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Helping to build


									      Comprehensive                                Pre-approval Mortgage                                    Denzin’s Financial            Rainer H. Denzin
    Mortgage Consulting
         Services                                  Obtaining a mortgage is one of the most important
                                                   decisions you may ever make, and with so many
                                                   choices and ongoing decisions; the right advice can
          New Home purchase                        have a huge financial impact. To be best prepared,
                                                   many potential buyers will seek a pre-approved
         Construction/self build
                                                   mortgage before they shop for a home. This allows                         Cell:               902.880.2049
             Equity take out                       them to establish a price limit on their purchase.                        Toll free:        1.888.627.0666
          Debt-Consolidation                                                                        E-mail:
                                                   When applying for a pre-approval, there is abso-
  Mortgage switch/transfers/renewals               lutely no cost, hidden fees, or obligation to use a
             Business for self                     broker. Denzin’s Financial is an active member          Denzin’s Financial, as a full-service mortgage
                                                   of CAAMP and as part of the Mortgage Alliance           company, can provide consumers with choice,
 Credit Challenged/Previous Bankruptcy             team has helped tens of thousands of Canadian's
                                                                                                           cost, convenience and counsel for all their mort-
Cash back mortgages (100% financing, OAC)          with their mortgages.
                                                                                                           gage needs.
        Mortgage/Life Insurance
                                                   First Time Home Buyers
                                                   Buying your first home can be one of the most re-
                                                   warding experiences in your life. Getting the financ-
                                                   ing for your first mortgage, on the other hand, can
                                                                                                               Helping to build
Why RATE isn’t important…                          be an unnerving experience. Denzin’s Financial
                                                   is here to make the first time home buyer experi-
                                                                                                                               Your Dreams
                                                   ence a breeze.
  Although rate is important in terms of get-
  ting the right mortgage, it is not the only         Purchase with 5% down and get the best mort-
  factor you should consider when determin-
  ing what mortgage is best suited for you.        
                                                       gage rate in Canada.
                                                       Learn how you can purchase with no money                         Denzin’s Financial
  Since rate is a component of the puzzle, it
  should be noted that your effective rate of
  borrowing may be different then what you
  are quoted, meaning you may think you
  have a particular rate, but in reality it may
  be compounded weekly as opposed to
  monthly, or the teaser rate that you get for
  the first 3 months may increase dramatically                  Denzin’s Financial
  after the initial months.                                                                                     Mortgages

  Our mortgage professionals have the experi-                       Rainer Denzin
  ence and knowledge on a variety of mort-                            Broker/Owner                               Insurance
  gage options, and can advise you on the              
  various advantages of each.                                      Cell: 902-880-2049
  It is always in your best interest to speak to
                                                       Toll Free: 1-888-627-0666
  an unbiased mortgage Broker professional
  who can help you get the right mortgage.
Addressing                                           Who Uses Mortgage Brokers?                         Unique Solutions
Financial                                            Up until approximately 15 years ago very few       Denzin’s Financial designs every customer's
Concerns                                             people used mortgage brokers, however, in          solution to be unique, personalized and effec-
                                                     today’s busy world things have changed. In         tive.
                                                     Canada, approximately 35 % of all mortgages        Our full range of services includes:
                                                     (new home purchase, refinance, equity take         Residential Financing
                                                     back, etc.) are completed by brokers on behalf
                                                     of their clients. Time is money and the only          Financing for purchases and refinances
                                                     time a client needs to spend looking for the          Equity take-out/debt consolidation
What is a Mortgage Broker?                           best deal on a mortgage is the time it takes to
Just as an insurance broker finds you the best                                                             Mortgage switch/transfers
                                                     give his/her information once to us, qualified
deal on insurance, a mortgage broker finds
you the best deal on a mortgage. Rather than         Denzin’s Financial Mortgage Broker. Usu-              Self-employed/stated income financing
working for one financial institution, we are        ally we have a response within 24 hours.
                                                                                                           95% mortgage financing,
independent and deal with 30 different finan-
cial institutions. This allows us to offer you       Renewals                                              Cash back mortgages— 100% financing (OAC)
more choices and more competitive rates. It
also means that our advice is impartial and                                                                Credit Challenged/previous bankruptcy
                                                     Have you received your mortgage renewal in
based on whatever is in your best interest.
                                                     the mail? Don’t just sign the form and send it
                                                     back to the lender. Over 70% of mortgage
                                                                                                        Construction Financing
Why Use Mortgage Brokers?                            holders do just that, and the usual result—a          Self-build/ progress draw mortgages
                                                     higher mortgage rate and a product that might
More choices and quite often, lower interest         not be the best to their needs.                       Builder financing
rates. New features and options are being in-
troduced every day, knowing the differences                                                                Short term private financing
                                                     We work for you not for the lender, and we
can save you thousands of dollars. Knowing
                                                     take the time to fully assess your financial          Purchase & improvements financing
what’s right for you is the mortgage brokers
                                                     goals. It's that understanding that allows us to
                                                     develop a mortgage product that is customized      Insurance
                                                     to meet your needs.
What Does a Mortgage Broker                                                                                Life, mortgage
              NOTHING!                                                                                  Let us structure a mortgage that works for
                                                                                                        you. We always act in your best interest and not
                                                                                                        in the bank’s idea of your best interest.
Denzin’s Financial Mortgage Consultants
                                                                                                        Denzin’s Financial has the experienced bro-
work for your best interest, and we work with
                                                                                                        kers that can work with your requirements.
the lender community, which compensates us
in finder’s fees for the privilege of bringing the
customer to the lender. However, in commer-
cial and private residential mortgages, a proc-                 1-888-627-0666
essing fee is standard.                                          902-880-2049

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