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State of Wisconsin Enterprise Membership – Renewal 2005-2006

NOREX Overview                                                               page 2

Proposal                                                                     page 3

Benefits of Membership                                                       page 4

Membership Application/Terms                                                 page 5

Code of Ethics and NOREX Commitment                                          page 6

Attachment 1 – Extended Enterprise Pricing                                   page 7
NOREX Overview
NOREX is a unique consortium of IT professionals from organizations whose members
place value on shared experiences and seek ways to avoid reinventing the wheel.
NOREX members capitalize on practical solutions that have been tried and tested by
peers, ensuring that costly mistakes are not repeated.

A dedicated NOREX staff coordinates relevant networking opportunities and provides
cost-savings in the marketplace for more than 1,200 member organizations. NOREX
facilitates project-specific networking between members, which is enhanced by an online
repository of common IT documents. NOREX also hosts group networking events
including conference calls, regional forums and international roundtables where members
exchange solutions in an environment free of vendor influence. In addition, a specialized
NOREX staff leverages the group's buying power to save members time and money on
the purchase and disposal of equipment.

A NOREX enterprise membership would provide IT staff in the State of Wisconsin
access to information resources that focus on "operational level" information that is
uniquely valuable to IT managers, directors and project leaders.

A NOREX membership includes:

      Unlimited access to the NOREX document repository (NORCONs) - hundreds of
       IT "working documents" contributed by members that reduce the need to reinvent
       the wheel.

      Unlimited access to weekly roundtable conference calls that allow members to
       gather topic-specific feedback from a large cross-section of their peers without
       leaving the office.

      The ability to attend NOREX International Roundtables and Regional Forums
       where members exchange information on high-priority issues and help each other
       solve real-world challenges.

      Year-round project-specific networking with other NOREX members who are
       willing to share their expertise and experiences with hardware, software and
       contemporary industry issues.

      Alternatives for addressing hardware needs, including accurate marketplace
       information, assistance with equipment transactions, and competitive third-party


NOREX offers the following enhancements for the 2005-2006 contract year:


   NOREX will facilitate one Government Forum for any and all of the Wisconsin State
   Agencies and Municipalities that the Wisconsin Department of Administration would
   like to invite. This Government Forum will be hosted at a Wisconsin State site; any
   food/refreshments will be provided by the State of Wisconsin Department of
   Administration. The date will be mutually agreed upon; the target date is Spring 2006.
   NOREX will provide the personnel to facilitate the session, and will assume the travel
   costs for that personnel. The specific agenda will be determined jointly by NOREX and
   the Department of Administration.


   NOREX agrees to offer pricing for the Extended Enterprise in Wisconsin. This
   Extended Enterprise would include any government municipality (county, city, tribe,
   school, college, or local unit of government , etc.) in the State of Wisconsin. Each
   municipality would sign a separate Membership Application with NOREX, and
   membership terms (beginning and ending dates of the twelve month terms) will be
   determined by each individual municipality, depending on fiscal year, availability of
   funding, etc.

   Pricing for will be based on the size of the IT staff at each municipality, according to the
   following Price Matrix:

   IT STAFF SIZE                                    PRICE

   OVER 50                                         $5000.00

   25 – 50                                         $4500.00

   10 – 24                                         $4000.00

   UNDER 10                                        $3500.00

A NOREX membership will benefit the state of Wisconsin in many different ways. We
will provide the ability for all state IT personnel to access practical information that will
help them fast track projects, make more informed decisions, and save time and money,
which results in more efficient use of taxpayer dollars. We have the framework in place
to provide quick feedback from other government groups as well as the private sector. In
addition, an enterprise membership for the entire state would provide a means for quick
feedback even from within the state agencies.

NOREX will also give each state agency the ability to access our Equipment/Transaction
services, which may result in substantial savings on the acquisition or disposal of

                   THE NOREX ADVANTAGE
      NOREX connects you with IT professionals, not analysts.
         o While it can be important to speak with analysts, consultants, and vendors, it is
            often critical to speak with someone who can share their first-hand experience
            with the issue at hand, and help you avoid dangerous pitfalls. Whether through
            shared documentation, roundtable discussions, or teleconferencing with other
            members, NOREX has all the power of a large user group, but with daily,
            unlimited access and the facilitation of a professional staff.

      Broad in scope
          o Through NOREX, your IT staff will not only be able to interface with other
               government IT professionals, but will also be able to tap into the perspective and
               experience of the private sector.

      NOREX is real-world, not hypothetical
         o This “in the trenches” perspective is a NOREX hallmark. Practicality is the
            measuring stick for the information we deliver. “What’s working out
            there?”…”What isn’t?”… “Why?”

      NOREX provides value to the entire staff.
         o A site membership allows any person in the IT organization to draw upon these
            valuable resources. There are no fees per user, per document, per hour, or per
         o No need to “repackage” information requests.
         o No additional time/resources to funnel requests through one or two authorized
         o No need to deny a request for service to reduce costs
         o ALL staff members can download documents, participate in TeleForums, request
            research and networking, post questions on our message board, and attend Forum
            meetings without additional fees.

                 NOREX APPLICATION
Company:      Name of Entity/Organization
              Mailing address
              City / State / Zip Code
              Telephone Number with Area code
              Email address
              Web Site Link


Services:     Information & Hardware Services for: (See list of state agencies on
              Attachment 1)

              Includes unlimited access to all NOREX web based resources (member
              contributed documents, transcripts, etc.), unlimited access to weekly
              NOREX conference calls/TeleForums, unlimited networking/information
              requests, unlimited access to NOREX hardware/marketplace services,
              Unlimited access annually for International Roundtables, Unlimited access
              annually for the Wisconsin Regional Forum, Unlimited access annually for
              Regional Forums outside Wisconsin. In addition, NOREX will also provide
              the facilitation for one (1) Wisconsin Government Forum, on a mutually
              determined date. The Wisconsin Government Forum will be hosted at a
              State of Wisconsin site. The State of Wisconsin will provide any
              food/refreshments. NOREX will assume travel costs for facilitation
              personnel.     Extended Enterprise pricing for other Wisconsin State
              Municipalities will be offered according to Attachment 2.


Annual Fee:

Remarks:      (for use by Norex only)

                                           Accepted by Client:

                                           Signature: __________________________
Client # __________
                                           Title: ______________________________

                                           Date: ______________________________

                                           Accepted by NOREX:

                                           Signature: __________________________
Account Executive: Dawn Nichols
                                           Title: ______________________________

See NOREX Code of Ethics                   Date: ______________________________
& Commitment on page 7

NOREX Code of Ethics:

   1. Information supplied by NOREX is provided for the sole use of employees of the
      Information Technology site shown on the application.
   2. Members will make every effort to insure information provided to NOREX is complete,
      accurate and timely.
   3. Verbal commitments are in good faith and binding
   4. In the event a member does not abide by this Code of Ethics, NOREX recourse will be
      that the member shall be removed from the membership without refund of the annual fee.
      NO OTHER LIABILITY IS INTENDED OR IMPLIED on the part of the client.

NOREX Commitment:

   1. NOREX will facilitate opportunities for members to communicate directly with one
   2. NOREX will schedule and coordinate member roundtables
   3. NOREX will provide member-contributed documents (NORCONS), industry research
      (NORSEARCH), and equipment acquisition/disposal alternatives.
   4. Combined hardware and information members shall pay no commissions.
   5. NOREX will hold all information received from members in the strictest confidence.
   6. In the event NOREX does not abide by the above good faith agreement, member recourse
      is to request and obtain a pro rata refund of the annual service fee. NO OTHER
      LIABILITY IS INTENDED OR IMPLIED on the part of NOREX or its agents.
      NOREX is committed to the complete satisfaction of each member.

                     ATTACHMENT 1
                     STATE OF WISCONSIN

                     2005 - 2006

     IT STAFF SIZE               PRICE

OVER 50                                  $5000.00

25 – 50                                  $4500.00

10 – 24                                  $4000.00

UNDER 10                                 $3500.00




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