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					                                 NYSDOH - Office of Health Systems Management
                   Enhancing Abilities and Life Experience (ENABLE) Program 2005 Grant Awards

            County        Home Name                                   Requested                  Purpose

                          Family Serv. Of Rochester dba Danforth                  Educational sessions on healthy living
                          Towers EHP; Jonathan Child Project                      and legal planning for health and long
            Monroe        EHP; Hudson Ridge Towers EHP                 $19,649               term care needs

                                                                                   Falls prevention program; individual
            Erie          DePaul Adult Care Communities/Kenwell        $92,500        assessments; staff education
                                                                                     Medication self-administration
            Cayuga        Evergreen Heights                            $28,150                   program
            Erie          Westwood Village, Inc.                       $98,304        Pathways to Memory Program
                                                                                   Garden project w/ seminars; trips to
                                                                                   the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and
            Erie          Lutheran Church Home of Buffalo              $12,159                  nurseries
                                                                                  Develop individualized service plans;
                                                                                  independent living skills; vocation &
            Erie          St. Elizabeth's Home                         $46,113             computer training
                                                                                    Wholeness & wellness program;
                                                                                   physical activity; cognitive retraining
            Chautauqua    St. Columbans on the Lake Home               $46,378               and socialization
                                                                                   Outdoor sensory garden; life trail;
                          Gerry Homes/Bergquist Adult Home -                      activity centers; exercise equipment;
            Chautauqua    The Heritage Group                           $93,005                 aide training
                                                                                  Develop individualized service plans
                                                                                   including independent living skills;
                                                                                  vocational training; preventive health
                                                                                     care; medication mgt and self-
            Chautauqua    St. Vincent's Home for the Aged              $31,384               identified goals
                                                                                       Garden & training kitchen
                                                                                  construction, provide locked medical
            Queens        Queens Adult Care Center                     $99,000               boxes; Minivan
                                                                                      Wellness; medication educ;
                          129th Street Residence            (Rena's                  socialization; computer skills &
            New York      Residence)                                   $56,946               exercise groups
                                                                                      Courtyard & training kitchen
                                                                                  construction, refurbish activity room,
            Suffolk       New Brookhaven Town House for Adults         $94,100         provide locked med boxes
                                                                                      Activities specialist and peer
                                                                                   advocate; independent living skills;
            Rockland      L'Dor Adult Home                             $80,872              computer training

                                                                                   Wellness program including diet &
                                                                                  nutrition, medication use; expressive
            New York      West Seventy-Fourth Street Home              $18,856            art; computer education
                                                                                     Improving physical and mental
                                                                                   health/emotional well being through
                                                                                      the aging process for geriatric
            Westchester   Marian Woods, Inc.                           $36,600                  residents
                                                                                     Independent living skills training
                          Rockaway Manor Foundation for the                            center; hire 3 half-time case
            Queens        Elderly                                      $88,000                  managers
                                                                                     Independent living skils; travel
                          Westside Federation/Frederic Fleming                       training; nutrition & medication
            New York      House                                        $28,695                  education
                                                                                   Guest cottage for use by residents
                                                                                  and their families to provide residents
                                                                                    a place of their own to entertain
            Richmond      New Broadview Manor Home                     $99,600                    visitors

6/7/06 JC
                                NYSDOH - Office of Health Systems Management
                  Enhancing Abilities and Life Experience (ENABLE) Program 2005 Grant Awards

                          Family Services of Westchester; dba,
                          Enriched Housing Program at Maple
                          House; White Plains Guest Home for
            Westchester   Adults                                   $59,232        Preventive health programs

                                                                              Falls prevention education program
                          Pleasant Gardens AH             (Mercy             via Bingo; increase strength, mobility
            Suffolk       Haven Inc.)                              $42,096             and independence

                                                                              Independent living skills; Voc Educ.
            Queens        Ocean House                              $99,500       Training assistance/mentoring
                                                                             Hire recreation manager and        13
            Dutchess      Green Briar Adult Home                   $96,780         seat bus for transportation
                                                                              Fitness instruction/training & dietary
                                                                             training; on and off site for integration
            Oswego        Adirondack Manor/Valehaven HFA           $43,062             & pain management
                                                                             Intergenerational theater, education,
            Herkimer      Folts Home Inc./Claxton Manor            $84,697             art & music program
                                                                             Physical & mental wellness program;
            Oneida        Lutheran Home of Central NY              $34,620          purchase gym equipment

                                                                             Nutrition education; prescribed diets;
                          Family & Child Services of Schenectady              medication compliance education;
            Schenectady   (Public housing authority home)          $18,351         socialization opportunities
                                                                                  Program to increase physical
                          The Glen at Hiland Meadows, Inc. to be             flexibility, decrease falls and maintain
            Warren        known as The Terrace at the Glen         $11,297           mobility through exercise
                                                                              On-site incontinence education and
                                                                                treatment program to enhance
                                                                              independence and quality of life of
            Schenectady   The Terrace at Glen Eddy                 $14,274                 residents
                                                                             Expressive arts program for early to
                          Northeast Health System/Marjorie Doyle             middle stage residents w/dementia or
            Albany        Rockwell Ctr., Inc.                      $64,200               Alzheimer's
                                                                                 Computer training to enhance
                                                                                communication w/relatives; Tai
            Clinton       Samuel F. Vilas Home                     $41,000     Chi/Aquatics; Alternate Therapies
            Rensselaer    Fawn Ridge Assisted Living               $84,839    Resident workshops, staff training

            Albany        The Terrace at Beverwyck                 $11,634   Preventive health care skills program

6/7/06 JC

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