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									Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                                   August 2007

Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860
               Sponsored by ProTeam Harley-Davidson

            HOG PEN
At least for the time being it       of flipping burgers and              Make plans to attend if you       Hopper
looks like the rain has let up,      hotdogs. The food was good,          haven’t already.
and without the onset of             the activities were completed
searing 100+ degree heat.            with no serious injuries noted,      Last minute details are
Maybe we can salvage a               and well the water balloon           coming together for Thunder.
summer out of this yet. I            fight was . . . . . I am at a loss   It looks like another record
overheard a comment from             for words.                           event is in the making. We
another chapter officer from                                              still need help. If you haven’t
OK at a recent HOG meeting           On Sunday, July 15 we                signed up for one of those
that went something like, “We        attended the 2008 State HOG          coveted volunteer positions
have canceled more events in         Rally planning meeting in            yet,      don’t    miss    the
the past three months than we        OKC.        The meeting is           opportunity.     There is one
have in the past three years         attended by a representative         change for Thunder this year
put together”. All I could do        from each Chapter and                which we have been talking
was nod my head north and            Dealership in the state. Two         about at the last several
south in agreement.         We       good solid proposals were put        Chapter meetings, but in case
aren’t alone, and I think our        on the floor, one for Tulsa and      you      have     missed   the
neighbors to the south are still     the other for Ponca City.            meetings and didn’t hear
under the gun. Would asking          Considering the strengths of         about it, no SWOK HOG
for the best late summer and         both it was not surprising, at       member will be eligible to win
early fall weather be asking         least to me anyway, that the         the poker run.        You can
for too much? I will put my          vote ended in a tie. When this       register and participate, as
request in early.                    happens the tie is broken by a       many of us do, but you can
                                     vote from our Region 6               not win.       This change is
The clouds parted just in time       Manager Valerie Ledterman.           simply to keep everything we
for the annual HOG Roast at          For 2008 the Oklahoma State          do above board, and apart
the      Goodyear        pavilion.   Rally will be held in Tulsa.         from any controversy. It is
Although the attendance was          We will keep you posted as           going to be a fun day, see you
a little light, I think everyone     more information becomes             all there - Pat
had a great time. I would like       available. Don’t forget we still
to thank our hearty staff of         have a great State Rally
cooks for doing a bang up job        coming up this year in Enid.
Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                    August 2007

    AUGUST BUSINESS MEETING                                                                   Editor

 Business Meeting will take place at
                                                Notes from the Editor
 Crockett’s Smokehouse, Gore Blvd on
                                          Please send me any articles or pictures that
 Wednesday, August 1, 2007. Meeting at
                                             you would like to have placed in the
 7:00pm. Arrive early if you would like
 to eat                                       Newsletter. My e-mail address is:

          Current HOG
         Membership is 129

          Mileage Award Winners:                     “Riding in the
                                                    Rain, just riding
           Debbie Sue Niver – 703                    in the rain!!!!
            Vincent Vigus - 4980

        2007 Chapter Officers
 Director             Pat Hopper
 Assistant Director   Debbie Sue Niver
 Secretary            Rexanne Riemer
 Treasurer            DeAna Walters
 Historian            Vicki Zimmerman
 Activities Officer   Kim Hopper
 Membership           Nancy Washburn
 Ladies of Harle      Tammy Roberts
 Editor               Laura Davidson
 Webmaster            Mike Gullo
 Thunder Chairman     Greg Stahl
 Thunder Chairman     T Williams
 Safety Officer       Steve Roberts
 Head Road Captain    Rob Cline
 Road Captain         Danny Niver
 Road Captain         Reggie Davidson
 Road Captain         Bob McAtee
 Road Captain         Dave Washburn
 Road Captain         Randell Sellers
 Road Captain         J C Barber
 50/50                Ruth Ritter                                                             Page
 Mileage              Doug Walters                                                             2
 Mileage              Reggie Davidson
                                                Boner Award
                                             Robert “Bull” Bullard
Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                         February 2007


 I do believe the rain might   $2000 to Bikers for Babies     riding adventures and
have stopped – finally!!!! I   from the proceeds of this      you’re not sure if your
don’t know about you, but      event – what a great way       name is on the ‘list’ – drop
I was definitely getting       to spend the day having        me an email and I’ll make
ready     to    make      my   fun with your HOG family       sure you get added. Our
reservations on the Ark!       and helping out your           weather and schedule
Well I think that summer       community!                     hasn’t allowed us to do
has finally arrived to         Next on Sunday, August         any of these rides this
southwest Oklahoma and         19th we will be heading        spring/summer so we’re
now we will be able to do      north to New Castle,           ready to get it all started
some riding – about time       Oklahoma to have some          up again!
since summer’s half over       great food at Half Time        I would like to thank all the
with! So on to the riding      Sports Grill. They have        folks that showed up for
and having a great time        wonderful          broasted    our annual HOG roast!
with HOG family!               chicken but be sure you        We had a great time,
August will begin with our     bring along someone to         laughed a lot, and got wet
annual “Thunder in the         help you eat it because        too!?!     We have some
Wichita’s” on Saturday,        you     get    the    whole    great pictures that tell
August 11th.         If you    chicken!!!      They have      some – not all?! – the
haven’t signed up to           other great things to eat      story!!! We have some
volunteer and get your         there too but the chicken      really talented members in
free t-shirt just let myself   is my favorite!                our Chapter that can
or Greg Stahl know and         Hopefully the weather will     really ‘swing their stuff’!!!
we will get your name on       allow a ‘Hey You’ ride this    A huge thanks to our
the list.     SWOK HOG         month, something we            chefs that slaved over the
family has always turned       haven’t done in a really       hot coals cooking all those
out to help put on our only    long time and I really miss    burgers and weenies!!!
fund-raiser for the year.      the ‘spur of the moment’       All the food that was left
We need bodies for             rides, sometimes they are      over was donated to the
everything              from   the most fun. For those of     Armed Services YMCA
registration to keeping ice    you that don’t know about      and they were overjoyed
chests full to working         our ‘Hey You’ rides, all       to receive the donation.
poker stops to helping         you have to do is make         Well that’s about my
serve the great BBQ we         sure I get your name and       space again for this
get from Branding Iron, so     email address so we can        month, so now that we are
make sure you get your         contact you about these        finally drying up around
name on the list and come      rides. They are very last      here, Pat and I hope to
join in on all the fun! We     minute and you usually         see you all out on the
always have a great time       don’t get more than a          road ‘riding and having
and you get to meet a          couple      hours     notice   fun!!!!                                3
bunch of other bikers!         before we ride, so if you
Last year we gave over         are into spontaneous
Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                                     February 2007


 We still need volunteers to help in making this event successful. Please e-mail Debbie Sue
 (d.niver@sbcglobal.net) if you have not added your name to the list. All HOG Chapter volunteer will receive a
 free t-shirt and meal ticket. Make sure to let us know what size T-shirt you will need).

 Members of SWOK HOG and employee’s of ProTeam Harley Davidson are allowed to participate in the event,
 but they are NOT permitted to claim the prizes from the poker run (Best Hand, Second Best Hand, Worst
 Hand). You will be permitted to participate and collect the 50/50 prize money.


                     OKLAHOMA STATE HOG RALLY – 2007
                                 Let’s Ride Together on the Chisholm Trail
                                              Enid, Oklahoma

                                             October 4 – 6, 2007

 Get you reservations in!! Reservations can be made on line at http://www.okstatehogrally.com/


                  2008 STATE HOG RALLY ANNOUNCEMENT
                                          Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
                                            Date: July 3 – 5, 2008

                                      More information to follow . . . . .


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Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                                      February 2007

HOG ROAD TRIP . . . . . . . .
The trip to Dallas got off to a great start. We all met at the VFW for breakfast and were joined by a bunch of
Chapter members that wanted to give us a Royal sendoff. We left Lawton to meet Bobby Baatz in Bowie at
the Armadillo Grill. Upon arrival in Bowie we all topped of and head out. Bobby was leading and took us on
114 past the Texas Speedway and then on a FM road thru the suburbs and out to I35E. A few miles down the
road and we were at the Harley dealer for dogs and suds. They had some of the 2008 Harleys on the floor and
boy are they ever looking good. Visited with some of the HOG members and passed out flyers for Thunder.
We left out of there and headed to the Motel. Great place to stay and had a great breakfast too! The motel is
only 6 months old. Anyways, we stored our gear in the rooms and were off to the Baatz house. It was
decided to leave the bikes at the house and use cages to get to Medieval Times. The Medieval Times was a
real trip. Greased out on chicken and ribs. A pretty good meal and the entertainment was of a different kind.
Horses in the dining area??? Oh well. We didn’t have a wench for a waitress, had a Squire instead. He was
good and entertaining. After the food and drinks we headed back to the Baatz House. Then the serious
imbibing began. The bikes were parked in the back of the house and locked up for the night. I was the
designated driver so everyone got with the program. Some played with Nicholas (18 month old Haley fanatic)
and the others played pool while having some refreshments. We headed to the motel at a fairly reasonable
hour. Morning came and we had a good breakfast at the Motel. About nineish we headed to the Baatz and our
bikes. Then we had to make a decision; did we want to cruise and eat in Ardmore or cruise and come back to
the house for the Thai Cooking? There wasn’t any argument; we would come back to the house. Bobby led us
out thru Sanger and around the lake. Going across the dam was great. Then back to the house for food. We
got some fish patties, fried rice and phat tai. Stuffed ourselves and said our good-byes and headed for home.
Hot like the devil going home and needed lots of water. We all had a wonderful trip and are thinking of
making another one to the same area later this year. We want to thank the Baatz family for having us to their
house for a great time.

Ride safe and have fun . . . Mac

Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860   February 2007

HOG SHOTS – HOG ROAST 2007 . . .

Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860    February 2007


Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                             February 2007

ProTeam Harley-Davidson
 ProTeam Harley-Davidson
 301 SE Interstate Drive
 Lawton, OK 73501
 Southwest Oklahoma
 Harley Owners Group
 Chapter #1860


                       August 10, 2007
                   ProTeam Harley-Davidson
                          7:00 PM

                             The SWOK HOG Chapter #1860 and the
                             staff of this newsletter make no claim as to
                             the accuracy of material in this newsletter.
                             Furthermore, any article, view or opinion
                             are that of the author or contributor of said
                             material and not necessarily the policy or
                             opinion of ProTeam Harley-Davidson, Inc.

   Southwest Oklahoma Chapter #1860                                                                                                           February 2007

            August 2007               August                    2007          September 2007 September                                2007
            Sun       Mon       Tue       Wed       Thu       Fri       Sat       Sun       Mon       Tue       Wed       Thu       Fri       Sat         Officer
        29        30        31        1         2         3         4         26        27        28        29        30        31        1
        5         6         7         8         9         10        11        2         3         4         5         6         7         8

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        26        27        28        29        30        31        1         23        24        25        26        27        28        29
        2         3         4         5         6         7         8         30        1         2         3         4         5         6

  Notes: All Saturday rides meet at ProTeam Harley-Davidson.
         All Sunday rides meet at EZGO Flowermound and Gore (East Bound) or Bush’s Shamrock SR62 (West Bound).
         All Chapter Meetings are held at ProTeam Harley-Davidson and start promptly at 7:00PM.
         All Chapter Events are Closed unless otherwise stated.
         All Chapter Rides end at the destination unless otherwise stated.

8/01/2007 – Business Meeting. Dinner 6:30, Meeting 7:00 Mike’s Sports Grill, Gore Blvd.

8/10/2007 – Chapter Meeting 7:00 at ProTeam. No dinner ride due to ‘Thunder’ tomorrow!

8/11/2007 – “Thunder in the Wichita’s” We’re ready to ‘rumble’!!!! Volunteer sign-up sheet at the
             Chapter meeting. This is a lot of fun – don’t miss out!

8/19/2007 – Dinner ride to Halftime Sports Grill in New Castle. Meet at EZ Go at 10:30, Leave at 11:00.

9/05/2007 – Business Meeting. Dinner 6:30, Meeting 7:00 Mike’s Sports Grill, Gore Blvd.

9/08/2007 – ProTeam HD Open House. A great time so be sure to sign up to volunteer at the
            Chapter meeting!

9/14/2007 – Chapter Meeting 7:00 at ProTeam. Dinner Ride to Pizza Hut Wing Street – east side.

9/15/2007 – LOH Progressive Dinner. Details TBA.

                                                      Other Activities (Not Chapter Events)

Every Thursday - Dinner ride – meet at ProTeam leave at 6:00.

For those with internet access try these sites for additional information.

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