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									House Corporation Annual Report
Complete all blanks and electronically save so that it may be resubmitted with minimal typing next year.
When complete, email to            or fax to 512-472-4820
Submit by August 1 of each year

House Corporation Name
Date Completed
Completed by

Mailing Address 1
in care of (member's name)
Mailing Address 2
City, State, Zip

1. Current Officers
               OFFICE               NAME                          TELEPHONE                      EMAIL
        Vice President

2. Date/Time/Location of next scheduled in person meeting

3. Does your house corporation have IRS determination of tax status?                                       _____ Yes    _____ No

4. What is your federal tax id number (EIN/TIN/FIN)?

5. Is your house corporation recognized as a nonprofit corporation in your state?                          _____ Yes    _____ No

6. Have you reviewed the manuals and info related to House Corporations on                   _____ Yes    _____ No

7. If yes, please rate the value of the information available as a resource to you                         _____ Good
                                                                                                           _____ Fair
                                                                                                           _____ Poor
8. Do you operate a Theta Tau chapter house?                                                             _____ Yes        _____ No

9. If you operate a house, please rate the quality of the housing                                        _____ Good
                                                                                                         _____ Fair
                                                                                                         _____ Poor

10. Are you actively saving/soliciting funds for the future purchase of a Theta Tau chapter house?       _____ Yes        _____ No

11. Are you interested in presentations/workshops on the following topics?
                       _____ how most greek letter organizations commonly raise significant funds for the renovation or purchase of housing
                       _____ house corporation compliance with federal tax reporting requirements
                       _____ house corporation model operations in relation to budgeting, upkeep/maintenance, life safety requirements
                       _____ Other ________________________________________

14. What is the collective debt owed to the house corporation unpaid by the chapter and/or tenants?               $_____________

15. Balance Sheet                                         on 1/1/10         on 1/1/11
  Savings Account(s) balance
  Checking Account(s) balance
  Other Account balances (investments)
  Other Assets
  Accounts Receivable (sums owed to the house corporation)
Real Assets
  Property Value

Total Assets                                            $           -   $           -

  Other Liabilities
  Accounts Payable (sums owed to others)
Total Liabilities                                       $           -   $           -

Total Assets & Liabilities                              $           -   $           -

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