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The other spas in the area say their treatments are permanent?
   A. There is no such thing as permanent results. There are many variables and results are
      individually based.
   B. Many businesses will “guarantee” results in order to make a sale. Our philosophy is to treat the
      whole patient, skin and within. We always try our best and your safety is paramount, therefore,
      if the results are not what you had hoped for, we will work to find ways to combine treatments
      and achieve your desired effect. We hope to build an ongoing relationship that will return
      mutually beneficial results through years to come, that is our definition of “permanent.”

Aren't lasers dangerous?
   A. Our lasers are FDA, scientifically researched and have been medically tested and approved.
       Each piece of equipment is specially designed to perform only a few procedures and to perform
       them safely and effectively. Specific information on all of our equipment is available through
       the links on the website.

Is there any possibility of skin damage?
    A. With any type of laser treatment, there is a small chance of an adverse reaction. Our staff has
       undergone rigorous training and education to ensure that safety comes first. Any potential side
       effects, interactions, and risks will be discussed with you in detail prior to paying for, or
       proceeding with any procedure.

These procedures seem to be quite costly, how can I justify spending this much money on myself?
   A. If you add up the cost of the products that you are currently using, you may learn that this
      procedure will be far more cost effective.
   B. You can pay for almost any procedure over time thus decreasing your payments and pay only on
      a monthly basis.
   C. There are many packaged to choose from, our physicians are available to discuss the wide
      variety of packages or individual procedures.

I have been researching the procedures and have questions regarding who to see and how to find
the best fit for me.
    A. Ask questions. We recommend comparing prices and researching different spas. You are
       investing not only money, but your well being and we want you to feel confident that Evolve
       Medical Spa is right for you. Ask who will be performing the procedure, how much experience
       does the physician, nurse, or aesthetician have. Are they licensed? Can they adequately answer
       your questions regarding the treatment, including aftercare and what to do in the event of a
       complication? What equipment are they using? Would your needs be best met by a day spa
       versus a medical spa? You need to put thought into your decision, just as if you were choosing a
       doctor to see for your routine healthcare needs. Ultimately, you need to feel safe, listened to, and
       happy with your decision and your results.

There’s just too much to consider, I have to think about it.
   A. We fully agree; this is your skin, your body. Reflect on the amount of time that you have spent
      considering this treatment, but also consider the how much time you’ve spent wishing you could
      take care of the problem. We are here to guide you through all aspects of your care.
   B. Make sure that you’ve had the process explained to your satisfaction. Don’t be shy to ask the
      tough questions. Sometimes the right explanation can make the difference, one way or the other.

I don’t want to schedule a procedure today, but I would like to check on your prices.
   A. You can set up a free consultation and depending on your needs, the right package or treatment
      will be priced for you specifically. We have many financing options and proven protocols to
      assure you the best individual results with a low monthly payment.

I think I can get it cheaper somewhere else.
    A. This very well may be true, but before you proceed, please make sure that you are getting the
       level of care that you want and that the technology is right for your desired outcome.
    B. Some spas/doctor’s offices will offer specials to get you in the door. Make sure you price out the
       entire course of treatment as it often takes more than just one or two to achieve the desired

How do you know that this is safe?
  A. The equipment is FDA scientifically researched and medically tested. Any concerns can be
     directly addressed with the physician.

Does this cause cancer?
   A. There is no evidence to support that any of the procedures offered at the Evolve Medical Spa will
       either directly or indirectly cause cancer.

Can I get a discount?
   A. Our prices are set across the board and are very competitive so that everyone can take advantage
       of the treatments. We frequently offer specials and discounted procedures so check back
       frequently for information. We do send out mailers and would love to have you on our mailing
       list so that you can take advantage of special deals as soon as they become available so sign up to
       be on our mailing list either on line or at the Spa. Click the Promotions link on the website to
       check out our Friends and Family Referral Program.

Do you have a money back guarantee?
    A. We do not offer such a guarantee and do not endorse other businesses that do. The reason
       behind this is that all results are individually based and progress may be quite subjective. We do
       document all treatments with before and after high resolution digital photography in our medical
       record and these pictures can be released to you as part of your package. If you are not satisfied
       with the results then all efforts will be made to work with you to achieve a reasonable result or
I only want to speak to the doctor.
    A. No problem, please call to set up a consultation or follow-up discussion free of charge.

I have heard that laser hair removal doesn’t work.
    A. There are different technologies designed to REDUCE unwanted hair and the means by which
       they work widely vary. We do all we can to stay abreast of the evolving technology in order to
       provide the safest and most effective treatments. Please reference the Services link for a more in
       depth explanation
    B. If you have been given conflicting information regarding this, or any procedure, please set up a
       consultation to discuss the differences and determine what procedure is right for you.

What type of guarantee will you make me?
  A. We guarantee that we will treat you with the utmost respect and honesty and to take all personal
      and medical factors into consideration when determining a treatment plan. Your progress will be
      measured with photographs taken at each visit to allow you to share in the satisfaction of seeing
      your results. Your skin is a dynamic, your treatment plan will be as well in order to guarantee
      that you will get the most out of your investment.
I don’t have any money with me today so can I just pay you at my next session?
    A. We require payment at the time of service. There are several financing options that we would be
       glad to discuss with you.
    B. Many discounts are available only for a short period of time, when capitalizing on a promotion,
       please be prepared to proceed with treatment on the day of your visit, just in case.

There are too many risks involved.
   A. We evaluate each client’s skin type and medical information before recommending any
      treatment. Any questions that you have will be directly addressed with the physician.
   B. We believe in what we do and would not feel comfortable recommending a treatment for you
      unless we’ve shared the experience ourselves. Every member of our staff has undergone these
      treatments and is happy to answer any questions you may have with first hand testimony.

I don’t think it will work.
    A. Let’s sit down and discuss your concerns or reservations. Any additional information requested
       will be provided to the best our capabilities.

What if something goes wrong?
  A. A physician in on site for all procedures and will be there to assist in the event of any medical or
      non-medical emergency. All risks will be clearly outlined prior to any treatment and follow-
      up/home care will be clearly outlined in writing prior to your departure from the spa.
      Precautions for when to seek assistance are ALWAYS addressed with EVERY patient.

Can’t you just turn up the power so that I won’t need as many treatments?
   A. The settings on the laser are adjusted individually to your skin type. You are receiving the
       strongest treatment possible for your skin type each time you come in.

I prefer a female do the procedure instead of male doctor.
    A. We do all that we can to accommodate your specific requests. Unfortunately, this is not always
       possible. If you strongly desire a specific practitioner, or someone of a specific gender, then we
       will schedule your procedure when we can accommodate your request. In addition, all of our
       practitioners are trained medical professionals with many years of experience treating patients.
       You will be treated with discretion, respect, and dignity by all staff involved in your care.

Can I try one treatment and not buy the whole package?
   A. This is always an option, however, there are significant benefits with both results and cost when
       investing in packaged treatments.

I have a vacation coming up, can I go tanning before my treatment?
    A. Tanning should be avoided during the treatments. Tanning may cause adverse reactions during
       the course of the treatments and may limit the types of procedures you can undergo. Tan skin
       may increase the risk for burns and other skin damage.

I have a line of skin care products that I use and like, do I need to purchase even more?
    A. Recommendations given on skin care products are proposed purely for your benefit and to
       augment the result of your treatments. We research all products that we use and we sell only the
       top grade lines. Many of our products cannot be found in other salons, day spas, or department
       stores because they are dispensed by prescription only.

Do I have to take my make-up off for the consultation?
   A. In order to recommend the best treatment plan during your consultation we need to see your
       native skin. You may use some of our complimentary makeup samples after the consultation.
My significant other does not think that these services are worth the expense. How can I convince
   A. Does he/she know how much this concerns you? If you would like, we encourage you to invite
      them in to another consultation so that they may ask questions as well.

Can any of these treatments cause Hypopigmentation?
   A. Hypopigmentation, or lightening of the skin, may be an undesired result of some of the
      treatments that we offer. All risks will be clearly explained to your prior to treatment and all
      precautions will be taken to prevent any untoward outcome. Your skin will be individually
      assessed an typed prior to any procedure.

I have an important event coming up and would like to see results quickly, is there anything I can
do for fast results?
    A. Although healing/recovery time for many light and laser procedures has been significantly
       reduced with newer technology, there may still be a period of time before you achieve the
       optimal result. We do offer many procedures that do bring about very noticeable results more
       expeditiously including Botox, Restalyne, or even a micropeel. Additional treatments can be
       rendered at a later date to fully compliment your initial treatment.

Will others know that I am getting procedures?
   A. Only if you want them to, but, we would hope that you are so pleased with your results that you
       recommend Evolve Medical Spa to your Friends and Family.
   B. With advances in technology, not only are treatments safer, but we are also able to achieve better
       results with minimal to no down time. All procedures can be done in less than 20-30 minutes
       and fit easily within the standard lunch hour. Makeup can be applied directly following most
   C. We abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule so
       all of your medical information is completely confidential and secure.

I was given a gift certificate, but my skin is perfect.
   A. We would love to show you how we can help you to maintain your skin in great condition, or,
       come on by to see what else we have to offer.

I work during normal business hours, can you accommodate my schedule?
   A. Of course, we know how difficult it can be to find time during standard business hours to come
       in for a visit. We are open from 10AM until 9PM weekdays, and 9AM to 5 PM Saturday and
   B. We may be willing to work out a special time for you so please feel free to call to inquire.

My friend did not get good results when she had the same treatments at another place.
  A. We would love to know more about your specific concerns. Your friend may have not received
       the optimal treatment for her/his desired result. Please schedule a consultation and we can
       discuss your goals and answer any questions. If we cannot provide the treatment that you need,
       we are happy to recommend someone who can.

I have seen a wide range of prices for what seem to be similar procedures, why is this?
    A. Pricing and packages will vary from one spa to another. At Evolve we take advantage of several
       strategic partnerships and a relatively low overhead to pass the benefit of complimentary care
       and overall savings on to you. If you see a package or treatment elsewhere that is significantly
       cheaper we are happy to discuss why this may be.

What if I am happy with my results and I have treatments left in my package? Will I get a refund?
  A. The extra sessions may be used for maintenance treatments, or can be rolled into other
      procedures or packages.

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