12490 Horizontal Louver Blinds by fanzhongqing


									                                        Student Housing North
                                      Performance Specifications
                                             MAJ 04-960

                                          SECTION 12490
                                    HORIZONTAL LOUVER BLINDS

PART 1          GENERAL

1.01     Summary

         A.     Section Includes: Provide horizontal louver blind system with operating hardware,
                attachments, and accessories as required for complete finished operational installation.
         B.     Related Sections:

1.02     Submittals

         A.     Product Data: Furnish manufacturer's literature.
         B.     Samples: Submit slats in color and finish for approval by the University.
         C.     Shop Drawings: Indicate, at large scale, installation of blind in window sash, method of
                attachment, clearances and operation.

1.03     Quality Assurance

         A.     Mock-Up: Provide complete full size working blind installation in actual window unit;
                University approved mock-up may be incorporated into Project.

1.04     Delivery, Storage, and Handling

         A.     Deliver blinds to site wrapped and crated in a manner to prevent damage to components
                or marring of surfaces.
         B.     Store to prevent sagging, twisting or warping.

PART 2          PRODUCTS

2.01     Manufacturers

         A.     Established firm capable of producing premium quality commercial grade horizontal
                louver blinds and accessories as required for complete installation, with minimum five
                years successful experience in manufacturing of materials to be provided for Project.

2.02     Materials

         A.     Louvered Blinds: 2" wide by minimum 0.008" thick spring-tempered prefinished aluminum
                horizontal slats with mounting rails, controls, and accessories.
                1.       Finish: Manufacturer's pre-treatment and baked enamel finish; color as selected
                         by Architect from manufacturer's full range of available colors.
                2.       Tilt Control: Manufacturer's standard rope control.
                3.       Ladders: Manufacturer's standard braided polyester cord design for "near
                         invisible" application.
                4.       Lift Cords: Manufacturer's standard two-ply polyester cord filler and braided
                         polyester jacket with minimum 175 lb. breaking strength.
                         a.      Locks: Design to hold blinds in proper alignment at any point of travel.

                                         Horizontal Louver Blinds
01/27/05                                        12490 - 1
                                        Student Housing North
                                      Performance Specifications
                                             MAJ 04-960


3.01 Installation

         A.   Install in all windows in all buildings.
         B.   Install louvered blinds in window sash in accordance with blinds manufacturer's
              recommendations and installation instructions.
              1.       Provide templates where necessary for preparation of sash for installation of
         C.   Secure in place with flush countersunk mechanical fasteners.
         D.   Adjust parts for smooth operation.

                                            END OF SECTION

                                         Horizontal Louver Blinds
01/27/05                                        12490 - 2

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