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									                             Interior Alaska Building Association’s

                                     IABA Connection
                                VOLUME 9 ISSUE 6                                          JUNE 2010

                                Keeping You Current . . . .
Armed Service Members Have Extra Year for Home Buyer Tax
 April 26, 2010 - The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) wants members of the
military, foreign service, and intelligence communities to know that they may have an additional
year to buy a home and claim the home buyer tax credit, which expires for most Americans on
April 30.

The law provides qualified service members who served on official extended duty outside of the
United States for 90 days or more at any time between January 1, 2009, to April 30, 2010, another
year to buy a home and claim the credit. They have until April 30, 2011, to sign a sales contract,
and until June 30, 2011, to settle and close on the home. Both the $8,000 first-time and $6,500 re-
peat home buyer tax credits are included in the rule.

“Congress recognized that many service members may have missed out on the home buyer tax
credit due to being posted overseas,” said NAHB Chairman Bob Jones, a builder and developer in
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. “It is only fitting that they be given another year to take advantage of
this opportunity in appreciation of the sacrifices they have made serving our country.”

 Table Of Contents          “Qualified service members” are defined as a member of the uni-
                           formed services of the United States military, a member of the Foreign
Message From the
                      2    Service of the United States, or an employee of the intelligence com-
Calendar of
                           The rule that requires buyers to repay the credit if they move out of
Cash For Caulkers
                      4    their home within three years has also been waived for qualified service
                           members if they have to sell their home due to receiving government
IABA “Thrill of            orders for extended duty service.
The Grill” Picnic

IABA Education             NAHB provides information on the home buyer tax credit, including
Fund Gets Boost            eligibility requirements and links to home buying resources, on its con-
Tax Relief or              sumer website

  2                   Message From the President
                                   I am usually an upbeat person, try to see the silver lining, etc., but the BP oil spill has
                          me really disheartened right now. We can’t even imagine how bad the ecological damage is
                          going to be to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. I can’t get into laying the blame, pointing the
                          finger, seems almost obvious that major mistakes have been made on every level, both in the
                          private sector and in government oversight. I hope we can find a lesson somewhere and that
                          we can improve the way we do things.

                                    Our summer season is off to a beautiful start, some of these late May days seem like
                            mid July, hot and sunny. It appears that the residential building business will be slower this
                            summer than in the past. The credit crisis has affected lending in such a negative way that even
                            crazy low long term mortgage rates can’t get us moving. Every builder I talk to has a story
                            about a project that got shot in the foot because of low appraisal values. I can see why the
banks want to be careful in the lower 48 where people borrowed money based on “stated income” and tried to speculate
in real estate but here in Alaska we did not experience that madness. Our statistics on default, delinquency and foreclo-
sures have been pretty steady over the past few years. Compare that with California and Nevada where the foreclosure
rates went up by 40-60 percent in a two year period. I personally hope that the banks can figure out how to help us keep
our economy on track and how not conserve our way into our own private recession.

         On the brighter side……..I have a new son-in-law and my oldest daughter is expecting our second grandchild.
Having grandchildren is learning a whole new level of happiness, so many of the wonderful things that I was too busy too
see and understand when my kids were little I see with clarity now. Somehow I thought that it was very, very important
for the kids to have perfect manners and always behave correctly when they were three or four years old. I was also dumb
enough to think that when you got them out of diapers, the tough part was behind you. If you are so busy trying to make
them behave you will miss the joy of realizing that even at three, they are a little person, developing their own set of per-
sonality traits and sense of humor, mostly in spite of your parental efforts, not because of them (thank God). If you are a
parent and not a grandparent yet, you will think I am crazy and heretical. That’s okay, when you become a grandparent
you will understand. I have always wanted to write a book titled Child Training and Why it Doesn’t Work. We put
our best effort into our kids and some of them still eat peas with a table knife.

         The great news about all this is that in 6 months you will have a new IABA President and he will probably make a
lot more sense than I do. I know I’m looking forward to that time. Have a good summer, enjoy our wonderful Alaska
and as always, be safe and do good work.

Dave Miller
2010 IABA President
                           Calendar Of Events                                             3
                                          JUNE 2010
     Sun           Mon           Tue            Wed         Thu            Fri          Sat
                            1             2           3              4             5
                            BOD Meeting                              Member
                            IABA Office                              Orientation
                            @ 12:00                                  Noon @ IABA

6             7             8             9           10             11            12
      D-DAY                                           ASHBA
                                                      Board Mtng
                                                      4:00 PM

13            14            15            16          17             18            19
              Wall Class
              5:30 pm @

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FATHER’S      1ST DAY OF                              Alternative
DAY           SUMMER                                  Energy Class
                                                      5:30 pm @
27            28            29            30

                                          JULY 2010
     Sun           Mon           Tue            Wed         Thu            Fri          Sat
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4             5             6              7           8              9            10
                            BOD Meeting
                            IABA Office
                            @ 12:00

11            12            13             14          15             16           17

18            19            20             21          22             23           24
                                                                                   IABA Picnic
                                                                                   5 PM @

25            26            27             28          29             30           31
  4                 ‘CASH FOR CAULKERS’ BILL
Washington Update

House Approves Home Star Legislation

The House on May 6 approved H.R. 5019, the Home Star Energy Retrofit
Act of 2010, by a bipartisan vote of 246 to 161. The legislation authorizes a $6 billion program that
would provide home owners with up to $8,000 in rebates for retrofitting existing homes to make
them more energy-efficient. As the legislative process moved forward, NAHB was able to secure
key changes to the bill, including the recognition of the Home Builders Institute as a certified work-
force program under Home Star and a provision to ensure that independent contractors are not ex-
cluded from participating in the program.

Following House passage, the White House issued a statement by President Obama endorsing the
bill. “This rebate program will not only put people back to work, it will lower costs for home owners
who choose to improve their home with products like energy-efficient windows, water heaters and
air conditioners. And it will also save consumers money on energy bills down the road.”

Final amendments were added to the legislation on the House floor that would require the Govern-
ment Accountability Office to conduct a report on the energy and money saved by consumers using
the program; investigate and document any reports of waste, fraud or abuse; and create a mecha-
nism to shut down the program if the spending costs are not offset.

Due to its positive implications for the housing industry, NAHB sent a letter to House members ear-
lier this week designating a vote in support of H.R. 5019 as a “key vote.” We reiterated our belief
that incentivizing energy-efficiency upgrades for existing homes is the most effective way to reduce
energy use in the residential sector and also noted that H.R. 5019 will provide a much-needed boost
to the construction industry.

Now that the Home Star bill has successfully passed in the House with key provisions advocated by
NAHB, we will turn our focus toward achieving a similar outcome in the Senate as quickly as possi-

To view the legislation log onto and type the bill number in the box in the
center screen.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Odina at 800-368-5242, x8570 or

In the Home Star™ Retrofit Rebate Program currently moving in the U.S. House (HR 5019)
and Senate (S.3177), the National Home Performance Council (NCHP) is charged with devel-
oping and recommending model forms for use in the Home Star™ process. News about the
progress of this legislation can be found on the Home Star Coalition website @
6          “THRILL OF THE GRILL”

  8                           IABA Education
IABA Education Fund Receives a Boost
G2 Construction Inc., in conjunction with Castle Creek Construction and Weeks Field Estates,
has donated $10,000 to IABA’s education fund to help further the training of the Fairbanks
building community.

                   Pictured Left to Right: Gary Graves of G2 Construction,
  Dave Miller - 2010 IABA President, Carolyn Foelsch – IABA Education Committee Chair,
                                       Sandy Fish – IABA Executive Officer.

Keep a close eye on our website and bulletins for CEU opportunities in the coming months.
2010 is a renewal year so please check your files now and see how many units you need by 12/31/10!

Other IABA educational opportunities are bought to you in part courtesy of LOS AMIGOS . . . . Be sure to
drop by for a meal and thank Randy for his support of our organization!!
              Tax Relief or Trouble?                                                                9

ASAE Inroad’s, May 20, 2010

House and Senate negotiators today announced a breakthrough on legislation to extend critical tax cuts
and unemployment benefits through the end of the year, and hope to have the bill on the House floor on

One of the sticking points in negotiations this week has been the length of an extension to prevent cuts in
the Medicare reimbursement rate for physicians. The deal struck by House Ways and Means Chairman
Sander Levin (D-MI) and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) would delay those cuts for three

There is plenty of concern on both sides of the aisle about the cost of the bill, however, which is report-
edly approaching $200 billion. The statutory pay/go law qualifies the tax extenders as emergency legisla-
tion, meaning it could advance without offsets. But with the cost of the physicians’ fix alone estimated at
nearly $60 billion, House Republicans were quick to announce their opposition today.

“This is just more spending on the same failed policies and no net tax relief,” said Rep. Dave Camp (R-
MI), the ranking member on Ways and Means. “This isn’t a tax-extender bill; it’s a deficit-extender bill.”

House and Senate Democrats are moving ahead though, saying the bill includes needed tax relief provi-
sions for businesses and state and local governments to help them invest and create jobs. Among the pro-
visions in the package for businesses are extensions of the research and development credit, tax cuts for
small businesses that continue to pay employees called to active duty, and tax cuts to incentivize the use
of biodiesel and renewable energy. Individual provisions include extensions of the standard deduction
for real property taxes and the deduction of state and local general sales taxes, the qualified tuition de-
duction, and tax-free distributions from individual retirement plans (IRAs) for charitable purposes.

“This bill is the jump start our economy needs to help create new job opportunities for American work-
ers and get our economy moving again,” Baucus said today
   10                                    Safety Fines
OSHA Increasing Fees for Workplace Safety Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced on April 22 that it
is increasing the penalties it levies for workplace safety violations in an effort to pro-
vide a greater deterrent for those occurrences. Under the policy change, the average
penalty for a serious violation will increase by three-fold. Several changes are being
made to the classification system that OSHA uses for assessing penalties. For example, the time frame for consid-
ering an employer's history of violations is being expanded from three years to five. And, penalties are being in-
creased by 10% for employers that have been cited for any high-gravity, serious, willful, repeat or failure-to-abate
violations within the previous five years. Meanwhile, the minimum penalty for a serious violation is being in-
creased and the reduction in a penalty that an OSHA area director can offer at an informal conference is being
limited to 30%. In addition, final penalties will now be calculated serially, instead of the current practice that ar-
rives at a proposed penalty by adding up all of the penalty reductions and then multiplying that total percentage by
the gravity-based penalty. On a related note, OSHA has also recently announced a new Severe Violators Enforce-
ment Program that increases its focus on repeatedly recalcitrant employers. Under this program, OSHA intends to
increase inspections at worksites identified by the agency, including mandatory follow-up inspections and inspec-
tions of other worksites of the same employer where similar hazards and deficiencies may be present. Read more
in Nation's Building News, or contact Marcus Odorizzi at 800-368-5242, x8590.

                                            Just For Fun . . .
                                          1. Innovative
                                         2. Preliminary
                                         3. Proliferation
                                          4. Cinnamon
                                           1. Specificity
                                   2. Anti-constitutionalistically
                                  3. Passive-aggressive disorder
                                       4. Transubstantiate
                                              1. No thanks, I'm married.
                                           2. Nope, no more booze for me!
                                        3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.
                                      4. Taco Bell? No thanks, I'm not hungry.
                                 5. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
                              6. Oh, I couldn't! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke.
                                         7. I'm not interested in fighting you.
     8. Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no coordination. I'd hate to look like a fool!
          9. Where is the nearest bathroom? I refuse to pee in this parking lot or on the side of the road.
                         10. I must be going home now, as I have to work in the morning.
  2010 Board of                                                                                        11
                                                    Welcome New Members!
                                                           JD CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Dave Miller, CGP
                             Landmark, Inc.
                                                                     Jonathan Pollen
Vice President
Darrell Bourne
                    Bourne Contracting, Inc.

Associate Vice President
                                                         Renewals:                Thank you !!
Aaron Hines
                         Denali State Bank
Secretary/Treasurer                             3-2-1 Construction, Inc.                         Dave Dillard
Bob Ingalls, CGP
              Bob’s Building & Remodeling       Bob’s Building & Remodeling                       Bob Ingalls
Sarah Jeppsen
                                                Denali State Bank                                Aaron Hines

Richard Green
                        Florcraft Carpet One
                                                Exxel Builders                            Micah Stossmeister
                    Spenard Builders Supply
Thom Antonovich
                                                Hafele Design & Construction, LLC               Kerry Hafele
                           Actus Lend Lease
Aaron Welterlen                                 Holaday-Parks, Inc.                            Jerry Mustard
                        Waihopai Valley, LLC
Jason Wenger                                    Landmark, Inc.                                    Dave Miller
                          Wenger Woodwork
Brian Barney                                    NC Machinery/The CAT Rental Store             Steve DeMolan
                  Nenana Lumber Company
                                                Northland Wood Products                         Jason Knoles
State Directors                                 Paragon Plumbing & Heating, Inc.                Tim Anthony
Dave Dillard
                     3-2-1 Construction, Inc.   TESCO                                          Kelly Richards
Carolyn Foelsch, CKD, CBD, CAPS,CGP
                Kitchens & Baths by Design
Wally Smith, CGP

Jack Hébert, CGP
                  Smith Alaska Construction                Members About To Expire:
                        Hébert Homes, LLC

                                                3 Tier - Alaska Corp                          James Ringstad
National Directors
Dave Miller, CGP                                Alaska Interior Timber Products                Nicholas Olson
                             Landmark, Inc.
Jim Mayo                                        Denali Builders                             Darrell Lee Russel
                    Spenard Builders Supply
                                                DLG Enterprises, Inc                             Dale Gillitzer
NAHB National Vice Chair Area 15                Ester Construction                               Mike Musick
Jack Hébert, CGP
                         Hébert Homes, LLC      Fairbanks Neighborhood Housing Services     Anthony Petkevis
                                                Homescape Builders                                Alan Gering
NAHB National Life Directors
Randy Wakefield                                 Jaquie Rosenthal Real Estate, Inc.           Jaquie Rosenthal
                          Wakefield Builders
Terry Duszynski, CGB. CGP                       Lifespan Home Modifications                      Karla Zervos
                     Duszynski & Associates
Jack Hébert, CGP
                                                MacCheyne’s CarpetsPlus                      John MacCheyne
                         Hébert Homes, LLC
                                                Robert Fox Realty                                  Robert Fox

Executive Officer
Sandy Fish                                         Don’t Forget to Renew Your Membership!!!
Interior Alaska Building Association   PRESORTED STANDARD
938 Aspen Street                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Fairbanks, AK 99709
                                           FAIRBANKS, AK
Phone: (907)455-6650                       PERMIT NO. 69
Fax: (907)455-6640

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