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									Technology is advancing fast and many people find it hard to keep up with the
newest software and devices. One of the first places that people reference to get the
information they need about their software or devices is the Internet. Some people
find the information provided for free on the Internet helpful. Information gleaned
from the Internet can allow people to resolve their own computer issues. However,
many other people prefer to get personalized help for their technical support issue.
This opens up an opportunity for people with a high aptitude for technology to
make money online by providing technical assistance.

To start making money by providing technical help to people online requires a
website where potential customers can get information about the service. In addition
to getting information about the service, the website can give customers a way to
buy the service. There are many ways to set up the website to begin making money
as a technical support agent. In order to decide how to properly set up the website, it
is important to know exactly what type of technical assistance to offer to customers.

One of the most popular methods for providing technical help is via remote desktop.
This allows the technical help agent to gain access to and manipulate the customer's
computer as if he or she was sitting in front of the computer. The technical support
agent will need a means of communicating with the customer to offer this service.
Using a chat program embedded into the website is the most convenient way to do
this. Once a customer agrees to the service and the charge associated with it, he or
she can then connect remotely with the agent via the website.

Another method used to offer paid technical support is through chat. With this type
of technical assistance, customers pay a fee for the opportunity to communicate with
a technical support agent via a chat program. The technical help agent can answer
any questions or concerns a customer might have as well as walking them through
fixing an issue. The chat service is often set up on a website to allow customers to
connect directly with the technical help representative. A payment portal can also
be placed on the website to allow customers to make payment for the service.

There are other ways that people can make money online by providing technical
assistance. The method used will depend greatly on the capabilities of the agent. By
evaluating their capabilities, the agent can create a website designed to offer the
type of technical support he or she wishes to undertake. Websites give customers the
opportunity to get information about the services they will likely buy. In many
cases, the website can also serve as a payment portal where customers can pay for
the services they need.

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