Standard Conference Calling Service Comparison Chart by jolinmilioncherie


									   Standard Conference Calling Service Comparison Chart
Conference On Demand                  Standard Offerings
Dial-in Number                        Toll-Free USA
International Access                  10 Digit (non toll-free global)
Schedule                              Reservationless 24-hour access
Operator                              See Operator-Assisted
Price per minute/caller               4.5 cents
Toll-Free Customer Support            7am-9pm EST
Maximum Size                          120 (more with a reservation)
Conference Call Recording             Host Only
Keypad Touchtone Commands             Host and participants
Web Commands                          Host Only
Mute and Unmute Conference Call       Host and participants (self mute)
Listen and Talk Volume Adjust         Host and participants
Dial out and add to conference        Host Only
Disconnect or Drop Callers            Host Only
Lock and Unlock Conference            Host Only
Conference Head Count                 Host Only
Rollcall Option: Name Announce        Enabled
Rollcall Option: Enter Phone Number   Enabled
Rollcall Option: CallerID             Enabled if CallerID is available
Entry Tone                            Enabled
Conference Password                   Enabled
Access Codes                          Unlimited
PAC - Account Codes                   Assignable, one per access code
Custom Voice Prompt / Custom 8xx      $20/mo custom toll-free number
Conference Reports                    Summary and Detailed
Invoicing                             Monthly via email

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