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How To Avoid Spam or Bulk Emails


With this tutorial, you can avoid spam/bulks email

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									Receiving close to a hundred messages within a couple of days can be very annoying.
Spam/bulk [unsolicited] messsages can be so intrusive that you lose important emails in
the large pool of spam mails in your inbox. Spam emails have come to stay, that's a fact
we can't erase. Spam emails are generally sent:

1. by some internet marketers to introduce you to their goods or services
2. by fraudsters to lure you into a scam
3. by hackers to hack you password, infect you computer with malicious softwares or get
certain informations about you.

No matter what purpose the spam message is intended, it's definitely unwanted.
There are certain softwares built basically to harvest emails online, many spammers
operate "bots": autonomous software robots that "crawl" the Web searching for email
addresses. Some site owners or webmasters you gave your email during registration on
their site might even sell your email address to spammers. For this reason you should:

1. Never post your email address publicly on web forums, guest books etc.
2. If you must do this, write your email in this format: myname at somesite dot com
3. Get an email to be used in untrusted sites where you do not actually need a reply
4. Get a private email to be shared with family and friends only.
5. Label unwanted messages as spam as soon as they are received and turn on "spam
6. Use a feedback form instead of giving out your email if you are a webmaster
Some spam messages come with malicious attachments that might get an unsuspecting
recipient into a whole lot of trouble. Spamming is now a valuable tool for hackers just
like internet marketers too can't do without it.

Some spam messages too often contain links that lead you striaght to a fake website
looking like a real one. This is called phising and you will be giving someone your login
details freely if you ever fall for the trap.

Based on my own policy, I never open spam mails no matter how interesting the subject
may look. I guess you should do the same if you want your privacy protected.
I simply delete them and keep my inbox clean. There's is no absolute way to stop spam
messgaes, you can only control them and limit how your inbox is flooded by being
careful online.

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