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GSM fundamentle by muradbsl


									    SCOPE OF WORK Of MW installation and commissioning service.

Link Survey:
  1.    Complete survey as per Operator standard

   2.   Provide necessary data & relevant picture to analyze the feasibility of microwave
        transmission links

   3.   Confirm LOS status, antenna height at tower, antenna side arm requirement,
        requirement for pole in rooftop site

   4.   Provide terrain sample including co-ordinate of obstacles

   5.   Provide picture of LOS with link sites( more than 1), Obstacle picture, Microwave
        pole location proposed

   6.   Provide date on Microwave location at Tower, Tower image, Indoor IDU
        space/power availability and IF cable length etc,

   7.   Submissions survey report soft copy

   8.   Any other relevant requirement from customer need to be fulfill

I&C and acceptance testing of new link:

Details Scope:

The followings are the scope of work and responsibility of SUBCONTRACTOR under
this Agreement

   1. Receive the Work order, design and installation related document from NEC.

   2. Receive equipments at site from vendor/operator as per agreement instruction
      where equipment’s transportation service by SUBCONTRACTOR is not

   3. Provision of installation materials including the transportation and installation at
      site as per Vendor instruction if Vendor ordered SUBCONTRACTOR the supply
      of the installation materials with implementation services according to the site

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SCOPE OF WORK Of MW installation and commissioning service.

4. Installation, commissioning, alignment and testing MW link, DCN E1/LAN
   converter and TX rack installation, wiring of IF cable, PCM cable, power cable
   etc for each end as per Operator standard and requirements.

5. Ensure quality of installation and commissioning according to the Operator

6. Ensure proper labeling of MW equipment’s as per Operator standards.

7. Ensure the proper grounding of MW equipments, TX rack, IF cable etc., and to
   measure the quality of earth resistance to check that they meet the specification.

8. Integrate the link to PNMSj Server and fixing the back-to-back cable for other
   type equipment.

9. Submit Daily Progress Report of MW installations and PNMS installation to

10. Before starting the daily work, conduct the Tool Box Meeting (TBM).

11. SUBCONTRACTOR shall be responsible for rectification/troubleshooting of
    MW link until the customer issued FAC.

12. Manage undelivered Equipment (in case of site not ready), report to Vendor
    securing these equipment, and take proper care so that no damage or lost occurs to
    the equipment.

13. Report Vendor about any Accident/Incident immediately and answer
    NEC/Customer query if necessary.

14. PAT completion shall be defined as only when both PNMS & MW work is
    completed and handed over to Operator.

15. During implementation service period, if found any equipments mismatch,
    faulty, missing or link plan changed are found, then SUBCONTRACTOR shall
    collect necessary equipment/materials             from warehouse   with
    SUBCONTRACTOR own responsibility according to Vendor instruction.

16. SUBCONTRACTOR has to carry out any additional jobs to complete the MW
    link until final acceptance.

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   SCOPE OF WORK Of MW installation and commissioning service.

   17. After completion of the installation, commissioning and acceptance testing, any
       unused or excess equipments and materials are to be returned to warehouse by

   18. SUBCONTRACTOR will collect and maintain site key as per Operator key
       policy and after completed installation and commissioning, SUBCONTRACTOR
       shall return the site key immediately to Vendor.

Traffic shifting Service:

The followings are the scope of work and responsibility of SUBCONTRACTOR under
this Agreement

   1. Collect the traffic shifting plan from Vendor.

   2. Collection of cluster wise site permission letter from concerned person of

   3. PCM cable preparation, laying, latching and termination to DX block.

   4. Live traffic shift in new MW link from old parallel MW link or live traffic shift in
      new MW link case of where Tx point will be changed from existing one. This
      type traffic we is defined as re-route traffic.

   5. Need consideration of two down time frame per day; 07:00- 09:00 and 13:00-
      17:00 for execute shifting work where applicable. This will be valid for parallel
      link as well as re-route traffic also.

   6. Before starting a job at site, necessary confirmation shall be ensured by Vendor.

   7. Maximum down time respect to one E1 during shifting work shall not exceed 15

   8. Responsible team must complete the traffic shifting of all PCM in a link at single

   9. Assigned engineer shall be equipped with all types of tools which will be needed
      for his assigned job (Laptop, all types of tools need to do a maintenance work).

   10. Traffic shifting team shall be equipped with vehicle and whole expense relate
       with vehicle shall be included in the service prices.

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   SCOPE OF WORK Of MW installation and commissioning service.

  11. Cross check with Service Operation Centre (SOC) to ensure that site is in
      operation after traffic shifting.

  12. Ensure proper marking and ensure that all the works are done according to
      Operator standard.

  13. All documentation according to Operator/Vendor guidelines.

  14. After completion of daily assigned job, responsible team has to submit a work
      completion report to Vendor concerned person.

Packaging of dismantle equipments:
  1. Supply necessary materials for packaging as per Vendor/Operator standards.
  2. Packaging of dismantle equipments (IDU, ODU and antenna only) shall be as per
     Operator/Vendor standard.

 Installation materials supply and transportation to site with
link installation:
  1. Materials should be Vendor standards.
  2. Installation material supply and transportation to site with link installation.
  3. Fill up the materials utilization sheet at site during installation and commissioning

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