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					            Massachusetts/Rhode Island Council of Trout Unlimited

Mass Audubon Center, Worcester, MA
January 29, 2012

Chapters attending: Taconic, Southeast, Narragansett, Millers, Squan-a-tissit, Central MA,
Northern RI, Greater Boston, Nor’East

Meeting opened: 10:10 A.M.

Chairman Paul Knauth expressed approval of the previous week’s Annual Banquet and
Fundraiser and thanked everyone involved.

He said our Council has been suggested to host the New England Regional Meeting this July,
2012. It would probably be held in the Springfield area near the Pioneer Valley and Taconic

Secretary’s Report was read, amended, motion made and passed to accept minutes as

Treasurer’s Report was explained, discussed, motion made and passed to accept the report. It
was noted the Council goes by the January 1st to December 31st fiscal year whereas TU National
fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

John Salemi gave a report on the Banquet. Though quite successful considering the snow storm
that day, suggestions were made to improve future Banquets. It was felt not enough
advertising for the Banquet was at the Show. Perhaps an announcement can be sent out with
the Show’s brochure. Or move back to the Holiday Inn. Inviting Mr. Furimsky and his wife as
guests to the Banquet was suggested. It was recommended to try the Royal Plaza one more
year. Motion was made, voted and approved to thank the Banquet Committee for all their

Peter Schilling distributed a report from the Finance Committee describing their organization
and operating principals. It was discussed and explanations provided. The decision to liquidate
funds was made because the funds were losing money for some time. The Committee decided
not to invest in individual stocks as they tended to be risky. It was thought going to mutual
funds and corporate bonds would be more beneficial to the Council. Another suggestion was to
solicit funds from corporations for projects. A separate Committee would have to be
established to deal with
this particular idea. Perhaps named MA/RI Conservation Cold Water Fund Committee.
Chapters who have experience with this type of seeking funds would be asked for advice on
how to proceed. Information on this new idea should be sent to John Salemi, Vice Chairman of
Finance. Motion was made to adopt the Finance Committee’s Organization and Operating

         Trout Unlimited: America’s Leading Coldwater Fisheries Conservation Organization
Principals report and to have it added to the By-Laws Appendix. Motion was voted on and
approved. Another Motion was made, seconded, voted on and approved to form a Sub-
Committee for Corporate Fundraising to include the Vice Chairman of Public Affairs, Vice
Chairman of Fundraising, Vice Chairman of Environment and Vice Chairman of Finance.

Fred Rugo reported that the Council’s By-Laws will be ready for vote at the Council meeting at
Indian Hollow. He also gave an update on Indian Hollow. The Council Meeting will be held at
10 A.M. followed by a luncheon barbecue. Taconic will be buying the food. There are fish in
the river. We’re hoping to have a Chapter Chili Cookoff. There will be a raffle for a fine fishing
rod. There will be some kids’ lessons in fishing by one of the Chapters. We’d like to
acknowledge in some way the outstanding achievement/special work done by an
individual/Chapter in accordance with the mission of Trout Unlimited. Chapter Presidents will
be asked to submit suggestions by April 1st. Information will be put on our website.

Paul is looking for three more members for the Environment Committee. Roland Gauvin,
Northern RI Chapter, volunteered. Representatives are still needed from Central MA and from
Southeast/Cape Cod.

Paul reported on the Chickley River. Apparently the MA DEP has met every condition we’ve
asked for so far. When an appeal review is made, we will file a “Motion to Participate”. Paul is
having a conference call tomorrow with Katy Dunlap and Paul Beaulieu to discuss the best way
to do this.

Roland Gauvin gave a report on the work being done to decrease the amount of pollution in the
Blackstone River. Ammonia discharges have been controlled somewhat. Now they are trying
to decrease the amount of phosphates and nitrates that are being discharged by plants in
Worcester, MA and Woonsocket, RI. The Northern RI Chapter has joined with Blackstone River
Coalition and similar groups to work on this problem. He asked that TU Chapters along the
river help to fight this pollution problem and sign on to letters sent to the EPA asking them to
work on the river’s problems. Larry Bush said he would push his Central MA Chapter to support
this matter.

Steve Angers reported on the Website Committee. After talking with the CT TU Council’s
webmaster, he recommended using Network Solutions to produce our website. They are
relatively inexpensive - $200.00/year and can put up just about anything including photos,
videos, Chapter news, Council news, etc. The site they create is extremely user friendly and
efficient. Motion was made, seconded and voted to appropriate $250.00 for Steve to make the
arrangements to hire Network Solutions to set up our website.

Chapter Reports:

Squan-a-tissit – Their banquet is Saturday, March 24th complete with Owl/Mouse Show.
Narragansett – Their banquet is also on Saturday, March 24th in Coventry, RI. At their meeting
the last Wednesday in March the guest speaker will be Christine Dudley.

         Trout Unlimited: America’s Leading Coldwater Fisheries Conservation Organization
Southeast – Their banquet is also on Saturday, March 24th at the Monponsett Inn, Monponsett,
MA. Annual Kids’ Day is April 21st. Opening Day in Plymouth is April 28th. A grant of $25,000.00
from the MA Environmental Trust to Red Brook headwaters project was received as well as
funds from other groups. They have free fly tying and fly casting lessons through March.
Several members are very active in Project Healing Waters at the Brockton VA Hospital.
Miller’s River – April 18th is a “Meet the Neighbors” social hour. They are offering a rod building
course at Thomas & Thomas for $25.00. It will involve 2 nights for each of several months.
They are working on a project to create easy access for elderly fishers.
Northern RI – Their President, Bob Teeden, has had knee surgery. The Blackstone River has
exceptionally high waters and several businesses want to build berms to protect themselves.
The Chapter feels because of the path of the River berms will do more harm than good.
Removing a nearby dam would provide a safer remedy.
Greater Boston – Their banquet is Sunday, April 1st at the Hibernian Club. They are working on
implementing their strategic plan. They have formed a partnership with the Down East Salmon
Group. The CT River Atlantic Salmon Restoration Commission has abandoned their
commitment to protecting salmon. If this is done, salmon south of ME will greatly diminish.

Having coffee and donuts at future meetings was agreed to unanimously.

Respectfully submitted, Gloria Braun
Council Secretary <*))))><

                                     MA/RI Council Meeting

March 25, 2012
10 am
Mass Audubon in Worcester

Secretary Report
    Approval – Jan 29, 2011 Counci2 Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s report - Larry Bush

NLC report – Art Howe

Fundraising – John Salemi,

         Trout Unlimited: America’s Leading Coldwater Fisheries Conservation Organization
      Marketing Fundraiser discussion “MA/RI Conservation Cold Water Fund Committee”
       (Vice chairs - Public Affairs, Fundraising, Environment and Finance)
       How do we move forward? Budget?

Development Fred Rugo
    Bylaw Update

MA/RI Outing Indian Hollow Meeting – Fred Rugo
   Chapter Chili Contest Marc
   MA/RI Council Member Recognition – help needed

    Chickley River – Gary Metras, Paul Beaulieu
    Chickley River – Request For Appropriation

Website Committee - Steve Angers
   Progress report

Chapter reports

        Trout Unlimited: America’s Leading Coldwater Fisheries Conservation Organization