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					CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers
It’s more than just an e-check

CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers enables online shoppers to pay for purchases at
retailers’ Web sites utilizing checking or money market accounts. CheckFree Payment for
Online Retailers reduces the risks and costs typically associated with Internet e-check

CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers                     Unique Characteristics                                      More Sales
                                                                                                                       More Sales
CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers is a                Easier Checkout. One-time enrollment simplifies
comprehensive e-check payment solution that enables        the e-check payment process for customers,                      ----
online merchants to offer their customers an easy way to   making future checkouts as quick and easy as             Fast Settlement
make purchases with their checking or money market         entering a sign-in ID and password.
                                                                                                                    Fast Settlement
accounts. By offering the CheckFree pay button to your                                                                     ----
customers, you provide a full array of payment options     Enhanced Customer Services. Customers continue
that allow your customers to choose the method of          to reap additional benefits long after the retail       Guaranteed Funds
                                                                                                                   Guaranteed Funds
payment that best meets their needs.                       purchase has been completed through the
                                                           availability of CheckFree’s electronic billing and              ----
                                                           payment services.                                        No Chargebacks
Product Benefits                                                                                                    No Chargebacks
More sales—expand your potential customer base             Access to Qualified Customer Base.          Linked to
•   10M US households have checking accounts but
                                                           CheckFree’s rapidly growing online bill payment
    not credit cards                                       service at, where millions of
•   Reach millions of CheckFree subscribers today          Internet savvy customers already use their checking
                                                           accounts to pay bills online.
Fast settlement—2 business days, guaranteed
                                                           Recognized and Trusted Payment Brand.           More
Guaranteed funds—no liability for insufficient funds       than 21 years of proven reliability in eCommerce,
                                                           where more than eight million customers initiate
No chargebacks—you settle issues with                      electronic payments through the Internet.
customers directly                                                                                       

    How it works                                                                                 Who is CheckFree?
    1.     The customer initiates the payment process at your site by                            •   CheckFree [NASDAQ: CKFR] has more than 21 years of
           clicking on the CheckFree pay button.                                                     proven reliability in e-Commerce.
                                                                                                 •   CheckFree has multi-year contracts with 270 of the nation's
    2.     Customers who have already enrolled then authenticate                                     top billers to provide online billing and payment through more
           themselves by simply entering their sign-in ID and password. If                           than 780 financial services organizations, including banks,
           a customer has not yet enrolled, they complete a quick and easy                           brokerage firms, Internet portals and content sites and
           “in-flight” enrollment as part of the checkout process.                                   personal financial management (PFM) software.
                                                                                                 •   More than eight million customers initiate payments through
                                                                                                     CheckFree-managed services.
                                                                                                 •   #1 in ACH processing. CheckFree software and services
                                                                                                     process more than two-thirds of the United State’s 8 billion
                                                                                                     ACH enabled payments valued at $22 trillion.

                                                                                                 About CyberSource
                                                                                                 •   CyberSource Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBS) is a leading
                                                                                                     provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions
                                                                                                     for enterprise businesses selling via multiple sales channels.
                                                                                                 •   CyberSource solutions manage transaction risk and enable
                                                                                                     electronic payment processing for Web, call center/IVR, and
                                                                                                     POS     environments.    CyberSource     Professional    Services
    3.     Following authentication, you submit the payment authorization
                                                                                                     designs, integrates, and optimizes enterprise-wide commerce
           request to CyberSource.
                                                                                                     transaction systems.
                                                                                                 •   Approximately 3,000 businesses use CyberSource solutions,
    4.     CheckFree initiates settlement into the merchant’s account
                                                                                                     including over half of the Dow Jones Industrial companies.
           within two business days.

                                                                                                 How to get CheckFree on your site
                                                                                                 Within days, you can have the CheckFree pay button operating on
    Installation is straightforward and can be accomplished quickly.
                                                                                                 your Web site. CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers is designed
    There are two installation steps: enabling transactions and enabling
                                                                                                 to work with any shopping cart package, and implementation is fast
                                                                                                 and easy.

    1.     Enable transactions – install the CyberSource API (if not
                                                                                                 To see a demonstration and to find out more about CheckFree
           already installed) and configure the transaction request similar
                                                                                                 Payment for Online Retailers, contact CyberSource at 1-888-330-
           to a standard e-check transaction.
    2.     Enable authentication – download and install sample code
           required to display the CheckFree pop-up window.

© 2003. All rights reserved. CyberSource is a registered trademark of CyberSource Corporation.                                                               091503

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