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                                Navy League of the United States
                                COUNCIL ANNUAL REPORT
                                        (Revised 1/03)
                                           PART I

                                                   DUE MARCH 1
Why does Navy League ask for council information on programs and finances? Our
national leaders frequently make public appearances and members of the press and
Congress often request this information. Press releases are sent from National and must
tell the correct Navy League story. Council Awards are also based on this input, and
submission of an Annual Report is required for councils to receive quarterly rebates.
Financial information is necessary to aggregate the financial support all of our councils
give the Sea Services and further to accurately portray our tax-exempt status. The
accuracy of your responses will ensure we maintain a high standard of public service and
will encourage public support of our efforts.

           Mail original copy to:                                               Copies should also be mailed to

           Senior Director of Member Services                                   Area President
           2300 Wilson Blvd, Ste. 200                                           Region President
           Arlington, VA 22201-3308

Council Name: Greater Central Texas

Month of Elections:               February 2008 Month New Officers Take Office: February 2008

Form Completed by: James D. Brotherton                                                      Date: February 19, 2008

Note: Failure of a Council President to submit this report will result in withholding of council dues rebates and, for those councils that
participate in the group exemption, may endanger the council’s Section 501(c) (3) federal income tax exemption and exemption from
any state sales/use taxes. This report is submitted in accordance with the National Bylaws of the Navy League of the United States, the
National Policies adopted by the National Board of Directors, and in satisfaction of the council’s obligation of compliance therewith.

Please do not delay submitting the report because some information is
unavailable. Submit the report and then follow up when the information
is available.

Note: Council Officer information is for the calendar year (CY) in
which the report is submitted. Council activity and financial
information is for the previous CY (i.e. 2003 Annual Report will list CY
2003 council officers and CY 2002 activities and financial data)

The Council President, Council Treasurer, and Council Contact all
have access to council rosters via the Navy League’s Online Community
(OLC). Officer’s may register with the OLC by accessing the following
URL: Assistance is
available by calling National Headquarters Member Services at (800)
356-5760 or sending an e-mail to:

          Permanent Council Address/Communication Information
Street or PO Box: 5108 Scottish Thistle Drive

City: Austin                                  State: Texas         Zip: 78739-1471

Phone: 512-394-9381          Fax: None             E-Mail:

Council Website URL:

President:       James D. Brotherton, CAPT, USN (Ret)         MBR #: 10105054

Street/PO Box: 5108 Scottish Thistle Drive

City:   Austin                                State: Texas         Zip: 78739-1471

Phone: Office n/a                       Home: 512-394-9381         Cell: 512-632-4206

E-Mail:                               .

Treasurer:       George K. Haley                             MBR #: 10104872

Street/PO Box: 5616 Gorham Lane

City:            Austin                       State: Texas         Zip: 78739-1471

Phone: Office n/a                       Home: 512-301-9042         Fax: none

E-Mail:                                            .


Council Contact:        James D. Brotherton, CAPT, USN (Ret)       MBR #: 10105054

Street/PO Box: 5108 Scottish Thistle Drive

City:          Austin                         State: Texas         Zip: 78739-1471

Phone: Office n/a                       Home: 512-394-9381         Cell: 512-632-4206

E-Mail:                                 .


Membership: Timothy A. Hunsberger, CAPT, USN (Ret)             MBR #: 10132789

Email:                                .

Retention:     Timothy A. Hunsberger, CAPT, USN (Ret) MBR #: 10132789

Email:                                .

Newsletter:    Kathy Pillmore                                MBR #: 002869234

Email:                                  .

Youth Programs:         Lee Hagan                                  MBR #: 010105049

Email:                                      .

Military Affairs:       Brian Colfack                        MBR #: 2309574

Email:                                   .

Legislative Affairs:    Jeanie Coffey                              MBR #: 010101828

Email:                                        .

Public Affairs: Kathy Pillmore                               MBR #: 002869234

Email:                                  .



Council’s Tax Exempt Status:

   1.      How is your council legally organized?
            X Corporation                   Trust                    Association

         Other (list):

   2.      What is the status of your council’s tax exemption?
             X Individual                    Group                   None

           Date of IRS tax determination letter (if individual exemption): March 1976

   3.      Employer 9 digit Employer Identification Number (EIN): 51-0170302

   4.      Does the council file a federal Form 990?  X Yes                 No
                      Not required (Revenue < $25,000 annually)

   5.      Has the council filed all necessary state tax and charitable registration forms?
                      X Yes                   No

   6.      Date of Charter:   1962           Date of Last Financial Audit: January 2007

           Date of Next Scheduled Audit: January 2009

   7.      Total council assets (cash & investments): $ 19,910

   8.      Total amount provided annually to Sea Cadet Units: $ 1,000

   9.      Total amount provided annually to JROTC or other youth groups: $ 2,284

   10.     Total amount in council scholarship funds $13,477 Given annually $ *
           *Scholarship fund has not matured to point that they can be
   11.   List council fund raising events and purpose.
             Annual Voluntary Dues         Voluntary contributions solicited from
             and Contributions             members in lieu of required dues. Funds
                                           support council administrative costs, youth
                                           programs, and other commitments.


               Raffles, Auctions, and                     Memorabilia, books, and other items are
               Book sales                                 donated by members, then raffled, sold or
                                                          auctioned to raise funds for supporting
                                                          council costs and sustaining programs.

               Youth Distinguished Speaker                           Members contribute to pay for youth
               Program Participation                                 (Sea Cadets, Navy and Marine Corps
                                                                     JROTC Cadets, Midshipmen and
                                                                     Officer Candidates at the University
                                                                     of Texas Navy ROTC.

               Joint fundraising events                              Voluntary contributions.
               with other Patriotic

Note: All members of the Group Tax Exemption Program must notify the Senior Director of Finance of any change in the PO
Box or anything else that may affect their tax-exempt status. Councils are not automatically part of the Group Tax
Exemption Program. Information on how to apply can be found in the Operations Manual.

                    COUNCIL ANNUAL REPORT

                                     PART II

Note: Part II of the annual report is optional. However, the Council Awards
Committee in selecting those councils for Outstanding and Meritorious Councils uses
this part of the report. Guidance for filling out Part II can be found in Part 3 of the
Operation Manual under Council Performance Awards. Please add additional pages
or other documentation to demonstrate the council’s fulfillment of the requirements
for these awards. A separate scrapbook may also be submitted, but is not required.


A. Community Education Activities
   1. Public Speaking engagements in schools, to civic groups, etc. List below:

   Marine Corps League; University of Texas Alumni Foundation Board of


   Does your council have a speaker’s bureau?        X Yes              No

   2. Education Presentations (seminars, symposia, sea service presentations to
   public audience) or events. List below:

   Seven Distinguished Speaker Programs were sponsored by the Greater Central
   Texas Council during 2007. The public was invited and the meetings were
   advertised in the local paper and on our web site. In some cases local news media
   were present. Members of Congress, along with their staff, were always invited
   and attended several times. These outstanding programs and speakers are listed

   February 15, 2007: Professor Henry W. Brands, Dickson Allen Anderson
   Centennial Professor of History, University of Texas. His topic was “Andrew
   Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt: Two Heroes for Their Ages”. Attendance 72

   March 9, 2007: ADM John B. Nathman, USN, Commander Fleet Forces
   Command, Norfolk, VA. Topic: “Where is the Navy now and where is it going”.
   Attendance 99

April 20, 2007: VADM John G. Cotton, USN, Chief of Navy Reserve and
Commander, Navy Reserve Forces. Topic: “Reserve Integration and the Global
War on Terror”. Attendance 90

Jun 17, 2007: CAPT Larry N. Ash, USN, Commanding Officer, Fleet
Intelligence Training Center, Pacific. Topic: “Afghanistan Combined Forces
Intelligence Operations- experiences in Afghanistan in 2004-2005 as Combined
Forces Command-Afghanistan Director of Intelligence”. Attendance 83

August 16, 2007: RADM Mary E. Landry, USCG, Director of Governmental and
Public Affairs, U.S. Coast Guard. Attendance 71

August 24, 2007: Senator John Cornyn (Texas). A reception was held for
Senator Cornyn at the Austin Woman’s Club at which he addressed the assembled
members and guests. A question and answer period followed his prepared
remarks. Attendance 105

September 27, 2007: Dr. Thomas M. Hatfield, Director and Senior Research
Fellow, The Institute for Studies in American Military History, University of
Texas Center for American History. Topic: “Recording and Preserving History”.
Attendance 96

The Color Guard for each of these meetings came from the UT NROTC, the
JROTC units, or the Capitol Area Young Marine Corps Organization. These
seven meetings had a total attendance of 616, or an average of 88 each.

3. Information/membership booths sponsored. List event, location, participants:

Distinguished Speaker Programs (7), Austin Woman’s Club, Navy League
members and guests. Membership information was discussed and available at
each of the 7 Distinguished Speaker Programs. Information was passed out to
persons wanting information and questions were answered about Navy League

High Schools and UT NROTC Unit, the University of Texas, Cadets

Navy League information was made available at each of the 9 High Schools
where our Council, GCTC, sponsored Junior NROTC or Marine Corps JROTC,
the William B. Travis Division, Navy League Sea Cadet Program, and the UT
NROTC unit. Approximately 850 cadets, along with their parents, were involved
and participated in these events. As mentioned above, these units rotated the
function of Color Guard for the Distinguished Speaker Programs. Parents were
present as our GCTC guests. Often the JROTC instructors brought cadets to our
meetings even though they were not a part of the Color Guard.

Members often attended special events at Camp Mabry (Headquarters of the
Texas State National Guard) to spread information about the Navy League.


4. Sea Power subscription(s) to schools, libraries, ROTC, JROTC units. List

Sea Power magazines were distributed to the William B. Travis Division, Navy
League Sea Cadet Corps.

Sea Power magazine and the Naval Institute Proceedings subscriptions were
awarded to the Greater Central Texas Navy and Marine Corps Junior ROTC units
as follows:
        Bastrop High School Navy Junior ROTC
        Brenham High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC
        Fredericksburg High School Navy Junior ROTC
        Georgetown High School Navy Junior ROTC
        Jack C. Hays High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC
        New Braunfels High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC
        Round Rock High School Marine Corps Junior ROTC
        Round Rock Stony Point High School Navy Junior ROTC
        Travis High School Navy Junior ROTC

Council members regularly give copies of Sea Power magazine to branch libraries
(e.g., Old Quarry Library, Austin)

5. Joint meetings with other organizations (VFW, AM LEGION, etc.) List event,
organization and date:

The Greater Central Texas Council (GCTC) met with local US Coast Guard
Retirees on August 16, 2007 to hear RADM Mary E. Landry, USCG, Director of
Governmental & Public Affairs.

The local Patrick Henry Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)
attended our meeting on February 15, 2007. Members of the SAR honored one of
our members, Glenn Looney, with designation as an Admiral of the Texas Navy
and by presenting him with a Texas Flag that had flown over the state capitol for
his time and talks made at SAR, Veteran’s Day, and Military events.

On February 15, 2007 the University of Texas NROTC Unit, represented by Capt
Gabe Salazar, and the Department of the Navy, represented by ADM John
Nathman, attended our meeting and presented the Department of the Navy
Distinguished Public Service Award to Dr Hans Mark from the University of
Texas and a long time Navy League member and council supporter.

On August 24, 2007 GCTC was supported by the Navy Operations Support
Center, Austin with its meeting with Senator John Cornyn. The NOSC provided a
color guard detail.

       On April 20, 2007, Texas State Representative Carl Isett (District 84 Lubbock and
       CDR(SC), USNR) presented VADM John G Cotton, USN, Chief of Navy
       Reserve and Commander Navy Reserve Forces with promotion to Admiral in the
       Texas Navy signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

   B. Youth Activities. List the youth groups and activities supported by your council
      (Sea Cadets, JROTCs, Sea Service Academies, NROTC other community youth

Activity              Host Organization        Location            Youth Groups
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       Round Rock High
Color Guard           Texas Council                                School Marine
February 16, 2007                                                  Corps Junior ROTC
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       University of Texas
Color Guard           Texas Council                                NROTC
March 9, 2007
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       Brenham High
Color Guard           Texas Council                                School Marine
April 20, 2007                                                     Corps Junior ROTC
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       Capitol Area Young
Color Guard           Texas Council                                Marines
June 27, 2007
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       Georgetown High
Color Guard           Texas Council                                School Navy Junior
August 16, 2007                                                    ROTC
Dinner Meeting        Greater Central          Austin, Texas       University of Texas
Color Guard           Texas Council                                at Austin
September 27, 2007                                                  Navy ROTC
Navy League           Greater Central          Austin, Texas       Provided letters of
Letters of            Texas Council                                Appreciation for
Appreciation                                                       Junior ROTC
December 2007                                                      students and Young
                                                                   Marine members
                                                                   that participated in
                                                                   Color Guards for the
                                                                   Speakers Dinners.
Surface Warfare       Greater Central          UT NROTC Spring     UT NROTC
Officer Sword to      Texas Council            Awards Ceremony     Midshipman 1/c
Outstanding                                    Austin, Texas       Brown
Midshipman May 3,
Navy League Youth     Greater Central          Awards Banquet,     William B. Travis
Award April 15,       Texas Council            Camp Mabry,         Division NLCC
2007                                           Austin TX           /NLCC SN Meiner,
                                                                   PO1 Hall

Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Bastrop High        Bastrop High
Award May 1, 2007        Texas Council        School Gym          School NJROTC
                                                                  Cadet CPO Hutson
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Fredericksburg High Fredericksburg High
Award April 28,          Texas Council        School              School NJROTC
2007                                                              Cadet LCDR Booth
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Georgetown High     Georgetown High
Award April 24,          Texas Council        School Performing   School NJROTC
2007                                          Arts Center         Cadet LT Kimble
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Hays CISD           Jack C. Hays
Award May 9, 2007        Texas Council        Performing Arts     MCJROTC Cadet
                                              Center              2nd Lt Crockett
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Awards Banquet       New Braunfels
Award April 26,          Texas Council        New Braunfels       MCJROTC Cadet
2007                                          Civic Center        GYSGT Schuster
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Awards Banquet      Round Rock High
Award May 11,            Texas Council        Round Rock High     School MCJROTC
2007                                          School              Cadet CPL Santiago
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Stony Point High    Stony Point High
Award April 27,          Texas Council        School Parade Deck School NJROTC
2007                                                              Cadet CDR
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Austin TX           Brenham High
Award April 20,          Texas Council                            School MCJROTC
2007                                                              Cadet LtCol
Navy League Youth        Greater Central      Travis High School Travis High School
Award May 8, 2007        Texas Council        Navy JROTC          Navy JROTC Cadet
                                              Spring Awards       LT Veridiana
                                              Banquet             Hernandez
C. Council Activities:

   1. Number of director’s meetings: 3       General membership meetings:     7

   2. Sea Service Events – list below:

   Date                    Service         Supported Command       Activity

   June 2, 2007            Army, Navy,     All Service Academies   Sen. John Cornyn
                           Air Force,                              honored newly
                           Merchant                                appointed high
                           Marine, Coast                           school seniors as
                           Guard                                   cadets/midshipmen.
                                                                   GCTC recognized
                                                                   as event sponsor.

August 20, 2007       U.S. Navy        USS AUSTIN (LPD 4)          Presentation of
                                                                   painting of EX-
                                                                   USS AUSTIN
                                                                   (LPD 4) ; last flag
                                                                   flown over ship to
                                                                   Mayor Wynn &
                                                                   City of Austin
December 2007         U.S. Navy        Secretary of the Navy       Obtained SecNav
                                                                   VIP cruise on the
                                                                   USS ABRAHAM
                                                                   LINCOLN (CVN
                                                                   72) for UT
                                                                   Professors Eli Cox
                                                                   & Tom Hatfield
                                                                   (UT Faculty ROTC
October 3, 2007       All Armed        Patriot Fund-Disabled       Provided financial
                      Forces           Veterans                    support for
                                                                   purchase of
                                                                   Johnson & Johnson
                                                                   IBOT Mobility
                                                                   System to veterans
                                                                   with severe injuries
                                                                   from global war on

3. Sea Services Family Support (Include specific activities that support active-duty
families and the Highline/TAP program):

Date                                         Activity

June 2007                                    Provided support for Heart of Texas,
                                             Marine Corps Families in packing care
                                             packages for deployed personnel.
September 2007                               Provided financial support and manpower
                                             for Family Day activities for the
                                             Weapons Company, 1st Bn, 23rd Marines,
                                             Marine Corps Reserve in Austin, Texas.
December 2007                                Supported activities of the Marine Corps
                                             Reserve in their Toys for Tots Program.

4. Community Affiliate Program. Does your council recruit community affiliate
members? X Yes             No Would you like information on how to recruit them?


D. Public Affairs activities:

   1. Number newsletters published: Print 6                Email 0     Website 6

   2. List Media Contacts:

   Austin American Statesman, Austin, Texas
   West Austin News, Austin, Texas
   West Lake Picayune, Austin, Texas
   Oak Hill Gazette, Austin, Texas
   Lake Travis View, Lake Travis, Texas
   Pflugerville Pflag, Pflugerville, Texas
   Round Rock Record, Round Rock, Texas
   Public Television
   Channel 8 Local News (TV), Austin, Texas
   Bartlett Tribune-Progress
   Dripping Springs Century News
   Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post
   Hill Country News Weekender
   Kyle Free Press
   Lake Travis View
   Navy League U.S. Public Relations
   Round top Register
   San Marcos Daily Record
   Taylor Daily Press
   Texas National Guard/Camo Mabry
   The Daily Texan (Univ of Texas)
   Wimberly View
   Williamson County Sun

   3. Media events (feature stories, letters to the editor, TV interviews/programs,
      public service announcements) Continue on back if necessary.

   Press Release & Media Advisory-Friday August 24, 2007
   Senator John Cornyn reception by GCTC
   Media Advisory-Thursday June 7, 2007
   Speaking engagement by CAPT Larry Ash, CO Fleet Intelligence Training
   Center, Pacific on combined Afghani and American operations.
   Media Advisory Thursday September 27, 2007
   Speaking engagement by Dr Thomas Hatfield, Director and Senior Research
   Fellow, The Institute for Studies in American Military History.

E. Legislative Education Support (check all that apply):

 X Sent letters to Congress on NLUS issues


   How many letters?      5

   What issue(s
   Osprey MV22 aircraft program
   Transfer of the U.S. Coast Guard to the Department of Homeland Security
   Proposed DD(X) program
   Military payday loan law

   Participated in Congressional Maritime Week
           Met with following individual(s)

 XInvited member of congress to speak at council event

           Names: U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison
                 U.S. Members of Congress: John R. Carter, Lamar Smith, Michael
                 McCaul, and Lloyd Doggett.

No Congressman is member of Navy/Marine Corps Caucus

No Congressman is member of Coast Guard Caucus

Yes Gave recognition to Congressman or Senator: Awarded Senator John Cornyn,
State of Texas, an Honorary Navy League Membership and held a reception in his
honor on August 24, 2007..

No Participated in State Fly-in

Yes Distribute Monthly Legislative Update to council members.
Yes Posted on website

No Supported Sea Services in State Legislative initiatives (list issues)

No Other legislative initiatives (describe)


Additional Council Information

1. Newsletter Name: The Anchor

   Published      6    times per year.(Six copies attached)

2. Ships/Units/Squadrons/Youth Groups (Sea Cadet, ROTC, etc.) Adopted or
Dropped this Year:

Adopted                                      Dropped
William B. Travis Division NSCC/NLCC         Continued
University of Texas Navy ROTC                Continued
Travis High School Navy JROTC,               Continued
Austin, TX
Bastrop High School Navy JROTC               Continued
Brenham High School MC JROTC                 Continued
Fredericksburg High School Navy              Continued
Jack C. Hays High School MC JROTC,           Continued
Hays County, TX
Round Rock High School MC JROTC              Continued
Stoney Point High School Navy JROTC,         Continued
Round Rock TX
New Braunfels High School MC JROTC           Continued
Georgetown High School Navy JROTC            Continued

3. Does your council publish an Annual Plan?        X Yes            No

   Does it include goals?     X Yes            No

   If yes, please attach goal list and describe attainment.
            See Attachment C for Strategic Plans. Included is the Strategic Plan dated
2006 (rev 08/16/2006) which was reviewed in 2007 and used as the plan for 2007.
Also included is the 2008 Strategic Plan.

2007 Attainment as follows:
Goal 1- Objective 1A: Attained. Seven speaker programs completed.
           Objective 1B: Attained. Web PAO, various media inputs, newsletter.
           Objective 1C: Attained. Coast Guard, Various reserve personnel,
                                    Marine Corps, Civilian community, parents,
                                    cadets invited to meetings.
           Objective 1D: Ongoing
           Objective 1E: Ongoing. Needs emphasis.
Goal 2- Objective 2A: Completed. Memorabilia installed in Austin City Hall.
           Objective 2B: Support offered but not accepted.

              Objective 2C:   Offer made but not accepted. Looking to adopt Navy
                              Operations Support Center Austin.
              Objective 2D:   Ongoing. CO of Navy Operations Support Center
                              (NOSC) strongly supports the Navy League with his
                               presence at meetings and personnel support (Color
   Goal 3-    Objective 3A:   Not completed. Action ongoing. New Sea Cadet liaison
                              officer put in place and is working with unit.
              Objective 3B:   Not attained. Enrollment has declined. Support of unit
              Objective 3C:   Attained.
              Objective 3D:   Ongoing. Fund growing but has not achieved level to
                              support scholarships. At least $1000 added each year.
   Goal 4-    Objective 4A:   Ongoing
   Goal 5-    Objective 5A:   Attained
   Goal 6-    Objective 6A:   Ongoing. Need emphasis.
              Objective 6B    Not attained. Needs continued emphasis.
              Objective 6C:   Not attained. Needs continued emphasis.
              Objective 6D:   Not attained. Need continued emphasis.
   Goal 7-    Objective 7A:   Attained. Reviewed at each council meeting.
              Objective 7B:   Attained.
   Goal 8-    Objective 8A:   Attained.
              Objective 8B:   Attained.
              Objective 8C:   Attained. New plan attached for 2008.

   4. Has your council shared “Best Practices” through the Council Alert program? If
   yes, please describe. Yes

The Greater Central Texas Council of the Navy League has supported Grass Roots
Legislation with our Legislative Affairs Program. Members visited four Congressmen
and one U.S. Senator (2nd Senator’s visit pending)
        Issues addressed included:
        - The size of the Naval Forces
        - The expansion of the U.S. coast Guard after 9/11
        - The decline of the U.S. Merchant Fleet.
        - Encroachment on existing military installations, and its effect on training and
        - Support of our Naval ROTC Units
        - Support of the NJROTC and MCJROTC programs.
        - Strong support of our Sea Cadet programs.
Grass Roots visits have included not only our legislative team but have been supported by
the Professors of Naval Science both past and present at the University of Texas NROTC.
The current Commanding Officer of the University of Texas NROTC, CAPT Gabe
Salazar has been an active member of the visit team and has made the contacts extremely
        In October 2007, Jack Ritter and Max Miller visited Congressman John Carter at
his Round Rock, Texas office. They discussed the Navy League and gave him the

standard Navy League Legislative Affairs presentation. As a result of the visit,
Congressman Carter became a lifetime member of the Navy League in 2007.

On November 12, 2007, Jack Ritter visited one-on-one with Congressman Mike McCaul
at a Trinity University Alumni meeting in Austin, Texas. He discussed Navy League
issues and concerns.


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