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									 No Cost
Home Equit y
  Rates as low as 4.0%   APR*
What Opportunities
        Are Under Your Roof?

n  	Refinance	Your	Mortgage
n  	Home	Repair
n  	Debt	Consolidation
n  	Education	Expenses
n  	Vacation

Rates as low as 4.0% APR*
n Variable and Fixed Rates**
n Loans up to $200,000
n Flexible Terms
n Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80%
n Tax deductible interest†
n No appraisal fees, no closing costs, no problems!
n Applications by phone or in person
n Quick turn-around time

Your secure tomorrow starts today with a Home Equity Loan
or Line of Credit from Downey Federal Credit Union. Visit
www.downeyfcu.org or call one of our Loan Representatives
at (562) 862-8141, option 2 for more information.

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. No cost = no appraisal fees, no closing costs, and no
hidden fees. Rate shown is our best rate for qualified borrowers. Rates and program may
change without notice. Your actual rate may vary based on creditworthiness. All loans are
subject to credit approval. New DFCU loans only. $50,000 minimum for no-cost promotion.
Different rates and terms are available for non-owner occupied units.
** Variable Rate (Home Equity Line of Credit) Rates may vary. Maximum rate is 18%.
   Fixed Rate (Home Equity Loan) 4.0% APR is for the life of the loan.
† Consult your tax advisor.

Downey Federal Credit Union
8237 Third Street | P.O. Box 4639
Downey, CA 90241-1639                                                               American


(562) 862-8141

www.downeyfcu.org                                    Federally insured by NCUA.

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