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What is is one of the largest reliable world wide internets
outsourcing market. has available huge number of
verity work for its worker. Here you get all type of job like data entry
to software design, web development. So you can choose your job
according to your skill.

In this document I will show how to start work with

 First Step (Sign Up)
Go to and you will get an interface like the picture
below and then click sign up button as like in the picture shown.
Second Step (Sign Up Process)

When you click sign up button then you get a interface exactly like
this and fill all of the field carefully and remember about I am looking
to you should select Hire and work though by default it is selected
and then click Create Account.

Note: it is better if you chose your Username which related with you
Step Three (Chose Your Plan)

If you fill every field correctly then you will get this interface here you
need to chose what you want. There are four plan named FREE,
BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM but only FREE plan is totally free and
I think you should chose FREE plan if you are new in And there is obviously some advantage if you chose
other paid category. You can see the facility of deferent plan in the left
side of the page.
Step Four (Complete Your Profile)

When you chouse your plan 10% of your profile complete
automatically and rest of your profile you need to fill out by many
information like your skill, photo, personal data, which sector you want
to work, your payment setting, private setting etc.
Step Five (Browse Project)

When you complete your profile’s basic information you can Browse
Project, though you can do it before completing your profile but it is
better to do this after completing your profile.
Step Six (Bid Project)

In Browse Project tab you will get hundreds of category of job. Then
you chose your job which match with your skill and click on your
selected project, you will get all detail description about the job like
about buyer, amount, time, payment method of the job, there you can
be get a example of job etc.

You need to read every line of the Project Description carefully and
then if you think that you can do the project, click Bid on This

After clicking Bid on This Project it ask some data like how many
days you need to complete the project, project cost etc. fill out them
Some fact to won bid

  1. Low cost of Bid (in many project you can see bid amount which
     other people ask for the project)
  2. Less time (you also can see time which other people ask for the
  3. Your skill
  4. Your application
  5. Your overall ratting
  6. Your convincing power etc.

So when you Bid a Project makes sure about all this matter and try to
convince your buyer that you are the right person for the project and
you can do the job with less amount and time from another.