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									Mobile Marketing Tips For The Beginner

In this day and age, you need to learn how to use mobile marketing in order to reach your customers. This is a
powerful marketing tool, and you should educate yourself so you can use it to your advantage. With mobile
marketing, you can reach right out to your potential clients and touch them personally through their phones,
iPads, and other personal electronic devices. Here are some tips for getting started with effective mobile

Make sure your site and all the other content you provide is suitable for presentation on smaller mobile
devices. Your website may be optimized to look fabulous on a laptop or desktop computer. However, trying to
fit all of that same text and graphics onto a tiny tablet or phone screen can cause a lot of headaches for
your visitors. Make sure you have a mobile version of your website that looks nice on a smaller screen and is
easy to navigate on mobile devices.

When you use print messages on your website, social networking pages or in emails, keep them short and to the
point. People using mobile devices are on the go and in a hurry. They need to be able to quickly read your
message and move on to the next thing they have to do. Try to get your message across in one or two sentences
when possible, and use bullet points to highlight key information.

When sending emails to your potential customers, be sure to address them by name. It is much more impressive
to receive an email with the salutation "Hello Jim!" rather than "Dear Widget Buyer." Grab their attention by
beginning your message to them with their real name.

Be sure to identify your brand, and use your logo and slogan in all your content. Repetition helps to cement
your brand in your potential client's mind. So take every opportunity to put your logo in front of them on all
your emails and Facebook and Twitter pages. Mention your brand name in every piece of correspondence, and
repeat your slogan at the end of every email.

Track what your customers have already purchased, and then gear your offers toward their already proven
interests. Once you know the person's buying history, you can be sure to present them with more opportunities
to buy things you already know they have an interest in and have been willing to pay for in the past.

When you send out your next email campaign, use that opportunity to collect mobile phone numbers. Have some
kind of incentive for your readers to reply with their mobile number so that you can build your list. In this
way, you can begin to contact more and more of your customer on their mobile devices.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can begin doing today even as a novice to start using mobile
marketing to increase your business. If you do not start to target mobile users, you are going to be shutting
yourself out of a lot of potential clients and customers. Start implementing these tips today, and use mobile
marketing to help your business expand to its full potential.

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