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					Environmental & Recycling

Thistle Brighton actively seeks ways to reduce our impact on the environment and we will
work with suppliers, partners and our team-members to ensure that we all understand the
environmental impact of our operations. All areas of our business are targeted with
reducing energy and water consumption and increasing recycling levels.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is the largest environmental impact of our business and we actively
explore and implement as appropriate, any initiative that could reduce our energy
consumption. For example, low energy lighting, regular boiler efficiency audits, maximum
water temperatures and movement sensor-controlled lighting are just some of our current


Society often overlooks that water is a scarce resource, but we actively strive and
encourage our team-members to conserve water usage throughout our business. By
detailed measurement and innovation to reduce consumption, we have implemented a
proactive water monitoring process to quickly identify leaks and potential problems, in
addition to providing water saving devices in toilets and restrictors for taps and showers.

Waste management

As a group standard, every one of our hotels has been targeted with reducing the
proportion of their waste that goes to landfill by 40% in the 2007-2008 financial year and
we are committed to increasing recycling levels year on year. Waste streams are
segregated at all hotels and paper, glass and cardboard are recycled.
We continue to work with suppliers to reduce the excess packaging and increase the use
of recycled cardboard and reusable delivery trays wherever possible.

Responsible purchasing:

We ensure that all our suppliers are aware of our environmental goals and have their own
environmental policies in place. Wherever practical, we purchase products made from
renewable and ethically sound sources.
We aim to exceed the minimum standards our business is required to achieve by
environmental legislation and set challenging environmental targets to meet. Performance
in the 2008-2009 financial year will be accurately measured and a new award for ‘Green
Hotel of the Year’ will be included in the company’s annual performance awards.
We recognise that people are key to our environmental success and all employees are
encouraged to be environmentally responsible through regular training, instruction and
awareness raising activities.

                               Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2GS
                       Telephone 01273 206700 Facsimile 01273 820692
          Thistle Brighton Recycles
    Over 10 Tons of Paper and Cardboard Every Year

      It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper for every tonne of
                  paper used for recycling the savings are:
    30,000 litres of water / 95% less air pollution / 3,000 – 4,000 KWh
     electricity (enough for an average 3 bedroom house for one year)
                 Paper comes in different weight grades:
Till Receipts - Tissues – Newspaper - Magazines – Vending machine cups
                   Writing Paper – Copier Paper – Boxes –
                          Cartons - Books – folders

     The Silver & Gray Bins MUST ONLY have
  Paper / Cardboard put inside them No other waste
           Thistle Brighton Recycles
                Over 20 Tons of Glass Every Year

Glass that is thrown away and ends up in landfills will never decompose

     Recycling 1,000 bottles saves enough energy to boil water for
      5,000 cups of tea ( an arrange person 3 years consumption )
     The largest glass furnace produces over 1 million glass bottles
     and jars per day.
     Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again.

          Green Bins MUST ONLY have Glass
            put inside them No other waste
          Thistle Brighton Produces
             Over 100 Tons of General Waste Year

                            TEAM WASTE

  takes the Hotels General Waste to a processing factory where they
separate all the Aluminium cans and Plastics from the rest of the waste
                so that it can be sent away for recycling!

All bins apart from SILVER & GREEN bins can be used for General Waste

  DO NOT PUT PAPER/CARDBOARD or GLASS in the General Waste
      and GLASS in the General Waste Bins
              Thistle Brighton Recycles
        Over 5,000 Lamps / Bulbs and Tubes Every Year

   The mercury from only one fluorescent tube can contaminate up to
       30,000 litres of water beyond a safe standard for drinking.
100 million fluorescent lamps are used in the United Kingdom each year which
 produce in excess of 3,100 tonnes of waste material which, until recently, has
ended up in landfill sites. Even though each lamp only contains a small amount
or mercury the sheer volume of waste means that large quantities of hazardous
         mercury could find their way into our land and water supplies.
               fluorescent tubes are classed as Hazardous Waste

      All Lamps / Bulbs / Tubes must be given to
            Maintenance staff for recycling
                  NOT put in any waste bins
              Thistle Brighton Recycles
                     Over 1’000 Batteries Every Year

The average household uses 21 batteries a year. The UK generates 20,000 -
30,000 tonnes of waste general purpose batteries every year, but less than
                       1,000 tonnes are recycled.
   The European Union has agreed the text of a law that will make recycling of
  batteries obligatory from 2008. The directive will ban most batteries with more
 than a trace of the toxic chemicals cadmium or mercury. All used batteries must
be collected by 2012 - rising to 45% by 2016 - and that at least half of them must
be recycled. Once the directive becomes law, states will have two years to pass
                             appropriate national laws

All batteries must be taken to Maintenance workshop
      or given to maintenance Staff for recycling
            Thistle Brighton Recycles
             Over 500 cartridges / Toners Every Year

More than 40 million inkjet cartridges are dumped every year in the UK –
                     that’ 1800 tonnes worth a year

        Inkjet cartridges will take about 1000 years to decompose in
                                  landfill sites.

      1.5 pints of crude oil are needed to produce one inkjet cartridge.

     Inkjet cartridges recycling helps to reduce carbon emissions, a major
     cause of global warming, conserves resources and reduces waste.

All ink cartridges must be taken to accounts office
                    for recycling
              Thistle Brighton Recycles
                           All Electrical Waste
The amount of electrical waste we throw away is increasing by around 5% each
   year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. This increase is
 mainly down to: new technologies being developed affluent society throw away
 lifestyle Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill, where lead and
      other toxins contained in the electrical goods can cause soil and water
  contamination. This can have a very harmful effect on natural habitat, wildlife
 and also human health. When situated near populated areas these toxins can
 cause problems to communities as their water and soil is polluted. Many of the
electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items
 helps to save natural finite resources and also reduces the environmental and
      health risks associated with sending waste electrical goods to landfill.

   All Electrical goods must be taken to Maintenance
  workshop or given to maintenance Staff for recycling
                          Thistle Brighton Hotel
                                      Water Saving
                                          Cistern Bag
                                                  ( 2010 )

      1 litre save a flush Cistern Bags have been added to all Hotel cisterns

Water saved                            per Flush        per Week       per Month      per Year

750ml of water saved per toilet        1 litres         7 litres       28 litres      336 litres

250 toilets in building                250 litres       1,750 litres   7,000 litres   84,000 litres

                  The above figures are based on one flush per cistern per day

          These Bags are not to be removed Under any
                          Thistle Brighton Hotel
                                         Water Saving
                           Basin taps 3.5 litre flow restrictor

       3.5 litre flow restrictors have been fitted to all the buildings
                                  basin taps
To replace 10 litre restrictors

Water saved                 per min       per day        per week      per month       per Year

6.5 litres                  6.5 litre     26 litres      182 litres    2,184 litres    26,208 litres

 300 basins in building      12,382 LT     49,530 LT      346,710 LT    1,386,840 LT    16,700,000 LT

    The above figures are based on basin taps being used for 4 min’s a per day and are
                           based on passed passed 10 litre taps

             These 3.5 litre flow restrictors are not to be
               removed Under any Circumstances
         Thistle Brighton
            Energy Saving
If you walk In to a room and it’s switched
         on or you Switch it ON
         Remember to Switch it OFF

Has invested over £20,000 in reducing it’s building CO2
       footprint in the past 2 years by installing:
PIR Lighting systems, LED light fitment replacements ,
  Electrical motor Inverters and Soft starter systems
     Thistle Hotel
Is dedicated in helping save the
  Environment, Recycling and
          Saving Energy

  As an employee we need you
         to follow Thistle
      Environmental Policy
        Recycling Policy
         Energy Saving
                       Brighton Thistle Hotel
                           Recycling Policy Employee Induction
General Waste

All waste apart from the below categories can be placed in general waste (Black Bags).

All Glass is to be placed in the green bins and emptied in to the main glass recycling bin
on the loading bay.

Paper and Cardboard

All paper and Cardboard are to be placed in the silver bins / clear bags and emptied in to
the main paper and cardboard recycling bin on the loading bay.

All electrical items are band from general waste and need to be placed in the electrical
recycling bin (White lid / Green body) located in the basement next to the linen stores.
A company will attend site and empty the bin.
Electrical items MUST NOT be placed in general waste. (Hazardous waste)

Lamps and Bulbs

All lamps and bulbs are to be given to maintenance staff that will place them in the lamp
and bulb recycling bin (6ft black tube) in the maintenance workshop. .
Lamps and bulbs MUST NOT be placed in general waste. (Hazardous waste)


All Batteries are to be placed in the battery recycling bin located outside the maintenance
workshop door.
Batteries MUST NOT be placed in general waste. (Hazardous waste)
Ink Cartridges

All Ink cartridges are to be placed in the Ink cartridge recycling bin located in the
accounts office.
Ink cartridges MUST NOT be placed in general waste. (Hazardous waste)

Freezer, Fridges, PC monitors and TVs:

All these items are classed as (Hazards waste) and MUST NOT be placed in general
waste. A hazardous waste company will need to take them away, please inform
maintenance so arrangements can be made to have them removed from site safety.

I have been shown and had the Thistle Brighton Hotel Recycling and Environmental
policy explained to me.

I fully understand the policies and what is required from me whilst working in the building.

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Date: ______________                           Department : ________            ______

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