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					                              The University of Tennessee
                            Employee Relations Committee
                           INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE

                          Wednesday, September 19; 1:00 pm
                               Room 102, Morgan Hall,1305649&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Present:    Angela Berry, Ginny Bleazey, Danielle Browning (alternate with Gina
            Galyon), Alan Chesney, Joe Dipietro, Gina Galyon, Mike Herbstritt, Cheryl
            Hodge, Ken Johnson, Dianne Trent, and by telephone conference call, Billy
            Hanks, and Susie Nicholson

Absent:     Hollis Davis and Joey Morton

1.   HR 128 and Other University Training Issues – Linda Francisco, Executive Director,
     Employee and Organizational Development

     Linda Francisco, Executive Director, Employee and Organizational Development (EOD),
     made a presentation about the programs offered by EOD. She also talked about HR 128
     (Human Resources Policy 128) and distributed copies of Frequently Asked Questions
     (FAQ) for HR128. This policy strongly recommends employees receive 32 hours of
     training per year. Dr. Francisco urged all employees to participate in this program. She
     said most of the Veterinary School and Extension Services have a high level of
     participation. She noted classes fill up very quickly, and recommended anyone interested
     in a closed class to put his/her name on the waiting list; if enough people show a desire
     for the class, EOD will add another section. Dr. Francisco also offered to conduct training
     classes on site for any department that is interested. She may be reached at

     Dr. Francisco explained the use of the Additional Credit Request Form. This form may be
     used to apply for additional credit for workshops and programs attended outside the
     university system. This form is available at

     Dr. Francisco then discussed the Career Development Fund, which is available through
     EOD to assist staff members with expenses incurred from outside training. The program
     offers partial reimbursement for career and job-related activities. Further information is
     available at,52501&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL.

     Dr. Francisco said the Career Development Fund is supported by donors; she encouraged
     staff members to contribute, especially those who have benefited from the program.

     Several of the representatives said it is very hard for them to attend training classes, due
     to the lack of staff to fill in when they are gone. Some felt there were not enough
     employees in some areas to complete the duties required.

     Joe DiPietro expressed concern for this issue, and said he would work to assist employees
     who want to take training classes.

2.   Old Business

         Paystubs by Electronic Mail – Virginia Bleazey

           Alan Chesney reported he has talked to the Payroll Office about this issue, and it is
           not a feasible option at this time.

3.   Temporary Parking Permits – Angie Berry

     Angie Berry asked if one person in each department could be given a handful of
     temporary parking permits so they would have them readily available when unexpected
     visitors drop by their office. This would prevent employees from having to run to Morgan
     Hall to pick up permits, sometimes leaving offices empty.

     Joe DiPietro indicated he would discuss this possibility with Mike Keel, Director of Services.
     Dr. DiPietro said there may be space concerns involved. He will report back to this group.

4.   Full Benefits for Part-Time Employees – Billy Hanks

     Billy Hanks said he had received an email from an employee who a 30-hour per week
     employee in the Enhanced Family Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). The employee
     asked if it is possible to have all of the benefits that full-time employees receive.

     Alan Chesney explained a regular university employee must be at least 75% (30 hours
     per week) to receive health benefits. If the employee is funded on a grant, as are EFNEP
     employees, he/she is not eligible for insurance. Dr. Chesney asked that the employee
     contact him to discuss the matter.

5.   Benefit Access On-Line – Virginia Bleazey

     Virginia Bleazey asked if it is possible for employees to have viewing access to their own
     benefits package on-line.

     Francie Brodman, Senior Benefits Specialist, Benefits and Retirement Services, was
     contacted, and replied: There is a program in IRIS to view benefits packages. From the
     IRIS main page, the route is: Human Resources, Personnel Management, Benefits,
     ZPR_BEN_STATE- Employee Benefit Statement: at this point, enter employee six-digit
     number, click green check-mark in upper left corner (execute), click “print preview” in
     lower left corner. The statement will pop into the window and may be viewed or printed.
     Persons in each office who are authorized to enter the IRIS system may pull this report
     for employees.

6.      Appealing a Work Assignment – Virginia Bleazey

        Ginny Bleazey asked if there a method in place for appealing an assignment. She related
        a situation where person A was a full-time employee, as is person B. Person A is no longer
        with the university. All of person A's duties have been assigned to person B with no
        increase in pay, and no reduction in the amount or quality of work for either position.
         Person B's supervisor told person B that the supervisor would "hate to see person B
        receive a failing mark on their evaluation for failure to complete assigned tasks" if person
        B did not produce the work of A and B. What, if anything can be done?

        Alan Chesney said it is up to office managers to assign work for the employees. If an
        employee feels the workload is too much, he/she should discuss this with the direct
        supervisor and continue up the chain of command. Employees may contact Human
        Resources Employee Relations (974-6018) to discuss their concerns.

7.      Mission/Vision Statement of the University – Virginia Bleazey

        Virginia Bleazey expressed concern regarding the apparent conflict between Chancellor
        Crabtree and President Petersen regarding Dr. Petersen's Mission of the University
        Document. She asked for clarification, and for Dr. Joe DiPietro’s view of the situation.

        Joe DiPietro and Alan Chesney noted the President and the Chancellor have a difference of
        opinion concerning the finances and management of the university. They are talking
        extensively and working together toward a solution. Dr. DiPietro assured the
        representatives this will not affect the day-to-day operation of the Institute of Agriculture.
        The result will be a more effective university.

8.      Election of Employee Relations Advisory Board Representative

        Virginia Bleazey was unanimously elected to serve on this board.

9.      Announcements:

            Mobile Mammography, October 4 & 5, Circle Park, call 544-9069
            AUTumn Festival, Friday, October 12, T-Recs, 11:30-3:00. Those interested in
             volunteering to help should call Carol Raxter, 974-6533.

     With no more business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

              WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2007; 2:00 PM
                         102 MORGAN HALL