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					The Best Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing is a very efficient way to stay in touch with your customers. Read this article to find out
more about different mobile marketing techniques.

There are different aspects of mobile marketing, including text alerts, mobile sites and apps. Do some
research about your target audience to find out how your customers use their cell phones and what kind of
phones they own. Adapt your campaign to your audience. For instance, do not waste your time developing apps if
your audience does not use Smartphones.

Get people to sign up for your mobile marketing campaign by presenting it as a way of having access to
exclusive offers. Mention your mobile marketing campaign on your site and in your social network updates. Keep
your subscription form simple. People will trust you with their phone numbers if you add a disclaimer stating
that you will not share it with anyone or send alerts unrelated to discounts or new products.

Plan your mobile updates carefully. Your mobile marketing campaign can become intrusive if you send out too
many text messages. If you can offer interesting discounts on a regular basis, send out one alert a week. Your
mobile site can be updated as often as you find it necessary. Make your updates count by being straightforward
and presenting your audience with an opportunity to save money.

Keep track of your results. You can add a visitor counter to your mobile site, count how many people
downloaded your apps and offer discounts limited to your mobile marketing audience to find out how many people
actually redeemed these discounts. If you find that these results are not as good as you hoped, offer better
discounts once a month instead of small weekly savings. You might also need to get more people to sign up to
your mobile alerts and get more traffic to your mobile site.

Organize a contest to get more people interested in your mobile marketing campaign. Get people to enter the
contest by signing up for mobile alerts and text the winner with a promotion code. You should also mention
your mobile marketing efforts and the kind of discounts you are offering on your site, your social networks
and your newsletter. Post links to your subscription form and do not ask too much information to encourage
people to trust you and sign up.

Opting out from your campaign should be easy. With every text alert, let your audience know they can opt out
by texting you back. Keep track of how many people decide to opt out and analyze the alerts you sent right
before they opted out of your campaign. This is a good way to find out what kind of content is not interesting
to your audience. You should also pay attention to the frequency of your updates: perhaps your campaign has
become intrusive.
You could boost your sales if you use mobile marketing techniques smartly. Take the time to design a campaign
and adapt it to your audience.

Description: Mobile marketing can refer to one of two categories of interest. First, and relatively new, is meant to describe marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone using SMS Marketing. (this is an example of horizontal telecommunication convergence). Second, and a more traditional definition, is meant to describe marketing in a moving fashion - for example - technology road shows or moving billboards.