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									How to Create the Absolute Best Career For
Too many people give up on a great career way too soon. There are many reasons that people
decide they can no longer pursue a career. They may feel they are too old to change careers or
just simply be unsure of where their passion lies. If this sounds even remotely familiar take heart,
there is a way to create the absolute best career for yourself.


The first step on your road to a fantastic career is to assess where you are currently. No one can
map a journey of any kind without first knowing exactly where they are now. Take a good look
at your life, education and situation and compare that reality to where you want to be. Once you
have a good grasp on where you are now, and perhaps why you are there, you can begin to
change the situation.


Before you commit totally to a specific path, you may want to do some exploring. Take a bit of
time to explore your strengths, weaknesses and even things that sabotage your efforts, but most
importantly explore the things that really get your blood pumping! After all, there is nothing
better than figuring out how to make a living doing something you love.

During this step, be sure to keep your mind open to all kinds of opportunities. There are career
possibilities today that simply were not available a few years ago. Thanks to the internet, there
are now hundreds of ways to work from home. Careers of all kinds are cropping up including
things you may have never considered a career option before. So, keep an open mind and you
may find the perfect career choice!


Once you have assessed your current situation and explored a few options it is time to make a
map. Depending on what you have chosen to pursue this could be a short trip or a lengthy
journey. For instance, if you are choosing to pursue a higher position in the company or within
the field you are currently employed in, your map will likely only have a few stops. On the other
hand, if you have always dreamed of being a doctor and you didn't even finish high school, you
will have a much longer, albeit interesting journey.


Never buy into the idea that you are too old, it is too late or you are the wrong gender to pursue a
career. Anytime you get discouraged just remember the little old lady who at the young age of 60
decided to get a medical degree! There is simply no end to the possible career options when you
decide that you can.
By Steve Roberts

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