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                     Customer Charter

Head Office
Levels 3 & 10
Emmanuel Anquetil Building
Port Louis
Indian Ocean

Tel. No.:(230) 213-3236
Fax No.: (230) 211-7506

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The Ministry comprises two main sections, namely the Local Government Section and the
Solid Waste Management Section. The Government Fire Services, the Beach Authority and
the nine Local Authorities operate under the aegis of the Ministry.

Our Vision

             To provide appropriate support as a facilitator to local authorities to enable
              them to operate as real partners of development.

             To ensure the preservation of the environment and the provision of better
              quality of life for the citizens through sound solid waste management policies
              and beach management policies.

Our Mission

             To empower the local authorities with a view to enabling them to be more
              responsive to the needs of the local community.

             To ensure an efficient and sustainable management of solid waste for the
              present and future generations.

             To put at the disposal of the public, clean and well equipped beaches for
              optimum leisure facilities.

             To protect life and property against destruction by fire.

Charter Coverage

       This Charter covers the services provided by the Ministry of Local Government and
Solid Waste Management.

Charter Objectives
Under this Charter, we

             Give you a brief description of our various units, services and activities.
             Inform you about how and where to get access to our services.
             Set standards and targets for our services.
             Inform you about our complaints and feedback mechanism.
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Services / Activities

1.    Local Government Division

            We provide the legal framework to empower the Local Authorities to deliver
             their services efficiently and effectively.
            We make such regulations for the smooth implementation of the Local
             Government Act.
            We provide general policy guidance to Local Authorities in respect of Local
             Government matters and other central Government objectives.

Clearancs / Approval.

            We process requests and issue clearances / authorization to Local Authoriries
             in respect of finance and establishment matters.
            We attend to queries and complaints from the public and other stakeholders
             in respect of local government maters.

2.    Solid Waste Management Division

Strategies /Policies
            We ensure the efficient management of collection, transportation and
             disposal of all types of solid wastes in public places, viz- public beaches,
             traffic centers, motorways and in some housing estates.
            We operate and manage all waste disposal sites across the island , i.e transfer
             stations and landfill.
            We make regulations and formulate policies regarding wastes disposal
            We initiate waste minimisation projects and carry out bulky waste collection
            We provide guidelines to Local Authorities in the field of solid waste
            We issue Waste Carrier’s Licence in respect of vehicles transporting solid
             waste after examination of the vehicles.
            We register Scavenging Contractors in accordance with the Local Government
             (Registration of Scavenging Contractors) Regulations 2004.
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          We ensure the safe disposal of hazardous wastes and condemned goods at
           Mare Chicose Landfill upon receipt of applications from various bodies, viz
           industries, dealers in food products, etc.
          We attend to complaints from the public and other stakeholders in respect of
           scavenging services provided by the Ministry’s contractors or Local Authorities

3.   Field Services Unit

     We execute minor upgrading works across the island, including landscaping,
     provision of amenities on public beaches and other public places, etc.

4.   Beach Management

     We are responsible for the overall control and management of some 89 proclaimed
     public beaches through the Beach Authority, which had been set up under the Beach
     Authority Act 2002.

     The Beach Authority has as main functions:
          The provision of amenities and their maintenance on public beaches
          The cleaning, protection and upliftment of public beaches
          The regulation of economic, leisure and other activities on public beaches

5.   Fire Services

     The Fire Services is a Department of the Ministry, which has as main functions:

          The protection of life and property against destruction by fire
          Providing support in rescue operations during natural calamities and major
          Issue of Fire Certificates and clearances
          Proffering advice on fire protection


1.   Waste Carrier’s Licence

          No vehicle is authorised to transport waste unless it holds a valid licence
           under the Local Government (Dumping and Waste Carriers) Regulations 2003.
          Application for a Waste Carrier’s Licence may be made on downloadable
           prescribed   form   WC    1    from    the  website of  the   Ministry
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           (http/ or may be obtained at the Waste Carrier’s
           Licensing Unit, JICA Building, Monseigneur Gonin Street, Port-Louis.
           Telephone No. 230 208 8803.

          Documents to be produced:

           (i)    Evidence of registration of the vehicle
           (ii)   Evidence of fitness of the Vehicle

          Waste Carrier's Licences are delivered by the Unit after examination of
           vehicles by Enforcement Officers of the Ministry on either Mondays or
           Thursdays, upon appointment.

     Fees payable:

     An amount of Rs 1,000 yearly

2.   Our Commitment

     We will ensure that a Licence is delivered within 15 days from the date of
     application, subject to all required documents being submitted.

3.   Procedures for Disposal of Condemned Goods

          Condemned goods are disposed at the Mare Chicose Landfill and are normally
           buried in the waste mass early in the morning under the supervision of
           officers of the Ministry of Local Government and Solid Waste Management,
           the Ministry of Health and the landfill operator.

          The generators of condemned goods themselves or the Ministry of Health may
           declare a particular good as condemned and unsuitable for consumption/use.

          Upon receipt of request for disposal of the condemned goods, the Ministry
           processes the file for approval by the Permanent Secretary.

          After burial of the condemned goods, a Certificate is issued to the generator
           by the Ministry to confirm the final disposal.

          A licensed Waste Carrier should be used to convey the goods to the Landfill.

     Our Commitment

     We will ensure that applications are processed and approved as early as possible for
     the purpose of safety and hygiene.
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3.   Disposal of Hazardous Wastes

          The Ministry is the Enforcing Agency for hazardous wastes as per the
           Environment Protection (Standards for hazardous wastes ) Regulations 2001.

          Guidance Notes for the Implementation of the Environment Protection
           (Standards for hazardous wastes) Regulations 2001 is available on the Website
           of the Ministry.

          The Environment Protection (Standards for hazardous wastes) Regulations
           2001 make provision, among others, for hazardous waste generators to:-

           (i)     Make an inventory of the hazardous wastes they generate as per the

           (ii)    Report on the above inventory on a quarterly basis to the enforcing

           (iii)   Seek approval from the Ministry for the use of any store, warehouse
                   or other premises for the storage of a container or package containing
                   hazardous wastes within the premises;

           (iv)    Classify, pack and label their hazardous waste as prescribed in the
                   Regulations; and

           (v)     Fill in consignment notes confirming the hazardous wastes generated
                   leave their premises for disposal.

          Procedure for disposal of hazardous wastes is as follows:-

                  The waste generator needs to collect consignment notes accompanied
                   by explanatory notes at the Ministry, which need to be filled in 6

                  The landfill operator shall be contacted on 633 5353 to obtain the
                   wasted identification number and the quotation for the disposal of the
                   wastes at the landfill.

                  Once the quotation has been obtained, the waste generator shall
                   initiate action regarding transportation of the waste by a licenced
                   waste carrier.

                  Prior to transportation, the waste generator is requested to ensure that
                   the wastes are properly stored so as minimize health and
                   environmental hazards.
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     Our Commitment

     We will ensure that applications are processed and approved as early as possible to
     limit risks to the public and the environment in general.

4.   Procedure for Registration of Scavenging Contractors

          Application for Registration shall be made to the Permanent Secretary of the
           Ministry for registration in the form specified in the Schedule of the Local
           Government (Registration of Scavenging Contractors) Regulations 2004.

          Applications are examined by the Registration Committee of the Ministry and
           submitted to the Permanent Secretary for approval.

          Application Forms are available at the Ministry.

          Documents/Information required:

           (a)    Original financial standing duly signed and stamped from a local bank
                  as per specimen provided in the Regulations.

           (b)    Copy of updated Contractor’s Permit from the Ministry of Labour.

           (c)    Testimonials from Client(s) for works performed where applicable.

           (d)    Copy of Articles of Association or Constitution of the Company and copy
                  of Certificate of Incorporation where applicable.

           (e)    Audited accounts of the Company/Firm duly signed by a certified
                  Accountant or bank statement.

           (f)    A detailed return of employees registered with the NPF.

           (g)    Proof of ownership or lease of vehicles mentioned in the application.

     Our Commitment

     We will ensure that applications are processed and approved within two weeks upon
     submission of all required documents

5.   Complaints / Feedback Mechanism

     We will receive all your complaints and suggestions whether orally or in writing and
     acknowledge them.
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      We will attend to all requests/complaints by the general public/local
      authorities/employees within a week or earlier depending on the nature/urgency of
      the request/complaint.

      In dealing with any request/complaint from you, we will do our best to:

            Answer your call within three rings
            Be courteous
            Provide you with correct information
            Acknowledge your letter within a week of receipt thereof

6.    Administrative Support Services


      All correspondences received at the Registry are filed and submitted to Schedule
      Officers within a maximum of two days.


      Bills/claims for services rendered to the Ministry will be transmitted to the
      Accountant General's Department for payment within two days, provided all relevant
      receipts/invoices are submitted.


      All personnel matters relating to Officers of the Ministry, i.e application for leave,
      passage benefits, car loans, release, etc are possessed and approved within a week
      except for cases where other Ministries/Departments have to be consulted.

      Officers of Local Authorities are accountable to their Chief Executives. Only
      requests for duty-free, car loans, leave without pay, study leave without pay,
      release are processed at the Ministry within an average period of one week.


If you have any enquiries, complaints or suggestions, you may address directly to:

            Solid Waste Management Division

             Level 3, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
             Port Louis
             Phone:      (230) 201-2742/201-2752
             Fax:        (230) 213-0654
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   Waste Carrier's Licencing Unit
    Jica Building
    Monseigneur Gonin Street
    Port Louis
    Phone:        (230) 208-8803
    Fax:          (230) 208-8804

   Local Government Division
    Level 3, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
    Port Louis
    Phone:      (230) 201-3060
    Fax:        (230) 208-9729

   Fire Services
    Head Office
    14 Deschartes Street
    Port Louis
    Hot Line Emergency only 115
    Phone:      (230) 212-0214/15
    Fax:        (230) 208-3875

   Beach Authority
    C & R Court
    Mezzanine Floor
    Corner Labourdonais & St Louis Street
    Port Louis
    Phone: (230) 212-0059
    Fax:   (230) 212-0060
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         For any further information, you may please contact us on the following:-

         Designation                                         Telephone No      Fax No
         Permanent Secretary                                 (230) 213-3236    (230) 211-7506
         Principal Assistant     Secretary   (Solid   Waste (230) 201-1219     (230) 201-3881
         Management Unit)
         Director (Solid Waste Management)                   (230) 201-2741    (230) 213-0654
         Principal Assistant Secretary (Local Authorities)   (230) 201-3008    (230) 208-9729
         Open Registry                                       (230) 201-2155    (230) 208-9729
         Confidential Registry                               (230) 201-2567    (230) 208-9729
         Chief Finance Officer                               (230) 201-1268    (230) 213-2244
         Chief Personnel Officer                             (230) 201-2221    (230) 213-4097
         Principal Purchasing & Supply Officer               (230) 201-1375    (230) 211-7734

* The Charter is not a legal Document.

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