Interdisciplinary project class 9 by rashkath

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									                                Kulachi Hansraj Model School
                               Holidays Home Work – 2012-2013
                                 Duration – Summer Vacation
                                           Class IX

Task                                             Interdisciplinary Project

Topic                                            Conservation of Energy Resources

What is an interdisciplinary project?            An interdisciplinary project involves the
                                                 combination of two or more disciplines.

General Guidelines

   1. A single report file is to be made for all the subjects.
   2. The first page of the report file will have the following description.
      Name of the student
      Roll No.

        Subject               Page No.              Marks (to be filled        Teacher Sign.
                                                    by teacher)
        General Science
        Social Science

   3. The second page of the report file will have acknowledgement. Please mention the list
      of websites, books referred etc.
   4. Please arrange the A-4 size sheets of respective subjects in the order given above.

Subject           Description                              Specific Guidelines
English           Make a poster on one of the following    - Use A4 size sheet
                  aspects assigned to you according to     - Make it attractive with pictorial
                  your Roll No.                            illustrations
                  a) Wind (Roll No. 1-10)                  -Written content should consist: 100 words
                  b) Water (Roll No. 11-20)                -Phrases/Idiomatic expressions
                  c) Wood (Roll No. 21-30                  -Slogans
                  d) Petroleum (Roll No.-31-40)            Presentation should be eye-catching
                  e) Solar Energy (Roll NO. 41-50)

Hindi            1& i`Foh] vfXu] ty] ok;q vkSj            1& fofHkUu fgUnh v[k+ckj vkSj
                 vkdk’k& bu ikWap rRoksa ls tqM+h ikWap   i=&if=dkvksa dks i<saA
                 dforkvksa dk ladyu dj ,&4                2& iz;ksx esa ykbZ xbZ iBu&lkexzh
                 vkdkj ds dkxt+ ij fpidk,aA               v[k+ckj] ys[k] (osclkbV) dk fooj.k nsaA
                 2& ty&laj{k.k] taxy cpkvks]              (dsoy uke] frfFk ,oa ekl)
                 LoPN ok;q&nh?kZ vk;q& bu rhuksa          3& dk;Z djus ds fy, dsoy ,&4
                 fo"k;ksa ij ikWap&ikWap Lyksxu fy[ksaA   vkdkj ds dkx+t+ dk iz;ksx djsaA
                                                          4& ys[k ’kq) ,oa Li"V gksA
                                                          5& fd, x, dk;Z dks lqUnj ,oa vkd"kZd
                                                          <ax ls izLrqr djsaA
Sanskrit         d{kk;k dhn`’ka] iznw"k.ka Hkorh r=       ;Fkk&dfLeu~ dkys d{kkk fjDrk vklhr~
                 fy[kr ,oa rL; izLrqfr dq#rA              rnk ?ofuiznw"koL; ek=k dfr vklhr~&
Maths            1. 17 trees are used to make one tone
                 of paper. An 80 gsm A4 sheet, weighs     Make a report on A4 size pastel sheet.
                 10 gm. So, 0.00017 trees are needed      Write a role play using the Mathematical
                 to make a sheet of paper.                information /statistics aggregated in
                 If you waste 20 A4 sheets in a month     different subjects.
                 and there are 500 students of your
                 age group doing the same then how
                 many trees will be cut?
                 Calculate how many trees need to be
                 planted again to maintain the
                 If a tree on an average takes 20 years
                 to grow then approximately how
                 many years of the efforts of the
                 mother Earth will be wasted.

                    2. 1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of
                    a tree.
                   Estimate the use of reams of paper
                    in an office (may be your parents
                    or your relative or a neighbour)

Social Science   Prepare a project on the need for        - Prepare a 2-3 pages of report
                 conservation of resources, the ways      - Project has to be hand written only
                 to conserve                              - paste pictures of conventional & non-
                                                            conventional sources of energy & their
                                                            use in day to day life
                                                          - Can put one hand drawn picture, can also
                                                            paste the news clippings, cartoons &
                                                          - websites

General           Explain conventional (Fossil Fuels) and   - Prepare a report in 3-4 pages.
Science           non-conventional resources of energy      - Hand written project --- take pictures from
                  (Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy,         newspaper, magazines or Internet.
                  Biomass energy, Nuclear Energy etc.)      - Can makes hand drawings.
Computer          Make a Movie on the topic                 E-mail the movie on the following address
                  “Conservation of Energy Resources”
                                                            You are required to mention your class-sec,
                  Software : Flash 7                        Roll No. and name in the Subject.
                                  Or                        For e.g. Rohit Sharma, Roll No. 24 of class
                             Movie Maker                    10-F would mention ‘ 10- F, 24 Rohit Sharma
                                                            ‘in the Subject.
German            Sammeln Sie die Bilder von Wasser ,        Zeichnen/ Kleben Sie die Bilder und
                  Tiere , Wälder und andere Quellen         schreiben Sie auf einem buntfarbigen A4
                  (Sources) und wie man diese sparen        Blatt 10 bis 15 Wörter.
                  oder schutzen kann.
Art               Poster on Conservation of Energy          Poster on A-3 Size Sheet and medium size-
                  Resources                                 Water colours or Poster colours only.

Read anyone book of your choice in Hindi and one book in English. Write book reviews of both
on A4 Size ruled sheets. Attach the sheets in your HHW folder.

Please visit for details of syllabus and guidelines related to


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