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					                        The Teleconference - an indispensible Collaboration Tool

Now hosting a teleconference with                         Business Class features
participants located in geographically
                                                          •   Free session recordings with MP3 file
diverse locations is simple.

It’s no wonder that teleconferencing users are            •   Toll Free access from 60 countries
growing globally at a steady pace every year. It’s
                                                          •   24 hour operator assistance
becoming more important to have meetings between
attendees that may be in disparate worldwide              •   Extremely low international rates
locations. Global teleconferences are the solution.
                                                          Many participants dial-in using their cell phones
Conference calling is most likely the most economic       and since most cell phone plans include
collaboration tool for teams of associates that need to
                                                          nationwide long distance, there is an excellent
share and collaborate no matter where they are
                                                          chance there will be no long distance charge for
located. In the USA or any other country.
                                                          the participant to use their cell phone to access
Team Building & Collaboration                             the teleconference if the caller has nationwide
                                                          long distance included in their cell phone plan.
There are four main conference calling types:
toll free, toll conference calling, International         With a cell phone, only an airtime deduction may
Conference Calls and Video Web Conference.                apply unless the conference call takes place
                                                          during a "free nights and weekends" period
With toll free conference calling, all participants
                                                          calling option in which case, there would be no
dial a toll free 800 number, to access your
                                                          airtime deduction. If the cell phone service was
conference calls. The call is free to the caller.
                                                          an unlimited usage plan there would be no extra
With a toll free plan, the main benefit is that the       usage charges.
access to the conference call is paid for by the
                                                          If you hold frequent teleconferences, signing up
                                                          for one of AIT’s plans ensures that every
With toll free conference calling, each caller            teleconference you hold is high quality.
dials a U.S./Canada 800 number.
                                                          Choose a teleconference plan here.
The International Conference Calling plan also
                                                          AIT provides conference call services that offer more
offers Toll Free access for the participants. The         bang for the buck, superb connection quality, low
toll free dial-in numbers are available from 60+          teleconference rates, and for activated accounts, the
countries.                                                best 24 hour customer service in the industry.

                                                                 For more information:
                                                                 1 800 600 6151 (U.S. & Canada)
                                                                      +1 310 281 5539 Int’l