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									               Apple, iPad Still Wait for Indonesia Certificates

        apple company has spread its products to all 30 states, but when in
Indonesia? Apple Inc. has launched a new iPad in San Francisco on March 8,
2012. Countries that first turn is the sale of Australia, Canada, France, Germany,
Hongkong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, Britain and the United
States. Simultaneously carried out since its debut March 16, 2012.

This time, Apple Inc. will present the latest iPad it to 30 other countries in the
world. Sales of the two is divided into two stages, namely 11 and May 12, 2012.
This was conveyed from the source

May 11 (23 countries), namely: Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil,
Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, Guyana, France, Guadeloupe,
Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Morocco , Peru,
Taiwan, Tunisia, and Vietnam.

May 12 (7 countries), namely: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.
For China, Honduras, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and the Philippines, Apple
is waiting for the certificate to be able to market the new iPad in these countries.

Previously, Apple has launched the third generation iPad is in Turkey on May 5,
2012. After the 30 countries that have been announced, Apple plans to market it
in the next 90 countries.

iPad is the latest third generation products of iPad tablet manufactured by Apple
Inc.. Some of its features:

Retina display: 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution at a density of 264 pixels per inch.
Meaning, it looks closer view / print magazine when viewed from a distance of 15

A5X processors: the processor used is Apple A5X, which has a dual core
processor quad-core graphics processor coredan.

5 MP camera: the camera is more or less similar to that used in the iPhone 4S, but
with a resolution of 5 MP instead of 8 MP.

iSight: behind the camera was named iSight. He has the ability to record 1080p
video at 30 fps.

Not Siri: new iPad has the ability to dictate e-mail and others. The technology
may be similar to those used in Siri.

LTE: new iPad supports LTE 4G network capabilities. For users in Indonesia, this
paper first ignored it until the network is available here.

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