOT be made out to SACA or MILO in2CRICKET

PAYMENT PROCESS – ONLINE (not available at all Centres, please check with your Centre Coordinator)
    At the end of the online registration process you will be prompted to select your payment method
    Some Centres are taking online payments only, some are taking manual payments only and some are
      taking both
    Select your preferred method of payment and follow the prompts

If you have any questions regarding the online registration or payment process please do not hesitate to
contact me.

It’s great to have your child as part of the MILO in2CRICKET Team this summer!


Alice Johnswood
MILO in2CRICKET Coordinator

South Australian Cricket Association | Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide SA 5006 | Phone: (08) 8300 3800 | Mobile: 0412 454 784
Fax: (08) 8231 8003 | Email: |

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